12-Year Reward

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12-Year RewardBrandy straddled me, her freshly shaved pussy was as smooth as silk as she slid her pussy down my stomach. I reached between us and ran my finger tips over her plump tummy and down to find her swollen clit buried between her folds. She was so wet and I wanted this so badly, to feel her respond to my touch, to have her sink on top of my cock and be engulfed in her slick wet hole. She had promised I would not be unsatisfied if I shared her bed and “that your 12 years since your last intercourse would be nothing but a bad dream.”I felt her rock her hips with the tip of my cock between her lips, slick with arousal, and super-heated from our play, and then she began her descent, penetrating herself with my fuck stick. I felt her wetness against my throbbing cock and not waiting I thrust up to meet her in an attempt to bury my cock in her sopping wet pussy. But as aroused as she was she held my cock at her entrance by raising up a bit and then she began again to lower her pussy and I felt the tip of my cock pass into her entrance and I felt her pussy lips close around my shaft as she continued impaling herself on my erection. I caught the scent of her arousal and I ran my thumb over her clit and then ran the back of my fingers over her shaved pubis, it was like silk and just touching her there nearly sent me over the top.I felt her bald pussy slide against me, I had shaved my pubic hair at her request, I had never felt anything so sensual. She bottomed out on my cock forcing my balls up between her ass cheeks where they were massaged between the crack of her ass and then she bent forward. Her tits, still in her sheer mesh bra begged for release, just as my cock begged for the release of my pent up cum. My hands went around her back and I fumbled for the clasp to free her tits. She pushed herself up and smiled, “right here Larry,” she said as she pointed to a plastic clip between the cups of her bra allowing me the pleasure of unwrapping the gift of her tits.My hands trembled as I moved my hands up, I cupped her round full tits in the soft mesh bra and then moved to the center. I had no knowledge of this style bra and became frustrated with trying to unhook it. She moved her hands over mine, her chubby milky white fingers contrasted my work hardened hands as she manipulated the clasp looking into my eyes with a warm smile. The bra sprang open once the clasp left her fingers and pulled apart.The fabric clung to those beautiful orbs and as she bent forward, I peeled the gauzy cups back, the nude color fabric was so sheer yet it masked the detail of her nipples and areolas. Her tits had to be a C cup or maybe larger, it didn’t matter at this moment because they were in my hands and near my lips and I knew she wanted me to touch and enjoy them. They were very full and round, her areolas were light, almost the color of her skin, but they were wrinkled from her arousal and I wanted them in my fingers and between my lips. Her nipples were wide, from this vantage point they were at least a half inch in diameter but not more than a quarter inch in length.I could smell her perfume, a musky arousing scent that I had noticed earlier and it mixed with the scent of her sex and I was aroused as much by her scent as the thought of having sex with this voluptuous woman. I buried my face between her tits and humped my cock against our cleanly shaved pubic areas. She responded by sliding against me, her tummy rubbed against mine. Brandy carried a few extra pounds, but nothing objectionable to me. I pressed her tits against my face and began kissing them as I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and felt them harden to my touch.She moaned and humped wildly against me, her arousal was as great as mine and I loved feeling her weight and soft skin against me. She would be described as chunky or chubby by some, but to me she would be Rubenesque or simply a voluptuous woman undaunted by size or shape, her arousal and skills riding my cock were all that was on my mind. Her thighs rubbed against mine, her legs did not have one stray hair or stubble and were as silky smooth as her pink pussy. I could hardly breathe with her tits smothering me as she humped wildly against me. Her wide hips and round ass kept her planted firmly on top of me as she ground her pussy against me, my cock went where she needed it, my pleasure was a result of her wanton lust for a man twice her age. I wanted this to last, but the lust we felt overtook both of us after weeks of exchanging texts and PM on the dating site. Yes we shared masturbation pictures and I had cum more than once seeing her nude body while she pleasured herself to my words. But this was live sex, she was on top of me and my cock was buried inside of her, the first time in 12 years that my cock was inside a woman. As hard as I may have tried to slow this down I failed and my cock tip swelled and I felt the rush as my cock shot my first load of cum deep inside of her hot slick hole. I had waited so long for this release, my ejaculation in a woman instead of my hand, and my cock surged again, sending my second spurt, always my strongest, deep inside of her hot cunt.She groaned and raised enough to release my face and looked in my eyes, her breath was coming in gasps from the effort she was putting into riding me and said “I forgot to tell you,” she said between her heavy and frantic breathing and continued rocking her hips grinding her pussy against my cumming cock, “I forgot my birth control pills for over a week.” She grimaced as if in pain yet had the look of total pleasure. She had me pinned down with her legs hard against mine and most of her weight against me. She playfully grabbed my hands and held them over my head with hers as she rocked hard against me and continued milking my cock as I unloaded my cum into her fertile pussy with a maniacal look in her eye, she was having her way with me and there was no denying her lust.My mind raced with horror, “how could this be happening?” I asked myself, I had been so careful. We met on a dating site, I was tired of taking care of my sexual needs with porn and my hand. My wife of over 50 years had decided after completing menopause that sex would not be part of our married life. It had been 12 years since güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri we had intercourse, yet I never strayed or even so much as looked at another woman.Then one night I was watching porn and this guy was fucking a chubby woman with pale smooth skin and I watched as his cock slid in and out of her shaved pussy. She was moaning with pleasure and her chubby short fingers played with her clit as he rammed his fuck stick into her. The slapping of their bodies, the sounds of a cock in a wet pussy, and her moans were driving me wild. I imagined what it must be like to have a lover that wanted sex as bad as I did. Would I be able to satisfy a woman now that I was 70 years old? Everything still worked for me, it took a little longer to reach the end of the act, but the orgasm was as strong and I could still shoot a load clear to my chin. But who would want an old man in their bed?I toyed with the thought of a prostitute but hated the idea of potential diseases and the problems from a whore that wanted only money and then move on to the next guy. I knew I would fail to find someone if I visited bars or clubs and perhaps end up being arrested for being a creep to women. I had no idea how to find someone so I started poking around porn sites with dating services. I flirted with a lot of women on these sites but most wanted nothing to do with an old man, many wanted to sell me their soiled panties, or a subscription to their web cam. I had one woman offer to do phone sex with me but that would only have been an extension of porn and my hand.Then it happened, I stumbled onto a profile titled, “I Need a Daddy” and Brandy became my new obsession. She had posted a couple selfies of her naked body and described herself as 32 years old and into older men. She was very explicit, “older meant past 60”. Her statement included, No Games, No Drama, and No Condoms! I certainly qualified by age so I sent a private message and told her I was 70 and looking for a sexual hook-up with a woman about her age and then added, “and one that is as pretty as you.” I really did mean it but after sending it I thought I might have spoiled the attempt with the flattery that may have seemed put on or fake. But I did mean it, she had a perfect body for what I wanted, chubby but not fat, a real woman, and one that was young enough to want sex in its most basic sense.She responded the next night and we started exchanging details of our situation, she was divorced and wanted to be with someone that knew how to treat a woman. By that she said that she wanted a man that wanted her pleasured and appreciated a real woman that knew how to make a man feel satisfied. She loved the idea of my age, “if you can have sex without risk to your health.” I told her I wasn’t dead or dying and then added a smiley face emoji. She then asked for a nude picture of me, “You have seen what I have to offer, time to show me your goods,” and she added a smiley face emoji. I hesitated when she asked for a nude picture, but she was persistent. I explained that my reluctance was that at 70 I didn’t look like the ripped body of a thirty something and that my cock would never win any awards for size. “Well if we move past looking at each other’s pictures and words I will not only see your cock but experience your ability to use it, right?” So I relented and after a dozen pictures trying not to look like some wrinkled perv I sent her a picture that was more about me and less about my cock. She loved it, or at least she said she did and her only other thought was, “you need to shave you pubes off it makes sex so much nicer.” I am not an overly hairy guy but my pubic area has a bushy appearance and like the hair on my head, plenty of gray hair. She kept after me in several PM’s, “Have you shaved yet? When you shave make sure you clean up your balls as well. Make sure you get a close shave at the base of your shaft or it will be uncomfortable on my pretty pink pussy.” Every PM of this nature did nothing less than fan the flames of the lust I felt for this assertive woman.In the end a single question seemed to seal the deal in her mind, “When was the last time you had sex and with whom?” The PM was that single line and came out of the blue, no lead up or conversation, just like her personality, to the point and she expected and answer. I figured there was no sense lying about it so I replied, “12 years ago with my wife.”There was a long pause and I wondered if she thought I was making it up, but then she replied, “how does anyone not have sex for 12 years? You poor dear, you need a bit of Brandy to solve that problem, and I am NOT talking about a drink of brandy unless you are thinking of licking my bald pussy and swallowing my fluids as I flood your face.”This led to a discussion of why I hadn’t and the fact that there is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t jerk off and that every morning I woke up with an erection that was throbbing yet no way to take care of it unless I jerked off.“I want you Larry,” she said, “when can we hook up?”I hesitated, this seemed all too easy even though all of this had occurred over a month or so. The fact that I have been hanging around for 70 years I was wary. I have been the party to jokes, pranks, and outright lies so many times my alarm went off. “How do I know you are real and not just pranking me?” I asked. Her response was immediate, she sent me a picture of her driver’s license with her address and a picture that did look just like the nude selfies. And not a word or comment with it.“I’m sorry if I offended,” I replied, “I just want this to happen and not find out a bunch of people are pranking me.” She assured me she wasn’t and offered to meet for coffee and we could chat and see how it goes from there.We arranged to meet at a diner in the downtown area since I rarely go into the city and knew I would not be recognized. I sat at the table alone, and was convinced this was a prank. And then Brandy approached the table with a big grin and I stood as she got near the table. She stepped right up and hugged me pressing her ample breasts against me and said, “You must be Larry, I am Brandy. Well I think you knew that, anyway it is nice to meet you.” The musky scent of her perfume filled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my senses and I started to get the sense that this was real. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice, yet she seemed confident and her assertive in her overall behavior, I found all of these attributes exciting and attractive.Brandy was wearing a mid-thigh length black skirt that clung to her thighs and I can only imagine how it looked from behind with her wide hips and round ass. Her pink sweater had a very low cut neckline and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and her cleavage poured out of the top which resulted in a raging hard on for me.I asked her to sit and instead of setting across the table from me she moved the chair beside me and set facing me with no attempt to keep her skirt from hiking up. I could clearly see she was not wearing panties as she kept her knees parted. She caught me staring, “It really is okay to look,” she said, “I want you to know this is not a joke or prank, I want to arouse you and have sex with you, just like we talked about. Any awkwardness I felt seemed to vanish even though my intended purpose of being here was meeting this woman today with the idea I would have sex with her on our next meeting, this was very strange for me. I had not dated in over 50 years, I forgot just how awkward it can be and I knew that this was a big step for me. Most men would think nothing of it. But I had never been with any woman but my wife and now I was taking a big step. “I ordered us a couple coffee’s when I came in, I took you for a straight black coffee, I like mine with cream, LOTS of cream,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. I wondered if she was trying to suggest something but passed it off.“Okay Larry, here we are, I am real and I am assuming I look enough like my pictures that you knew it was me. What else can I tell you to make you more comfortable?” She asked.I hesitated then asked, “when was the last time you had sex and with whom?” I smiled not wanting to be an interrogator, but it seemed fair game since she asked me the same thing. I knew she was divorced but wondered how many men had been between her legs in that year. The waitress brought the coffee with a small saucer filled with cream cups and said, “I thought your Dad might change his mind and have cream in his too.” She said with a wink and then hurried back to the counter.I smiled, Brandy smiled as well and began adding cream to her coffee, “I told you I like lots of cream,” she said, “maybe if we hook up you can offer me extra cream as well,” and she winked and giggled. That seemed to make the meeting start to roll. “To answer your question directly it has been 15 months since I had sex with anyone but “Mr. Big” and it was with my ex-husband. Oh and yes, “Mr. Big” is my, well you know, it is a toy and as much as “Mr. Big” gets me where I need to be, he gets no pleasure and I am all about enjoying the pleasure of the other person I am with.”We chatted about little things since we had covered most of the real personal things on-line. For instance she knew I had never had a blow job, nor had I given oral to a woman. She knew I had a thing about women that were rounder than the skinny model types, and that I had no interest in BDSM. Most of these topics would not have fit into the diner setting. Just as the conversation seemed to become strained Brandy asked, “so do we do this or just talk about it?” She smiled broadly and I immediately knew she loved being direct for the effect of it.I smiled, her directness was pleasing to me so I said, “I’d love to, well uh, I mean, it would please me to, damn,” I said not able to actually say, “yes I want to fuck you.”“Great,” Brandy said, “here are the ground rules,” and she moved around the table and in a low voice said, “no games, no drama, and no condoms!” She put her hand on my knee and slid her hand up to my crotch, my cock had been hard since we sat down and she rubbed over it, “And the only thing I ask is not talk about my ex or your wife. We are both adults and know this is about sex, no strings attached.”“I have but one ground rule,” I said, “you must be on the pill if we are not using condoms. I have no idea if I am still able to father a c***d, but I want no part of something risky like that.”“I thought you might have that as a concern,” Brandy said and produced a round little packet with space for one pill a day and it was labeled for her and marked birth control. The pill for today was missing, “so good enough?” she asked.That led to me meeting her at her house the next week, I had a terrible time lying to my wife about going out to get the car checked out for a squeak when there was none, but she had things to do around the house and I think I was feeling guilty instead of her being suspicious. I rarely went anywhere alone, except to the car dealership, she hated the place as the salespeople were like vultures so you couldn’t walk near the showroom without being swooped down upon. So this ruse was the best I could come up with, and it worked.When I arrived at Brandy’s house we went from hello to let’s fuck in about 2 minutes and now she was straddled over me while I pumped my hot sperm into her womb. I had no way of escaping the moment and had totally forgotten the birth control pills she showed me, I was in full panic mode.Brandy continued to rock on my cock and had this determined look on her face, “Oh yes Daddy, fuck your baby girl, pump my belly full of your seed, make a baby in my tummy just like when you made me in Mommy’s tummy,” she said as her pussy gripped my cock and I knew she was having an orgasm.“Oh fuck yes Daddy,” she said in a raspy voice, “fuck my virgin cunt, make me a woman today,” she shouted and collapsed on my chest. Her belly pressed against me nearly knocking the wind out of me and her tits felt like pillows between us. She was sweating and her face was flushed and I could feel my sperm flooding out of her pussy as my cock started to shrink.Brandy regained her breath and pushed herself up with her hands on my chest. Her tits were pushed out between her arms making them appear larger than before, her pale pink areolas were scrunched up in one huge wrinkle of rubbery flesh that begged to be sucked. I trembled güvenilir bahis şirketleri with the panic and even a little anger that I felt as she looked into my eyes and said, “I get a little carried away when I am close to my orgasm, I hope that all that talk about getting pregnant and Daddy stuff didn’t ruin it for you.“Then you are on the pill?” I asked.“Yes silly, I love that little game when I am close to my orgasm, I really get lit up thinking about getting knocked up.” She said and rolled off of me leaving a trail of cum and her fluids on my thigh. “Was it good for you,” Brandy asked. “I mean it has been so long for you that I hope I got you to the top of that mountain like no one else has.”“It was great Brandy, I know we are not supposed to talk about your ex or my wife, but I need to tell you that you are the second woman in my life that I have had sex with. I married my first love, never dated anyone else nor did I have sex with anyone else. And you just went to the top of my list as the best fuck I have ever had.”We had not kissed, I didn’t remember any ground rules about it so I rolled onto my side facing her and touched her lips with mine, just a brush past, then returned with a full lip and tongue kiss. She responded, inhaling through her nose as I caught her off guard. Her tongue darted across mine and I thought she was going to stick it clear down my throat.She pulled back, our lips wet with our lust, my cock started to come to life again, and she felt it against her thigh. “I need the bathroom,” Brandy said, “Wait for me here?” she asked and moved off the bed and walked towards the hall door. Her ass swayed seductively and my cock responded, I wanted another round with her and I was not too old to get it up again.Lying on her bed, cum drying on my crotch, I had a momentary regret, I had cheated on my wife, this was a first time ever. But then it seemed right, just because she had given up on sex didn’t mean I had to. My mind filled with thoughts of each side of the argument and I must have dozed a second as the next thing I knew was that my cock was wet and in a warm place.Brandy had returned smelling fresh and seductive and her mouth was on my cock, she pulled off and smiled, “you looked so peaceful I wanted to help you relax, but now that you seem to have recovered I would like to give you your first blow job in a special way.”Brandy had me get on all fours facing the headboard with my legs apart. She pushed a towel under my body as she laid on her back and scooted under me and began milking my cock drawing it to her mouth. “Now relax your knees so you can enter my mouth and you can thrust a little, but not too deep I don’t want to choke,” she said and guided my cock into her mouth.She moved her hands to my ass and ran them around as I humped gently into her mouth. It was like fucking her face and her hands added to the pleasure of this position. As I was starting to get into a rhythm I felt her fingers between my cheeks and her finger probed my ass hole. I hesitated then continued my humping and her finger slid inside my ass.I found it erotic, forbidden, and pleasurable all at the same time. Brandy pulled my cock to the side, “are you okay with this,” she said as she wiggled her finger inside my ass.“Yes,” I managed to say as she sucked my cock back into her mouth and began humping again. In a moment her other hand joined her other but it felt different, her fingers we wet and slick and one of her fingers slid into my ass, I felt a knuckle, then another, and then her fist was pressing against my cheeks. She had penetrated me to the full length of her finger and I loved it.Brandy quickly moved out from under me and knelt behind me and I felt her finger slide into me again, then another joined it. I felt a pinch, not pain, but a pinch from being probed. Then I felt her fingertip hit my prostate and my cock jerked, it was almost like an orgasm, but it was a single jerk. “Feel that?” she asked, “I love milking a prostate. Can you see your cock between your legs?” she asked.“Yes,” said as she was probing my ass with her finger.“Keep your eye on your cock, this is so amazing,” she said as she shoved her finger tip against my prostate again and a long stream of liquid flooded out of my cock. It didn’t look like my usual cum, but the feeling was so much like an orgasm that I was amazed. The moment she released the pressure the sensation stopped. “I have an idea, stay still, don’t move.” I felt her leave the bed and return, almost at a dead run.“I think you are going to love this,” she said as I felt pressure on my ass again. It wasn’t her finger, it was soft yet firm and I could tell she had lubed whatever it was and she pushed again and the pressure seemed greater than when she began fingering my ass. Her other hand moved to my cock, it was slick with lube and it was almost like fucking her, warm, soft, and so slick. Then she pushed, whatever it was slipped past my sphincter and my ass closed around it.“Meet Mr. Big,” Brandy said and I her a snap and the dildo was vibrating in my ass as she pushed it in and began fucking me with it. She probed and pushed until she hit my prostate and when she felt my cock jerk in her hand she held the dildo against it and my cock began jerking and I could feel my cum squirting out into her hand. I stared at my cock, a steady stream of liquid flowed onto her hand and then on the towel below.I generally have 4 or 5 spurts of cum in an orgasm, I lost count, my cock just kept jerking and I fell forward pinning Brandy’s hand under my squirting cock. The dildo was still firmly lodged in my ass and I felt Brandy pull it back and she began fucking my ass with a rapid in and out. “Oh fuck,” I groaned, “you are driving me insane,” and my cock jerked again like I had not just pumped a pint of cum into her hand.Brandy pulled the dildo out of my ass with a pop, she had me roll over and showed me what had been in my ass. It was a 10 inch fully detailed cock with a huge set of balls. Brandy wiped it with a wash cloth and then brought the tip of the cock to the cummy tip of mine and turned it on again. My cock responded with another two spurts of cum, now as thin as water, but pumped straight up my chest hitting me on the chin.“Wow,” Brandy said as she switched it off and sucked the tip clean, “I have never seen anything like that,” and she dropped to suck my cock clean. I was exhausted, she had brought me to multiple orgasms with a fake cock in my ass, never in my wildest imagination did I suspect this hot little nymph would bring me to such a mind blowing cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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