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A BBC MILESTONEive never been a big fan of the first time stories , im very much the type that seeks reading pleasure if its teetering orfully submerged in the more advanced side of crossdressing sex..im not really that interested in how it was for me 25 years ago when i first sucked a guys cock whilst wearing stolen nylons and panties..im interested in reading about what desires and milestones an experienced crossdresser has accumulated over a similar length of time..its the extreme that quenches my regular needs nowadays.. so when i decided to write down my story about my ‘first time’ last week i also felt deflated a little as its probably going to be seen by others similar to my levels of experience and demands as just another ‘gotta tell the world about my first time’ piece of literary shite.but i rest assured knowing myself that even though it has the basis of a first time event , it also tells the story of an event that took place fuelled with my many years of sexual experience , allowing it to a be hell of a lot more than just a novice discovering cock..it was the first time i got fully put to the test by a big black cock..it had been a very fruitless couple of days , id been at home , high on certain chems that make me feel like a whore ,i was dress like one too , wearing a tight black top, a short pleated school girl tartan skirt , black knee high stockings , and a pair of black high heels that were designed for being fucked in rather than walked in ..id been unlucky online and was increasingly desperate to find a suitable hook up , i was able to play host or willing to accept an invitation to go to wherever it was on offer..either way i was making it very easy for an interested party to get into my knickers by the end of the second day of searching..as usual id been let down by the usual fantasists or picture hunters online güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri , the ones that ask for more pics ‘to entice them’ but more often than not end up going silent once theyve wanked off their horny vibe ,of course i like knowing it was my pics that got them hard and that they were the visual aid to making them cum, but id like it a whole lot more if it were my slutty body doing the same thing in realtime in the same room..i also know that 90% of these wankers will immediately hate themselves once theyve cum for wanking off to pics of an xdressed man, and will go back to their wives or girlfriends feeling just that little bit more sad with themselves than before.its the other 10% that usually message me again a few days later that often cave in and bite the bullet by arranging to actually meet..and 9 of that 10% just dont turn up .so im basically 2 days into a search for that 1% guy who i want to come give me 110% effort in the ass fucking department..evidently it wasnt looking good..i had a couple of hours until my ‘im fuckable’ window was due to close when a received a message from an unlikely sender..he was a fair bit younger , fully gay , and didnt state a liking for tv/cd on his profile..hed never shown up my searches because of this so i was convinced hed message the wrong person when he suggested that he wanted a decent place to put his cock asap..i replied asking if he knew i was an xdresser and that i realise that a fully gay orientated guy is very rarely interested in such a guy..he quickly replied back saying yes he was aware of that and it wasnt an issue..as long as i was skilled in taking cock then it didnt matter what i was wearing..without any pics whatsoever on his profile i then asked for a cock pic along with a ‘well if youre well equipped to fuck then so am i’ message.immediately güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he sent me a couple of pics that automatically made my legs widen as i sat at the table..2 perfectly taken shots of a 9 inch black cock , cut , and just sticking out like a diving board..thats your cock ? i asked..yeah , you like it ? he said..er , fuck in hell ..yes i do.. i retorted quicklygood , then its yours if you want it..youll need to be able to accommodate though..he saidi’d happily let you fuck that cock into me in front of my unknowing housemate if push came to shove, fortunately im home alone for the next 2 hours at least so revealing my filthy secrets to anybody wont be a necessity.. i joked in response..i quickly followed up with my address and the usual tiny details that are needed to be conveyed on anonymous meets..i told him i will be wearing a hood throughout and would love to have him wearing the same and that id be leaving a spare just inside the front door, which would be found unlocked..his reply was nothing short of perfect..it was as if i had written it myself..’i love wearing hoods for sex , i get off on not knowing anything about you other than your sexual desires and this makes the sex so much more explorable..im not publicly proud enough of my heavy and often frowned upon lust for kinky ass fucking sub sluts to allow my face to be linked to such activities, so wearing hoods completely takes care of that and the dirty sex prevails unhindered..it simply becomes 2 anonymous well matched bodies being controlled by hidden minds..i am so gonna go to town on your ass tonight..im leaving now, ill be there in 15 mins’if i had a real pussy it would have involuntarily gushed right there and then.i replied promptly..”im so fucking ready its scarey’ …i had 15 mins to get everything güvenilir bahis şirketleri ready when it dawned on me.. this had the potential to be a perfect meeting , surely i can allow it to just flow as it comes ? the usual preparations i make such as having the right porn playing on the big tv , have the right lighting in the room , make sure my restraint kit is easily seen , having a video camera set up at the perfect angles etc all seemed a waste of time..id usually go through this procedure purely to compensate for the likelihood of a shit meeting..this time i decided that i was gonna keep it simple..no porn on the tvjust a bedside lamp lowly lighting the roomno bondage gear on showno preset video camerajust me , dressed as a whore on my bed ass up and hooded face down..after 10 mins i get a message saying he was a few mins away and asked if i had any weed on the go..i said unfortunately i didnt but had poppers and also some chems powder if he was that way inclined..to this he replied, cool , ive got plenty of weed with me, please have a big chunky line chopped ready for me ..its gonna be better than we thought..oh and ive just necked a viagra too..consider it done..i replied..id literally railed up a couple of traintracks when i heard the downstairs door being pushed open and footsteps coming up the communal stairs..and as predicted it was the sound of my own front door being opened , closed , locked and chained..i left the rails on the table and hopped on the bed ,pulled on my hood before arranged myself into the ‘im such an anally addicted to cock bitch’ position ive become everso comfortable being in..and waited..his footsteps came down the hallway and stopped at my slightly open bedroom door..out of pure manners he lightly tapped the door with his fingernails, to which i softly said hello to..i then heard the door squeak slightly as he pushed it open…all he said was..’oh yeah ..i like that ass’and the door was closed quickly, followed by the sound of a belt unbuckling, a fly unzipping , and clothing dropping to the floor..i couldnt help but let out a genuine moan of pure ecstasy as he undressed behind me…to be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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