A First time for everything

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A First time for everythingIt was during the summer of my freshman year. I was on academic probation and was required to retake some classes over the summer term. My girlfriend of just a few months had gone home and had broken up with me over the phone telling me she was going back with her old boyfriend. I was living just off campus in a small one bedroom apartment, that my now ex- girlfriend helped me find. All my friends had gone home and I was feeling a bit lost. It was the weekend just before my classes were about to begin, I was jerking off to all kinds of porn I could find online. What really stimulated me was watching gay porn… especially barebacking. I’d use my twelve inch dildo and stuff it up inside my ass as I jerked off imagining it was real. It always made me ejaculate harder as I shot my cum out up into the air as the dildo was pushed out of my tight hole. I had gotten addicted to staying up all hours of the night into the day time jerking off, chatting with anyone willing to go cam to cam. It was fun but I wanted the real thing…..but I was scared of the unknown… I had never been with another guy and had already figured I wasn’t going to be any good at it and what if I chickened out… I’d get the crap beat out of me probably. It was like my 5’10” slim framed 116lbs was going to be able to defend myself. The best advice I had gotten from some random guy online was “stop thinking about it and just do it!” Strangely, this stuck in my head and I decided it was time to follow through. I got online and joined a m4m chatroom on Yahoo, which I frequently visited to go cam to cam with. I typed “19yrs, bottom seeking local top for first experience”. The responses flooded in. Guys were asking to go cam to cam. At first, I thought this was going to be easy ….but I was sadly mistaken. Most guys just wanted to view me naked, or were not located near me, and a good majority lied about who they were. It took several hours to sift through the garbage before I found Aaron. Aaron lived in a small town just seven miles from where I was. He was 6’1″, weighed 255lbs, he had a nice hairy chest and a good size belly. He was 34 years old but didn’t look it to me. What I found appealing was that he didn’t push me for nude konak escort pics or wanting to see my cam right away. He wanted to chat, I told him about my curiosity and my fear of not being any good and possibly chickening out of it. Aaron informed me about what I might experience with a first time and what I should do to prepare myself. He didn’t want to to sugar coat anything and told me the first few times are going to be painful. We talked about masturbating and our sexual history before going cam to cam. I felt comfortable and nervous excitement when I invited Aaron to view my cam. I showed off my body and Aaron was very complimentary…which excited me. He liked my pasty white body, my skinny legs, my cute little ass and even told me I was above average in looks. So it shocked me when I first viewed Aaron…he was black! My only hang up was that his cock looked enormous and I wasn’t sure something that big would fit in my small hole. He reassured me that the ass hole is very good at expansion and that he had done this before with other curious boys like me. We chatted for a few hours and agreed that I should come visit him at his apartment. Aaron had told me that it might be best if we just had sex instead of meeting in a public place first. He informed me of a previous time where he did meet in public that the guy changed his mind. I agree with his logic. He also asked that I wear minimum clothing, so as to get things moving. I wore just a t-shirt, some cutoff Jean shorts and flip-flops. Aaron would greet me in the nude. We even planned that I’d follow him into the bedroom immediately after we greeted each other. Aaron instructed me to give myself an enema and use some Vaseline afterwards before coming over. And on last thing, shave off my pubic hair….Aaron liked his bottoms to have a clean look.I went to the store after we finished chatting and bought the enema and Vaseline. I went home, took off my clothes and shaved off all my pubic hair around my cock and the crack of my ass. I inspected my new smooth look and it aroused me. I rubbed lotion over my newly shaven body parts. I laid on the floor and got on my side, I squirted the cool enema solution up inside my ass and held it in for as long konak escort bayan as I could before emptying. Then I stuffed a few globs of Vaseline up inside me. It felt good especially since the enema had left a firey sensation in my ass. I got dressed in my shirt, shorts, and flip-flops and drove to Aaron’s apartment.I pulled into the small eight apartment complex and parked in the gravel lot. I walked down a few steps to Aaron’s door. It was mid-day, there was loads of humidity in the air as I softly knocked on the door. Aaron opened the door. He was fully erect with a cock ring around his cock and balls. I just stared at it. He laughed and said I could touch it. I reached down with both hands and felt the throbbing heat from it. Aaron walked backwards as I just held onto his gigantic meat stick. He told me to undress. I kicked off my flip-flops and unbuttoned my Jean shorts …they fell down around my ankles and removed my shirt. We moved through his dirty living room and kitchen into the small bedroom. He had a queen-size mattress that barely fit in the room. Aaron had me climb up on the bed and get on all fours facing the outside window. It was very hot in his apartment and there was just a small fan running from the top of a dresser. Aaron put his hands on my mind end and spread me open. Then he did something I hadn’t expected….he stuffed his face into my ass and began to lick my hole. The sensation electrified me. I jumped and giggled as his lapped his big tongue into my hole. It felt wonderful and I didn’t know how to contain my joy as I jumped around. Aaron stuffed fingers into me and I felt a strange feeling of something coming up my throat. He worked me over quickly and furiously. I could feel his excitement and it made me more excited too.He stopped and I looked back and watched him rub lube over his large rod. I swallowed hard just thinking of what was going to happen. Aaron got up behind me and pushed me down flat on the bed. My legs stiffened and I clenched my ass. He slapped my tiny ass cheeks with his hand. I jumped as fear crept in. I looked back as I saw Aaron’s hungrily staring down as my ass. “You have such a cute ass!” He pulled my legs apart. I resisted a little but escort konak he easily overpowered me. He rubbed his log up and down the crack of my trembling ass. His large body pressed down on me. I found it stifling hard to breath. He reached over and poured lube over my ass and rubbed it in. I was excited but my nerves were getting the best of me….I panicked. “I’m not sure about this”, I said shakingly. I couldn’t look at him. Aaron paused for a few seconds. Then he pressed down on my lower back. I saw in the mirror as he grabbed his cock and forced his tip into me. I felt it and clinched as hard as I could and resisted. I couldn’t help but watch the determined looked in his face as he flooded into me. I’m unsure if it was in my head or there actually was a popping sound as he rammed inside of me. I let out a horrific scream. I remember my legs flailing as I tried to buck this large man off of me. Aaron collapsed on top of me whispering and pleading for me to quiet down. He put a sweaty hand over my mouth which made nearly impossible for me to breath. He reassured me that the worst was over and I was doing great as he slowly trodded deeper inside my ass. I did settle down a little and remember how sweaty our two bodies were. I recall the smell of Aaron’s sweat as it dripped on me. The pumping action quickened and before long it was on full speed. ITook in short breaths whenever possible. Still, I struggled to keep awake from the almost numb like feeling. I couldn’t feel my legs and the hollowing out sensation in my ass was hard to describe. I leaned with my head looking at the mirror and watched as Aaron plunged into me over and over. It almost felt like I was watching someone else fucking. I got aroused. Aaron’s drilling had reached climax and with a manly grunt…he unloaded into me. He jerked his body down into me a few times then collapsed on top of me. His large body enveloped me. I could feel his heart beating fast and the immense heat radiating from him. Once his heartbeat settled down he slowly removed his meat stick from my newly formed hole. Aaron held me open and admired his work. I buried my face down on the bed and let the tears I’d been holding back into it. I screamed out as sunami size wave of pain swept over me. I still could move my legs and feared I couldn’t walk. I told Aaron this and he rubbed my legs. It hurt as the blood rushed back into them. Eventually, I got feeling back in them ….as for walking …well let’s just say I walked like I had just been fucked 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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