African Blessing

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My wife Simone and I employed Nonceba eleven years ago. Nonci, as we later called her had just finished matric when she started working for us. She would help around with daily tasks and clean up after events at first but became a great personal assistant for Simone as she grew older. When Simone fell ill it was like the world got dark around me and I could not see the light in anything. Nonci was there and Nonci had become part of the family by working her way into our hearts through all the ups and downs we endured. Looking back, Nonci was the one keeping me together and helping with everything in the house especially in the areas I fell short.Nonci would clean the sheets and throw away the untouched meals she had worked on during the evenings. She always made Simone smile with a positive approach to every task at hand, accompanied by words of encouragement she would nurse Simone to the best of her capability.When Simone passed, I felt sorry for myself and locked myself in the study most days. For weeks I could not sleep through so I would be in the gym all night. Sometimes I would mess around on the treadmill walking endlessly to nowhere or sit and cycle expressionless on the spinning bike. Nonci would make sure there were prepped meals even if I had no appetite. She would come in every morning, prepare a fresh coffee and start putting my breakfast together.She was quiet most days allowing me to mourn.I think Nonci was scared I would retrench her because I was on my own now. There was less than half the work load she used to have. The truth was that I actually did consider finding her something else with mu recommendation but I could not bring myself to lose the last bit of good I had left. Like I mentioned earlier, Nonci was part of the family and yet the only family I now had left.I arrived home from the lawyers one afternoon and Nonci was in the gym, stretching out after her workout. She was putting the available free time into herself which I admired because she did not sit around doing nothing. I walked over to her Ankara bayan escort with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I sat down opposite her, still pondering on how to ask if she would please help me pack all Simone’s belongings in boxes. I had decided there was no point hanging on to everything anymore.After I asked her with tear-filled eyes she embraced be for several minutes, she teared up too but agreed to do it even though she seemed reluctant. I think there was underlying sorrow from her side, through my feeling sorry for myself I never truly acknowledged Nonceba had lost a big chunk of her life and best friend.Simone and Nonci used to train together most week days and sometimes Nonci would be in the gym early mornings before she started her chores in the house. She was no longer the chubby girl we met when she started working for us.During the process of packing everything in boxes I asked if Nonci wanted any of Simone’s things. As we placed the items one for one into plastic crates, Nonci selected a few dresses and some of Simone’s running shoes for her to keep. Simone’s family had savagely tried to take most of the valuable stuff like vultures to a carcass. I had placed the valuable and sentimental jewellery in the safe before her family swooped in. Some of the clothing had hardly ever been worn, some of it had never even been opened.When everything was packed and placed in the garage for pickup, Nonci and I stood staring at the empty closet in disbelief. The void was a metaphor reminding us both of how empty we felt.A few days had passed and I was lying in bed when I heard Nonci in the gym. I heard the music because she was playing her playlist through the Bluetooth sound system a little louder than normal. She had been telling me daily that I needed to be strong and I needed to get in routine again if I wanted to heal. African women are not built weak and she was an example of that.I got dressed and went to the gym hall. Nonci had already warmed up and was hard Escort bayan Ankara at work doing her squats. She was wearing a turquoise outfit that I recognised from Simone’s outfits. I choked up a bit even though I never liked the colour but it looked very healthy on Nonci. Her new ice-white trainers complimented the outfit and her skin was complementing the entire look. Every squat was deep and her lifts were powerful, as if training with anger and yet confidence in her form and ability.Her training top was the perfect fit that hugged her breasts tight against her chest. I found myself drifting into daydream of a time when Simone made a joke that I love Nonci more than her because she does so much and still managed to find the time to work on herself. Nonci was too busy training to have noticed I was in the room and after her set she placed more weights on the bar. She had turned to reach for her towel when she spotted me and grabbed her chest startled because she was not expecting anyone to be there.She immediately laughed and I apologised for startling her. I told her how good she looks and how strong she was. I told her that Simone would be so proud of her. I could see how focused she was and how little she was struggling.I trained every morning after that, for maybe two weeks before I headed out to clients again and getting back into the running of the business since Simone’s passing. It was refreshing and helped me regain my focus. Nonci was there most of the time in tight outfits and pushing herself too.After the gym I would have my breakfast before grabbing a shake on my way out. Nonci had everything ready and set out for me like a text-book wife. This was just the African way I got to know and expect from her. As I was heading out on the Tuesday morning Nonci came toward me in a sky-blue skirt and low buttoned white top that looked like she was on her way to an interview. It reminded me of how Simone had influenced Nonci over the years. She looked so confident and proud.Nonci Bayan escort Ankara explained she needed to get some things for herself and was going shopping while I was at work. She had a few errands to do, so she would possibly be coming back a little later than six that evening. She informed me of the prepped meals in the fridge in case I was hungry in the afternoon. I nodded approvingly and told her to enjoy her day before she turned and walked off. The smell of her perfume was soft and sweet like that of candyfloss. Her bum was firm and wide with her waist line narrow and toned. Her back muscles exposed ever so elegantly and her calves highlighted by the heels she was wearing.It was evident that the loss of Simone was just as hard on her and that she was using the gym to out-train sadness and maybe even the pain. I remembered a necklace that Simone always wore when she wore white outfits and realised it was probably still in the safe. I called to Nonci and asked her to follow me to the study.I opened the wall safe in the study and reached for the white velvet oval box. I opened it and raised the white gold necklace out to reveal the small diamond pendant at the end. Nonci’s eyes sparkled as I lifted the pendant from the box. She recognised it immediately and smiled. I asked her to turn around and pushed her frizzy locks aside before I placed the necklace and clipped the clasp behind her neck.She turned to face me with tears welled up in her eyes. I continued to explain why I was gifting the necklace to her and how much it meant to me that she takes it gracefully as Simone would have wanted. She reached out to embrace me and we hugged for a few moments.I could smell her perfume stronger then and felt her firm body in my arms with her breasts pressed against my lower chest. As we parted I looked down into her cleavage and then up to her voluptuous lips and button nose. Her eyes were glossed and black looking back at me with gratitude and admiration.I felt something inside, I felt myself aroused, something I had not felt since before Simone’s diagnoses. All the stress had killed my libido and Simone was unable to even have sex due to the pain and sores throughout her body. While looking down at Nonci’s soft brown breasts I felt my pants growing tighter. Her embrace had sparked a warmth in me that was unexpected yet welcome.

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