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You know I was standing in the shower, just letting the hot water run over me and got to thinking about things. Not the stuff that I normally think of in the shower but the stuff that can be way scary if one thought about it to much. Like men, for instance. No, I am not male bashing. I think that they are delightful creatures that are easily dazed and confused by women. They can’t quite grasp the way that a woman’s mind works, just like we can’t understand the attraction to scratching one’s balls and belching. It is a guy thing.

Then the thinking progressed to the men in my life. Not all of them, not my whole life. Just certain ones that stand out in their own special, unique way. For whatever reason I got to thinking about one young man in particular. He was younger than me and somewhat innocent. Now I didn’t say that sometimes dreaded word “virgin”. I said innocent, as in inexperienced in certain things. You either know a man like that or have known one at some point. They have tons of experience at one thing and none at another. You know that it takes a woman to make them well rounded individuals for some reason.

We first met at a friend’s party. He was about 15 years younger than me but we hit it off well. We got to talking about computers and I think that it surprised him that I knew what he was talking about. You know, being a computer nerd, geek, tech, whatever you want to call it, does have advantages. He was trying to get an old 486 to run a dos based game and I gave him a couple of helpful suggestions. We also traded phone numbers, emails, and screen handles. We talked about our favorite sites and why they were our favorites. You know that Lit had to come up. More for the stories than any other reason. At the end of the party we went our separate ways, with me figuring that that I wouldn’t hear from him again.

A few days later there was an accept and add message on my IM. So I accepted and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was him. He thanked me for the suggestions, then told me that he had done what I had suggested and the computer was up and running. He then mildly surprised me by telling me that he had been to Lit and read some of the stories that were there. He seemed really interested in the Oral Stories. You know that I had to ask why the preoccupation with the Oral Stories. That is when I found out that he was an Oral innocent. Not that he had never gone down on a woman, because he had. It was that he had never had a woman Bolu Escort suck him. Not only had he not had a woman suck him to orgasm, but just he had never had head done on him.

I asked him if there was a reason why and he said none, other than it just never happened. You know that surprised me for some reason. But then I am very orally fixated and can’t imagine sex without a good blow job being done somewhere along the line. Sex just isn’t sex if I don’t give head at some point. But again, that is just me and the way that I do things. He also told me that he had been married but was divorced. He had moved back in with his parents because the divorce had left him in a financial mess. That I totally understood because I just went thru the exact same thing and it left me busted and disgusted. I told him that I understood the feeling and asked if he would like to just come over to talk about it. You know, give him a friendly shoulder to cry on with someone that knew exactly what he was saying. How little did I know what was going to happen. I was clueless as to what exactly he did know.

I met him at the door and gave him a hug as is my custom with everyone that walks thru my front or back door. Habit that I got from my great-grandmother. He looked so sad and serious. Like he was on the verge of busting out in tears at any second. Made my heart catch for a second to see someone in that much pain. We sat on the couch and he just talked and talked about the ex. What I saw was that he had been used and abused badly and it would be with him forever.

I reached over and hugged him again and he just kind of melted into me. He made no effort to move away so I continued to hold him. I had not seen him so motionless. I figured that it was just that he was hurting and had no one that he could allow close enough at that point to comfort him in anyway. With his face buried in the crook of my neck, I just held him. It didn’t take long for me to notice that his breathing was a little faster and that he was now lightly running his fingertips up and down my arm. I got goose-bumps from it. He shifted a little and reached up, putting a hand behind my head. I then got one of the most intense, passionate kisses that I can ever remember getting. You know the one that causes your toes to curl and your whole body to light up. Like every nerve is on fire, and jumping.

One of those kisses that causes one to look at everything thru a shimmering, translucent veil. Bolu Escort Bayan You can feel your cunt starting to warm up and get wet. You know the one that I am talking about. He pulled back and looked up at me. Laying his head on my breast he just got really quiet again. I pushed him up and turned sideways so that I was facing him. “What was that all about”? I asked. He just smiled that sad little smile and that was when it hit me. About like a ton of lead bricks it hit me. “Look at me”, I said. He looked at me and I flat told him the way it was. I wasn’t then and am still not looking for a relationship beyond a fuck buddy. “What do you want out of this”? I asked. He just looked at me again and said that he wasn’t really sure but that he knew one thing. I was the one that he wanted to have show him all the things that he hadn’t learnt. “You might even have to unteach me a few things”, he said. When I asked if he was sure about this, he just nodded his head.

I reached out, putting my hand on the back of his head and drew him in for another one of those mind blowing kisses. When I asked what he wanted to know first, he instantly replied with the obvious answer. “I want to get a blow job and see if it is all it is cracked up to be” I looked at him and that evil little grin skipped across my face. Not a problem was the instant reply. He leaned in again and this time it was a little different in that there was even more heat, more passion, more wanting in the kiss. Like he was finally letting go of a bad memory. My toes curled up and my brain yelled go for it in no uncertain terms. I could literally hear my heart pounding in my ears from just this kiss. So passionate, so warm, and oh so telling.

I got up, reached out, took his hand and led him to my bed. My bedroom is bathed in candlelight because I like it that way. I sit down on the foot of the bed and slowly ran my hands up his chest under his shirt. He just stood there looking down at me with something like lust driven awe on his face. I got the feeling that he really wasn’t that experienced with women at all. I begin to run just a finger around underneath the waistband on his jeans. He jumped like he had been shocked. I looked up and ask if he were ticklish and he said not really. Then I asked “Why the jumpiness”?

I slowly worked the button loose on the waistband and was nibbling softly on the area between his pubic hair and his belly button as I undid the zipper. When I looked Escort Bolu up his eyes were closed and his head thrown back. I slowly begin to nibble, lick, and softly kiss a little lower. When I gently touched just the head of his cock with my tongue, I thought that I was going to have to peel him off the ceiling. I stopped, stood up, and undressed him before someone got hit. Gently guiding him to a laying position on the bed, he offered no resistance at all. He reached up, put a hand around the back of my neck and gently drew me down to him. Another one of those toe-curling kisses, you know the kind that I mean.

I started to lick, mouth, tongue, kiss, and nibble my way around his jaw and down his neck. His hands were softly caressing whatever part of me that they could reach. When I first reached his cock and licked up the middle, he gasped and then just didn’t breath. Not the reaction that I had expected, but okay. I slowly begin to work my way up and down the shaft with very gentle kisses and little licks. He had his hands behind his head and I could see the restraint that he was using to keep them there. When I took the head of his cock into my mouth, he moaned very soft and low.

I pulled back and then nuzzled and licked his balls. Very gently I sucked one into my mouth and begin to carefully suck on it. I was watching his every reaction and I have to tell you that there is nothing like that for me. Beginning to massage his ball with my tongue, I wrapped my hand around his cock and begin to gently stroke him. His eyes flew open and he looked at me. I slowly took my mouth off his balls and looked at him. “Yes”? . He just shook his head.

This is the point where I begin to give him head in a very serious way. I would vary the strokes with my mouth and hand. Going all the way to the base and then doing several half strokes and then some where I barely had the whole head in my mouth. Every time that I would change the motion of my mouth, he would moan a little louder. When I flicked the sensitive spot just under the rim I thought that he was going to come out of his skin. I ran my tongue around the underside of the rim and he jumped like someone had electrocuted him.

It took all of about 3 minutes of me mouthing him to hear him say to me. “I’m going to cum”. Music to my ears and I just kept up varying the strokes. I felt his cock do that little twitch thing that men do just before they cum. Next thing that I knew I had a mouthful of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. I swallowed and then made sure that he was clean by a very soft lapping of him. He looked at me and I settled into the crook of his shoulder. You know that favorite spot you have when you allow him to rest and recover for more.

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