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[All characters in this story who are involved in serious sexual situations are at least 18 years old – PS]

* * *

“What’s taking them so long?” Anna thought to herself impatiently, as she waited for Elle and Vanessa to arrive.

She was lounging in a very unladylike and coltish way on a chaise in the backyard; with one knee up, which made her skirt hike up far enough to expose quite a bit of her panties to anyone who might be looking; although all the neighbouring houses seemed fairly deserted with so many people away on summer holidays. It was just a “Saturday skirt”; she’d had it for years, and it was now much, much too short for her. But she had always liked it; and anyway her mother wasn’t around to scold her about it, or how much was showing; or being braless while wearing a more or less see-through top; or anything else for that matter. Being on her own for the very first time somehow made her feel both sexy and reckless, so much so that she had slept in the nude for the very first time, and wandered around the house in the same state most of the morning!

Anna’s parents had gone away for the weekend, starting yesterday, and Anna’s older brother had also left for his girlfriend’s cottage, so she had the house to herself. Of course her mother was all freaky about her being there alone; and being raped, or worse, 10 minutes after the last car had left the driveway.

“I’m hardly a child,” she thought with some annoyance as she recalled the lectures, admonitions, warnings, and every other possible kind of safety instruction she had received from her mother before her parents left; presumably never to see their daughter alive again!

Finally she heard the garden gate opening, and so she got up, greeting each of her friends, after which the three of them began to chat.

“Boy it’s hot,” Vanessa noted, “maybe we could go inside for a bit?”

“No let’s sit out here,” Elle countered pointing at the patio furniture, “it’s a beautiful day.”

“Oh all right.” Vanessa said, relenting, “what shall we do?”

“Don’t worry,” Elle replied with a knowing smile, “I organized something special.”

“What is it?” Vanessa asked.

“One that will definitely make you hot, Van …” Elle said slyly, “but not on account of the temperature.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll see,” Elle said, with a nod of her head in the direction of her cell phone, which she had placed on the picnic table.

Perfectly on cue, and before Vanessa could continue her interrogation, the cell phone rang, and Elle promptly answered it.

Anna watched as her friend conversed in an animated tone of voice. Anna and Vanessa had been friends forever, while Elle had attached herself to the pair about 3 years ago, when she first arrived from overseas. Elle, her real name was Ellisemarie, was the daughter of a pair of doctors; who had met at a hospital in one of the former French Equatorial Africa colonies, Cameroon. He was a native of the country; she was from France itself. As sometimes happens with mixed race marriages, a happy combination of genetics produces children that are both unique and exotic. Elle was all of that, and then some! She had a wonderful light café au lait complexion, with high cheek bones, amazingly green eyes, and full lips, complimented by lustrous dark chocolate hair that fell in a series of gentle waves over her shoulders. Just for good measure, she also had an almost perfect figure, with nicely developed curves above and below her slender waist. Taller than the other two girls, she carried herself gracefully, and, as one might expect with the offspring of two physicians, was exceptionally intelligent, although also more than just a bit of a tease. Since she had gone to an exclusive English language private school from the time she was five, except for her accent, rather correct way of speaking, and looks, you wouldn’t know that she was from another country; especially as she had picked up most of the local slang, including the less than polite expressions, from her girlfriends.

Vanessa was the personification of a bookworm. Not that she was all that bad looking, Anna had to admit, but rather that she was the type of girl who thought the whole “beauty routine” a complete waste of time, and that any old clothes, no matter how unflattering, were more than adequate. Hidden behind her glasses were some astonishing blue eyes, her best feature. A brunette, she kept her hair shorter than the other girls, just above her shoulders, and she did have a nice smile, and an actual figure, which was considerably better than Anna’s pathetic collection of female attributes.

“Imagine calling these ‘assets’,” Anna thought to herself bitterly, while looking down at her bare breasts through the scoop neck opening of her top. About the only thing remarkable about them was that when she was aroused, the nipples were very sensitive to the touch … too bad no boy had ever be attracted enough to her to find this out! Unlike Vanessa, Anna had tried to make herself as nice looking as she could. şişli escort Her light, almost blond, hair tumbled down to the middle of her back, and shone from being religiously brushed. She shopped carefully for clothes, trying to choose items that were both in style, and suitable for her slim physique. Just a fraction over five feet tall, she was sadly more than a little familiar with the “tween” section of most stores. Even the addition of some expensive padded bras, and some rather short skirts, didn’t seem to help matters as far as male attention was concerned.

“Maybe it’s just my looks,” she thought to herself gloomily.

Anna knew she wasn’t pretty, but she didn’t think of herself as totally ugly either; just very sadly average. A few boys had shown some interest in her from time to time, usually those from the “certified loser” club; but who wanted to be seen with them? All they needed, she thought with a grimace, as she recalled a few of their stumbling pathetic advances, was a sack cloth, a bell, and an “Unclean” sign! Surely there was one nice, socially acceptable, boy out there … please God, just one … who might become interested in her … or even, by some miracle of miracles, fall in love with her!

“We’re having company” Elle announced, putting the phone down.

“Who is it?” Vanessa asked.

“Two guys I met at the hospital; they got hurt at a construction site.”

Elle’s parents had her volunteering at their hospital that summer, rather than getting a paying job. Apparently money for college wasn’t going to be a problem in Elle’s family; and anyway she had received a full tuition scholarship. Vanessa had a scholarship as well, although not on a par with Elle’s. Anna had … well nothing … except a high school diploma with decent, but not spectacular marks … sometimes it was hard not to be jealous of your friends.

“Are they construction workers?” Anna asked, puzzled.

“Of course not,” Elle laughed, “they’ve just finished first year university … they’re both nineteen.”

That figured! Elle’s taste in boys normally included student athlete types with futures as Rhodes scholars, or Nobel laureates. Granted this was an exaggeration, but only a slight one, Anna thought with some further tinges of jealousy.

“They’ll be here in about 40 minutes … if that’s OK … I thought maybe we could all hang out together … they’re good guys … both smart… and not bad looking either,” she added with a giggle, “I’m sure they’ll enjoy meeting both of you … although I doubt if they’ll pay much attention to Vanessa or I, not with sweet little Miss Anna dressed like that!”

“Ha, ha,” Anna retorted, somewhat defensively.

“That skirt is so short it could qualify as a belt,” Elle said sarcastically, pressing home her point, “and from a certain angle you can see right through that top like it wasn’t even there!”

“I mean why bother with a bra when it’s this hot, Elle,” Vanessa offered with a mischievous smile.

“Total nuisance on a day like this …” Elle agreed, winking back at Vanessa.

“Maybe I should change?” Anna said, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“What for,” Elle replied with a snicker, obviously enjoying Anna’s growing discomfiture, “do you have anything on under that skirt?”

“Of course,” Anna protested, blushing.

“Just checking,” Elle smirked, “… too bad … it might be a lot more fun for the guys if you didn’t!”

“That’s enough, Elle,” Anna protested, “I didn’t know we were having company when I got dressed … I’ll put something else on.”

With that, Anna scurried across the deck to go into the house, as she opened the door she heard Vanessa questioning Elle: “But what about Jeremy; I thought you two were an item?”

“No we just called it off …”

Jeremy had been Elle’s boyfriend for the last five or six months. They went to the senior prom together and appeared to be quite taken with each other; at least that was what Anna thought. Vanessa had given the prom a miss, despite vigorous protests from Anna, who really didn’t want to go stag without at least another girl there for moral support. Anna had gone anyway … a few boys had asked her to dance, and one of them invited her to an after party. When she got there, it became quickly apparent that underage drinking wasn’t the only attraction at this event, as some of the couples snuck off to upstairs bedrooms and the like in order to get up to another form of adolescent mischief; one that required some serious exploration of the more intimate parts of the female anatomy.

After a couple of drinks, and a few rather close dances, her newfound “date” had made a bit of a play for her, probably assuming that she had accepted his invitation with a full understanding of his intentions … you couldn’t really blame him. She had turned him down, nicely, but firmly; something told her that he was as inexperienced as she was, and that the potential sexual encounter had “disaster” written all over it!

It didn’t take Anna long to change, as she flung off her skirt and top, replacing them with another skirt, navy, and still short, but not ridiculous, and a cream coloured sleeveless cotton blouse, remaining defiantly braless underneath it, despite the teasing of Elle and Vanessa.

“If they get to see, they get to see … and so what?” she thought to herself as she buttoned it up. It was just the kind of mood she was in. After checking her hair and makeup, she descended to the main floor and joined the others in the backyard. The Jeremy discussion, whatever it had been, was being replaced by a much more interesting topic.

“Elle,” Vanessa said cautiously, “can I ask you something personal?”

“OK,” Elle said breezily.

“How many boys have you slept with?”

“Just Jeremy,” she answered in a matter of fact way.

“How many times?”


“What did you do about birth control … condoms?”

“No need,” Elle replied, “I went on the pill right after I met Jeremy. I just knew he was going to be the one … and we were both virgins, so no STD’s to worry about.”

“My mother made me go to the doctor and get started last month,” Vanessa said with a bit of sarcasm, “she’s certain I’m going to let every guy I meet at frosh week have a turn … can you believe that!”

“My mother did the same thing,” a surprised Anna said, joining the conversation, “did she give you a box of condoms as well?”

“Uh huh,” Vanessa replied with a nod of her head.

“They must have been talking,” Anna said, now suspicious, “because mine basically told me the same thing … she thinks I’m going to jump into bed with the every boy that looks sideways at me!”

“That’s ridiculous,” Elle said.

“Well,” Vanessa said a bit ruefully, “before I sleep with the entire frosh class it might be nice to just have done it once or twice with someone like your Jeremy.”

“If he were here,” Elle said, with a mischievous grin, “I could probably get him to make a house call for something like that.”

Jeremy’s intentions to go to medical school were no secret.

“You mean he wouldn’t mind playing ‘doctor’ with me?” Anna said suggestively.

“Not at all,” Elle smirked, “it probably goes something like this …”

Elle rapped on an imaginary door with her knuckles, and then opened it, as if she was Jeremy making the aforementioned house call.

“Now tell me, young lady,” Elle said loftily to Anna, “where exactly is the problem … oh I see … down there … why don’t you pull down your panties and show me?”

“Hey!” Anna exclaimed while Vanessa giggled.

“Tsk, tsk … looks like a very bad case,” Elle continued with a smirk, “well Miss Anna, I think you had better take off the rest of your clothes, lie down over there, and spread your legs … I have just the thing for your condition.”

“I’ll just bet he would,” Vanessa snickered, while Anna felt herself flushing again.

“I think I hear the doorbell,” Anna announced, glad to change the subject, and heading towards the sliding doors, “c’mon …”

* * *

Bryan stood nervously beside Connor on the doorstep. His insides were doing somersaults as they waited for the door to open. He had met Elle at the hospital, although initially he would have hardly been able to say a word to her if it wasn`t for Connor. His best buddy wasn`t nearly as shy around girls as he was, and didn`t hesitate to “chat her up”, as his British cousins liked to say.

He had been unconscious, and when he woke up, he just lay there groggily with his eyes closed, uncertain as to whether he was alive or dead. The last thing he remembered was the scaffolding collapsing onto them, and then falling, and then blackness. But when he felt the pain, almost everywhere all over his body, he knew he was alive.

“Where am I,” he managed to say.

“In the emergency ward … just don’t try to move,” a female voice said quite close beside him. He was aware that there was a cold cloth on his forehead. Opening his eyes he saw the owner of the voice; and you could certainly be forgiven if you had thought you really were in heaven, when you awakened to an incredibly beautiful angel keeping watch over you.

Looking around, he discovered that he was on a stretcher of sorts, surrounded by privacy screens.

“I have to tell them you’re awake,” the angel said gently.

“Someone will be back right away to see you, but you mustn’t move,” she added, leaving the room.

That someone was a doctor, who explained that he had been out cold for quite a while.

“You friend was only unconscious for a moment,” he explained, “but I was afraid you were in a coma.”

“Good thing your hard hats stayed put,” he continued, “or both of you would probably have been killed.

“How’s Connor,” he asked.

“He’s fine … just very sore … I gave him something for the pain, and now I’ll give you something too … it can make some people groggy … and you can’t fall asleep right now, so if you do, someone will wake you.”

Bryan tried to adjust his position, but it hurt like hell! The doctor gently pushed him back down onto the stretcher.

“Steady … you have to stay still until we see if you have any internal injuries,” the doctor said, as he shone a light into Bryan’s eyes, “I don’t think you have a concussion, but I’m concerned about how long you were out … maybe fluid around your brain, or a skull fracture. We’ll do a MRI to find out … and Connor as well … just to be safe … I’ll get the nursing assistant … Ellisemarie”, he called out.

The angel reappeared moments later, now Bryan knew her name.

“Would you mind getting someone to help you wheel him, and the other young fellow, down to radiology? The orders are here; skull and full body … might as well look for any other injuries at the same time,” he said, passing over two pieces of paper.

The rest of the day passed slowly, with the arrival of frantic parents, and then the trip to diagnostic imaging, where the beautiful angel very carefully and gently removed all his clothing and then covered him with a thin sheet. After a lengthy trip through the monster imaging machine, followed by a session with a portable X-ray machine, there was a further wait for a preliminary screening of the pictures by the radiologist, after which they were allowed to use the washroom, finally! Once upright, the angel produced a hospital gown for each of them, and then they were wheeled into the same semi-private room to be kept at least overnight for observation. Bryan didn’t really notice much of this, not once the effects of the pain killers prescribed by the emergency room doctor kicked in. Although with the pain subsiding, he soon drifted in and out of sleep, only to have the angel gently awaken him each time.

It was a hellish evening, as the beautiful angel was replaced by a grotesque and abrupt night nurse, who didn’t let either of them finally fall asleep until after midnight, having passed a 12 hour precautionary period specified on their charts.

By the next morning, they were both much better, although extremely stiff and sore now that the pain medication had been reduced. A different doctor came by and had a look at both of them, pronouncing that by some miracle neither had any broken bones or ruptured spleens, or other problems, although they couldn’t be discharged until he heard further from the radiologist about any potential head injuries. And a police officer arrived to take a short statement from each of them, even though there wasn’t all that much to tell. Later, their guardian angel reappeared, all smiles, in a trim short blue uniform that hinted at some rather interesting curves underneath it.

Bryan was a little nervous, and embarrassed, when he remembered that she had completely stripped him for the MRI, and helped him into a hospital gown later, although he was too stupid from the medication to care at the time … jeez, she had seen everything! He tried not to feel awkward when he spoke to her, but it was difficult.

Such niceties didn’t bother Connor, who was conversing with her, and making her laugh; while she filled up their water carafes, and explained where their personal belongings were.

The morning dragged on, until finally Connor’s mom, and Bryan’s father, arrived with the welcome announcement that they could go home. Elle, they now knew that this was the name she preferred, chatted in a polite and friendly way with both adults … she must have gotten to know them during the long wait while they were in radiology. Apparently there was some paperwork to be done, so the parents left, with Elle volunteering to escort the two boys down to Administration when they were ready.

“You can get dressed now,” Elle said with a warm smile, “I’ll just close this door so you can have some privacy.”

“Why bother,” Connor joked with a grin, “I think you got the ‘Full Monty’ from both of us yesterday.”

“It’s just part of the job,” Elle said primly, but there was a sparkle in her eyes, “there are rules, pretty strict rules actually … but you two weren’t exactly with it … and I had to get you ready for a MRI.”

“Well, I sure hope you liked what you saw,” Connor said in a teasing way, “I don’t usually get much of a chance to show off my … ahem … equipment to such a beautiful girl.”

“I would hope not,” Elle teased back, and then she added coyly, “but I don’t think I’ll stay for the next show … I might not be able to trust myself around a couple of fully conscious naked hunks.”

“Oh, damn!” Connor said with a laugh.

Elle blew him a kiss as she swept out the door, giggling as she closed it behind her.

“Boy, she is hot city man,” Connor exclaimed when she was gone.

“No kidding,” Bryan agreed, “she’s past awesome, I’ve never met a girl even close to as good looking as that.”

“Oh right,” Connor said sarcastically as he threw his hospital gown on the bed, “Jackie was so terrible looking as well … that’s why you went out with her!”

“Truth be told,” Bryan reminisced, “it was Jackie who went after me, not the other way around … she was pretty much out of my league.”

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