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Steve and I have always been friends, and we were usually together throughout the day lately, both unemployed, very bored and skint.

Although I could always visit Jon. He would suck me off and give me enough money for a pack of cigarettes, beer etc. He also had a good porn collection which I often borrowed from. Getting the lads around to watch porn videos kept me popular, and the occasional girlfriend enjoyed them too.

In fact it was from watching these videos that Jon began sucking me off, and he was good. He once tried to get me to watch gay porn, I didn’t enjoy that. All the men had quite small dicks, but Jon said that he wanted to watch it for a few minutes. Not long after he had his cock out to have a wank, and I had to look at his cock. His was small too, about the size of mine soft. Anyway as he was tugging away I asked him if he wanted me to wank him, he shot his load instantly. But recovered enough to swallow my load and pay up. After that just about every time he sucked me he cum in his jeans.

Normally I had the house all to myself all day through the week and I had a quarter size snooker table. It was my pride and joy, not only for snooker but pool too.

Nearly every day we played for a few hours, and Steve was becoming a pretty good opponent. So eventually every frame had a dare for the loser.

Quickly this turned out where the loser had to remove clothes. More often than not we were both naked and hard. There was naked streaking in the back garden (a popular one) stand at the front window and count to 5 (always terrified me). Culminating in wank racing, he who comes first wins. But we never touched each other, I always liked looking at his hard cock, it was a similar size to mine, but my cock curves to the left his was straight, we were similar physically too.

Eventually the wank racing was replaced with the loser rubbing his cock over the winners. Then moving to actually touching the others hard cock.

Funnily it was me who was doing the touching, when I began slowly wanking Steve. Standing in front of him naked, I was slowly sliding my hand up and down his shaft. It felt very similar to my own cock, but different. Steve gasped when I took hold of him. I thought that I had gone too far. But Steve relaxed a little and continued to let me play with his hard shaft, Steve didn’t take long to return the favour and began stroking my cock, never taking his gaze away from me. He leaned in to kiss me and I did kiss him back but it was nowhere near as good as kissing a woman. But I wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock and I had my chance right there and then. When Jon first sucked me he asked if he could. Not me I was on my knees with Steve’s cock in my hand and my mouth closing hatay escort around the purple end of his cock. My mouth was full of saliva as I tried to get as much of his 7 inches into me until it gagged me. None the less I was bobbing my head up and down on his shaft and I was loving it. The soft skin how hard it was, the way I could swirl my tongue around the head.

Judging by the groans Steve was having fun too. I heard I’m coming then my mind raced at what to do, Jon obviously enjoyed a mouth full of cum I didn’t mind my own load by wanking and cum into my cupped hand then licking it up. So my mind was made up keep him in my mouth and wait for him to shoot his load. As he began pumping his cum I thought that there was not much difference in taste to my own, it seemed from watching him wanking that our loads were even similar, but as it was coating the inside of my mouth it seemed like there was a lot more. I tried to make sure that I had milked him for every drop when he pulled his cock away saying that it was now too sensitive.

As I sat back and swallowed again, his cum had made my mouth quite dry, watching him I began stroking my achingly hard member wondering if Steve was going to return the favour.

He told me to lie back and close my eyes when he took hold of me. By the way he began sucking I would have said that he had done this before, he seemed more confident than I had been just a moment before, and it didn’t take him long to get my juices shooting into his eager mouth. After my last squirt he even began fondling my balls. New one on me, the second person to suck me off, and they were both male.

We carried on this way for about two more weeks.

I was wanting to feel Steve in my ass, to feel him fuck me, just like the women in the porn films. I had toyed with my hole, Vaseline and whatever was handy, it did feel nice but I felt that if it was out of my control that it may be a better sensation. I didn’t trust Jon to even touch me there yet alone see my ring. But I had some doubts about the way anal sex was acted and I was unsure if I should just jump into it with Steve or was there another way of going about it.

Then the greatest idea hit me simply ask Jon, tell him that your girlfriend wants her ass fucked and that your unsure of the how to’ s and I needed some more porn to watch.

So just as Jon began taking me in his mouth I mentioned that “my girlfriend wanted to try anal”

I didn’t expect having to remove my jeans and boxers but as Jon said if I was going down on my girlfriend then I should be preparing her other hole.

Jon had only been sucking me for a minute when he asked me to pull my knees up to my chest. I felt so vulnerable and exposed, until his wet tongue started lapping at, and around my hole. This was an utterly new sensation as I was relishing the delight that Jon was giving me I felt a finger wriggling its way into me.

Then Jon was on his feet, I instantly thought that he was going to try and fuck me, but there was a tell tale damp stain around his crotch, he had already cum. No he was away to get some lube.

It felt cold on my anus as he swirled his finger around explaining that doing this would help open her up a little bit so that it wouldn’t hurt her as much. His finger plunged into me I gasped at the new feeling and he carried on fucking me with his index finger, then swapping it with his middle finger and back again for a few times. Then both of them opening my hole more he fucked me like that for what seemed like ages, I eventually had to get him to stop because I didn’t want to start moaning as that would have encouraged him to try more than I was prepared to do.

After that it was simply slip on a condom use plenty more lube and gently slide in bit by bit if she says that it hurts her stop. Just take your time and don’t rush it for the first few times.

Some porn was playing as Jon took me once more in his mouth, the actress was taking a huge cock in her arse, which got me thinking that Steve might be doing that to me very soon, I was really thrusting as I began coming in Jon’s mouth.

As I left Jon gave me a packet of my favorite cigs, loaned some more porn and he gave me the tube of lube and a packet of condoms. Happy days.

For the next part of my plan I was at a total loss as how to broach the subject, but Steve must have thought something was wrong. So I just said it. I wanted him to fuck me, like they fuck on the porno’s. Except that I had some lubricant and condoms.

Steve made double sure that I was lubed up enough, I felt the tip of him nudging its way into me, and out then back in just a little further until his beautiful hard cock was fully in me stretching my hole wider than I had ever been before. He began riding me slowly and gently, the sensations were out of this world as he speeded up fucking me doggy style, my ring getting more and more loose and accustomed to being fucked. Then Steve began to cum pushing himself as far as he could go in me, after his last drop had gone he did try to carry on fucking but he was going softer and softer, he was quite limp when he slid out of me. But I was solid I had just tried anal and I loved it from the beginning. Steve was still too sensitive for me to get him aroused again, but was willing to try to take me, if I had enjoyed it so much then why shouldn’t he not like being fucked in the arse.

while he assumed the same position I tongued and licked his hole before lubing him up to be poked and finger fucked. There was little resistance as I began sliding into him. As I began getting into a rhythm Steve gently clenched himself tightening his grip on me then released while doing this trick it really had my juices ready to erupt, thrusting as deep as I could now get pumping my sperm into the condom inside him.

That was a wonderous time but I began to wonder if I was truly gay, I still wasn’t keen on kissing Steve that much. But I loved having his cock and cum as well as giving him mine.

Things took on a very bad downturn. Steve was hardly visiting, back to having a wank. Then I was made homeless by my parents (cunts).

I did manage to store all my worldly possessions in an Aunts garage, but had to do a lot of begging for a sofa for a night or two from friend to friend.

Jon must have thought his birthdays had come all at once, with me visiting him more and more. I was skint and needs must.

But it was Jon that came to my rescue. He managed to find a job for me. It was paying good money, great hours and a van to take home. All I had to do was a bit labouring, goffering and general dogsbody.

I couldn’t thank Jon enough. I even lied that he could take my anal virginity.

He tried to take my offer though but my gamble paid off and his premature ejaculation won the day!

I did feel guilty and still being thankful, I did take him in my mouth by surprise when he did get his cock out to wank, to some porn. His small dick exploded into my mouth almost instantly, I swallowed his load, it tasted a lot stronger than either Steve’s or my own, but as Jon cum he thrust I had his pubes to my nose, and his cock not quite making it to my throat.

It turned out that Steve had himself a girlfriend, and they were in love. (yeah right)

Once I had my first pay packet I had a little celebration, nothing too big. But I did bump into Joyce, who offered me a flat with a fantastically low rent.

Joyce was an old schoolfriend of either my mother or father, and she didn’t agree with the way I was treated, and the flat that she owned downstairs to hers was available, fully furnished.

It didn’t take long to settle into my flat and a routine.

Although it was hard to get in contact with Steve, he did call round. All I wanted was for him to agree that we tell nobody what we got up to with each other, and the door would be always open for us to resume fucking should we find ourselves single again.

I got the full story about Sharon the love of his life, where she worked and where she was from because I was sure that I knew or knew of most the local girls. Obviously didn’t.

A few weeks later Steve and Sharon began trying to get me to come and meet Sharon’s friend.

Eventually I gave in and I was delighted that I met Hazel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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