3 Months Pt. 01

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As I write this story I want you to remember it was my first BDSM relationship. We were trying to build into a D/s dynamic but it never actually went to that full commitment. This story will have several parts but will span over a 3 month period. It is crazy how many details are foggy but I will try to write as accurately as possible but there will be some fabrication.

First message to First Meet

I try to remain as private as possible in my local community. My career will not think too kindly if my private life becomes public but I need to find more like minded people that are close to me. I log into my Fetlife account and go to the local kinkster group that I’m a member of. I make a simple post.

Sprcurious: “I’m posting here just to see if there is more than just me here.”

Within minutes I get a comment.

Gent69: I’m here but the local community is pretty quiet.

Sprcurious: Well we need to change that. I know that we have a real community that needs to get together.

Gent69: I agree. Maybe a meal or something just a meet or greet.

Sprcurious: Let’s see the interest on this post and go from there.

After that I go to his profile to check out what his online presence is. I am not looking to date him but I am curious about who he is. There are just a few simple sentences of what he is looking for but they are honest and not cringey. He has several pictures of his very erect cock and a few posing in the sexiest male underwear I have ever seen.

As I am checking out his profile I start getting notifications that he is checking out mine. He is liking my photos and commenting on my writings. By his comments I am getting more and more curious about this man. Who is he? What is he wanting? Do I want to reach out or just leave it here? I am not looking to start anything right now. My heart is still mending from my previous relationship. How fair would it be to start something new when I’m not over the old?

However, he made the decision for me. After he read all my writings and liked several of my photos I get a message in my inbox. The first few messages are just discussing the group post. How we could get something started and how productive it would be. Both of us obviously see that this project is not a project we want to take on. Maybe eventually. The conversation about ourselves starts slow. Innocent. Platonic. However, the longer we talk the more we realize we are looking for the same kind of relationship. uşak escort Our styles match. Our kinks are similar. Our outlook on communication and honesty mirror.

After several hours of chatting I am awe struck but not in a love bombing kind of way but in a calm deep breathing way. I get brave and ask “I never ask this this soon but can you meet today?”

“I am actually off today. I think I can meet today. Where? When?” He responds

“I’m heading into town in about an hour. We can go to the lake and just take a walk and continue to talk.” I answer quickly

I know that this location will offer some quiet intimacy but is public enough for safety reasons. We set the time. I finally get up and start preparing myself for our first time meet. I can’t believe I’m about to meet a man that I’ve only been talking to for 6 hours. How safe is this? Will he like what he sees? Will this turn out better than the last? I breathe in deep and put all those thoughts out of my head. I slip into my favorite but tightest jeans and a form fitting tshirt. I don’t want to look like I tried too hard but enhance my assets at the same time. I slip my waves up into a messy bun and dab on some mascara.

I am ready within 15 minutes. My low maintenance style usually helps more than it hurts on my appearance. I get in my car and drive for 30 minutes in complete silence. My thoughts are quiet for once and I am surprisingly calm as I drive up to our designated location. He is not there yet which gives me a few more moments to breathe and get control of my thoughts. I do not want to go to fast. I do not want this to be just about sex.

I step out of the car and walk around. The wind is cool but the sun is warm. There is a taste of fall in the air that makes the world seem calm and quiet. There are a few trucks parked with the passengers sitting out in chairs fishing. Several cars pass on the road and each time I hear an engine my stomach flips. After several minutes I lean against my car and look out at the water watching the small waves lap in rhythm with my thoughts.

Finally I hear an engine behind me as the tires crunch into the celeche. I look up and swallow because I know that it is him. There is no turning back. This is the scariest moment of any relationship. The last few seconds before internet fantasy meets in person reality. He pulls up in front of my car and I don’t look. I breathe and wait for him to get out. He steps out of his car and uşak escort bayan looks just as nervous as I feel. He has a calm facial expression but his tight shoulder set says differently. I glance over him and instantly approve of everything I see. His unique facial features, dark smooth skin, very dark hair combed to perfection. He’s muscular but not to the extreme. Gladly he dressed casually also with black warm up pants and a red tshirt. The dark colors look good on him. They make him look like the calm before the storm. It brings out his reserved sternness. He grins at me and shows all his beautiful teeth.

As I am checking him out I see the look of approval as he is doing the same. His eyes linger on my thighs a little longer than a second then moves up to my face. Our eyes make contact as he finally makes it next to me. My stomach flips again but calms as he leans against my car next to me. I can feel his body heat radiating into my arm as they barely touch.

“Do you want to go set at that picnic table over there?” He asks as he motions his head behind us.

“Sure” I breathe out.

He walks behind me as I lead the way.

“You look very good in those jeans by the way.” He says with a laugh in his voice

“Thank you, I wore them specifically for you.” I reply jokingly

“I like the sound of that. Did you really?”

“Well from your activity online you like women that have nice butts and thighs. These jeans accentuate mine.” I reply honestly

“Yes I do. A lot! Please do not stop making decisions like that for me.” He requests sternly

We sit facing each other on opposite sides of the table and continue to talk about ourselves. Asking questions. Responding honestly. We both voice again what are expectations are and agree on the progression of the possible relationship. The conversation is easy and light but has very heavy undertones. We are serious and neither one of us want to play games. I can tell from the answers that he has been hurt and will be as honest as possible to keep that from happening again.

“Will you move over here next to me?” He asks gently but firmly

I don’t speak but I get up and sit on the same side as him but about a foot away. I can feel my heart beat picking up and my breathing accelerate. The nerves I didn’t have earlier are now all over me. I become shy and reserved. I look down at my hands as I try to maintain my composure.

“Move closer. I need to feel you escort uşak next to me.” He orders

I can’t breathe but I do as he says. His hands go on my waist and thigh. He starts petting as the conversation begins again. He is warm and soft. I start petting his arm in the same rhythm as he is moving his fingers on my thigh.

“I can’t believe I’m just now finding you on fet. I’ve looked for months in this area and never saw your profile.” He states

His voice is low and calm. I can hear the thickness from the effects of the touching.

“I know. I’ve never found anyone in this area that I actually wanted to meet.” I replied honestly as my voice catches in my throat. The tips of his fingers massaging into my back.

He pulls me even closer into him. I can feel myself getting wet from the intimacy.

“Ow! Hell I think an ant just bit me. I am allergic.” He breaks the mood

“Oh no! Do you want to move?” I ask

“No, it’s fine. Let’s just move up here.” He stands and moves to the top of the table.

I follow him. I try to get into the same position as before but it can’t be made sitting this way. We get as close as we can and resume the conversation. His hands rubbing up and down my back. My nails gliding over his forearms. I tell him about my husband and my children. We discuss how our relationship could work and how the hurdles may appear. He proclaims how he will not be a secret or less of a priority. I agree. I will make him a priority.

We move onto how the communication has to be open at all times. That the only way this will work is if we talk a lot. Texting. Talking. And visits. Lots of visits.

We are agreeing on everything. Nothing seems off. No alarms are going off. My body and his are completely relaxed. We talk for at least an hour when I know it is time to go.

“I have some errands to run before I head home but I really want to see where this goes. I want to see you again soon.” I proclaim

“Absolutely! When?” He says.

“I don’t know. Maybe Friday.” I respond.

We get up and walk to my car. He leans against my door. I tiptoe up to his mouth, wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss him softly. The softness. The electricity. The instant chemistry.

“I want more of that.” He says into my lips and kisses me more intensely as he wraps his arms around me. The kiss continues for several seconds until I feel my body push into his and his into mine. My brain goes foggy but I know I have to pull away.

“Wow!” I say breathlessly.

“I should have been pushing you into the car.” He says jokingly.

I reach for the handle as he walks away. My head is spinning and I know that this meet was very fruitful. I’m optimistic about the future. I pull off and my phone rings.

It is him.

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