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Public Sex

Advanced Metrics 1Having a spare room in the house, I decided to rent it out for the student market to make some extra income. A selection of prospective tenants came and went, most unsuitable for one reason or another, but finally Charlie arrived. Short and bookish, with a mop of dark hair and square spectacles, he was 19 or 20, in his first year, shy, quiet, and about to start studying physics. But I liked him, and could see he’d be the sort of tenant who’d keep to himself, not make a mess, or be prone to wild parties. He moved in at the end of the summer, and sure enough was as amenable as hoped.We got along well, although our paths didn’t cross much. He tended to keep to his room most evenings, although every now and again he’d join me in the living room to watch a movie. We had a defined bathroom schedule too, so there was never any confusion over morning routines. We cohabited very well.One Friday in late November, I’d taken the day off work. Charlie had a couple of lectures in the afternoon, but would take himself off to the library so I’d have the house completely to myself. I was looking forward to it: I intended to spend the day naked, watching porn on the wide screen TV, and pleasuring myself several times during the course of the day. I half considered going on Craigslist to find a hookup, but it always seemed to end in a fruitless exercise. So nudism, hardcore porn and wanking it would be, and I would have a fine day of privacy.I padded to the bathroom and got into the shower, taking my time. With Charlie out, I’d left the bathroom door open, and I thought nothing of it. I was turning around under the shower head, getting the shampoo out of my hair, when I caught sight, through the water and steam, Charley at the bathroom door, peering around it, watching me. Although I couldn’t see his hands, his position made it obvious that he was likely stroking himself while spying on me. I didn’t make my knowing obvious: I continued to shower, eyes half closed, but letting him see my seven inch uncut cock and firm balls, allowing him a decent look before turning my back and reaching for the shower gel to wash everywhere else. I made no sign of knowing he was there, and just continued my shower routine. Eventually I stole a glance over my shoulder: Charlie had gone, but I knew he’d taken his time to get a good eyeful. My! It looked like my quiet, nerdy tenant liked men.As I dried off, I heard the outside door close, meaning Charlie had watched me shower, then got ready for college and departed. I now had the house to myself. Exceedingly aroused at having being spied on, I mulled over what to do about this. Charlie might just be curious, accidentally catching a glimpse, but nothing more. Or, he might be hugely excited and spend the day jacking himself in the library toilet while thinking of me. Or, he might be thoroughly straight, and uninterested in man sex at all. It was a dilemma. I would certainly never make a pass at anyone who was clearly straight, or do anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but this little episode had made me exceedingly horny, and I was certain Charley had been watching me for a good long while, enjoying the view, and hopefully fantasizing about going further than just watching. But I needed certainty.After a lot of thought, I decided to take a look in Charlie’s room. I went in there to clean and dust every other week, but I’d never investigated. His room was tidy, with a PC humming on the desk, anadolu yakası escort textbooks and journals stacked neatly on the shelves, his bed unmade, but certainly not messy, and laundry pilled into a wicker laundry basket. I looked at the books and magazines: all academic. Then gently pushed through his used laundry. Nothing to see there. I accidentally bumped the desk, and the computer came out of hibernation. The system was unlocked; I was a bit surprised at this, but it was now easy enough to take a quick peak at what was on his PC. On the desktop were various folders, and I clicked on each to see what they contained. Most were study related, but a folder named ‘Advanced Metrics’ contained files that were most certainly not physics. Here, Charlie had stored about a dozen movie downloads, and each was a porn film. Looking at the previews, I could see they were gay or transsexual, and that stirred my cock to an immediate erection. The two most recent files really got me excited: one was film of me in the shower, shot that morning on Charley’s cellphone, while the other was a selfy film of him wearing a pair of lacy women’s panties, playing with himself, and eventually cumming all over them. Now I knew: our Charly was a voyeur and enjoyed good, hard, gay and cross-dress sex. I went back to the laundry basket and rooted through a little more. Hidden in the middle were those panties, the lacy front covered in dried cum. I put them back, and made sure the computer was returned to its previous state. I was shockingly aroused now, and determined to do something about this discovery. Charlie was too quiet and shy to come onto me, so it needed me to engineer a situation where he’d feel comfortable. I went to the living room, activated the smart TV, navigated to xhamster, and idly watched porn while mulling over my plan to get Charlie naked and into bed.Charlie got back from college around 6pm. I was in the living room, wearing my bathrobe, watching a very good orgy film on xhamster with a variety of dads and sons having lots of poolside sex. Charlie called hello and went straight upstairs, which was normal. I gave him a few minutes, and then called up to him: I was going to get some dinner, and did he want some. He said he did and would be down shortly. I went into the kitchen, leaving the xhamster movie paused on the TV, with two middle aged guys locked in a hot 69 on a poolside lounger.I’d made a pasta dish that was warming in the oven, and Charlie came down as I was transferring it to the table. I was only wearing my robe, nothing under it, and I made sure it was loosely tied so that it could swing open a little to give him a view of my cock if he was watching for it. Sure enough, he was. He pretended not to notice my body, but I could see he was taking every opportunity to spot my dick and balls, and I busied myself getting plates, cutlery and bread. We ate, and I asked him about his day, and plans for Christmas. He said he’d most likely head to his parents when college finished, but that was about three weeks away. He asked how I’d spend Christmas, and I just shrugged and said it was always a quiet time for me: “Unless I get lucky,” I half-joked with a wink. He smiled, and concentrated on his pasta. As we finished, I said I was planning on watching a film on Netflix and said he’d be welcome to join me. He was thinking about it while I cleared the table, and I could see him peering pendik escort at where my robe parted, giving him a good glance of my bushy pubes and thick tool. “Sure”, he said, and it was obvious now he wanted to take every chance he could to catch glimpses of my body. Things were working out.We went into the living room, and Charlie gasped when he saw what was on the screen: two mature guys on a sun lounger, reversed, cocks in each other’s mouths, hands cradling balls and buttocks. “Oh shit,” I said. “I thought I’d shut that down. So sorry Charlie.”“Its okay,” he said. “I don’t mind.”“I like a little porn,” I said. “Helps me relax.” He laughed, but his eyes were still on the screen and that frozen 69. “Did you want me to start it again?” I asked. He chewed his lip.“Yes,” he said, reddening. I told him to get comfortable, and he took a seat on the couch while I went to my recliner. I picked up the remote and set the video playing again, and together we watched a rampant gay orgy, complete with barebacking, docking, and lot of kissing and cumming. Charlie watched, fascinated, and clearly getting aroused. Every now and again he ran a hand over his prick, straining in his trousers, and flashed a glance at me, in the direction of my lap. I refrained from touching myself, although my cock was as rigid as a fucking flagpole. Eventually the film finished, I looked over at him. “So, what did you think?” I asked. He blushed and didn’t meet my gaze.“That was great,” he said. “I loved it.”I stood up and moved between him and the TV. He was looking at me now, and I let my robe fall completely open, so he could see my erect cock and heavy balls. He looked away, but I said: “Its okay Charlie. I like you looking at me. I want you to see me naked.”“I do too,” he said, and looked directly at my body. I stroked my shaft slowly, cupping my balls. He let out a little gasp as my cock grew bigger.“I think Charlie, that you’re just as excited as I am.” He nodded. “Why don’t you show me?” I suggested.He hesitated, but after a moment of lip chewing, he rose, pulled off his pullover and shirt, then unfastened his trousers and let them fall. Beneath, he was wearing white lacy panties, and I could see they were wet with precum. His cock was straining against the lace, long, thin and hard. I smiled encouragingly, and he worked the lace panties over his hips, letting them drop to his ankles. Now I could see his prick, and it was delightful. About 5 inches, uncut, thin, but very inviting. Above it was a slight bush of very dark pubes. His balls were small and tight. Naked, he was very hot looking: that nerdy, cute face, slightly pudgy body, and clearly a very dirty, pervy little mind.I stepped toward him and took a hand, guiding it to my prick. He took it nervously, but I cooed encouragement and soon he was stroking me, working my cock back and forth. “I’ve never done anything like this,” he whispered.“Don’t worry,” I said. “We’ll take things at whatever pace you want.”He found my hand and guided it to his prick, and we stood there, face to face, stroking each other. He released lots of little sighs as I pleasured him, and I deliberately slowed, fearing he might cum too soon. He looked up at me: “Can we suck each other?” He asked. “Like those men were at the start of the film?”I guided him to the sofa and helped him lie back. I took his cock, slick with precum, and ran my tongue around the tip gently, before lowering my mouth over the tuzla escort shaft and sucking him slowly, wetly and lovingly. I cupped his balls with one hand and held the shaft of his cock with the other while I fellated him, and it wasn’t long before his hands were on my shoulders and head, moving me up and down while his hips thrust gently. I took my time, breaking every now and then so that he wouldn’t cum, and licked his balls or the inside of his thigh. He responded well to that, so I let my tongue wander down below his balls and started to explore his arsehole. He gasped at that, but eventually relaxed and let me part his cheeks so I could rim him properly. His hands were working on my hips now, and so I levered myself onto the couch, shuffling so that he could get to my throbbing cock. I returned my tongue and lips to his cock, and felt the first touch of his to mine. His tongue was hard, hot, and horny as he licked the head of my cock and slipped into his mouth. “Like it?” I asked, and he mm-mmed and started to suck me properly, taking my shaft fully into his mouth.We 69ed for a long time. I broke every now and then to lick his arsehole and balls before returning to his firm cock. He sucked me eagerly, treated my prick like a popsicle, savouring it. I was horny beyond words now, enjoying every inch of my young flatmate, sucking and licking, in heaven with the way his tongue was caressing and working my own prick. Then, without warning, Charlie tensed, and his cock spasmed: I’d been licking the shaft, so it wasn’t in my mouth, and a fountain of hot cum covered my chin, neck and chest. Charlie was moaning, and his cock quivering. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t…” He shushed when I took his cum coated cock and cleaned it with my tongue, licking and sucking him as he quivered and shot another couple of tiny loads into my mouth. I sat back and looked at the spunk covering my upper body, and then ran my fingers through it, transferring some to my tongue. Charlie raised himself and leaned forward, and he started to lick and lap at my neck and chin, cleaning up his own cum.“Do you want some more?” I asked as he finished, and he nodded. I pushed him back on the sofa and positioned a cushion behind his head. Then I straddled him so he could resume sucking me off. He didn’t need any more encouragement, and I gently fucked his mouth, cupping my balls while his hands were on my buttocks, guiding me. On the TV, the orgy movie had started again, and there were the two older guys going into their 69. That did it. My balls swelled and I came like a fucking hosepipe, a day’s worth of pent-up jizz spurting into Charlie’s mouth. The sensation was fantastic; one of the best orgasms of my life. Of course, there was no way he could take all that sperm, and he had to release my prick, the last of my load hitting his neck and the cushion behind his head. But most of it, he swallowed, and the rest he wiped up with his fingers and sucked clean.I sat back and watched him. “I knew you were watching me in the shower this morning,” I said. “I made sure you could see me.” Charlie smiled. There was some cum on his glasses, and he took them off to lick that last bit away.“Can we do this again?” He asked. “I loved it.”“Charlie, we can do this as much as you want, whenever you want. Just get naked as a signal. I love sex. I’ll be ready for you.”“Thank you,” he said. “I was scared it was just a one off. So, what do we do now?”My cock was spent, and I need a good hour or so before being ready again. “I’ll tell you what. Let’s go shower together, clean up, and then watch some more porn on the TV. I’m sure we’ll get some more ideas…” Charlie nodded his agreement, and started to stroke his cock. This was turning into a winter to remember…

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