You’ll do anything for a raise?

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You’ll do anything for a raise?I had just been appointed Executive Producer of the top ITV1 soap, Coronation Street. On my first day, I had been looking over the contracts of the stars, especially the females. I noticed that Brooke’s was due for renewal in the next 2 months; so scheduled a meeting with her for the next day after her filming had finished. She turned up wearing her uniform, as she had just finished filming a scene.Anyway, Brooke said she wanted to carry on for another two years but wanted to be paid the same as Helen Flanagan, her screen sister Rosie. I said that was out of the question, for a big leap from £50,000 to £100,000 as I wasn’t sure she was worth it. Brooke then uttered those immortal words known to every boss worldwide: ‘Please, I’ll do anything for it’.I took her at her word and ordered her to lift up her skirt. She did so, revealing a nice black thong. I immediately felt my cock stir into life and told her to pull her thong down to her knees. She did so and revealed that she had a bald pussy. She looked so sweet and innocent, but when I told her to stand in front of me and slid two fingers into her pussy, she wasn’t tight. I gave her an accusing türbanlı antakya escort look, and she told me that she had been having sex with Helen. I grabbed her and put her across my knee and proceeded to spank her hard on each butt cheek. She let out an audible moan with each hit. I stopped and asked her why she was enjoying it. She said: ‘Helen does it to me. She spanks my arse, and then fingers my cunt until I come all over her fingers’. I gave her another twenty spanks in quick succession. I told her to stand up and she did so, rubbing her arse.She stepped out of her thong and when I put my fingers back inside her cunt, she was soaking wet. I instructed her to take off her shirt and bra. She did so, and then I told her to bend over the table. I walked behind her, and without warning slammed my 9-inch cock into her cunt. She jolted her head up, and gasped ‘You’re hurting me, I’ve never had a cock that big’. I ignored her, and carried on thrusting my cock into her, getting harder and harder with each thrust. Soon, she started moaning and saying she was cumming. I pounded her harder, my balls slapping her türbanlı antakya escort bayan hard as I made sure her cunt was getting stretched to breaking point. Suddenly, without warning she screamed as her orgasm hit her. This tipped me over the edge and I shot my load deep into her cunt.I pulled out and made her suck my cock clean of cum juices and her cunt juices. I enjoyed her giving me oral sex, and then just as I was about to shoot a load down her throat, I told her to bend over the table again. I went into a drawer and pulled out a tub of lube. I lubed her arse up, and she looked at me with fear in her eyes. ‘Relax, I will make sure you enjoy it’. She still wasn’t happy about going through with it, but when I reminded her she said she would do anything to get the pay rise, she relaxed as much as she could knowing she would be having her arse violated soon.I told her to get ready and then pushed 3 inches into her arse. She gasped, and jolted upright. She had a look of surprise on her face, and I asked her if she was all right. She just said slam that cock deep into my arse. I did as she wanted and with türbanlı escort antakya one thrust managed to get all the way in. She started moaning and gasping and I built up a steady rhythm fucking her tight little hole slowly and when it had spread a little more I started pounding it hard. My balls slapped against her hairless, wet cunt lips and I reached round and started playing with her clit. This sent her over the edge and she let out a bellowing roar as she climaxed from the intense fucking. I shot my load inside her, and pulled out.She stood up and said that she would get Helen to fuck her arse that night. I called her a slut, and she said it was my fault for stretching her little cunt. I grabbed her, and shoved her mouth back onto my cock, and she started sucking the life out of it. She thought it was like a lollipop, but I eventually felt on the brink of shooting. I pulled her up, and asked her to straddle my cock and ride me, while I played with her titties. She rode my cock for dear life, and soon she had another orgasm and I emptied my load into her cunt. I kept her black thong as a souvenir of my first fuck on Corrie.I asked Brooke if she still wanted the pay rise, she said she just wanted to feel a cock inside her and just wanted her contract extended. She was happy when I gave her a rise of £10,000 though. I told her I wanted to see Helen the next day. Brooke said she would tell her and walked out with cum running down her legs. I sat back and thought ‘fuck, this is going to be a good job with all this hot totty’.

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