A nice brand new piercing

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A nice brand new piercingEarly evening, I came back home from the golf club, where I had been awarded with the first prize. I found my sexy wife fully dressed as a hooker.A black mini skirt, red hose, no panties, a tight red sweater and high heels.Before I could even say anything about her sexy slutty outfit, Anita kissed me quickly and said she was late. She headed out the door towards her car.I ran behind her and asked where was she going. And Ana replied she had told me that today she had an appointment to have her labia pierced. I then said it was too late for it, but she insisted she had to leave. Before starting the engine, she added that her friend Johnny would bring her back, just in case she could not drive by herself…It was almost midnight when I heard her car pulling into the garage.I went out to see if she needed any help. As Anita got out of the car I saw she had her mini skirt bunched around her waist. She flipped the hem down to cover her exposed shaven cunt.Her friend Johnny came out from the driver’s seat. I asked Ana if she had got it done and Johnny answered for her…I ignored his comments, asking Ana if she wanted to talk about it.But my sensual wife just told me to get inside the house. kaçak iddaa Once in the living room, Ana told us to sit down and she would perform a show for us….So Johnny and I sat side by side on the couch and my wife stood with her feet together in front of us. Anita stared unbuckling her belt and then the zipper down the side of her black mini skirt.She mane a couple of wiggles from her nice round hips and the skirt slid down her nylon covered legs, until it fell to her ankles.I looked right at her shaven crotch, but I could not see anything, since her thighs were so close together. Ana then began taking off her red sweater. I enjoyed looking at her nice round tits, covered by a sexy push up bra.She smiled, asking what I wanted to see first.Before I could talk, Johnny asked her to show us her pussy first.Anita smiled again and started spreading her legs apart. When she spread them enough, I could see three gold rings between her thighs. I got closer to get a better look. Ana then pulled her pussy lips apart and showed me that she had both the inner and outer lips pierced.I told her that it looked so sexy and asked her if it did hurt… Ana nodded her head a yes; but no so bad as this; while she took off her kaçak bahis bra and showed her nipples also had a similar gold ring each one…Ana then laughed, saying that she would not have sex for a full month…Johnny began complaining, since he was waiting to enjoy her naughty piercing from this same night. He said it was not fair; but my wife then ordered him to get his cock out and she would let him come in her mouth.Ana then bent over her waist and took his cock in her mouth.I stood behind her, watching her pretty pierced pussy as she sucked on him.After just a couple minutes, Johnny grunted and I knew he had filled my sexy wife’s mouth with his warm semen. Anita stood up and she turned to me. She kissed me deeply, making me taste Johnny’s cum in her mouth.She then told Johnny he could leave now; since she was sore and needed some rest. She led her friend to the door and she then came back to me…I asked her if she was fine and Ana just giggled. She said her cunt was sore; but not for the piercing. I then asked why she felt so sore.Anita laughed, saying the guy who had put on her the piercing, had a huge cock and she had noticed it before starting the job. So she offered him if she could pay the piercing illegal bahis job with her own cunt…The guy accepted gladly and so he fucked my sexy wife with this huge cock. After he came in her hot cunt, she cleaned herself and he finally put on her labia the piercing. Ana claimed he had been a bit rough fucking her brains out; but she had lobed his massive cock’s size. She said he was not black, but a Latino type, very well hung…Ana pushed carefully a finger up her sweet cunt and she took it out coated in semen. She put her finger in front of my nose and ordered me to taste this kind guy who had not charged her the piercing job…I did it, as Ana laughed in a very naughty way. She then went to have a warm relaxing shower.A while later I heard her moaning inside the bathroom; the bitch was masturbating herself, although she insisted her cunt was banned for a full month for each one of her lovers, including me…As she came out; I heard Ana calling me from our bedroom.I climbed upstairs and found my sensual wife was naked, laying on all fours onto our marital bed. She purred like a kitten, saying she had been a bad girl today and she deserved a hard anal punishment.I asked if she was not sore anymore, hoping she would let me fuck her sexy brand new pierced cunt with my hard thick cock. But Ana yelled at me, saying only her asshole was not sore…I smiled to myself, thinking I should make an anal sacrifice to the Gods…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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