Your Visit Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: You Arrive


This story is a fictional meeting between a friend and me. Though this has not happened before, she did tell me that I pegged her down pretty accurately. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 😉

Also please rate and comment! I would love some criticism, it is the first story I’ve ever written. If I get good enough ratings I might continue with the next story!! 😛


I just finished my shift from work and I am excited. You are on your way here. This is the first time that we will get to meet face to face, and you are staying at my place for a week. You told me that you that they were fumigating your home, so you needed to stay somewhere else for a week. You said that you were going to take this opportunity to see if Iowa weather really was better than the hot days in Texas. I think you are just making excuses to see me. I think you want to see me as much as I want to see you.

As I get home I look at the clock. It is 5:30 PM. You are supposed to be here at seven. I look around the room, it is a mess. I decided to hurry and clean as much as I can before you get here. I don’t want you to see a pigsty, I want you to be welcomed by the clean place you deserve. After a half hour of cleaning, the place is looking much better. Now it is time to clean myself, though I like the idea of showering with you, and cleaning of each other, I decide that it is best to save that particular activity for another time, I would rather your first impression of me not be the dirty sweaty me after work and cleaning. I want to be nice and clean for you, so I take a quick shower.

I grab a pair of jeans that my ex got for me. She always told me I had a nice ass, and chose these jeans because they apparently show it off. I also grab a tight fitting, thin T-shirt. Along with being clean, I want to show off, I hope that when I pick you up, will want me as much as you did over the computer. I check my phone. It is 6:15 PM. I notice that I don’t have any messages, but I’m not surprised, you said your phone was low on battery and that you were putting it away till you arrived. I decided to make a small pot of mac-n- cheese, I haven’t eaten since I got home, and I want to have enough energy to go wherever you want and do whatever you want when you get here.

After I have fed, I check the clock again: 6:30 PM. I sigh and grab my keys and wallet. The bus station is only five minutes away, but I can’t wait so I head to the bus station. When I get there, I find it mostly empty. I am a bit surprised, but I figure that today must not have many buses going out. In about ten minutes another bus arrives and drops off its passengers, and loads what few people are left. When the crowd clears, I am the only one waiting. Now I have to wait fifteen minutes is an empty bus stop, the anxiety is killing me.

Fortunately the bus arrives a few minutes early and I can see you in the window. I rise out of my seat; I can feel the adrenaline pumping. I wait anxiously near the bus door and you see me as you wait in line to get off. As soon as you step off the bus you smile, hug me, and tell me that you are glad to get off the bus! We laugh and pick up your things to load them in my car. I open the door for you and hurry around to the driver seat. I ask if you are hungry. You tell me that the bus stopped for food just an hour ago. I ask if you wanted to see a movie or something and you tell me that you are tired and just want to go to my place to unwind. I privately hope that you aren’t too tired, I am excited that you are here and it would suck if after all this wait you just plop down on the bed and went to sleep. I turn the car on and off we go.

As we get to my building I get your door and you etlik escort bags. You kiss me on the cheek and call me a “real gentleman” with a laugh. We head up to my floor and make our ways to the door. I set down the bags as I pull out my keys and you sneak in and pick them up, laughing that they are YOUR bags and YOU will carry them inside.

I open the door and let you in first. You walk in to my room and make a comment about it being bigger than you thought, but still small.

I can’t take it anymore and I walk up behind you, wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck. You squeal in surprise and drop the bags. As you make a comment about me barely letting you in the place, I run my hands over you and kiss your neck again, this time giving a small bite. You moan softly and your hands gravitate to my legs as you press against me.

My right hand slides down your stomach and over your jeans. My left hand moves up across your chest. I start to massage your mound through your jeans, and your breasts through your shirt and bra. I bite your neck again a little higher and a little harder, I suckle on the spot and bite it again, I am sure that this will leave a hicky. I know that this is more direct than I usually am, but after a whole day of waiting for you and finally having you here to myself, I just can’t contain myself.

Your moans suggest that you approve. You grab my hair and hold me closer to your neck as you move your head to give me better access. Your free hand moves across my jeans to find my obvious bulge. I am very hard for you, and my pants do not hide it. You start to massage my cock through my jeans, as you press against my hands.

I move up your neck slowly biting, sucking, and biting again. I leave a trail of hickies from your shoulder to your hear. My hands move to your waist and slide under you clothing. My right hand moves back to your crotch and runs a finger across your already soaked panties, pulling a moan from your lips. I stroke your pussy through the panties, teasing you for now. My left returns to your breasts and tease your already erect nipples through the thin bra you are wearing. I grin at the feeling of lace in both hands, you were as prepared for this as I was, and obviously wanted it just as much.

You moan louder and slide your hand into my jeans and touch my cock. I jump at your touch and you smile as you comment on my size. You try to grip it, but the jeans are too restricting so you settle for rubbing it for now. You assist it by putting your hand between my cock and my stomach and push it against the jeans as you rub, and then pushing your ass against my jeans to rub me from both directions. I moan into your ear and I feel you get wetter at the sound.

I slide the crotch of your panties aside and slide a finger into your folds; I explore every inch of your sensitive lips, before reaching your clit. I run my finger across it once then proceed to slide the finger inside you. Once inside, I move it in slow circles, as I grind my palm into your clit in the same pattern. My left hand slides in and over your bra and scoops up as much of your breast as I can. I greedily pull at your tit, wanting to squeeze as much into my hand, while my thumb and forefinger pinch at your nipple. I continue this for a while before moving to the other breast and repeating the actions. I kiss your ear, and nibble across the rim, starting with your lobe and moving up. I flick the back of your ear with my tongue before biting the neck behind it.

You moan again at my touch and pull away from me. You turn around and give me a coy smile as you pull off your shirt and undo your bra. You toss both to the floor with your bags and step towards me as I remove my own shirt. You take my face in your hands and kiss me passionately, pressing your lips to mind in need. You quickly ankara eve gelen escort open your mouth and nibble on my lip. Your hands move down across my chest, taking a few moments to run through the hair and make their way back to my jeans. You smile at me and look at me.

You kiss your way down my jaw to my neck and briefly down my chest. You slide your hands around me to grab my ass as to stabilize me, and give me a good squeeze. You undo the button of my jeans and unzip them using only your teeth, while you watch my face. I smile back at you, the sight turning me on even more. As you pull my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, my cock jumps out at you, pressing against your face. You smile, and joke about me being eager as you rub against it pausing as you get to the tip to give it a kiss. You take it in your hand and pull the skin back, revealing the sensitive head. As you grip the base you slowly run your tongue up the shaft, enjoying smell and taste. Your free hand lightly massages my balls. You watch me as I watch you and after a small while of teasing me, you take all seven inches into your mouth.

At this point I moan again and you focus on my cock instead of my face. You suck for a moment on all of me, your mouth feeling warm, and moist. It feels like you are trying to suck me dry and I can feel your tongue running across my length. You slowly pull off my cock and pull it out of your mouth as you start to stroke me slowly you look back up at me and grin at the disappointed look on my face. You lick your lips and lick my cock again from base to tip. When you get to the tip you take the head in your mouth and suck on it as you swirl your tongue around it. Your hand continues to jerk me off, and picks up in pace. I moan again and work hard not to thrust against your face. You feel my tension and put your hands against my hips as you start to bob your head all the way down and up. The entire way you continue to swill your tongue around and suck, not a feat many can do and I rock my head back and squeeze your shoulders.

I can feel the tell-tale signs of reaching the “point of no return” so I pull you up and kiss you ferociously. I take your mouth with my tongue exploring every inch before running it across your own tongue. My hands take your breasts and squeeze the nipples hard before squeezing the entire breasts. I feel your hands move towards my cock… I break the kiss and grab your hands and push you backwards to my bed. I push you down on to my bed and kneel at the bed side. I undo your pants and pause only a moment to admire the black lace panties before pulling both jeans and panties off in one go. I kiss my way up both your thighs as I make my way to your pussy. I can feel your heat and smell your musk and it just turns me on even more. As I approach your mound I stop to nibble on your upper inner thighs. I hear you groan in protest and I chuckle. I hook my arms under your legs, raising them slight as I grab your ass and raise your hips. I lower my face between your legs and you separate them further for me, opening your pussy.

I comment that you have a beautiful pussy and again you groan in protest you push your hips higher. I breathe softly against you enticing a small moan before running my tongue up your slit. I lick you in long, broad lick as I cover your entire pussy. Soon I pull your legs further apart, pulling your lips open as I do. With this new access I locate and focus on your vagina. I run my tongue in a few small circles around your opening before plunging my tongue in. Once in I curl it back running the tip across your wall. I pull it all the back this way until its out, and repeat the process a few times. I then switch it up. This time once my tongue is inside you, I swirl it in circles pushing against all your walls as you push back against me.

I ankara escort keep this up for a moment before pulling out and moving up to your clit. Your clit is starting to swell and peek out from its hood. I flick it with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. You moan again. I nibble on it with my teeth as I suck it and tease it with my tongue. I pull a hand from your hips and slide it up your thigh. I tease your pussy a little before sliding in first one finger, then a second one. I slowly begin to piston my fingers in and out of your pussy as I suck on your clit. You start to squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples. I feel your hips buck against my face in time to my fingers. I squeeze a third finger in to your tight pussy, stretching you as I keep thrusting them in and out. I thrust harder and faster as you moan louder.

I feel you tense up and squeeze down on my fingers as you moan even louder. I quickly switch my fingers with my tongue. I push my tongue into you and lap up your juices as my fingers rub your clit in circles, coaxing you to your first orgasm. I press my lips to you as I do my best catch and swallow all of your juices, but they squirt out with such force that I feel them drenching my beard and chest. As you come down I slow down my fingers and stand up and look at you. You are covered in sweat and are looking up at me with a look of affection mixed with desire.

I turn you lengthwise across the bed and climb in next to you. I have to climb over you to fit comfortably and I kiss you passionately. As our tongues dances, the pre cum still on your tongue mixes with the juices covering mine, an overture to the mixing juices that will soon follow. Your hands greedily run down my body to stroke me, making sure that I am as hard as can be. I rub your clit, keeping your juices flowing. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull my hips closer to yours as you maneuver my cock to position. I moan into your mouth as I feel your pussy against my cock. I push my cock into you as hard as I can. I feel it slide all the way in you and feel you clamp down on in it tightly; all the while I keep rubbing your clit. Even as wet as it is, I find it difficult, at first, to move within you; you clamp down on my member tighter than I’ve felt before. As I pick up momentum, I find it progressively easier and begin to push harder and faster. You break the kiss as you moan loudly asking for more. I nibble on your collar bone before I pull a nipple into my mouth. I suck on the hard nipple and tease it with my tongue before biting down on it hard. You gasp and moan deeper.

Your legs tighten around me as you begin to buck your hips back up against me matching my rhythm. I know I can’t last much longer, and I know you can’t either. You beat me to the punch line and call out loudly as you cum for a second time. Your pussy clamps down so hard I have to stop and wait it out, though I keep my motion on your clit at a steady pace. The time, while exciting, brings me down just enough to by me a couple more minutes and I grin as I bite down on your other nipple. You gasp as you start to come down and tell me that you just felt two orgasms back to back, apparently my bite was timed perfectly.

I smile and kiss you passionately as I begin thrusting even harder and faster than before, your pussy now much more lubed out than it was before. It isn’t long before you cry out as a fourth orgasm hits you. This time my own is right behind. I push into you as hard as I can and kiss you hard as I release jet after jet of my own cum into the flood of your juices. A few moments later we both pant as we come down. I lay against you too tired to move. You kiss me softly and I tell you it was wonderful. We laugh at how soaked the sheets are and at how we are both too tired to get up and do anything about it. I am surprise by how tightly you hold on to me as I grow flaccid and know that it the thought of it is keeping me a little hard. You chuckle and ask me with a coy grin if I had ever fallen asleep while still inside a pussy as you wrap your arms around me. I grin and tell you that I haven’t…

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