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yoga classThere isn’t anything to do maybe i look at porn. I went to the computer i put plastic over the key board so none of my cum could get on my keyboard. I put lesbian anal porn i took of my shirt,bra,pants,and my panties. I got my favorite dildo a black 9 inches with bumps. I started rubbing my pussy slowly with my finger i slowly put my finger in my pussy i keep going faster and deeper every time i put my finger in my vagina then i started pulling on my big nipples. I stop went to the bathroom and got some sex lube. I put the lube all over my body i made my d cup boobs all slippery my ass was nice round and white my pussy was smooth,white,small, and all lube up. I was pulling on my nipples hard to the lesbian porn i pull them so hard milk came out i lick the milk up. Then i started to rub my pussy again. it was so smooth i start rubbing it faster and faster them cum came out on the keyboard i lick it up. I dip the dildo in the lube. I slowly rub the dildo up to down with the tip. then i start rubbing the dildo against my cint it felt like heaven. I then put the tip of the dildo to my vagina. i put it in deep then back out then i put it in my g spot which felt great then i start to rub my cint really fast. I was going to reach a climax. then yes i squirt all over the place all over the floor, wall,and at computer it felt great. I was finish with that i put on my jeans, no underwear,a shirt, and no bra.i got a phone call it was about a yoga class in the gym so i said sure why not it also said that it start next Saturday. It Saturday the day of my yoga class. The gym was a only girl gym it was great I was wearing tights and a lose shirt. the yoga teacher was hot her name was Carla i was getting wet for looking at her she was a red head her boobs where d cup and her ass was a perfect round and big it was celtabet giriş a least as big as her boobs. after the class was over i ask her if i can come to her house and do yoga with her she said yes. so after every class was over i came back to the gym and she said” OK let go” In the car she ask me what my name was i said” my name is Jessica” then she said ” that a nice name i always like it” then i said ” can i do yoga in your house ever week” she said ”sure, when and what day” i said ” in Monday at 9 a clock. We got there her house was nice it look like a cabin but a little more fancy. The inside of her house was nice I was wearing a small red skirt and a matching red shirt. she said ” if i had an yoga pants and a lose shirt I said “no” i told her ” if she had an extra clothing” she said “no” so i said “if i can get naked” she said “sure” I was undressing slowly she was seeing see look nervous my long blond hair was straight and i had blond pubes because i haven’t shave in a while my ass was big and round. I ask her if she can get naked because i feel strange she said “yes” she took of her tights she had no underwear she had red pubes she was really white and curvy but she was not fat her pussy was soft looking and tight then she took of her shirt it she was wearing no bra her boobs bounced when she took of her shirt. they where nice and big her nipples where hard because it was cold. we started the yoga class she told me to do the down dog i didn’t know how to do that so she grab my stomach lift me up then grab my ass slowly and put it right. when she grab my ass it was great. Then she told me to do the log high. It was when i lefted my leg and my pussy was showing she told me to stay like that. i saw her rubbing her pussy so i stop and help her she was moaning.i laid celtabet yeni giriş her down open her leg her pussy was soft and hairy i started licking it slowly my tongue was moving fast.I stretch her vagina and put my tongue as deep as possible she was moaning my name. i pull it out and start to lick her cint fast really fast. she start to cum in my face it was sticky and yummy i rub it all over my body and drank some.i went to the fridge and got syrup. i put it all over Carla i rub it slowly over her pussy i lick it it was delicious and stick i lick her cint really fast and she cum again the cum and syrup tasted great. i put some syrup in her asshole i lick it was so clean i ask her how she did it she said she bleach it. while i lick her asshole i start to fist her first i put my whole had in her, then i start to put my whole arm in her i saw her face she was was red and moaning more. so i give her more and start to take out arm and put it back in cum was getting all over my arm. i start to lick her ass hole even faster and started fisting her faster she was cumming bucket i took out my arm and she start squirting all over she squirted all over my face and i lick it. I got a double dildo that was 12 inches long put some lube in my hand and i put it all over the dildo.I stick it 6 inches in her then 6 inches in me and we where both going up and down and touch vagina. we start to go really fast then we start cum all over each other. I took it of and lift her up and push her ass up to the floor and started to slap her ass with the dildo. i slap so hard her ass was turning red she said more more so i start slapping her pussy it was turning red too i started to stick the dildo in her asshole i stop half way and start put the other 6 inches in my asshole. our asshole where touching celtabet güvenilirmi the dildo sting it was stretching my asshole but it felt great we move up and down.i went grab a strap on and dip it in lube it was 8 inches long 3 inches fat. 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I was on top of her pussy to pussy and the strapon was in her my pussy was touching her pussy and my strap on was all the way in. she was moaning yes oooooooo god yes give me more. then i start to pull it out and in.then we started doing the sex position Lilith and Eve it was when Carla laid down, and i got close to her pussy and put the strap on in and sit down while i rub her breast and pinch her nipples. it felt great for me to because she was rubbing my pussy with her hands.i was moving faster and faster and she was rubbing my pussy faster and faster and then i cum all over her and i cum all over her hand she lick it all up. then i got 8 inch vibrator,a 6 inch dildo, and a 7 inch dildo. i put the vibrator in my pussy and put it in max and i put the 6 inch dildo in my asshole then i put the 7 inch dildo in her asshole i laid her down then i start putting my dildo in her vagina i start to go really fast all the dildo felt great. then oooooo god i went super fast then yes yes we both reach it. it was fucking awesome this time we cum a shit load each other. we where both tired i help her up. and said cant wait for next class then i left and she slap my ass and said next time am on top i said ok.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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