Young Wife from India Ch. 02

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I did not see much of Aruna after Prakash’s return. Things got suddenly frantic at the office and I was making arrangements to expand my team by getting more resources from India. Aruna enrolled in a local community college for some course and got occupied with that. We also got news that Prakash would be needed for an extended period of time at the regional office, at least a week every month. I was excited. This would potentially give me more time with Aruna. Wow!

One evening, she stopped by my apartment as I was preparing for a jog. She looked apprehensive.

I said, “Oh Aruna! Prakash has to go away on work for a week from next Monday. I can’t wait to be with you. I want this so badly!” But I stopped when I saw she did not share my excitement.

I asked, “Aruna, Is everything okay?” I pulled her close and hugged her. I got the familiar scent of her hair, and felt the softness of her breasts against mine. I felt my desire rising. She realized the effect she was having on me and pulled away.

“Oh Sir! Did Prakash not tell you?” she looked up at me. “He wants me to come with him this time because it is a week, maybe longer. I will have to go with him. We are leaving this Friday so we can have the weekend there. He has made plans.”

“What! I did not know that!” I said. “Maybe he was planning on telling me tomorrow. Oh, okay. God. I was really looking forward to this.” Mothefucking sonofabitch!

“It is only a week, sir. Maybe after…,” she tried to console me and hugged me again. This time she could feel my hardness through our clothes. She raised her face and looked up at me, and I took her hand and placed it on my dick.

“Ok. But at least have this evening. It has been a long time since we…Prakash has got tennis, hasn’t he?” I asked, running my hands down her back, feeling her bra strap, then her back, and then down to her ass cheeks. I cupped each in turn, feeling the edge of her panties, and ran my hand down her crack.

“Oh, no sir. We… I.. .cannot. I have my… this is my time…,” she hesitated.

I understood. Fuck! Fuck! What is to be done?

But she sensed my disappointment. She came close and placed her hand again on the bulge in my shorts. Then she put her hand under my shorts and pushed the material up and grabbed my dick through my underwear. I knew she could feel the heat of my erection. I pulled her closer tightly, and she gasped, “Ouch, oh!”

My one hand was on her butt cheek, pressing her to my body. With the other I pulled down my shorts and underwear. My thick cock jerked upwards, and she let out a little sigh, “Oh! My! Now, sir? Its …You are so..its big.. ready!”

“Oh! Aruna,” I heard myself moan softly. “I want you so badly. I have been thinking about you a lot. I missed you!” She fisted my cock and pulled the foreskin back under the purple head.

“Okay. Okay. Let us go inside,” she said. She was horny, as well! Did Prakash not do his duty?

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, oh yes,” she said quickly.

I turned around and kissed her mouth. I realized this was the first time we did that. She was shocked, and pulled back, and stared at me, wide eyed.

She did not expect that. I said, “Oh, Sorry, I should not have done that. I don’t know…”

But she did not wait. She grabbed my head and pulled me down on her and opened her mouth and put her tongue in mine. It was electric! Our tongues played with each other, exchanging spit. I pushed mine into her mouth, and we pressed our bodies together tighter than before. When we came apart, we were breathless, panting and gasping.

I pulled her to my bedroom, and immediately stepped out of my shorts and underwear. We were still kissing, our mouths stuck to each other. Her hand was still on my thick, hot dick, but she was not stroking it yet. With my free hand I pulled my T-shirt over and threw it down. Now I was completely naked, and she was still clothed.

We pushed apart and freed our hands off of each other, still panting and drawing deep breaths. Both of us saw my swaying, jerking pulsating dick, jutting out strongly and firmly, at an angle from between my legs. I had shaved my pubic area and this made my cock look a lot longer.

We were standing next to a full length mirror and I shifted my eyes to it. She followed my eyes and we locked eyes in the mirror. She then put her hands on my cock and started stroking it, still looking at me in the mirror.

God! This was so fucking awesome! I sometimes jerked off in front of a mirror, but it was usually in the bathroom. My wife gave hand jobs only over the toilet, and refused to be seen in front of a mirror. So this position was doubly great for me. Aruna placed a hand over my hips to steady herself, and came closer to me as she gave me the ultimate pleasure with her fist.

I ran my hands up her top and inserted my hand into her salwar bottom from the back. It was very tight and I couldn’t get in. “Wait,” she said, and let go of my cock. She then put both Burdur Escort her hands under the from of her top and pulled the string that held her bottom and loosened it. She pushed it down a bit, and resumed her previous position and proceeded with her hand job. I put my hands inside her now loose bottom and felt her panties, tight on her ass cheeks. I followed the wedgie on her ass crack up and down. “Careful, Sir,” she said, as my fingers grazed her pad.

“Okay, Okay,” I said. “Aruna, this is so good. Keep doing this. Let me not finish. I want to see and remember this. I want you to see it. Fuck, this is great!”

“Oh Shhh, sir. What are you saying? I am sorry we couldn’t..”

“No. No. This is enough. Can you feel me? It feels so big and hard in your hand. Oh! Slow down, stop. Stop!” I held her wrist motionless as I neared my climax and wanted it to stop. When it subsided, I released her hand, and she started stroking again. After a few minutes, I made her stop again, and let out a soft moan. “Fuck! I could do this forever. So good!”

She giggled, “Oh, naughty man. Come, come here,” she said, and turned and sat on the bed. I was surprised, but followed her just the same.

She looked up at me and smiled. Then took her hand and started stroking my cock again. It was in line with her face, and I knew what she would do next. Fucking hell, yeah! Take it in your mouth, Aruna!” I screamed inside my head, “I want to come in your mouth!”

I oozed a little precum, and she giggled again and wiped it off by flicking her thumb. Then she opened her mouth, extended her tongue and took my cock in.

“Ummm, Ummmm, Ummmm,” she moaned, as she her head travelled the length on my cock back and forth, back and forth. Her cool tongue and spit on my hard dick made me delirious with pleasure. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I cried out.

After a while, I held her head steady, and fucked her mouth with slow, long, exquisite strokes. I could see my cock glistening with her spit as it made its way in and out of her mouth. Her lips jerked as they went over the ridge of my cock-head. I pushed in and pulled out of her mouth about thirty or forty strokes, non-stop. She moaned softly with each thrust.

She took my dick out and ran her tongue under it, on it sides, on just the head, flicking the opening with her tongue.

“Oh! Sir, this is so nice. Mmm. How thick! How strong! The smell! The smell!! Ummm. I love it, sir! I have not done it with Prakash. Only you, sir! Ahhh, Ummmm.”

I was in a trance. I wanted to fuck Aruna now. I pulled her up and turned her over and she supported herself by placing her hands on the bed. With her ass towards me, I raised her top up and away, all the way to her neck, and pushed her salwar bottom down her thick thighs as far as they would go. I pushed my cock on her ass and pressed it in place. I next undid the clip of her bra, and it fell away on either side of her back. I reached out and grabbed the soft, supple flesh of her tits. Her nipples were distended and erect. I played with them, rotating each with my fingers, and then squeezing hard.

“Ouch, they hurt. Slow now, sir,” she pleaded,softly. I relaxed my grip on her boobs.

I pushed my cock back from her and started rubbing it on her panty covered ass cheeks. “Oh sir, don’t put it in. Careful, now, sir, please!” she said, in a hushed tone.

“Yes, Yes, No I won’t,” I mumbled. I could see her ass crack through her panties. I also could see the pink colored pad she was using. I placed my hard cock on her panties, and rubbed the thick vein that ran under my cock up and down her ass crack.

What a feeling!

“Oh Aruna, this feels so nice. Ah! Ah! Ah!” I gasped, as my cock travelled up and down her ass. “I am going to finish. Oh! Oh! Stay like that, please, oooh!”

“Ok, sir, finish now. It is okay,” she said.

She had turned her head and I realized we could see ourselves in the mirror still. I also turned and looked at us in the mirror. I raised my cock from her ass and it jutted out, erect and at an angle. I fisted and slowly stroked it. “Oh, Oh, Oh!” I said, as I was about to ejaculate. “Here it is! Ahh Aaaahhhhh!”

Cum spurted out of my cock. The first one was weak, but the next three were long, thick and creamy white, and landed way up on Aruna’s back. “Oh my, Sir. Aiyo,” she squealed. I looked down at her ass. The release was intense! My cock jerked as my fourth, fifth and sixth spurts landed on her panties, completely soaking it. We stayed like that until my cock stopped throbbing and oozing cum. I squeezed the last drop on her and then moved to a dry spot on her panties and rubbed and slapped my cock on her butt cheek. Then I flopped down on the bed, drained and exhausted.

“Oh god! Aruna. How can I thank you for this? Man, this is great. You are so fucking awesome. Thank You!” I gasped. “Thank you, thank you..Woooh Woooh!”

“Oh, sir. Stop. Stop it. You are embarrassing me,” she smiled sweetly. “Now I have Burdur Escort Bayan to clean this. Wait,” she said and headed off to the bathroom.


Friday came too soon. As I was driving them to the airport, I struck up a steady conversation with Prakash so as to not cause any suspicion in him, and also to mask the nervousness that Aruna and I felt. Later, Prakash called back to say all was good after they reached their destination.

The next afternoon I got a call from him. “Sir, I need a huge favor,” he started, and I thought, “Oh oh, there goes my Saturday!” But said, “Anything. What’s up?”

“Sir, Aruna’s mom has some work at the temple. But the person she was supposed to go with is sick today. So…I was wondering… if you. .you know, if you can drive her to the temple?”

“Temple? Today? Now? Ah…er. okay, no problem. I will do that. Yes,” I said, as cheerily as I could so as to hide my reluctance.

“And, sir…,” he continued.


“Eh.. er.. She needs a ride back as well, Sir. So it is like three, four hours work at the temple, so ..uh you have to get her back. Sorry for the trouble.” He knew I avoided temple visits.

“OK. I will find something to do nearby, not a problem.”

“OK. Thank you so much, sir”

“No worries,” I said.

“And sir? Aruna, also says thank you.” Aruna could have talked to me about this, but I guess she wanted to keep up the appearance of not being too familiar with me to ask favors.

I picked up Aruna’s mother around noon and started the nearly hour long drive to the temple. This was a tricky situation for me, if you know what I mean. She knew I fucked her daughter. What she did not know, was that I knew that she knew.

We had never chatted before beyond the customary ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?I am fine, thank you’, so this was embarrassing. We made some small talk. I told her about my wife back in India etc and she asked the usual questions.

When we reached the temple, she asked me to come in, and laughed when I said, “No, no. You know me.”

But she, giggled (and reminded me of Aruna!), and said, “There’s food, sir. Snacks and coffee. We could also use some volunteers today. It is going to be busy.”

I reluctantly agreed and went in with her. It was assumed that I was a volunteer and was promptly assigned some work, lifting and arranging tables and chairs. Back breaking work, but a good workout and I did not mind it a bit. Aruna’s mom was in a corner organizing some other stuff.

As I kept glancing at her I could not help but notice how alike she and Aruna were. I could see a lot of her in Aruna, which made sense, of course. The way she stood with her legs splayed and hand on her hip. The tilt of her head. Her soft laugh and wide mouth grin showing her teeth. The movements of her hands. Best of all, Aruna had inherited her beautiful ass, and strong, thick thighs. As she sat and rose, could see her butt cheeks outlined clearly. Her sari tight on her thighs. Man! What was wrong with me! I was ogling her mom!

I realized I was not alone. A number of men were looking and noticing and staring at her as she went about her work. The few who could approach her without causing any suspicion were flirting with her. Talking, making her laugh and giggle, helping her when no help was needed. This included young boys, married men and old farts, and a few bare chested, pot-bellied, fucking sweaty priests as well.

I wanted to shout at them. Hey! Assholes! Lay off her, sonsofbitches. This is a temple. Control your cocks. Respect women, motherfuckers!

I couldn’t blame them, though. She was the one bright and colorful spot in an otherwise drab group of old people. Her pleasant, commanding voice carried over loud and clear to me.

After about a couple of hours, I was resting at a table drinking water from a bottle, when I heard her voice, “Oh sir, are you okay? Here, I got some coffee. Please have it.”

I was startled. I said, hurriedly, “Oh Okay. Oh, thank you. Coffee, yes,” and I looked at her.

Man! For a second I was struck by her resemblance to Aruna. In fact, I almost jumped the gun and called her Aruna.

It is true what is said about women. They do not sweat, they glow. Aruna’s mom looked slightly exhausted and tired from the work. She sat down across from me, and fanned herself with the pallu of her sari. “Uff, today was more work than I imagined!”

There was a thin line of sweat under her armpits and minute droplets of moisture on her forehead. Her face was flushed and a little red. Her breasts rose and fell slowly as she caught her breath. The pallu of her sari was not spread across her chest but was compressed into a thinner band and fell across her blouse between her breasts, clearly profiling them. I could see the outline of her bra and her full, swollen boobs, straining against her blouse. A large portion of cleavage was visible as well. She looked very sensuous and desirable at that Escort Burdur moment. She was really glowing.

I thought to myself, “She was what, forty, early forties? Still. Not young, but younger than my wife. Not old at all. Fuckable? In an instant. Beautiful! Fucking beautiful!

I suddenly realized I was staring at her for a long time and looked up at her. Our eyes locked! She was looking at me and had noticed me giving her the once over. How long was she looking at me, knowing I was leering at her? She gave a start, spread her pallu over her chest to cover her breasts and her cleavage, looked at me and then down on to the floor, and said, “OK, sir, a few more..a couple more hours then we can go.” She was clearly embarrassed. She knew I had checked her out. Fucker! I said to myself. She got up to go, and I said, “OK. No Problem. I will be here.” I watched her walk away quickly, her ass jiggling under layers of her sari and her bra strap outlined by sweat at the back of her blouse. From the corner of my eye I could make out that she turned and looked back at me quickly, once, and joined the group of people working at the end of the hall.

A couple of hours later, after all the work was done, she came back to where I was. She had some packages of food. “I brought dinner, sir. We can have it at home, “ she said. We reached our development, freshened up and met at her house for dinner. The incident at the temple was still fresh in my mind, but she seemed to have forgotten it, or wanted not to think about it.

She said, “Hope the food is to your liking, sir.”

“Oh, I like it, “ I said. “Temple food is always good. But, you know, it is not like home food. Especially not like your cooking.”

She giggled at this. “Oh, sir. I will cook tomorrow. We can have dinner again here.”

Suddenly, I was struck by a thought. I said, “No. You have been cooking since you came here. Cooking here everyday for all of us. I think you deserve a break.”

“Break! What for? This is what women do. This is what we have been doing all our lives!”

“No. This will not do,” I said. “Tomorrow we can go out for lunch. I will take you out to a good Indian restaurant.”

“Oh no, sir. I cannot. I don’t like it. I don’t like restaurant food. It doesn’t suit me.”

“OK. Then you should come over to my house and have lunch. I will cook!”

“You! Cook! Oh my. I have to see that!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I retorted. “You think I don’t cook? Actually, I love cooking. Sanjana (My wife) may not have told you this, but I think it is because I can cook better than her. I used to cook back in India, and here too, a few days a week. Good too. You will see.”

“Really?” she asked, in earnest. “Prakash never even enters the kitchen. He doesn’t even lift a spoon. We have to serve him everything. My husband was the same. He couldn’t even boil water if I asked him to.”

“Ha.. They are weak. There are a lot of men like me. We are more than men, actually.”

“Well, then. I would like to see it myself.”

“OK, that is settled. Tomorrow’s lunch at my place.”

We chatted about this and that and became more comfortable with each other. She asked me to call her Latha, which was a shortened version of her name. We asked and responded to personal questions. Made some jokes and laughed. I had the feeling that she did not mind my staying at her house longer than usual. Finally, at around 10:00 PM, I reluctantly got up and said good-night. We held our eyes for longer than was necessary at the door. She closed the door only when I was well and truly out of sight and down the stairs.

I was not kidding when I said that I liked to cook. Well, I obviously couldn’t cook as well as Latha, but I did manage to lay out a good variety. It was one of my best efforts, as I wanted to make an impression.

She was shy, of course, but at the end of the meal she conceded that it was really good. And she was pleasantly when I brought in the payasam (dessert). “Oh, wow sir!” she exclaimed. “Dessert too? I am really impressed. Sanjana is a lucky woman.”

“Oh no, I have not made this in years. Today was a special occasion. I had to prove myself!”

“Yes, yes. I agree. You are good. I wish other men were like you.”

We had a few indian DVDs lying around and I put one on in the player and we distractedly started watching it. After a while, I got up to make coffee, in the traditional south-indian way, which I really was not used to. For me it was black, freshly ground American coffee every time. So when I floundered in the kitchen, Latha came in and offered to help. She made coffee, and I started to wash the dishes.

“Aiyo, sir! Let me do the washing! No, I don’t want you touching dirty dishes.”

“What? No. No. You are my guest today. I will take care of all this. Please make the coffee,” I said.

“Uff, oh. Wait till I tell Sanjana and Aruna…”

“Oh! Please don’t. Let this be our secret. Otherwise Sanjana will tease me about it no end. OK?”

She looked at me quietly for a few seconds, and smiled and said, “Okay. Our secret, then.”

I smiled back at her.

Time flew by. Before we knew it became early evening, and she had to leave. It was hard to say if she was happy or sad or reluctant to leave.

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