You Can Go Home Again

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You Can Go Home AgainThis story grew out of the desire to write a story about an imagined first sexual encounter, yet have a little something in it for others. None of the characters are real, none of the events happened to me or anyone I knew, this is a total fabrication. Love to hear comments.“What a long day,” I said out loud as I unlocked the front door of my parent’s house, walked in and stopped before throwing the keys on the floor where the hall table had been a few days before.I began my day began supervising the final loading of my parent’s furniture into the moving van and in the process got quite the arousing eye full next door. As the moving van was parking and I had opened the house so the movers could load everything. I looked out one of the bedroom windows that overlooked the neighbor’s fenced yard and much to my surprise I saw a 60 something woman sunbathing in the middle of her back yard, without a stich on!As one of the doors of the van banged open I saw the woman raise up from her lounge, she had been lying on her tummy with her ample ass baking in the sun. When she raised up her large tits hung from her body in an erotic sort of way. For a woman of her age she was in remarkable shape and although I was not into older women I imagined what it would have been like when I was a k** to see such a sight.She settled back on her lounge and I busied myself with showing the movers around where all my parents’ belongings were boxed up and the furniture ready to be loaded. When the work began I watched a couple loads headed towards the van when I noticed an electrical repair truck pull up in front of the house next door. I grinned widely and thought, “I wonder if my naked neighbor would throw something on?”I took up a position in the back bedroom where I could see her again. As the workman pushed the gate open she again raised up on her elbows with her full rounded tits hanging down. The workman quickly turned his back as something was said between them. He remained with his back towards her as she rose and grabbed a robe, which she put on but did not fasten in the front. As she walked the terry cloth rob swung freely from side to side and her pubic hair bush showed plainly against her pale skin.Again, thinking back to a time when I was a boy I know she would have become part of a jerk off fantasy, but I did not recognize her at all. Most of the residents I knew on this street had moved away years ago. I continued to watch her stroll over to the workman. She walked up to him and in one swift movement she reached around him and cupped her hand to his crotch and began rubbing him.He turned towards her with a big smile and laughed as he pulled the robe off her shoulders letting it drop to the ground as she pulled her hand off his crotch. He was sporting what had to be a partial erection inside his work pants as he looked her up and down and pursed his lips in what I am sure was a whistle.She spun around showing him her fully naked body while they exchanged a few words and then he dropped his tool belt and hustled her to the lounge. In a matter of moments his pants were around his ankles and she had his cock in her mouth. She was setting on the lounge with her legs spread apart giving him and me both a good view of her pussy. The dark pubic hair was thick and bushy, but with her legs parted this way she was showing her pink slit. I had to admire her tits, they were hanging heavily on her chest, yet surprisingly little sag. I have never been a good guesser on size, but big enough and her nipples and areolas were very dark. Her head bobbed back and forth on his hard cock while she looked up at him. She moved on hand to cup his balls while the other was grasping his ass and obviously pulling him deep into her mouth. There was no doubt that this couple had planned this event as they didn’t look around once while she sucked his cock.He moved his hands and grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth, jerking her head balls deep with each thrust. Her long hair bounced as shoved his cock down her throat. I thought this action would have been unwelcome but she responded by moving her hands to his bare ass digging her nails dug into his flesh. Her large tits were swaying back and forth as she held onto him and seemed to be pulling him back each time he pulled out of her mouth. At one point she seemed to gag on the cock being shoved down her throat but didn’t do anything to stop the action or to recover from the gagging. Then he pulled out, grabbed his cock and after two jerks on it blew a load of cum all over her face. My cock was hard as a rock as I watched this scene and I dared not do anything about it, yet I wanted to release the cum that was boiling in my balls from the erotic face fucking scene playing out just 20 feet from the window.. I marveled at what I was watching, in my entire life growing up here I had never seen such a site, how times had changed. She used her hands to wipe the cum from her face and licked them clean, but not before grabbing his now spent cock and cleaning it of every drop of cum.She smiled at him as he helped her stand and he cupped each breast in his hand and bent to kiss her nipples. Then he said something, dropped her tits, and smacked her has sharply and left the yard. I broke a sweat watching the scene and only became aware of the world around me when one of the movers bumped the wall in the hallway outside the bedroom where I was standing. I quickly adjusted my erection trying to hide it and moved away from the window. As I turned to leave I saw the woman turn towards the window and wave right at me!I tried to put the erotic scene out of my mind, I had much to do today and being horned up over my voyeuristic morning would not help me concentrate. When the movers completed their loading I had to hurry to the bank where I met with the home loan closer and finished the final papers that made the house mine. My parents had decided to move to Florida away for the cold Midwestern winters and I offered to buy their home that had been on the market far too long. I had grown up in the house and my parents did little to change it over the 45 years of my life. On the edge of town when I was young, the surrounding area had built up bringing the house more towards the center of the neighboring houses. But it was all that Midwestern living was about, small homes, large yards, and conservative neighbors that would actually speak to each other. But it was obvious that the conservative nature of the neighborhood had changed, if the 60ish neighbor I witnessed this morning was any example.It seemed strange to be home again, yet it didn’t look like home without the furnishings that were as much a part of the home as my parents were. I had a lot of work to do to make this home, but for now I needed to unwind. I grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator; the only appliance left in the house and walked out onto the back deck. My parents had left me the patio set, “We don’t need it in Florida, the condo comes with it,” was what I was told. I think they felt sorry for me knowing that my ex-wife had cleaned me out of nearly everything. I pulled one of the chairs away from the table and propped my feet up on the rail as I sat down to drink my beer, on “my” deck. I smiled as I thought about how upset my mother would be with feet on the rail.The circumstances that brought me home flooded back in my mind as I thought about my conservative parents and the strange behavior of my new neighbor,” what contrast,” I thought. At the age of 45 I found myself recently divorced with the ex-wife getting the house and a sizable settlement on the money I had packed away for retirement. Luckily we had no k**s and all that was between us was money and stuff and she wanted both. I had no ties to the east coast city where I had lived and my marketing consultation business was Internet based so I could work from anywhere. My mind reeled with the whole mess with my ex, what started out as her desire for sexual experimentation turned terribly bad for our marriage. Stacey, my ex-wife, had approached me stating, “Our sex life is boring, don’t you agree?” I was shocked, to say the least, yes we had been married for 20 years and sex was not as often but it seemed just as passionate to me. “How the hell am I supposed to answer that?” I asked myself, but did not say it as I wondered where this was canlı bahis going.The thing that surprised me the most about her question was the timing. We had just returned from a weekend trip that she planned from top to bottom. She teased me when she announced the plans for the trip, “You are going to love this trip, it is going to be one big fuck fest!” And she was right, she gave me a blow job in the car as we drove to the resort, I nearly crashed the car as I blew my load down her throat. Then once in the resort we were naked for nearly the entire time, and she did not need to beg me for attention.Stacey had gone into the large bathroom that had a whirlpool tub and shower. I didn’t wait for her to take the lead, I heard the shower start and I stripped down before opening the door a crack. Stacey stood in front of the mirror, her B-Cup breasts as pert as when we met, her nipples were hard and her hands were brushing over them in a seductive manner. My cock hardened immediately and as I watched her I noticed her left hand drop to her pussy. The matted hair on her pussy hid the prize beneath, but based on her hard nipples I knew her clit would be swollen and ready for attention. She swirled her fingertip through the hair finding the top of her slit and I saw her bend her head forward as she made contact with that swollen button that I knew was the on button to her arousal.She rubbed it a few times before sliding her hand down her slit and I knew she was dipping her fingers inside, there was no doubt she was more than ready so I slipped into the bathroom, my hard cock pointing the way. I knew she was aware I was behind her but she did not stop rubbing her pussy. Her right hand was busy on her hard nipple as she looked into my eyes using the mirror. She seemed lost in her arousal, she knew I was here but seemed not to need me.I ignored that look and moved behind her, my cock sliding along the crack of her ass as it pointed up. My hands went under her arms and I cupped those tits that aroused me whenever I saw them and more so when I fondled them. She kept rubbing her clit as I massaged her tits, and then I felt her part her legs slightly, it was more like she shifted her stance. That was my signal; I bent back a bit and pushed my cock down between her legs. She was hot and wet and I wanted to be inside her.I pushed her forward onto the vanity top and penetrated her doggy style, I knew she liked this, as did I. I slid into her, the large tip of my cock passed into her and I felt her pussy close around my shaft as I slowly pushed forward. She moaned loudly as I began thrusting in her. I held tightly to her shoulders as I picked up the rhythm and the only sound in the room was our bodies smacking together with each thrust. Then I felt her stiffen, I knew she was close and I tried to concentrate on anything but fucking her doggy style, I wanted to last until she had her orgasm.She sensed my hesitation and instead of concentrating on her own pleasure she pushed back hard against me and sort of reverse humped against my cock. She was so hot and wet and her foreplay in the mirror had me at a fever pitch. I groaned as I felt my cum begin. I thrust hard against her ass, spreading her ass cheeks apart with my hands as I tried to get deeper inside her. Then I felt her pelvic muscles tighten and she was cumming as I shot my load deep inside her.The entire weekend went just like this, one magnificent sexual encounter after another. Sometimes she would initiate it, other times it was me. We must have fucked in every position imaginable, hell I think we invented some positions to pleasure each other. So now I stood in front of her telling me that our sex life was boring, I had no answer for her.So I tried to look thoughtful and responded, “I am not sure I’d call it boring, but what do you think we need to do to make it better?” She quickly responded that perhaps we needed to experiment, “you know, perhaps we could find someone to join us, I have heard three in bed can be a lot of fun.” I wasn’t sure where this idea came from or just what she wanted with the third person, I suspected she had another man in mind. Stacey and I each had other partners before we met so I wondered if she had expectations of a better endowed man.I was at a loss for words so I just gave her that vacant blank stare that I am always accused of giving her. I figured she was the one that brought it up; she could expand on the topic in the direction she wanted. Well after a bit of discussion she produced a picture and e-mail, it was this very busty woman that appeared to be about our age and the e-mail was very explicit. My wife had been very open with her desire to have a woman in bed with us and the busty woman was very explicit that she liked the idea of, “a cock in her pussy and a pussy on my face!”My cock stirred at the thought, and relieved that it wasn’t another man with some agenda to replace me or out do me. Yes my ego was very threatened with the idea. But I was also unsure that I could please two women at once, after all I wasn’t 20 years old anymore. So I mentioned the reservation about pleasing two women and Stacey said, “it will be fun and after all you don’t have to do all the work, I can’t wait to get my mouth on those tits!”Shocked is the only word I can come up with, or perhaps total disbelief, but whatever adjective I used to described how I felt I was also aroused thinking about the possibilities and even though I had a bit of performance anxiety I felt I could let my lust control my nervousness. I had never heard or thought that Stacey had any interest in women, as much as I hated to admit it, I did think that at times she had a bit of a roving eye for other men. I passed it off as I enjoyed looking as well; the old saying, “just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu” came to mind. Our first “date” as Stacey called it was to meet and greet, we met, Pam, the busty MILF as she called herself, at a local diner for coffee and conversation. It became immediately apparently that Pam was definitely a take charge sort of person and she helped Stacey arrange for our first sexual encounter. I did not hear a single ground rule mentioned during our conversation, but I did get the feeling that “the girls” we very familiar. I didn’t feel intimidated about what seemed to be a closeness between them and at one point Pam had her hand on my knee and was moving toward my crotch, which I stopped as I was in view of the other customers in the place.Our first, and only encounter with Pam began a few nights later when the doorbell rang and Stacey asked me to get it, she was in the bedroom getting ready. I opened the door and greeted Pam, she reeked of sexuality, both visually and I swear I could catch her scent of arousal as she brushed past me. She turned towards me as if the door was too narrow and brushed her tits across me as she entered the house, “Damn,” I thought to myself, “I am like Stacey, I can’t wait to get my lips on those tits! My cock responded, I had not been this close to another woman since my marriage to Stacey and quite honestly I felt my heart beating wildly in my chest in anticipation of the sexual pleasure I was sure would come Pam arrived, barely clothed in a little black dress that barely held her tits and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and I doubted anything else under that stretchy fabric that made a perfect show of her tits and nice round ass. I hadn’t been sure how we were supposed to start, I am not a real awkward sort of guy, but hell after 20 years of marriage I had gotten used to how to arouse one woman. But as she passed me in the doorway with her nipples on display through the thin fabric of her dress there was no doubt that she knew how to start.It was obvious that Pam had arrived aroused and the moment Stacey came out of the bedroom there was no doubt that she was aroused as well. Stacey had always liked showing some skin, but the lingerie she wore as she came out of the bedroom only enhanced her body instead of masking it. Her pert tits swayed a bit as she walked and the thin fabric swished from side to side, I wondered where this sort of nightie had been for the last 20 years, it was certainly more of a turn on that a pair of sloppy sweats that she normally wore to bed.As Stacey came out of the bedroom in this very sheer black nightie the bahis siteleri two of them immediately embraced, leaving me holding the door with a hard on that was throbbing. But their embrace and passionate kiss seemed beyond a first encounter. It seemed that there was not a bit of awkwardness between them and they were in perfect harmony as they embraced and began a long a passionate kiss with plenty of tongue.Pam’s long red hair cascaded over her bare shoulders and as the two kissed I saw Stacey move her hand up and caress Pam’s silky hair and her hips thrust hard against Pam’s. Pam responded by moving her arm down her side and cupped Stacey’s pussy, pushing the silken robe aside. As she did so I noticed Pam had shaved her pussy, it was smooth and totally bald and her slit glistened with her arousal as Pam’s fingers pushed between her lips. “Stacey never shaved for me,” I found myself thinking but didn’t care, she was HOT and I wanted to fuck my wife NOW!Stacey broke the kiss first, buried her face in the crook of Pam’s shoulder and neck and moaned loudly as she humped her pussy against Pam’s fingers. My cock was straining against my trousers and without thinking I pulled them off and stroked my cock. Any anxiety I had been feeling vanished with my lust was growing, yet there wasn’t an opening to enter the play between the two women. Pam slowly walked Stacey backwards into the bedroom finger fucking her all the way. With Stacey backed up against the bed Pam eased her down onto her back and never missed a stroke with her fingers in Stacey’s pussy. By now the squishing sounds of this vigorous finger fucking and Stacey’s moaning filled the room with the sounds of sex. Pam pushed Stacey up further on the bed and knelt between her legs and without stopping her penetration of her with her fingers lowered her bright red lips to Stacey’s sopping wet pussy and began kissing, licking, and sucking on Stacey’s over heated pussy. My cock was throbbing, I wanted more than a dry hand on my cock, but at this moment it seemed that the two of them were lost in their own pleasure. Then Stacey pulled Pam’s skin tight skirt up and revealed a bare round ass with her puffy pussy exposed between her thighs. Her slit was parted revealing the glistening pink interior that was just begging to be fucked. She was shaved as well and I was nearly out of control with lust for either woman.I waited no longer, I stumbled onto the bed on my knees and without a word I slid the tip of my cock between Pam’s lips as I grabbed hold of her hips, she was sopping wet and as hot as a stove. My cock slid in so easily and as I penetrated her I felt Pam push back against my cock. I was balls deep in a stranger’s pussy and I didn’t wait for a word or look of approval, I began thrusting in and out of her as she moaned and continued to fuck Pam’s pussy with her fingers. Pam was lost in her pleasure and I doubt she knew I had mounted Pam doggie style.Needless to say, my rock hard cock welcomed a slick hot pussy and I lost all control as I fucked her wildly. Pam moaned loudly as she started to cum and I felt her squirt as my cock exploded and I shot a hot load of cum deep inside her. Pam had stopped finger fucking my wife as she was caught in her orgasm and when her orgasm passed she pulled away from me. My cock, now semi-erect, ended up in Pam’s mouth as she turned towards me ignoring Stacey. She expertly cleaned her arousal and my cum off my cock. Pam lay beside us and as I glanced down I caught “the look,” she was not happy.The evening ended with Stacey throwing a fit over the attention Pam had paid to my cock. She accused the two of us of having a secret affair. In an attempt to save the evening Pam tried to calm Stacey by reminding her that the two of them had several sexual encounters before Pam had even broached the topic of experimenting with me. Needless to say, Stacey was outraged over Pam’s betrayal of their secret and the encounter ended without Stacey getting the satisfaction she had wanted, she was visibly angry with both Pam and me and my fear of awkwardness came at the end of the encounter with Stacey all but throwing Pam out of our home. It became obvious over the next few days that Stacey wanted a lesbian lover and not a husband. Stacey told me in no uncertain terms that my role in this first “experiment” was to observe and “take care of your own needs after I am done.” She also admitted that she had met Pam twice before this encounter and she thought there was something special between them and blamed me for ruining a good thing. The fact that her bisexual friend enjoyed going both ways pissed her off beyond reason. Our marriage hit the sk**s shortly after and once the arguing started I was of course the root of all our problems, in and out of bed.The divorce was ugly, every argument about money and stuff was rooted in Stacey’s dissatisfaction with the sexual encounter with Pam and I was the reason it all went bad. I don’t think Stacey saw Pam again, and quite honestly I had not looked back, if she found another lover, man or woman, I didn’t know about it and didn’t want to know.“Why can’t life be simple,” I mumbled to myself taking another swig of beer, “like when I was a k** in this back yard.” It was a simple life when I grew up here, stay in the yard, no feet on the rails of the deck, and no back talk were basic rules that we simple to understand. But then I realized that you really can’t go back, I wasn’t a k** anymore with parents to run interference for me. As I looked around the yard I remembered those days when I was just a k** without a care in the world, this yard was my kingdom, but I wanted more than this small town so when I left for college I left for good. I did visit from time to time, but not as often as I should have, I did regret that, but my c***dhood friend who was a girl, had taken a job far away as well so other than my parents there was little for me in this small town. But growing up here did seem simple, everything was black and white, right or wrong, it didn’t seem like there were any shades of gray, like the ugly affair with Stacey and Pam. I shivered with the cool late afternoon breeze, or was it a reaction to the rejection I felt over an affair that was not of my making?As I looked around the back yard my eyes focused on the old maple tree that stood guard near the back fence. It was huge, “Hell it was huge when I was a k**,” I thought to myself, which is ironic. As a c***d everything seemed bigger than life and when we return the size doesn’t measure up. But in this case the physical size of the tree was massive. I looked up and was shocked to see remnants of the old tree house still clinging to the large branches of the tree. My dad had told me he was going to tear it all out before he listed the property; I guess he decided against it.That tree fort was my fortress, now it was not much more than a floor and a partial wall guarding the open side to the north. Taking another drink of beer my mind wandered back over 30 years, a much simpler time indeed. The fort had walls and a roof and a guy could hide out there and no one would know I was up there. In my early days in the tree house I would spend hours hiding out from imagined bad guys, acting the part of some super hero, or shouting down at Steph, my best friend, to come up and join me in my battle.As I got older the tree house was a place to be alone with my scant collection of nudie magazines and to pleasure myself with fantasies that were beyond the games of my earlier years in the tree house. Steph and I seemed to be growing apart, “it is just part of growing up,” my mother told me, “After all; a pretty young girl like Steph should be climbing trees with the neighborhood boy.” I didn’t agree, but accepted it as well as I could. I did see her from time to time, but mostly at school or out in the yard. But there always seemed to be an unspoken bond between us, a bond closer than best buddies.Steph and I were not quite teens when she ran into the yard and called up to me, “throw down the ladder Dan, I have something exciting to show you.” I was surprised to hear her on the ground below the tree house it had been weeks since we had spoken and much longer since she had joined me in the tree house. I was in the middle of a day dream, my shorts around my knees and my hard cock in my hand. I quickly jerked my shorts up and güvenilir bahis stuffed the tattered old nudie magazine safely away in my hiding place.I peeked over the edge, my best friend stood below, something looked different about her, “maybe she got her hair cut,” I thought as I dropped the rope ladder down to her. Steph climbed the ladder and poked her head through the hole in the floor, “Hey you,” she said with a big smile on her face. She had the sweetest smile and her blond hair hung in soft curls all around her shoulders, it was like liquid silk and I had often fantasized about touching it. But that was a fantasy for my private times. I guess I wasn’t brave enough to act out what I really wanted to share with Steph.“Hey,” was my reply, “So where is it, this thing you wanted to show me?” I was hoping my semi-erect cock was not making a tent in my shorts but decided to ignore it so it would go away.Steph stood up after crawling through the hole in the floor and put her hands on her hips. “Well, can’t you tell?” she said as she twisted at the waist from side to side.“Your hair, right?” I said trying not to act bored, but if that was all it was I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was.“Nope,” Steph said, “Try again.”Then I noticed what was different, she was wearing a light blue blouse, a button up style. Even though she usually wore t-shirts I had seen her in a blouse before, no it was more important than a blouse. I had watched with interest over the past months as the bumps that had appeared in her t-shirt, at first I noticed two points that had recently turned to puffy bumps, sort of like big puffy marshmallows. But now the bumps were replaced with smooth rounded mounds, suddenly she had breasts!I hesitated, I wanted to shout, “When did you get tits,” but thought better of it, as my mother would scold when I said inappropriate things, “you were raised better than that!” When I didn’t guess right away she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, “Look I have my first ever training bra!” She was beaming with pride, her blue eyes twinkled with delight, and she was smiling as she looked down at the new garment she was showing her best friend, a young boy entering puberty! My hormones raged in my body, hell I could get an erection over nothing at all, now my best friend was showing me a bra and a lot of skin that normally didn’t show!She was as proud of that bra as anything we had ever shared, and we had shared plenty. We were the only two k**s in the neighborhood as we lived on the edge of town. We had played bank robbers, pirates, and any other number of games in the tree house. And perhaps the most special game was when Steph suggested we play house. In this game we’d end up taking off our clothes and the old game of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” would take place. During these games there was no arousal, no touching, and generally the peek was just that, a peek.But now my little cock immediately got hard as a rock in my pants. The bra was so feminine looking; it was white with little pink hearts all over it, and a pink ribbon in the middle. It was all shiny and the cups were smooth and rounded. I had no idea at the time, but the little foam cups did more to enhance than support.“Come over here and see it Dan, isn’t it just so pretty?” Steph said as she ran her fingers over the cups, my cock surged again; I had never been so hard before. It was as if I was glued to the floor, yet I was drawn to her like a magnet to steel, but in this case she was the magnet and my cock was hard as steel and it was pulling me towards her. It was as if I was in slow motion as I stood and walked over to her.Normally I hid my arousal from Steph, or at least I thought it was hidden. But today hiding my hard cock was the last thing on my mind and I made no attempt to cover or hide the tent I was making. Steph looked down and smiled as she took notice of my erection and smiled. “Did that happen because of me?” Steph asked as she pointed to my crotch. I blushed and mumbled, “Well, uh, yes I guess so.”I tried to cover my erection when Steph said, “don’t be that way Dan, come see my new bra.” And she smiled making me feel at ease. I took another step and looked at Steph smiling at me, I felt so close to her, not close as in we were standing close, but close emotionally. Without thinking I moved my trembling hand up to brush the backs of my fingers across the bra, the smooth satin finish felt so silky soft and as I moved my fingers across her bra I wanted to see what was inside. Steph must have sensed what I was thinking, she moved her hands to her back under her shirt and the bra sort of jumped towards me and gapped open revealing her puffy nipples that I had admired through her t-shirt. Again, without thinking I moved my fingers under the bra and felt the first female breast. It was soft and warm and as my fingers passed over her nipple it hardened to my touch. It became this erect rubbery nub that seemed to arouse me more than I had been. I was amazed at the reaction to my touch, I knew about breasts and nipples from school, “but no one said they did this,” I thought to myself.Then it happened, her hand was in my pants, holding my hard cock and mine was in her pants cupping her pussy. Neither of us knew exactly what to do to bring each other pleasure, but it only took a moment to figure it out. I could feel a small patch of hair above her slit and as I moved my fingers along that crease it felt wet and slick. I felt her hand slide up and down my hard throbbing cock and a couple times she stopped, holding the tip, squeezing it and then she’d begin stroking again. My balls were so tight that they just about vanished but she found them too, and rolled them around in my sack, the feeling was beyond anything I had ever felt.I slid my fingers between the lips of her pussy, there was a small nub that I knew must be her clit and as I touched it she moaned softly and thrust herself hard against my fingertips. I knew the mechanics of sex, we had studied it in school, but it was all so clinical there, here it was two people, attracted to each other and bringing pleasure to the other. I rubbed my finger around her clit and then pushed further down feeling the opening I knew existed but had never seen or felt before. I lingered there not knowing if I should push my finger inside her.Steph made the decision for me, as she continued to stroke my cock she used her other hand to push against the back of my hand pushing my middle finger inside her warm wet pussy. I had never felt anything like this and as I moved my finger around she laid her head on my chest. I probed a bit deeper inside her and then used my free hand to cup her little breast with my other hand. Her nipple was hard as a rock as she stopped stroking me and used her free hand to clutch my arm that was in her pants.She became rigid, held me tightly as I realized she was experiencing an orgasm. I felt her pelvic muscles tighten and unlike porno movies of today, she did not scream or moan, but she did make a very quiet “mmmmmmm” sound and then relaxed as her orgasm came to an end. She turned her face up towards mine and our lips met in a passionate kiss. We had kissed before or what we thought of as a kiss. But this was different, her lips were parted as were mine and I could feel her breath.Then her hand began to move again, only this time rapidly, I knew immediately she wanted me to cum, to feel the pleasure that only comes from the hand of another. I was so close, I felt the cramp deep inside and wanted my release. I had pleasured myself many times and had fantasized about having sex, but never had I expected it to feel this special.I could smell her shampoo in her hair, and I could smell the scent of her arousal, even though at the time I wasn’t aware that was what filled my head. Steph jerked on my cock as my mind filled with her scent and the feeling of her soft hand on my cock. Then I was at the point of no return, I filled her hand, and my pants, with my hot thick cum, it spurted out so rapidly that I did not have time to warn her.Steph held me while my orgasm gripped me, and like Step, I acknowledged my pleasure with a low guttural groan and she rewarded my pleasure with a gentle squeeze of the slimy tip of my cock.“Hey you,” the female voice said as I blinked into the setting sun, and looked across the yard. I blinked at the light that made the large tree a silhouette of black and white and saw a female form walking across the yard. My daydream of Steph ended in an instant and was replaced with this woman approaching me, it was Steph, all grown up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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