Afternoon Delight

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Afternoon DelightKatie called me and asked me to meet her over at my mother-in-law’s house. She was the realtor for the property, and she wanted me to help move some things around to show the house better. So I took off early from work and met her at the house.Katie was 32 at the time, married with a daughter. She was very cute, though a little plump, but dressed very well and had a winning smile. Thick auburn hair, a big chest, and a quick laugh. She asked me to rearrange some of the furniture to make the house seem bigger, so we moved a few things until we got to the master bedroom.As we moved, we talked. Somehow we got onto the subject of our spouses, and she admitted she had been having problems with her husband. He wouldn’t pay attention to her, spent all his time watching ESPN and left her to sleep alone almost every night. I said “What a shame – how could he ignore someone as nice as you?” She smiled that charming smile and patted my hand.We got to the master bedroom, and she waid she wanted to make the bed with new sheets and a spread she had brought. So we did, and afterwards she plopped down on the bed and said “Whew, we got a lot done today!””Sure did,” I agreed. And laid down beside her. “God, I miss having a man beside me,” she suddenly said out of nowhere. “Well, my wife and I sleep in separate rooms, too” I said, looking at the ceiling, not daring to look at her. Then I felt her hand softly touch mine. Still not daring to look at her, I gently rubbed my finger over the back of her hand.”I haven’t slept with him in months” she admitted, as her hand continued to move. I turned it over and began circling her palm with mine. “What a shame,” I said. “You deserve more than that!”I felt a motion on the pillow beside me, and finally turned to look at her. She was looking right into my eyes, with a smile on her face. “Do you think so?” she teased.”Uh huh” I agreed, and moved my head closer to hers. I could smell the scent she was wearing, and it was lovely. She closed her eyes and opened her lips, and I thought “What the hell!” so I kissed her.She shuddered – I didn’t know what to think. Then she put her hand behind my head and pulled me toward her and gave me a kiss that left me breathless. For long seconds we explored each others’ lips with our tongues, then she parted her perfect teeth and I hungrily put my tongue into her mouth. She responded by pinbahis yeni giriş sucking my tongue as if she was sucking my dick! I had never felt that before.I turned toward her as she turned toward me on the bed, and I put my hand on her large breast. She shivered as if she had been touched with an electric shock. Her chest heaved and she sighed deeply into my mouth, then she slid her hand down my back and began squeezing my butt. She was writhing her chest into me and her hips began grinding, so I began unbottoning her blouse.She panted as I exposed her cleavage, and suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Do you want to do this?” I replied, “More than anything in this world.”Not another word was spoken. She sat up and turned her back to me, shrugging out of her silk blouse and waiting for me to unhook her bra. I fumbled at it a while, then she pulled it off and turned back to me, her large tits swaying, her smile above them. I pulled off my shirt and pulled her over on top of me. Her breasts grazed my chest hair, her nipples becoming turgid and swollen as I moved up and began suckling them. Another sigh escaped her as she pushed her boobs at my face.Her hips began moving atop my groin, and I felt myself becoming hard. She kissed and nipped at my nipples until I began to groan, then she mischeviously smiled and reached down to caress my erection through my jeans. “My, what have we here?” she smiled, feeling the extent of my desire.She was wearing a skirt, so I slid my hand up her creamy thighs to the soft spot where her panties met her skin. She was unbelievably hot to the touch, and as my fingers grazed her crotch I could feel her wetness soaking through her underwear. I lifted her up off me a little so I could caress her mound, and she moaned and began to quiver. As I delicately touched her vulva, she closed her eyes and began to pant again, thrusting her hips up and down against my hand. I slipped a finger inside her panties, and found her clit swollen and already soaked. I touched it feather-softly, then began rubbing it gently as she bucked her hips against me. Her nipple was in my mouth, her eyes were closed as she gave herself over to the first of her orgasms. Katie had not had any fingers but her own touching her sex for so long that she came almost immediately, with warm sticky cum flowing out of pinbahis giriş her vagina.I moved out from underneath her and laid her on her back, then slid her panties off and opened her legs. Her cute little pussy was shaved like a little girl’s, and one labia lip was longer than the other – it protruded out like a little tongue peeking out of her nether lips. I nibbled that lip and she opened her legs wide, pulling my head to her. She tasted wonderful, with her entire groin wet now. I licked her rosebud clitoris now throbbing, and she suddenly clasped her knees around my head as her second orgasm shook her for the longest time. She was moaning and sighing “FUCK DON’T STOP! OH GOD DON’T STOP NOW!” as she gyrated her rocking pelvis into my face.I felt her tummy quake as she came, and as soon as she slowed her pace back down I stood up beside the bed. Kathy grabbed my belt and unbuckled it, then the sweet sound of her soft hands unzipping me was music to my ears. I pulled my jeans down and stepped out of them, as her hands grabbed my straining boner through my boxers. Sle slipped them down and my hard erection jutted out – she grabbed it in both hands and began massaging and kissing it, swallowing it deeper than I’d ever been sucked.”Do you like being sucked off?” she smiled up at me. “Oh god, YESSS” was all I could mumble as she cupped my balls in one hand. Her head began bobbing faster and faster, her tongue swirling around my dick, and I could feel the load building in my scrotum. Just then I wouldn’t have cared if the world was coming to an end, I was consumed with the pleasure and ecstasy she was making my erection feel. Then she stopped. I looked down, puzzled, and said, “What’s wrong?””Nothing” she said, “but I want you in me. NOW!”I laid down and she moved on top of me, slowly lowering her cunt onto my throbbing cock. As I sank into her, I could feel the love juices of her pussy lubricating me and the feeling was indescribable. All I wanted to do was rock in her vagina forever. She began moving up and down on me, rubbing her clit with one hand while she kneaded her own nipple with the other. As she sped up, I could feel her womb muscles beginning to contract rythmically with my cock clenched in their fist. The feeling began in my balls that there was no stopping us now. My cock swelled up until I thought it would burst, becoming harder pinbahis güvenilirmi and harder. Then I felt the flood begin to move its way up my shaft and my world contracted until I was nothing but my penis, thrusting and trying to bury myself in the folds of her cunt. I cried out as the sperm spurted out of me, hot and sticky and suddenly we were even slicker than before, moving as hard as we could grind our pelvises together. Again and again I felt the semen shoot, deeper and deeper into Katie. She was almost breathless as she ground herself onto me, taking every inch I could give her. She was rubbing her clit furiously, arching her back as she pinched her nipple as she gave herself up to waves of climax. I heard the squelching sound of love fluids oozing out of our coupling, as her muscles spasmed around my erect penis. Then she sat up and opened her eyes wide. “My god, I needed that!” she gasped. “So did I,” I exhaled as my cock, now limp and sopping, slid from her pussy with a plop. We lay there together spent, her bosom heaving from her exertions. I twitched a few times from the release of my pentup sperm, a blissful peace coming over us. Then I reached down between her legs and felt my juices trickling down her thighs. It was so wet and hot, I began gently massaging her mound. Then I went down on her yet again, and gathered our mixture into my mouth, licking her tender twat again, and brought my lips to hers so she could taste our sex. She licked my lips off, then smiled as she swallowed our cum. I took a finger and inserted it into her dripping hole, then brought it to her nipple and began massaging it with our love honey as her nipple swelled up again. She was the only woman I’ve ever known who could cum just from kneading her nipples, and soon she had another orgasm just from my caresses on her breasts.After we rested a while, she moved down to my groin and my cock became heavy again in her soft little hands. As I regained my erection, she began slowly licking from my anus to my scrotum to my cock. I grabbed her head in both hands as my testicles began begging for another release, and she moved so that I could lick her pussy as she bobbed her head on my shaft. This time when we came, she soaked my face with her woman’s lubrication as I shot my wad into her waiting mouth. I didn’t cum as much as the first time, but she brought her lips to mine and let me taste my own cum, then smiled as she swallowed my gift.We met many more times before she finally sold the house. Yes, she did eventually move out from her husband because she found that life without sex isn’t worth living. I still see her from time to time…

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