You Can’t Hurry Love – Chapter 9

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With Dan’s freshly exploded cock still in Roxanna’s mouth, he moaned, “”Right now, I need to come in your sweet little pussy!” Roxanna remembered that Dan’s big, hard, beautiful cock had never had a tight, hot, wet pussy lovingly wrapped around him. And she remembered her earlier resolve to make this night become the very night when Dan would surrender his forty year virginity. Surrender his virginity. to her! And, she remembered her resolve to happily, eagerly accept this most precious gift, whenever Dan was ready to offer it to her. The gift of his virginity…saved for forty years so he could offer it up just to her! She felt both honored and eager to receive such a precious gift from the love of her life. And now Dan was ready. And Roxanna realized that Dan was right. Because now her extremely horny little pussy needed to feel itself stretched and stuffed completely full of Dan’s enormous cock. Just as her mouth was even now stuffed full to overflowing with Dan’s amazing long, thick hard-on. Dan gently pushed the flat of his palm against Roxanna’s full, round naked breasts, to stop her from any more sucking and licking on his still-trembling cock. Partly with reluctance at letting Dan’s cock leave her mouth, and partly in excited anticipation of at long last wrapping her pussy so very tightly around Dan’s long, thick shaft, Roxanna now let Dan push himself away from her happy, come-smeared face. She let him withdraw from her satisfied, cock-stuffed, cream-filled mouth. Using both arms, Dan then gently rolled Roxanna onto her back. He stretched-out his fine, naked, masculine body on top of her own nakedness. His cock was still so tantalizingly close to her mouth now. Less than an inch away. Knowing that her mouth would likely not get another taste of Dan’s sweet man-cream for a while, Roxanna slowly rolled his thick, creamy, sticky come all around the inside of her mouth. She savored his sweet-but-tangy flavor for as long as she could. Dan’s beautiful, delicious white cream continued to dribble out of him, and to drip down into Roxanna’s wide-open mouth. Dan began to slowly, seductively slide his way down along Roxanna’s sexy nude body. Roxanna’s extended tongue stretched and strained to catch every dribbling drop of his precious fluids, as Dan’s cock rubbed against her mouth, then down along her chin. She sat up to try to catch yet another taste of his still-dribbling man-seed, as his cock began to rub itself into her cleavage. Then his cock rubbed and tickled its way over her ribs, now completely beyond the reach of her extended tongue. Dan’s hard cock throbbed and stroked across Roxanna’s sexy bare navel. It massaged itself across first her left thigh, and then her right. Teasing. Not quite ready yet to aim itself squarely between her smooth, creamy, silky thighs. In one way, Roxanna was slightly saddened that Dan’s delightfully huge hard-on was retreating further and further away from her mouth, which only moments before had been so enjoying sucking down his rapid-fire series of orgasmic explosions. But in another way, Roxanna was excited with anticipation, as Dan’s cock now aimed itself squarely between her luscious thighs. She trembled and moaned her lustful need for him now, as Dan prepared to give her wet and open pussy the thorough pounding that it now so desperately craved. Dan gently spread open Roxanna’s luscious legs. He finished stretching his long, muscled body completely on top of her. Mouth against mouth. Chest against chest. Legs against legs. Feet against feet. And best of all, cock against pussy! Dan sweetly kissed Roxanna’s soft mouth, her smooth neck, and then her wonderful round breasts. Then he kissed all those spots again. And again. With an ever-increasing passion. Then Dan used both of his index fingers to gently pry Roxanna’s pussy lips open. He carefully eased a loving finger inside of her. When Dan felt that Roxanna’s inner walls were still extremely moist, he knew that she was truly ready for him. Dan paused for only a moment, to take a sharp intake of breath. He had waited forty years for this momentous occasion. But there was no hesitation now. Dan knew for certain that Roxanna was the woman, the only woman, he wanted to surrender his virginity to now. Not to put too fine as point on it, Dan wanted and needed to fuck the hell out of Roxanna’s sweet little tight pussy now. And Roxanna needed him to fuck the hell out of her now! Now Dan slowly sank his thick, thick, thick and intensely throbbing shaft deep into Roxanna’s tight moistness. The thick red tip was barely in her, when Roxanna already started to moan. Just as the very tip of Dan’s cock head touched the outside of her pussy, starting to split her pussy wide open to let him enter, Roxanna was already so horny for Dan. Hornier than she had ever been. She was already so eager to accept the freely and generously offered gift of Dan’s virginity, from the man who had just given her the precious gift of her ability to orgasm. Was it the thought of being Dan’s first, ever? Was it the knowledge that Dan’s cock would be the biggest and hardest that her hot, horny little pussy had ever engulfed? Was it the anticipation of at long last feeling her pussy absolutely stuffed full of cock, crammed so full, stuffed almost beyond endurance full of wonderful hard, throbbing cock? Whatever her reason, Roxanna felt that she was now so ready for Dan to fuck her deeply. Hotly. Powerfully. Mercilessly! She was now so ready, that on the very first pressing, pushing contact of Dan’s helmet-shaped cock-head against her juicy nether lips, Roxanna already went absolutely ballistic! Roxanna lustfully clutched her own breasts, massaging slow circles all over them. She eagerly spread her legs wider. And still wider apart. Roxanna’s small, delicate fingers held her quivering pussy lips open wide for Dan. She eagerly thrust her hips upward to receive Dan’s lovely, precious, and generous offering to her: the gift of his virginity. Dan’s man-sized fist wrapped around his own thick shaft, as Roxanna’s dainty hand had done when she had hungrily sucked on him only moments before. Dan slowly, gently guided himself into Roxanna with one hand, while holding her raised right leg steady with his other hand. Finally, the very tip of Dan’s kocaeli escort achingly hard cock insistently pushed and pressed its way just past Roxanna’s outer pussy lips. Roxanna recalled that long-ago coworker at the motel again, who had so bragged on her man’s hugeness. “You’ve got nothing on me any longer now, girl!” Roxanna grinned happily. “I too am getting my pussy split wide open by an enormous hard cock now. So, I no longer have to envy you!” Roxanna passionately wrapped her shapely, sexy bare legs around Dan. She rested her cute little feet on his muscular, studly butt, as Dan slowly eased more and more of himself into his very first pussy ever. The spectacularly beautiful, tight, wet, horny little pussy of the woman Dan now knew unequivocally he would love forever. Roxanna’s bare feet felt absolutely wonderful to Dan, as they rubbed and pressed into his naked ass cheeks. Her pressing feet helped him to slowly ease his way down, steadily further and deeper down into her, warm, tight, slick and slippery, dripping-wet pussy. Finally, Dan’s thick, hard, throbbing shaft was fully buried all the way inside of her. Roxanna now more than had her wish, her deepest, lustiest desire granted. For Roxanna was now well and truly stuffed, completely stuffed full of cock now. Just as she had so long wanted herself to be. And not just any cock, but Dan’s cock! It doesn’t get any better than this. As Roxanna writhed and moaned and purred in a frenzy of sexual delight, she felt she couldn’t accommodate even one more millimeter of cock inside herself now. Dan’s cock was the perfect fit for the internal dimensions of Roxanna’s pussy. He fit her so perfectly, so tightly, so snugly. Like a hand in a tailored glove. Just like everything else about Dan—his interests, his personality, and his very soul—now even Dan’s cock seemed to have been custom-designed, tailor-made just for her! Dan now slowly raised himself up off the bed by his thighs. He slowly eased his rigid, throbbing, trembling cock almost, but not quite, all the way back out of Roxanna again. Dan reversed direction again, imperceptibly increasing the speed of his second thrust into her. Then slowly, teasingly slipping himself almost all the way out again. Dan alternated the angles of his thrusts between horizontal (forward and back) and vertical (straight up-and-down) strokes. He gradually increased his pace with each slow but frantic thrust. Roxanna had never felt anything so wonderful, so amazing, in her entire forty-five years. Not even the experience of her very first orgasm, earlier that evening, could compare with how wonderfully Dan was fucking her now. Fucking the very first pussy of his life! Fucking the living hell out of her, in just the way she so desperately, so urgently needed to be fucked right now. Roxanna realized that it wasn’t so much the skill Dan was putting into slip-sliding his cock in and out of her wet, eager pussy–although Roxanna felt that for a virgin, Dan seemed to possess a great deal of sexual skill. No, she realized, it was more than sex, it was the genuine love, the real emotion, Dan was putting into thrusting in and out of her now, that made the experience seem so wonderful to Roxanna. “I’ve heard that very big cocks like yours,” Roxanna moaned passionately, “can actually be painful to women like me, who have such small openings.” “Am I hurting you, baby?” Dan asked in sweet concern. “No. No, baby! Your cock is just the right size for me! It’s as if your man-rod was custom-made precisely to fit my love-hole. You were made to fill me so perfectly, so completely.” Dan’s 2-inch diameter stretched Roxanna’s pussy lips as wide open as they could stretch. Her pussy lips stretched themselves comfortably snug around Dan. But not so far open as to be uncomfortable or painful. And although Dan’s eight-inch length was much longer than the five and a half inches her late husband had so infrequently fed to her pussy, even Dan’s length seemed to fill Roxanna up just perfectly! Right to the edge of her cervix. But without thrusting so far into her as to painfully stab her cervix –as Roxanna had heard can sometimes happen. And then there was the unusual double-curvature of Dan’s massive cock—leftward and inward—allowing him to touch places so deep, deep, deep inside of Roxanna, places where neither man nor vibrator had ever touched before. “Yes,” Roxanna realized, “Dan is my ideal man in every way! A kind man. A loving man. To me. And to our children. And now even his cock is the ideal size and shape for me.” At last, Roxanna now knew why she had vaguely dreamed of a long, thick cock all of these years. Because the smaller cocks she had experienced up to then, although average and adequate, simply hadn’t filled her internal dimensions as perfectly as Dan’s enormous and curved shaft was cramming and stuffing and so completely filling-up her pussy now. Dan’s third powerful push into her was again ever so slightly faster than his second. Dan kept up these mighty thrusts. Gradually, by very small degrees, he increased his in-and-out pace each time he sank every delightful thick inch of his trembling enormousness back into Roxanna’s quivering tightness. Roxanna’s contracting, trembling pussy was by now very slick and moist, and very tight. As Dan thrust his way in and out of her, he really did feel himself filling her up completely. Once more, that amazing smacking and squishing sound, the sound of her rapidly coalescing orgasmic passion, grew louder and louder from deep inside of Roxanna. To Roxanna, it now seemed that Dan’s cock grew even bigger and harder with each faster thrust. As if it was even possible for that wonderful eight inch love muscle of his to grow even more! In truth, it was probably the desperate contractions of Roxanna’s tightly squeezing pussy around Dan that made him seem to grow even bigger inside of her now. By now, Dan had Roxanna’s extremely tight little pussy lips stretched open widely, and wrapped so very tightly around his extremely thick shaft. Her exquisitely tight, moist, slick and slippery pussy was contracting and contracting and contracting around him, her whole sex-hungry body trembling and squirming in desire beneath him as he filled her so full of his long, thick, thrusting, kocaeli escort bayan throbbing, trembling manhood now.. This was what Roxanna had wanted, had dreamed of, had longed for, ever since her coworker at the motel had told Roxanna of having her pussy stretched so wide open and stuffed so completely full of hard cock. Once again, Roxanna smiled happily at the knowledge that at long last she no longer needed to envy any woman for the wonderful fucking they receive…she now had a sweet loving man with a huge cock all of her own, right here inside of her, right now! Once again, Roxanna knew in her heart that Dan felt better in person, thrusting and throbbing so very deep down inside of her, than all of her vibrator daydreams about him from the previous several weeks. For the first time—but Roxanna now fervently hoped not the last time—she was now completely filled up with the loving length and thickness of Dan. She had never felt anything so wonderful before in all of her forty-five years! With each thrust into the depths of Roxanna’s hungry pussy, the very tip of Dan’s cock rubbed ever so briefly against her magic trembling love button, before passing lower and deeper into her. The curvature of Dan’s achingly hard cock hooked leftward and inward into her moist love chamber. Dan’s cock tip brushing her most sensitive passion-spots like that, just made Roxanna’s clit even longer and harder each time he thrust himself down into her, and each time he retreated. Just like when Dan had eaten her pussy into three thrashing, moaning orgasms, now Roxanna could once again feel her passion juices working their way up from her deepest depths. Only this time, instead of thoroughly smearing Dan’s handsome face, her warm, thick pussy-nectar began to ooze over and around her clit. Roxanna so wanted those juices to gush all over the outside of Dan’s thick, pulsating cock. But, because Dan’s pressure and speed on her were increasing by only very slow degrees, Roxanna knew she had to be patient. She had to wait until they were both ready to go over the top with excitement. The long wait for her next orgasm was driving Roxanna crazy! She had so enjoyed her first three orgasms of her life, all of which Dan had given to her only a short time earlier. Roxanna now wanted, she needed, to feel yet another intense orgasm now. She was becoming an addict! An orgasm junkie! Now that Dan had shown her the incredible high of coming, Roxanna simply couldn’t get enough of that sensation tonight. She had been deprived of the knowledge of orgasm for forty-five years. Now that she finally knew first-hand just what she had been missing all those years, it was as if Roxanna wanted to make up for all that lost time, to experience forty-five years’ worth of orgasms just in that one night. And then, too, Roxanna was acutely aware that Dan had only just now lost his virginity for the very first time. This was his cock’s very first entry into a pussy. And she wanted to make his first time absolutely perfect. It would have to be completely amazing…for him as well as for her. This had to be totally unforgettable, for them both. Part of that amazingness, Roxanna now realized, meant letting Dan experience her own new-found ability to orgasm, thoroughly coating his own thick, hard, wonderful shaft. So Roxanna wanted, she needed to come all over Dan’s cock now. Partly to satisfy her own selfish needs to feel herself come all over a man’s cock, which she had never done before with any man and now wanted to do only with Dan. But mostly for the far more generous reason that she wanted Dan’s first-ever fuck to be the most wonderful, most perfect, most delightful most amazing, most memorable and unforgettable experience of his entire life! As Dan continued to slowly, ever so slowly and gently fuck her hot, eager pussy, Roxanna didn’t know when, if ever, she had last felt this excited! Roxanna marveled to herself that Dan could be so patient. That he could hold off his own orgasm so long, when she was ready to scream with excitement. But then again, Dan had waited over 40 years, until this very night, to enter his cock into a pussy for the first time. So he certainly showed patience. Roxanna guessed that, after all those years of waiting, of saving himself for that one right woman, Dan didn’t want his first intimacy to end too quickly. Roxanna felt a glow, an even deeper excitement now, when she realized that the “one right woman” Dan had been saving himself for all these years was…her! As their mutual passion now built slowly, layer upon layer, Roxanna’s sexy legs wrapped themselves tighter and tighter around Dan’s bare ass, pushing down hard on his studly butt cheeks, frantically pulling his very hard cock closer and deeper into her, tight, wet and juicy slit. Dan sensed that Roxanna really wanted, really needed to come again. And that she wanted and needed him to come, too… deep inside of her. Roxanna’s heart raced and pounded inside her beautiful naked chest, as she watched her own legs tightly grip Dan’s long, strong body, in the mirrored wall of his walk-in closet. Finally, Dan’s powerful, passionate thrusts in and out of Roxanna were up to maximum speed. Roxanna’s stretched-out tight pussy was now completely stuffed full of Dan. And neither of them could possibly have been any happier about that! The joyous squishing noises from deep within Roxanna’s highly excited pussy were up to maximum volume now. Her entire spectacularly sexy body was writhing, twisting, and trembling uncontrollably beneath Dan Roxanna knew, and Dan knew, that she was now mere moments away from experiencing another quaking, trembling, screaming, moaning orgasm. Her fourth of the evening! Her fourth of her entire life! All given to her sweetly, generously, wonderfully by…Dan! “YES!” Roxanna and Dan both groaned now, as they melted into each other, becoming one being, joined in love…and lust. “Yes! Yyyess!” Roxanna used her bare feet, pressing hard into Dan’s ass cheeks, to push and pull his muscular butt. So the deep thrusts of Dan’s hard cock, in and out of Roxanna’s soaking-wet pussy, would continue at this same maximum pace. Once more, Dan could actually feel… as if in slow motion… his own come traveling up from his izmit escort balls. Up the inside of his thick, hard, throbbing shaft. Then exploding out the very tip, and deep inside of Roxanna. Dan felt himself explode into Roxanna, just as he completed a very rapid downward thrust. His hot come gushed very forcefully and lovingly into Roxanna, as deep into her pussy as humanly possible. “YES!” they both moaned again. And then it happened. Their moans turned to screams of simultaneous orgasm. “YES!” Roxanna got her wish. She let Dan experience what it’s like to have his entire cock completely smeared in Roxanna’s pussy juice. And judging by his intense shuddering, uncontrollable trembling, and passionate moaning, Dan had thoroughly enjoyed the feel of Roxanna orgasm all over his hard cock, every bit as much as Roxanna had enjoyed depositing so much warm, thick pussy nectar all over Dan’s hard, throbbing manhood. And Dan got his wish, too. He got to deposit blast after powerful, quaking blast deep down inside the very first pussy he had ever fucked. Roxanna’s sweet, tight, warm, wonderful, passionately squeezing pussy. Dan had never been half so happy in his whole forty years! Because he had just sweetly, wonderfully, yet powerfully fucked the hell out of the woman he already knew he loves with all his heart and soul. The woman he already knew he wanted to spend every day of the rest of his life with. The woman he couldn’t imagine not hugging to sleep last thing at night. The woman in whose sweet loving arms he wanted to awaken each and every morning, for the rest of his life. After their simultaneous orgasms, Dan simply left his spent, deeply contented, still-throbbing, still-hard cock buried deep inside of Roxanna. Dan wrapped his arms around her back, in a gentle and very loving embrace. Roxanna slowly, lovingly rubbed her bare feet and her sexy legs all up and down Dan’s bare back and his naked manly butt. As they held each other and calmed down, Dan’s now-spent but still-hard cock once more began throbbing away deep inside of Roxanna. He began pulsing once for each beat of his heart. “How do you do that, Dan?” Roxanna purred in delight. “I don’t know, honey. I guess it’s just an involuntary muscle spasm or something. Why?” Should she tell him that his tight pulsing against her slicked-up, freshly fucked inner walls, was once more making her hot little pussy ecstatically happy? Making her extremely, uncontrollably horny all over again? “No man has ever throbbed like that inside of me, Dan. And especially not after he has already come!” “I don’t know why my cock just keeps throbbing inside of you like that! Maybe the cause is a combination of things?” “Like what sorts of things, Dan?” “The deep love I feel for you, for one thing.” “And? What other cause?” “My unbridled lust for you, of course!” Roxanna laughed. “Well, whatever the cause, baby. I just want you to know how very happy your post-orgasmic throbbing is making me right now!” Dan took a long, drawn-out, deep inhaled breath. Then he slowly exhaled. As he exhaled, his cock throbbed even more strongly inside of Roxanna. “Do you like that?” Dan grinned. “Do you enjoy having me throb like that?” His hard-on pulsed against Roxanna’s slick and slippery inner walls yet again. Roxanna responded to Dan’s wonderful, relentless throbbing, so very deep up inside of her, by squeezing her pussy muscles tighter and tighter around Dan’s stiff rod. The eager, trembling contractions of Roxanna’s tight, wet pussy made Dan pulse even more strongly inside of her. Dan’s pulsing matched Roxanna’s squeezing, pulse for pulse, throb for throb. Until they became so tightly locked together, into each other, that even a crowbar couldn’t separate them. “Who can ask for a better feeling than this?” Dan’s deeply sexy baritone voice moaned in her ear. And then it hit her. Roxanna’s fifth orgasm of the evening. The fifth, and by far the most intense, orgasm she had ever felt in her entire life! And all five in a single night. As Dan pulsed and Roxanna squeezed, her whole body trembled. Roxanna’s head began spinning. She moaned and screamed and thrashed around on the bed. And she came. Oh yes, yes, YES, how Roxanna came! She just kept coming. In one long, intense, pleasurable, non-stop orgasm that seemed to go on for an hour or two. Although probably it was only a few minutes. “Why in the hell,” Roxanna wondered now, “in forty-five years, have I never known my body was capable of this kind of wonderful reaction? What the hell was wrong with all the guys I’ve dated and bedded before Dan? Why did none of my past lovers even try to get to me to react like this?” Roxanna now knew at last that her body was actually capable of having an orgasm. Hell, Dan had proven her capable of having five intense, shuddering, full-body orgasms in a single evening! With the intensity of her shuddering orgasm onto Dan’s deeply buried cock, every man Roxanna had ever dated before had just become Mister Wrong. Because not only had not a one of them gotten her to react like this. None of them had ever even tried. They simply hadn’t cared. Hadn’t cared about her pleasure. Hadn’t cared about her enjoyment. Not the way Dan so obviously cared about her. “I can’t stop coming!” Roxanna moaned, grinning from ear to ear. “Does it feel like one orgasm starts before the last one ahs ended?” Dan grinned back. “YES!” Roxanna screamed and trembled. “Congratulations, my love,” Dan grinned back. “You just graduated from no orgasms all the way to a multiple orgasm!” Roxanna’s pussy squeezed Dan even harder as burst after burst rolled out of her pussy, all over his deeply buried thick hard cock. Roxanna’s mind kept telling her, “Don’t ever let this terrific man get away!” After letting his cock throb away so very deeply inside of Roxanna for quite a while, Dan simply rolled Roxanna over onto her right side. He then lay his own naked body nearly perpendicular to hers, forming their bodies into a sort of an X shape, still with his big, hard cock buried deep inside of her. Amazingly, in this position, Dan was able to drive his still-hard cock into Roxanna even deeper than before. Dan plunged in and out of Roxanna like this three or four times. Neither of them came this time. But it didn’t matter. It just felt so wonderful for them both, as Dan slowly slipped in and out of Roxanna’s tight, wet pussy in this unusual and interesting position. Finally, realizing that neither of them had another orgasm left in them right now, Dan began to soften just a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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