An Afternoon with My Lover

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I’m naked and waiting for you inside our hotel room. I hear you knock at the door and my dick begins to get hard instantly. I’ve spent countless hours since our last wonderful time together- remembering how incredibly hot, sexy and erotic it was-remembering how beautiful and sexy you looked-how much I enjoyed checking out your sexy curvy body concealed under your clothes and how much I always want to see you naked-how much I always enjoy our first kiss-my cock gets so hard so quickly.

Now, you’re back in front of me again and we are alone in our room. As I close the door behind you, I tell you how sexy you look and how I can’t wait to get you out of your clothes and see, feel, and taste your incredible body in the flesh!

I gaze at you-watching your sexy body move underneath the long overcoat you are wearing. I can see that you have on sexy black stockings with black high heals.

You tell me that you’ve made that part easy for me. I stare into your beautiful lust-filled green eyes looking into mine-feeling you wrap your arms around me-grabbing the back of my head and pulling my mouth towards yours, as my arms wrap around your waist and I cup your ass in my hands-you feel my hard cock pressing against you, as your mouth covers mine-slow long deep kisses-my hands finally able to explore your sexy body again-your hands reaching down and stroking me through my clothes.

As we kiss, I unbutton your coat and slip my hands underneath and realize what you meant, because you are only wearing a bra and panties under your coat and my hands are immediately greeted by what I have been yearning and starving for-to feel all your soft warm flesh under my hands and between my fingers again.

I tell you how incredibly sexy your body feels, as you continue to tongue my open mouth and then you let a stream of your hot spit drool into my eager mouth and reach down and begin stroking my now throbbing dick. You tell me that you hope I like the way you smell too, because per my request, you did not put on any deodorant for the last couple of days-knowing how aroused and turned on I am by your body’s incredibly sexy natural scent and taste.

As I slip off your coat and let it drop to the floor, I kiss and lick my way down your neck and chest and towards your underarm. You lift your arm over your head and I bury my nose in your armpit-taking a deep breath and savoring your arousing scent, as I un-clasp your bra and take your soft breasts into my hands and begin rolling and pinching your nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

My left hand is now stroking your belly and moving toward your dripping wet pussy, as my right hand continues to tease and stimulate your nipples. My tongue is tasting and exploring your armpit, as my hand slides between your hot wet thighs and my fingers pull your panties aside and part your swollen pussy lips and slide deep inside you and my thumb finds your hard clit.

You continue to stroke my dick and are moaning in pleasure, as I now begin sucking and nibbling on your hard nipples, while I finger fuck your soaking wet cunt-rubbing your g-spot and stroking your clit all at the same time. Soon I feel your pussy convulse and tighten around my fingers as you cum-soaking my hand and your panties and making you weak in the knees.

I sit you down on the edge of the bed and I drop to my knees between your open legs and begin feasting on your pussy through your cum soaked panties and then lick my way up your body-sucking on the soft flesh of your belly and then on your nipples-making my way back up to your mouth, as I reach around you and help you out you your panties.

I lick my way up your neck and you grab my head and treat me to more of your tasty hot spit-drooling over your soft lips into my open mouth, before licking your cum off my face and thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth.

After our hot wet kiss, I take your panties and put them into my mouth-sucking on the cum soaked crotch area-mmm you taste and smell so fucking good that I don’t want to waste a drop and soon my mouth is back between your legs covering your hot tasty pussy-sucking your lips and clit into my mouth-my lips massaging around them and sucking them in and out-tongue licking-teasing-savoring your hot wet swollen flesh-diving deep inside your dripping slit-your hands pressed against the back of my head-grinding and fucking my face with your sweet wet cunt-cumming again gushing again-savoring every drop of almanbahis your hot tasty cum, before swallowing it down.

As my licking and sucking gets softer and slower, you release my head and scoot back a bit from the edge of the bed. You lift your feet up on the bed and spread your legs nice and wide. From your drive to the hotel and from the last two orgasms, your bladder is feeling full and you have a strong desire to pee. You spread your pussy lips open and ask me if I’m ready for you.

I look up and tell you that I am so fucking thirsty for your hot piss! A stream of your hot golden juice arcs out from your pussy and I catch it in my open mouth-letting you watch my mouth fill up with your hot piss before swallowing it down. You almost cum again just watching me drink your piss.

Eager for more, I quickly cover your pissing cunt with my mouth again-licking and sucking on your lips and clit, as I continue to savor and drink down your tasty hot piss-letting some escape my mouth, so I can feel your hot liquid running down my body and onto my throbbing dick-using your hot piss to help my hand slide up and down my hungry horny cock, as I continue to feast on you and drink from you!

This has sent you over the edge again and you cum even harder than before-treating me to a mixture of your hot cum and piss. After I’ve greedily enjoyed every drop you have to give, I come up and kiss you-giving you a taste of your piss mixed together with your sweet cum and then I tell you I am so fucking hungry to feast on your ass!

You are happy to comply and quickly turn over on your hands and knees-teasing me by sticking your sexy hot ass in the air and swaying it back and forth, before reaching back and spreading your ass-cheeks wide open for me.

I’m standing behind you and stroking my rock hard dick-pausing to take in the intoxicating hot and sexy view of your ass spread open for me to feast on-your cum and piss soaked asshole winking at me, as it opens and closes-calling me to worship it and fuck it deep with my tongue.

Your curvy legs are spread apart-giving me room to crawl between them and devour you. I start licking and sucking on the soft smooth flesh of your right ass-cheek and lick my way down your thigh to the top of your thigh-high stocking. As I roll it off your leg, I continue licking and sucking on the warm soft flesh of your leg until I reach your foot.

I finish removing your stocking and then engulf your heel with my mouth-sucking on it and licking the bottom of your foot-wide flat strokes of my tongue up and down the bottom of your foot-the warm soft sensation makes you release your ass-cheeks and reach underneath for your pussy and begin stroking your hard throbbing clit.

You feel another orgasm approaching, as my hot wet mouth surrounds your toes and you feel my tongue licking between them, as I suck on them. I’m looking up and watching you stroke your pussy-you look so fucking hot and sexy playing with your clit!

You feel my mouth leave your foot and them my lips and tongue are all over your ass again-sucking licking feasting on your left cheek and then running my tongue between them-up and down your tasty crack and then back down your left leg-tasting you, as I remove this stocking too and then devouring and lavishing your left foot, as I reach up and help you stroke your clit and then slide a finger inside your pussy-dripping with cum again. All of your toes engulfed by my mouth-so eager to suck on them and run my tongue between them, as I continue to finger your hot dripping pussy.

Your hands return to your ass-cheeks and spread them wide open for me again-your crack wet and glistening with sweat piss and cum. I hear you tell me-baby, I need you to eat my ass now!

My fingers are still inside your pussy-hand facing down-fingers again stroking and rubbing your g-spot and thumb back on your clit-My free hand stroking and massaging your belly and your tits and playing with your nipples, as you feel my hot breath against your asshole and know my mouth is close.

I lick up and down the length of your ass crack-over and over-loving how good your mingled juices taste and smell. I then concentrate my tongue on just your sexy asshole-licking it-wrapping my lips around it and gently sucking on it, as I slide the tip of my tongue inside and french kiss your asshole.

I slide my fingers out of your pussy-they are slick and coated with your hot thick tasty juice. almanbahis yeni giriş I wipe them on your asshole and smear your juice all over, before licking it off. I slide my fingers back inside your pussy and re-coat them with your pussy juice.

I pull them back out and then slide one finger inside your asshole-slowly fucking you with it-feeling your asshole relax and open up for me and then slide it out and replace it with my other juice covered finger-sliding it deep inside your now wet asshole. I’m licking around your asshole, as I finger fuck it and then pull my finger out and suck off your ass juice. I then slide two fingers inside your asshole-opening you further still-again fingering you as I lick around your asshole and my penetrating fingers. Out they come and I lick them dry, It’s twitching wildly from my light strokes and from you rubbing your clit.

Your asshole feels so good when it contracts under the pressure of my tongue-urging me to come inside,-loving how deep I can get my tongue inside you and having you relaxed enough that I can move my tongue around and lick deep inside your asshole-loving the taste and feel of your hot soft velvety walls.

I lick harder as you begin leaning back against my face until I press the tip of my tongue firmly into the center of your asshole and slowly slide it in deeper and deeper-savoring the sexy feeling of every fraction of an inch before thrusting my tongue deep inside your now open and relaxed asshole. With my tongue still deep inside you, you squat down until you are squatting and smothering my face with your beautiful ass.

You are leaning forward and grabbing onto my legs for support as you begin humping and grinding and fucking my tongue wildly with your ass. I’m grabbing onto your hips and helping you and helping myself get deeper and deeper inside your ass with each stroke.

You grab hold of my throbbing cock at the base and stroke your hand up to milk out all the precum oozing out. Wanting to get my tongue deeper still, I push you forward as I sit up until your ass is high up in the air and in the perfect position for me to properly lick and fuck it. I tell you I want to watch you finger fuck your pussy as I fuck your asshole with my tongue.

I begin rimming and licking all around the outside of your asshole as you rub your clit and work your fingers deep inside your soaking pussy. Again I spread your cheeks apart and slowly slide my tongue back inside you-using slow firm strokes in and out until I feel you relax and then I quickly thrust my tongue deep inside you and you moan “oh yeah-just like that”.

I’m licking all around the inside of your asshole-tasting every inch I can of your tight sexy hole-moving my tongue from side to side and swirling it around. Then my fingers return to your pussy-my fingers entangle with yours-stroking you-fucking your sloppy wet cunt so good.

I have my tongue sticking out as far as it will go with my head thrusting forward then back-ramming my tongue deeper and deeper inside you, as I tongue fuck your asshole and you are rocking back and forth to meet my thrusts-sending me deeper still, until your pussy explodes and gushes all over my face and body.

As I slow to long sensual strokes with my tongue still deep inside your pulsating asshole-slowly sliding my tongue out rimming sucking and licking around your hot sexy open asshole and then down to your pussy-swallowing, savoring your hot tasty cum.

You feels so incredible and sexy wrapped around my tongue and my cock is throbbing with excitement-wanting to be inside your ass.

You seem to read my mind as you tell me “Lover, fuck my ass with that hard dick!” You turn over on your back and spread your legs wide and lift your ass up-ready for me to fuck you. I sit before you and stroke my cock as I slide a finger inside your asshole and rub your clit with my thumb as I look into your sexy lust-filled eyes. “Oh please baby-give me that cock” I rub my dick up and down your wet slit-coating it with your pussy juice and then press the head of my dick against your wet asshole.

My dick is so hard throbbing and ready to be inside you. Your eager hole opens up and sucks the head of my cock inside as I grab onto your hips and slide deeper and deeper. I continue playing with your pussy and clit as we rock back and forth against each other. I lean forward and lay on top of you and begin driving my cock deeper inside your ass until almanbahis giriş I’m buried to the hilt. We’re tonguing and kissing each other as I fuck your ass with long hard deep strokes.

I lift myself off you to enjoy the incredible view of your hot sweaty body and the way your breasts sway as I pound deep into your asshole. You are getting ready to cum and your sexy eyes are glazed over and begin to roll back and you scream out in ecstasy as I feel your asshole convulse with and your entire body trembles with your huge orgasm.

Hot juice is squirting out of your pussy and spraying against my stomach and soaking my dick and your asshole. I slide myself out and enjoy the view of my hot cum drooling out of your well fucked asshole. It looks so sexy and delicious and I go down and lick your asshole clean-lapping up my cum from your relaxed gaping asshole.

You look so beautiful lying there, sated from loving you, but I’m not nearly done. My dick is still rock hard and dripping pre cum, so you lean forward and lick it off and savor our mingled tastes before engulfing my dick with your mouth-it feels so good-so hot.

My dick is glistening with your saliva as you continue sucking on me and stroking my hard shaft. I look down at you and see the lust in your sexy eyes, you take your hands from my cock and put them under your luscious body.

Your eyes are pleading, begging me to fuck your mouth. I stoke your cheek softly marveling how much trust you put in me, your lover, your best friend. Without taking my cock from your mouth I move your head until it is hanging off the bed.

I start slowly fucking your mouth feeling how hot and wet it is on my dick, your hands on my ass pulling me closer-deeper- thrusting faster forcing your throat to open, my balls slapping against your face. I can feel you gagging and struggling to breath but you don’t stop me.

I know your orgasm will be hard and quick, I do this hard for a few minutes until I see your body arch and cum squirting from your pussy. I take my dick out of your mouth, Your face looks so erotic with all the spit I lick it off your face and spit it into your open mouth sliding my dick in once more deep…

Baby… My dick is so hard throbbing and ready to be inside you. I kneel between your legs and stroke the head of my dick up and down your wet slit and then slowly slide my swollen head inside-oh baby! so hot-so wet-you feel so fucking good! as I slide in slowly giving you a little more of my dick with each stroke and I climb on top of you and feel your legs spread further and feel your feet wrapped around my hips.

I’m buried deep inside your sweet pussy-my tongue deep inside your mouth, as I slowly pick up my stroke-nice long deep strokes-moving a little faster as I feel my balls ache with the desire to cum-you feel them slapping against your asshole as I fuck you harder and faster-I reach back and pin your legs under my arms-spreading you wider still-thrusting my dick deeper still-sweet sexy sound of sweaty skin slapping-the wet sloppy sound of my dick pounding your gushing cunt-tongue and lips-licking sucking all over your tits and pleasuring your nipples-your hands reach above your head for leverage against the headboard-pushing into me-fucking even harder and faster-nose buried in your armpit-so turned on by your sexy scent-tongue licking tasting savoring what you have for me there-your pussy convulsing gushing-massaging my cock-trying to milk me of my hot creamy cum-unable to stop, as we scream out in one incredible orgasm-you feel my dick convulsing inside you followed by wave after wave of hot cum filling up your hungry pussy!

Still savoring tasting your sweaty body, as my strokes slow back down-then licking my way back down to lick and suck on your cream filled pussy-dripping with my cum and yours-still stroking my semi-hard dick and then sliding back inside your pussy until I am deep again-laying above you our cum dripping off my chin and you pull me down to lick my face clean.

Slowly stroking your pussy with my dick-getting harder again and then a moments pause-and you begin to feel a new sensation-your pussy filling up with hot piss, as I begin to unload inside you filling you until you are over flowing with my hot piss and then fucking your full pussy and pushing more out-feeling it run out all over you and down to your asshole below and then more piss for you-filling you with load after load-all the while fucking you to orgasm after screaming orgasm until I am spent.

You beg me for a taste, so I lay next to you and we share lots of long hot wet passionate kissing as we push my cum and your ass juice back and forth-savoring the flavor of our hot fucking.

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