A day at the beach

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A day at the beachI went to lake a couple of days ago wearing one of my black panty underneath my shorts,when it didn’t look like anyone was watching I took off my shorts revealing my panty. I got up without thinking anyone was looking and walked into the lake. Finally I had the nerve to wear what looked like speedo’s but was really a panty into the lake,Oh it felt so good as I was in the water and.after a few minutes and I was facing the beach,I noticed everyone was doing their own thing and felt very confident about coming out of the lake,I felt the panty ever so tight on me and you really could see the image of my cock and balls. I just continued to walk out of the lake and back to the grass next to the sandy part of the beach. I unrolled my towel as water was dripping down my legs. I thought nothing I was doing was wrong as I saw a guy wearing his underwear a few weeks ago where he went into the lake as well. I sat down on the towel and let the water drip off me. I looked around and a few were looking my way,but that was expected. I decided to lay down completely on the towel where I was starting to show a small bulge. After a few minutes I heard bursa escort some people walk up behind me,it sounded like more than a couple people so I opened my eye’s to see a small gang of guys and girls. They all looked like college friends. I was a little worried now as there was an audience next to me while I wore my panty. I looked over several times and they were playing some game together. I continued to look at them and a few of them were starting to take off their shorts and tops. Right next to me were some pretty hot bod’s in bikini’s. I was wearing my sunglasses and was hoping they couldn’t see my eye’s as I was really looking them over,One guy took his shorts off to reveal he was wearing a speedo,it was white with a green and red stripe on the side. He too threw down his towel and laid out into the sun,not sure but my eyes were glued to his swimsuit as I really wanted a speed now. They looked good and were legal to wear to the lake. When he turned over and laid on his stomach,my eyes still looking at him only saw some very round and in-shape buns. I thought to myself I need to work out.My panty started to grow a bit while I was looking bursa escort bayan at his white speedo buns,I thought,this guy really looked good as I was this old guy in a panty that needed some exercise to even look somewhat OK. He flipped over again laying on his back and his bulge was bigger than mine by far and I just stared at him,sometimes looking at the women in their suits. After a few minutes they all got up and went into the lake,and I followed them. They were starting to play some games bobbing in the lake as I basically just stood there. I turned around and it was like everyone was looking out toward the lake which made be a little embarrassed to walk back to the shore,but I did and went back to my towel,this time drying myself off,rubbing the towel up and down my legs and onto my panty. I laid the towel down,sat on it and looked out at the group,as they started to come out of the lake,I again had focused my eyes on that guy in the white suit,as he was getting toward the beach,OMG. his suit was somewhat transparent and I could see the shape of his cock and balls like he was wearing nothing,I want a suit like this I was thinking but escort bursa don’t really know the brand,and was not going to ask him. He walked up to his towel and like slow motion,I watched him dry himself off,as he rubbed his swimsuit and I could see his cock bouncing in his suit and I then looked up and he was looking at me,even though I had my sunglasses on,he knew I was looking at him– he walked over to me and said Hey,I said Hi what’s going on? He said it looks like we are the only ones wearing speedo’s today,I said yeah and wanted to tell him my truth but didn’t. I finally decided Hell I needed to know so I asked him,What brand is that suit as I find them really nice looking and white is a great color,He told me the brand,and said he didn’t know they were so transparent and I said Yeah,you can see everything,then I thought oh No,He might think this was a come-on. He said,everyone tells him that and that’s why he wore them today for the other’s in his group. That was it for the small talk and he went back to the groups towels,as he turned around I couldn’t help but stare at his butt as you could basically see his skin.Oh Man,its time to get up and put my shorts back on,which I did and left the beach and walked back to my car. After I got in my car I took off my shorts to drive home and my panty was still wet,this time from my excitement looking at his swimsuit.

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