A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 11

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Bahamas, Day 10 – Monday

I woke up the next morning with Jessica still snuggled into me, sound asleep in the patio chair. We both slept under the stars that night, same as we did the night before. I tried to move without waking Jessica up, but was unsuccessful, as she opened her eyes as soon as I moved my shoulder from behind her head.

“Good morning, love,” I whispered in her ear, “how did you sleep?”

“Mmm… like a rock. I was out all night.”

“Me too. All night.”

I got up and out of the chair and went to the kitchenette to make some coffee. While brewing, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. While undressing and waiting for the water to heat up, Jessica joined me.

“I can’t let you have all the fun without me,” Jessica said as she stripped off her clothes from yesterday.

I watched as Jessica slid her clothes down her body, her hands tracing a line down her sides, into the waistband of her bikini bottoms, then down her legs, bending over and sliding them off. She gripped the thong with her toes, picking them up and flinging them at me, hitting me in the chest.

“Damn, you are sexy,” I told her, “I could look at you all day.”

Jessica then turned around, bent over, and shook her ass at me, teasing me. I then pulled my shirt and shorts off, took Jessica’s hand, and guided her to the shower, where we bathed each other’s bodies, spending extra time on the sensitive bits.

“Do me a favor, honey?” Jessica asked.

“Anything, my love.” I replied.

“Lean back against the wall.”

I did as she directed, placing my shoulders on the cold tile wall. She then proceeded to drop to her knees and wrapped her hands around my cock. We stayed in the shower for several more minutes while Jessica proceeded to stroke my dick, occasionally stopping her hand movements to slide her tongue up and down my shaft.

“Oh, fuck, Jessica,” I told her, “That’s it. Right there.”

I could feel my orgasm building, every stroke of her hands bringing me closer to climax. She could feel my excitement building, increasing her pace as time went on. Just before I was about to explode, Jessica stuck my cock deep in her mouth, sucking me down as far as she could go. This act sent me over the top, draining my balls in her mouth. My orgasm was intense, causing me to place one hand on the wall to stabilize myself. After a few moments, I started coming down from my high, and Jessica stood back up, swallowing my load as she got back to her feet.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Because I could. Because I wanted to. Because I love you.” She told me.

“I love you too, baby,” I said, kissing her on the lips.

“Now, get out and get dressed. Let’s go get some breakfast.” She said, slapping me on the ass.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I replied.

I threw on a pair of board shorts and a polo, then poured a cup of coffee. I sat back down in my chair on the patio, waiting for Jessica to get ready. Once she was, she came out to the patio wearing her new bikini, with pink edges and plaid inlays, with a pink and plaid thong around her hips.

“Feeling sexy today?” I asked.

“For you, every day.” She replied.

We headed out of the room and proceeded down the beach until we came across a little American-style restaurant right on the beach, which served breakfast. Up until this day, our breakfasts have all been either donuts or bagels, with a coffee chaser. Today, we were going for the full cuisine, our bodies needing replenishment after the workouts we have put in.

We walked inside and took a seat at a window booth looking out to the ocean. We placed our order, Jessica ordering an omelet with mixed fruit and Orange juice, and I ordering Biscuits & Gravy, hash browns, and coffee, and watched the people walking up and down the beach as we waited.

“Wow. There are so many beautiful people here. I mean, look at that girl,” Jessica said, fixated on a tall blonde woman walking by, wearing the skimpiest thong bikini she had seen, “She is so sexy.”

“Yes, she is,” I reply, not looking at the blonde woman.

Jessica turns her face to mine, realizing I had been looking at her the entire time, then started to blush, realizing the intent behind my words.

“Jason, you are so sweet.” Jessica said to me, leaning across the table, grabbing my shirt, and pulling me in for a kiss.

We continued our people-watching until our food arrived, seeing a lot of different people walk by. Once the food arrived, we stuffed ourselves like we hadn’t eaten in days. I cleared my entire plate, and, after I took one final swig of my coffee, sat back in the booth, placing my hands on my stomach, letting out a little groan.

“Ugh, I am so full. Too full. Stuffed.” I said.

“Me too. That was a lot of food.” Replied Jessica.

“I need to walk around a bit. Work off some of these calories.”

“Sounds like a great idea, love. Let’s do it.”

I paid for the meal, then Jessica and I walked out of the restaurant and up the beach. We continued our people-watching, pendik escort seeing very beautiful individuals, women and men alike. I caught Jessica looking at some college-age men playing beach volleyball, which made me smile a little, then she caught me checking out some beautiful women laying down on beach towels, sun-bathing. I’m not sure what Jessica was thinking, but I was getting turned on, wanting to take her behind one of the small hills next to the beach and plow her pussy until she came on my cock. I tried to push these thoughts from my mind, as we were walking in a public place in very few clothes, but I couldn’t stop, and felt my cock starting to twitch.

I tried to switch my gaze to something other than the beautiful women surrounding me, but as soon as I would look away from the beach and the scantily-clad women, my eyes would fall to Jessica, her beautiful breasts popping out of her pink and plaid bikini top, and her ass cheeks swaying side to side, on full display with barely a string of a thong separating them.

Jessica noticed a bulge appearing in my pants, looked in my eyes, and gave me the faintest of smiles, clearly aware of what was floating through my head. She picked up the pace briefly, getting herself ahead of me, then cut in front of me, swaying her hips slightly more as she walked. She was teasing me in public, and I couldn’t help but look intently.

I sped up briefly, matching her stride, and leaned in, whispering, “You tease,” right in her ear.

Jessica then stops right in front of me, causing my cock to press into her ass. She then starts back up at her previous pace, shaking her ass once again. I follow this beautiful treasure of mine for a bit, trying to work my hard-on down to a manageable level.

We continue down the beach for a bit, eventually coming to the dock where Keira’s Scuba shop is located. We start to walk past, assuming Keira is still asleep, but then see her grabbing armfuls of scuba gear, carrying them down the dock, and setting them down next to a large boat. On her way back up the dock, Keira sees us walking past, smiles and waves, then runs up and hugs both Jessica and me.

“Thank you, guys, for yesterday,” Keira says, “And thank you for the present on my nightstand. I really needed that this morning.”

“You are welcome, sweetie,” Jessica responded, “We thought you might have a bit of a headache this morning.”

“Oh, boy did I. Absolutely splitting. Apparently, I had a few too many yesterday.”

“It happens, sweetheart,” I replied.

“Did we do anything last night? The last thing I remember was eating dinner, then I remember the next drink, after that, nothing until this morning.”

“No, hon.” Jessica said, “We didn’t feel it was right. You could barely stand up. Plus, after we carried you to bed, you passed out. I’m talking within seconds. You certainly did want to fool around, though.”

“Oh, my god. I’m so embarrassed. What did I say?”

“Nothing bad, but you had instructed us ‘lovers’ to follow you to the bedroom. Clearly, you wanted something.” I told her.

“Well, can you blame me?” Keira giggled, “I have to get back to work. Text you later? Shouldn’t be more than a couple hours.”

“Sounds good. Take your time, sweetie,” Jessica told her.

With that, Keira started jogging back towards the scuba shop, needing to grab more items for the commercial vessel. Jessica and I continued our walk up the beach, eventually stopping by a small strip mall-style shop, with lots of hand-made goods inside.

“Ooh, look, honey. There is a place with more bikinis. And some board shorts. I think you need a new pair.” Said Jessica.

“But I already have 5 pairs. What could I do back home with 6?” I said.

“The same thing you could do with 5.”

Jessica grabbed my hand and led me into the shop, pulling some shorts down from a rack and holding them to my waist.

“Mmm, no. Not quite right. But these ones,” She said, grabbing a white and blue pair, “These ones are great.”

Jessica threw them over her arm, then proceeded to walk over to the bikinis on the wall, trying to find some that she liked. After touching several pairs and grabbing some to hold in front of the mirror, she took two of them, grabbed my hand again, and we walked back to the dressing rooms.

Jessica pulled me into one with her and quickly shut the door. She then placed the swim attire on the hook on the door.

“Untie me, please?” She asked.

“My pleasure.”

After untying the back of her top, Jessica spun around and pulled the bikini over her head, exposing her bare chest to me. That was all it took for me to get hard again. She then turned around, slipped her thumbs in her bikini, and slid them down to the floor, bending over in the process. Her ass pressed into my crotch.

“Mmm… Someone’s excited.” Jessica whispered as she stood back up, reaching her arms over her head and placing her hands on the back of my neck.

“I wonder why?” I whispered back, placing my hands on her sides, moving them forward escort pendik and up to get a handful of the breasts.

“Must be all of the women you were checking out earlier. Or, it could be the naked woman in front of you.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Have you seen your ass lately?”

Jessica then turned her body a bit and looked over her shoulder. “Yeah, it’s not too bad, huh?” She said.

“Not too bad at all.”

With that, Jessica grabbed the first bikini off the hanger and fiddled with it, eventually sliding it on.

“What do you think, baby?”

The black with white polka dot bikini looked great on her, but everything does. I paused for a second before I responded.

“Looks great, baby.”

“That’s it? No smartass comment like ‘it looks better on the floor’? Nothing?”

“I think you know it would look better on the floor, but it does look fantastic on you.”

Jessica smiled, then removed the bikini, placing it back on the hanger. While she hung up the bikini on the hook, I used this opportunity to place my hands at her side, then around to her front, and down, running my fingers over her slit.

“Oh, you bad boy,” she whispered, “keep going.”

I continued, sliding one hand up, pressing my finger to her clit, and the other hand down, using two fingers to pat her lips, the third sliding inside her. Jessica was already very wet, clearly turned on from the day so far. “Glad I wasn’t the only one” I thought.

I proceeded to finger-fuck my woman while she struggled with the second bikini top, a neon green-lined mesh top with just enough fabric to cover the nipples, leaving nothing else to the imagination. This top was closer to lingerie than beachwear, but she slid on the top then turned around to face me.

I continued my work on her pussy, now going deeper as I had easier access. “What do you think of this one?” She asked me, breathing getting heavier.

“Oh, that’s sexy. Wow, that’s sexy.” I responded, not stopping my duty for a second.

“I.. Really like… this one…”

Jessica slid the top over her head and returned it to the hanger. She then grabbed the board shorts off the hanger and told me to try them on.

“Can’t, baby. I’m doing important work.” I told her, refusing to let her building orgasm from subsiding.

“Oh, fuck, Jason. I’m so turned on right now. Keep going.”

Jessica’s breathing became heavier and heavier, and while her climax was building, she reached for my waist and slid my board shorts to the floor. The sight of my rock-hard cock caused Jessica to lose it, and she started cumming into my hands, leaning forward and pressing her face into my shoulder. She tried to keep quiet, biting my shoulder instead of moaning and screaming.

I slowed my work down and eventually stopped, with Jessica unable to handle any more. I slid on the new pair of shorts, modeled them for her, then we both put our own swimwear back on, walked out of the changing room, buying the green and see-through piece with matching bottoms for Jessica.

As we walked into the next shop, Jessica grasped my arm, pulling me in tightly.

“That was so crazy! I can’t believe we just did that!” She told me.

“I can. Look at everything else we have done on this trip.”

“Good point, but it was still crazy.”

We wandered through some more shops, Jessica picking out a lovely white skater dress, one that hug the hips high then flared out towards the bottom. We then decided to grab a drink at a bar on the beach. We both ordered a mojito, then found a table to sit at and enjoy the view.

“So, baby, what would you like to do tonight?” I asked Jessica.

“Well, we should be hearing from Keira at some point. Would you like to entertain her again?”

“I like that. What should we do with her?”

“Let’s take her to the club. The first one we went to, where we met Rey.”

“Sounds good. Let’s do it.”

We sat there, drinking our mojito, then another, and as soon as we ordered a third, Jessica’s phone started buzzing.

“Oh, it’s Keira. Looks like she is done working for the day. Want to meet up?”

“Yeah. Let’s have her meet at our place. Say, an hour or two.”

“Okay baby.”

Jessica typed away into her phone and hit send. The message seems a lot longer then what was needed, but I didn’t pay it any attention.

We finished our third mojito, then started walking back down the beach towards our room. It took us a good hour to get back, but once there, we changed our clothes, Jessica slipping into her new dress, and I putting on a pair of jeans and a white button-down. Once dressed, we figured we still had a bit of time before Keira showed, so I poured us some drinks, and we sat out on the patio, sipping our drinks, waiting for Keira to arrive.

What seemed like the blink of the eye was about an hour, then we heard a knock at the door. Jessica sprang out of her chair and went to answer. After a brief moment, with some giggling coming from inside, Jessica returned to the patio, with pendik escort bayan Keira right behind.

“Well, look who I found, honey.” Jessica said, announcing Keira’s arrival.

“Oh, would you look at that. Hi, sweetheart.” I said, standing up and giving her a hug. Keira had shown up in a beautiful wrap dress, with red and white geometric patterns all over.

“Hey guys,” Keira responded, “Having a good day?”

“Lovely. I picked up a new dress,” Jessica modeling her new dress for Keira, “and a new bikini.”

“Ooh. I can’t wait to see it.” Said Keira.

The three of us headed out of the room and down to a restaurant, where we indulged in some delicious food, and I had a glass of bourbon, with Jessica having a glass of wine and Keira having a cider. Once our plates were cleared, and our beverages consumed, we left the restaurant and up to the club, hearing hip-hop music playing as we approached. We walked in the entrance and, immediately, Keira grabbed Jessica and headed to the dancefloor.

I walked over to the bar, ordered three drinks for us, and found a standing table against the railing of the dancefloor. I stood there watching as the two sexy women danced together, rubbing their bodies on one another.

Keira was the first of the two to make the obvious move, reaching a hand up and squeezing Jessica’s breast, releasing a second later. Jessica then returned the favor, reaching behind Keira and squeezing her ass. The two of them started getting dirtier and dirtier as they danced together, starting with the occasional brush and squeeze, and escalating to full-on petting. Before they knew it, they were basically rubbing each other’s pussies in the middle of the dancefloor.

Jessica then whispered something into Keira’s ear, then both turned and walked over to me, sliding onto either side, grabbing their drinks.

“Oh, it’s hot in here,” Keira said, “That dancing got me worked up.”

“I could tell,” I said, “You two seemed to be getting very hot… and bothered.”

Keira punched me in the arm, her mouth dropping open in a teasing manner. “I would never do something like that. I’m a lady,” she said, moving around my back and next to Jessica, sliding her hand up her thigh, pulling her dress up. I got a brief flash under her dress, Jessica making the choice to wear nothing underneath. “A very hot, very bothered lady.” Keira then slid her hand up higher, brushing her fingers over Jessica’s pussy lips.

Jessica exhaled deeply, then inhaled. She moved her hand to Keira, sliding her fingers up her thigh and between her legs. She paused there for a moment, then removed them. Jessica lifted her hand to my mouth, sliding a finger past my lips. I licked Jessica’s finger clean, reveling in the taste of Keira’s pussy.

Keira then grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. We began grinding on each other, my cock pressing against her ass, her hands lifted above her head, sliding down the back of my neck. I used this opportunity to slide my hands up her sides and towards the front, getting a handful of her tits. Jessica then slid in front of Keira, pressing my hands back, pinning them between Jessica’s back and Keira’s breasts. Jessica shoved her ass into Keira, and Keira, her ass into my cock, and all three of us grinded on each other for the remainder of the song.

I leaned forward, whispering into Keira’s ear, Jessica surely hearing it too, “there is so much pre-cum in my pants right now.”

Keira perked at this, sliding out between Jessica and I, and grabbing our hands. She pulled us out of the club, steering us around the side of the building, and behind into the alley.

“Oh, I need dick. Right. Now.” Keira said, unbuttoning my jeans, reaching inside and pulling my cock out.

“Keira! What the fuck are you doing?” Jessica snapped, outwardly shocked at Keira’s bold move.

“I’m going to put your man’s cock deep in my pussy. Right here. Right now.”

Keira then spun around in front of me, not releasing my cock, and bent over, flipping her dress over her ass. She then guided my cock between her legs and shoved my cock inside her.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.” Keira moaned.

Jessica, shocked by the scene unfolding, actually turned from her disgust, and started watching intently. I signaled for Jessica to come closer, pulling her into me. I grabbed Jessica’s wrist, sliding her hand down her dress and between her legs. Jessica then began playing with her pussy, the excitement of the moment getting to her.

Keira and Jessica came very fast, both of them very turned on by the thrill of sex in public. Once Keira had cum on my cock, she stepped forward and turned around, kissing me on the lips while she helped me button my pants. Jessica came in her hand, then moved her hand to my mouth, sliding her finger in my mouth again, allowing me to taste the second pussy of the night. Once we had re-arranged ourselves, we each took a deep breath and walked from the alley, hoping no one saw the acts that just occurred.

The three of us proceeded to walk down the street, to the boardwalk, then onto the beach, slipping our shoes off so we could feel the sand on our feet. We walked back to our hotel room, where we had a few more drinks while we discussed what had just unfolded.

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