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364 its a cream filled world364 It’s a cream filled worldCherry-duties, an intro to the main story I heard her arrive home, my beloved Sue 5ft 6” of once bubbly blonde. Oh, not the drink on a stick anymore, she had been once, but two k**s and work had her best shape long gone nowadays, that day she slumped herself down in the armchair weary as always after her shift. Normally her duties were ‘poking cream into dog-nuts arses’ as she so neatly put it. That day as usual, I had the kettle on for her, tea the English restorer, silently I presented it to her, and she excepted it gratefully. We hardly needed words, 40 years we`ve been together, and we know one another that well.She didn’t need to tell me that she had just been had once again by that bastard Petrov, he had left his tell-tale hicky on her neck to reinforce his hold on us all, he being the polish foreman, the evil shit knew well that these women desperately need the work, and since the pit closed, we the men are all out of work, those women are desperate, and the women complied just to keep their families together. He called it cherry duty!Oh, we all know, every husband in this small town knew, but could we stop it, could we shite, it takes money to move-away, and where would we go…Petrov had a couch in the store room and if the women wanted to keep their jobs… (And he`s not alone, management knew all about it,) he `lent them out to other of his select group, no doubt at a price… all poles, `Slav’s and Rumanians that have jobs here. One or two are, well shall we say ‘hard’ on the unlucky lady of the day on that couch, and that day by the look of my Sue she had had one of those days.That day I had cooked a small casserole, for us both, simple and cheap, the smell had me as it had all that morning. I knew the k**s would not be home for dinner, they having had school meals, a state supplement. I felt like shit as usual, a skilled man underground, till the mine flooded, and closed, overnight I was now just another dole blunger, out of work, and unskilled on the surface. Not that there`s any bloody jobs, in this town the jobs had gone to incomers, while we slaved away underground… now they ain`t going to shift are they, not that I blame them for that, they filled a hole and now…were stuck with them. It’s the misuse of their power that got us, I say us I`m not the only hubby who seethed at the injustice, but there is little could be done. Big Larry complained, 6ft 5 Larry was built like a brick shithouse, afraid of no-one, he found out what had happened to his pretty wife, Hazel, and not just once, so he complained to the management, little good it did him, he ended up hanging himself, once she lost her job…life was hard here.So, we put up and shut up, we men all knew, it was one of those open secrets, but none of us spoke of it, it was just, well…there…a sad fact of life we didn’t discuss!I could see in her eyes that day was hit had been her turn on that couch, there being no doughnut cream on her apron, it happened about once a fortnight, a different woman each day, on the wall chart of jobs, it was put up each week by that git Petrov, she told me it was listed as `Cherry duty’ they all knew what that meant, they don’t need it spelling out, not that there`s any women with a cherry left, not in that Bakery.I could see that day in Sue`s eyes it had been a hard shift, as tearfully she quietly told me that, “today, as always, on’ Cherry Duty’, she had not touched a single cake or component, just spent her time on her back, servicing fork lift men and warehouse men, bosses and the drivers who collected the finished items and whoever else Petrov felt like sending down… eight lovers she had had that day… eight! That’s, one an hour for the whole shift, she said she had been more than happy to clock off, when she was silently relieved by Katherine, from Nile street. She had stood and tiredly tottered to the bathroom to freshen up before we ate. We both knew that the law of averages said, that sooner or later her luck would run out, and like little Mary, from the end of our row of houses, she would become pregnant, or like her friend Tina West, from just sheer shame, throw herself under a train or overdoseWe both knew we needed to get right away from here, live in a tent if need be, but get right away., we were that desperate.It was on the following Thursday that our luck changed, and for the better! We were coming back from seeing the head of our daughters school, when Sue picked up a pound coin in the roadway. We are pretty hard up soul`s but it seemed provident so as we normally collect a few sweets for the k**s on a Thursday, we spent the pound on a lottery ticket for a goodly charity while we were in the newsagents, on the basis of easy come easy go and we may of course win.There was one of those rollover things on, and the following Monday, just as Sue was off to do her shift, a knock came at the door and a woman in a bright pink boiler suit accompanied by a film camera man appeared, “could we show her the lottery ticket please…” Could we…. it was snatched from behind the clock and presented too her in a flash, she announced we had won. us… tears fell, we couldn’t belive it. Needless to say, she didn’t do her shift… The money took us by storm, £30 million But other than having a party for the folk we knew in the local pub and eating ourselves sick while we stayed in a posh hotel in the nearest city, we didn’t know what first to do. It was Sue though, that came up with the idea of buying up the factory, and via a solicitor we knew in the city, she slowly and surely, quietly bought up shares in the company till she had a controlling interest.Now me I don’t have a clue, about things like that, give me a coal cutter and I can tell you the way to go, but stocks and shares…well forget it!Anyway, it took a month or so, by then we had moved to a nice detached bungalow outside town and were settling in nicely, when our lawyer friend told Sue she, well we, had bought 83% of the shares in the Bakery and he was attending a board meeting on the following Monday, as her representative, but did we wish to come along the management being still oblivious to who the mystery buyer was. DID WE!We arrived at the plant on that Monday, me never having learnt to drive, we were driven by one of our friends, big Baz, and escorted by his three brothers, it was as well, as the gatekeeper another pole, un-luckily on his own, who was not inclined to let us in, however Baz being Baz was known by the man and rather than have a confrontation with this man mountain, or his brothers, he sensibly lifted the barrier. Sue knew her way to the board room, sweeping past the pretty and protesting Romanian receptionist, with a curt, “if you want to keep your job shut your yapp!”It must have been some sort of password as she sat down and left us to canlı bahis it! We entered the boardroom where two smug cigar smoking, Lithuanian ex-factory owners and the four-heads of department Petrov being one, who sat at the far end of the table, our legal chap who was explaining the new share-holding to them. At that time of course they still hadn’t cottoned to the fact they were ex-owner`s so our arrival rather took them by shock. Having outlined the situation and had the windows opened and the cigars put out big Baz offered to make the owners follow them out if they didn’t pay attention, so ashen faced, the owners soon for some reason, offered to sell me the other shares, talk about two owners coming to terms with the fact they no longer were in charge… The heads of departments quickly deciding where their bread was buttered, or doughnuts filled! Each brother overseeing the day to day work of a manager each.Petrov was given his cards on the spot by me and assisted to the gate having cleared his desk. I quickly took over overseeing the internal transport and all departmental jobs once run by the dear departed Petrov just about within my limited scope. but I had the pleasure of using the tannoy, to tell the workers that we had taken over and that Cherry Duties would be no more, the noise of cheering was tremendous.The upshot was a clean out of some parts of the factory, not by race, that would not be Pc, or legal but let`s say the Petrov`s of this world soon left, the company changed its name to Colliers Bakery, and after some changes, we settled as a happy community once more. Us, Sue and I hailed as saviours of the town.However, it was a little strange, we had moved from workers to owners, and that’s a big hike. My son was 15 at the time and the daughter 16, so for the next few years we settled down to the task, and as soon as my k**s each hit 18 they started work, learning their way in the selected departments of their choice learning the business from the bottom, my daughter taking a place after a year or two as finance clerk, later as management, and my son on his 20th birthday to a junior management position, and it`s his story he will tell in part 2, I will say though I had had some of the women tease him mercilessly, and I had set him up with a secretary I knew would not only take his cherry, she would give him lessons that Sue and myself would find way out of our league, even with Sues Cherry Duty, experiences! I hope you enjoy it all.The driveJenny, Moira and I met at the pub, I had had my eye on her at work for a while, but already having my secretary, Moira on my arm I had felt it prudent not to muddy the waters, however at the office a day or two before I must have paused my eye on pretty little Jenny Just a fraction too long when she brought the report to my desk, as when she left Moira commented, “ she has a nice little arse, has she not?” now I must admit I mumbled my reply, a little red at being caught out, so she grinned at me and said, “Look, your male, and allowed to look, that’s why god made women attractive… do you fancy her then?” With a dick like a tent pole I could hardly deny it, and she came and knelt beside my chair kissing me as she went down on her knees and placing her hand on my trouser front. I had to say, “Not now Moira, the doors not locked,” but she just grinned that impish grin of hers and said, in a low voice, “I have slept with that girl each night for a long, long time now, so I know that body intimately, and we have no secrets belive me…!”Shocked I looked at her askance and she laughed, “Didn’t know I was Bi did you, I`m not really lesbian, but I was brought up to just enjoy whatever was on offer, not to miss opportunities, and to take whatever I can get…!” she went on looking at my open mouthed amazed look, “Have you ever had a threesome?” I shook my head my supercharged dick near busting off fly buttons. “if you want, I can arrange it, if you pay for a good hotel somewhere for the weekend!” To say I was amazed, was an understatement… ten minutes ago I was a 20year old, very junior manager in my father`s firm, who now had a drink on a stick secretary (that my old man had picked for me,) and who had only lost his cherry to this lovely creature a week ago! I had only had the job a fortnight, before that and I had worked in every corner of his damned bakery doing what dad called “work experience!” and what an experience it had been, over the last two years, I had been m*****ed by just about every female cream bun maker in the place, and belive me some of them were randy bitches at best, my dad must have set me up and bribed them I suspect, though I was at least bright enough not to complain. However, I did resist their advances, mostly as I was suspicious and frightened of hubby`s! that went on until I was promoted and had Moira as my secretary, and who could resist black haired Moira, dark flashing eyes, a body to die for, long shapely legs, and as randy as all get out… no, I was not many days falling for the woman`s charms I must say.It had been my birthday and dad had presented me with the job, a car and an office to work from, complete with a secretary, desk and filing cabinets! It said on the door personnel manager, which was a joke, as the staff had not changed in an age, my old dad being a good boss paid well, and in this one horse town being nearly the only factory made recruiting easy, especially since the colliery closed, an unemployment became the norm, most of the staff are women, though we have a number of drivers, warehouse operatives and fork-lifters that are men, in fact mum used to work here till they won on a lottery and bought the place. We used to have a load of incomers at one time, but most of the staff now are locals.Anyway, enough background, Moira had asked if I wanted a threesome with her and the pretty Jenny, who I had only seen delivering paperwork…too bloody right I did, so being a little prudent I asked if she would not be put out sharing me with her lady-friend… her reply of; “not at all we shall have you too”, and “you need to broaden your horizons anyway!” …had me rapidly reaching for a phone to book a hotel! The hotel I chose was called the drive, it had a lake and some sort of big old golf course behind it, a swim pool, and a reputation for discression.I had booked a two-room suite for the whole weekend overlooking the lake, supposedly to get away from it all and relax, however I came back tired and more exhausted than I went, but wow, I wouldn’t have missed it.Our adventure started at the pub in town here ‘the pit bottom arms,’ known to all as ‘the pits,’ a name it lived up to well. The car, my car was sitting outside, and I with a pint in hand sat in the smoker, waiting for the arrival of my secretary…and hopefully her mate little Jenny…though in my heart of hearts I didn’t dare bahis siteleri hope they both would arrive believing it was just a fantasy of Moira`s, so you can understand my amazement when they both arrived complete with overnight bags. I saw them arrive and get out of the taxi so I paid for their drinks and leaving them to order and collect, the drinks, I discretely went out and loaded the bags in the car boot, returning to them, now sat with G&T`s at my table in the tiny lounge, the barman, known to one and all as `desperate Dan’, (though his real name was Sebastian…) leering at these two particularly good -looking women, my two women, for this weekend, as would be expected by a perve like him!Thinking of drink driving and not wishing to spoil this weekend I finished my one pint and together we set off, both women blowing Dan kisses as we went, both very aware of his interest. Till now the two ladies had said little, other than a muted hallo, outside, and thanks as the drinks arrived, so I was a little wary of the combo of the two women together. We got in the motor, Jenny in the back, and set off for the hotel some 20 miles distant. Starting that engine was like switching them on, as we swung out of the entrance of the pub car-park, I felt Moira`s hand fall on my leg quickly locating my stiff dick and shaking it saying “Hi, I`m Moira I think Jenny and I will soon be your friend!” it set the tone for the trip.Jenny until then had said nothing, so I coaxed her to talk, ignoring Moira`s hand as best I could, a Dolly Parton blonde lookalike, she smiled and asked what to call me this weekend, till then she having only addressing me at work as ‘sir.’ I said she “was not to be formal outside the factory gates, and to call me Mick, or Micky as her friend here did!”Her answer had me floored, “friend…oh you mean Moira my sister!” I did a double take and we near left the road…Sisters…they looked about as alike as a giraffe and a pony! Moira`s laugh said she understood and yes it was her sister, but they had had different fathers! On our route we passed along a particularly pretty ridge of hills known as “the devils kneading trough” overlooking a wide valley and littered with small lay-byes for folk to see the scenery, at Moira`s insistence we pulled in one, most were deserted and there was little traffic, sight-seers having gone home and shagger`s not having left the pubs yet! they both got out, as did I and Moira, in the figure hugging yellow dress, grinning at me began rolling the dress up her long shapely stockinged legs until first those stocking tops came into view, then the black lacy panties, dam I was stiff again,. She rolled down the panties stepping daintily from them then in full view of any passing motorists, not that their where any luckily for my blushes, she squatted and began to urinate. My eyes never left the outlet, it was one of the most erotic things in my young life I had seen, and without a single touch my tool began spewing fourth seed in a massive gout.I had on white slacks, and an instant damp patch appeared on the front to the intense pleasure of my companions that thought it hilarious! I though felt embarrassed and wondered how I should cover it at the hotel!Jenny, remarked “are you always as hair triggered as that?” I of course denied it saying I was just wound up having two such lovely creatures with me…” she looked sceptical… and said to Moira “smooth talking bastard isn`t he!”By this time Moira`s stream had stopped and drying herself on the panties but not replacing them, she stood and smoothed down the dress, apart from the wet spot on the gravel and my trousers, there was nothing now to say the incident had taken place.We had however seen enough of the scenery, and we returned to the car Jenny getting into the front seat this time, leaving her sister the rear, saying “my turn to see the way!”She lifted her skirt of the thin red dress, exposing her white underclothes then carefully rolled it back so the skirt was bunched round her waist and she was sitting on the seat her legs to her hips exposed.She fitted her seat belt, then as I drove away, she said, “Now Micky, my sister tells me she took your virginity last week, well this weekend we are both going to drain your balls, and if you think watching my sister piss was erotic, just wait till we get started, do you think your man enough for us both?” It was a challenge and one I readily excepted, however in my mind I had doubts if Tarzan, or Ron Gregory would keep up with these two, but boy I would die trying!She began gently rubbing her pantie front, slowly erotically, and I found it hard to concentrate on my driving, I glanced in the interior mirror to see my secretary with her fingers in the same sort of position but without her panties, sat squarely in the centre of the rear seat, I was in heaven, the car reeking of stimulated sex. My tool straining against the damp trousers. We pulled, into the hotel car park as the light began to fall, parking at the far end of the park, and unloaded the four suitcases, each carrying their own, the girls leaving me to fetch the extra one, which they had brought with them. I kept one of the cases, as it happened the mysterious forth case, in my hand masking my damp patch from the pretty receptionist as we booked in. Me refusing to relinquish it to the bell boy as if it contained the crown jewels, which had the two women chuckling but saved my blushes… a little!We were soon shown into the twin adjoining rooms, on the third floor both doubles both with on-suite bathrooms both overlooking the lake. Jenny testing the bed immediately, Moira tipping the bell boy and kissing him passionately, which I`m sure brightened his day considerably, as blushing and no doubt thinking me a lucky git, he left.We were booked in for dinner, so as a priority we changed, me in one room the women in the other, I changed into my dining gear, complete with bow tie, the ladies appeared stunningly attired, the blonde Jenny in a sleek black dress matching handbag, and heels, looking short but power-packed, with a cleavage to die for, while Moira`s, tall dark frame, was outlined by the most daring maroon creation that screamed no undergarments and looked painted on to her body.It was a proud young man that led them into the dining room, one on each arm, and with every male eye on the pair, and I suspect a few of the ladies too, seated them with a flourish like 007! They proved to be charming ladylike companions, who knew how to behave perfectly in public and not a word or deed out of place.The lovely meal over we swept out, and into the lift, by now time was passing, and I was like a stag desperate to mate… (as you randy lot can imagine I`m sure) but the ladies were having none of it, sending me to my room and telling me they would be along in a moment as they wanted to change…oh bahis şirketleri and for me to get changed myself into PJ`s, then like my old mum she added.. ”and hang the suit up go to the toilet and clean your teeth if you want to sleep with us!”That was followed by peels of laughter, and I felt like a five-year-old once more but scuttled to do as I was bid.It was another ten minutes or more till they came to my room, Moira dressed as a domitrix a tight black suit, in leather, complete with gloves and a hood, Jenny on a collar and lead, dressed in a simple shift of white silk her hands cuffed behind her. I was instantly hard, though I had no idea what was about to happen.Moira`s fingers snapped, and Jenny came to my bedside leant forward then with her teeth opened my PJ cord and fly, and her breath on my stiff tool was hot and heavy, she whispered that “she was sorry, but she had been ordered to secure me to the bed…” Now in my heightened state if she had said she wanted to remove a nipple I suspect I would have complied, so I nodded. It was to be several hours before I was released, cords coming from that fourth case, along with a lot of other toys the like of which my sheltered upbringing had not seen before!I was soon secure, just my hands tight to the bedhead, Moira having released her slaves hands to allow her to do the necessary, I suspect it was just for show to tell me of their relationship anyway, and she had sat like a queen on a throne to watch her subject abuse one another, gaining some perverse enjoyment from my security. Maybe the control of her boss, or just another male victim who knows but watch Jenny she did, sitting with her hand in her crutch, gently strumming herself through the soft black suit while her slave removed my jacket and tied each wrist securely. The task over Jenny knelt on the bed bum on heels, her arms laying limp, her hand-backs on her thighs, her back straight her eyes on her mistress, awaiting her next command. It soon came, “ball gag then spank it till I say stop!” no please or thank you, just the curt command. I quaked at the thought but knew there was nothing I could do to prevent my most precious bits getting spanked.A ball gag came from the case, which lay on another chair, and the maid positively jumped to her mistresses command, enjoying her task nearly as much as her mistress, a blue ball gag was fast strapped into my mouth and secured behind my head, I was now trussed and near totally silenced …I could see the wall clock it read 11pm as she began very lightly slapping my tool, regularly like a metronome, at first it was erotic taps, but later, at the grunted command of her mistress, the hand struck harder and more persistent. Finally, when she judged me ready, she was told to “go for it!” and those last few slaps till I came a bucketload, were bruising and hard to take.My tormenter instantly stopped, to my relief, and at a nod from her mistress using her tongue she hoovered up the spillage in a way that said she loved the stuff and had done that trick before. By now my tool had gone limp and felt bruised.! was amazed to see it only read 11.25 on that clock.The two girls now treated me as an onlooker, pushing my lower limbs to one side, and making love as only two lesbians can. It was erotic, to watch my bruised and battered tool slowly stiffening once more as Jenny removed Moira`s trousers to reveal that most glorious of cunts, crowned by a mat of black hairiness.In turn Jenny allowed her lover to remove her silky shift. It was of course the first time I had seen it uncovered, and it was everything I dreamed of. Her short compact frame sported a bubble but, to die for, but when she turned to face me, I was blown away. Her tits were big for her frame, but with no slack at all, round tight skinned and mounting a pair of suck me nipples with easily two-inch diameter areolas, her belly was tight, and her mons bald as a baby`s arse… the slot of life smooth and neat, and legs that were short but shapely…. My tool bounced back to life instantly though it felt like it had been through a bloody wringer. For the next hour they cavorted beside my legs and hips on that wretched bed, ignoring me and bringing one another to the boil a number of times, not once intentionally touching my body, and finishing with the use of a big black strappon, attached to the now naked Moira.My tool strained at the leash, and to say I was frustrated would put it mildly…the clock had crept on to 01.30aqm and the girls were tired I could tell as ignoring me, Moira still in the harness, they stretched out one under each arm-pit heads on my pillows and ignoring me they went off to sleep…leaving me with the worse-case of blue balls I have ever endured.During the night Jenny in her sleep, took hold of my balls, gently fondling them, but other than that it was not the erotic night that I had hoped for!Dawn came and I was in desperate need of a pee, using my knee I roused Jenny and told her of my plight, as best I could through the gag, she laughed, the baggage laughed, then called her mistress and asked if she could release me… permission was denied… Moira telling her assistant to “fetch something for him to pee in…” she then went back to sleep! the only thing the little goddess could find was a jardiere, so lifting the plant in its pot from the outer case and fetching the thing to the bedside, I rolled my hips towards her and she took hold of me to aim it. Sadly, her handling stiffened the thing and peeing was near impossible, struggling it took a while to empty, before savouring the taste it seemed, she licked off the drips when I had finished, then taking the now full container and emptying it down the toilet. Moira by this time having taken possession of my vacant space and was now sound asleep once more we were left with me on my side, still secure and poor Jenny with no bed-space at all! so she knelt at my bedside and took my semi hard tool in her lovely mouth, sucking it and my balls alternatively until she was rewarded with as much as my desperate balls could muster.The day was spent in bed, first one then the other woman taking advantage of my good nature, we ate in bed too naked sat round on the mattress the boggle eyed bell hop serving the two semi naked ladies, and enjoying every second, making an excuse to return for the empty plates just to ogle Moira`s tits and who could blame him…Jenny and I were at it like knives at the time, so he had a good look at her backside too, the lad must have been all of 17, so knowing how I and jenny were getting on, Moira told the lad to come back at shift end, this proved to be 5 pm, and at 5.05pm that lad appeared at her door, they shut the adjoining door, and that boy staggered of home tired out at 11, hardly able to walk, god alone knows what went on but when we booked out next day he was still smiling.I had some sympathy, as I too could hardly raise my head never mind a stand, and I was glad to reach home. I slept like a man having walked non-stop across the Sahara when I got home to the intense enjoyment of my dad.

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