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Subject: Andy’s Story : The Search for Meaning -12 February had dissolved into March, March, into April. It was now springtime in Atlanta. During those winter months my relationship with Kevin continued to flourish. It seemed like with each passing week we would become closer and closer to each. That was what love was all about. Usually we would get together at least four times a week. We didn’t have sex with each other every time we met. As far as Kevin and I were concerned sex was secondary. Our close friendship came first. But when we did have sex together it was wonderful. Bringing each other off was the greatest experiences that one could have in the relationship that we both shared with each other. On weekends we would usually go swimming, but if the weather was really nice we would end up spending the day at Piedmont Park. At Piedmont Park there was always something that we could do, whether it was taking a walk around the lake, fishing, getting a nice tan beneath the hot Georgia sun, or listening to the free concerts that were always going on in the park. But Piedmont Park wasn’t the only place that we visited. When we had some money we would take a MARTA bus to Centennial Park and ride the Ferris Wheel to get great views of the city of Atlanta, visit the Atlanta Aquarium, or go to the Atlanta Zoo which was in Southeast Atlanta on the other side of the perimeter and Downtown Connector. Other times we would rent an electric scooter and scoot all around the city and even into the suburbs sometimes. There was always something to do in downtown Atlanta. I had never met met Kevin’s parents or his little brother Gary due to the the three year age gap in our relationship. The reason behind that was that we both weren’t sure how his parents would react to their eleven year old son hanging out with a fourteen soon to be fifteen year old gay teenager. And to make matters even worse Kevin’s parents had no idea that Kevin was gay. So that being the situation we didn’t want anything to come in between the loving relationship that Kevin and I had with each other. But on the other side of the coin Kevin did meet my father and Matt numerous times. Unlike Kevin’s parents who we both weren’t sure of, my father and Matt were both very supportive of the relationship that I had with Kevin. As a matter of fact my father was glad that I had a little friend like Kevin to hang around with. Before Kevin came into my life I was a basically a lonely youth in search of meaning, not really understanding why I was like the way I was. Why didn’t I have an interest in girls like most of my peers had at my age? Why was so much in love with a boy who was three years younger then me. Why at a younger age did I insist on having a sexual relationship not only with Matt but my father as well? And when that sexual relationship finally did materialize I became almost addicted to it, until Kevin came into my life? Now even though I still would get sexually involved with them on occasion the relationship that I had with my father and Matt no longer really mattered that much anymore. That was because I now had someone inexperienced and younger then me who’s name was Kevin Harris that only recently had come into my life that I could not only relate too but teach as well, just like my father had taught me before I met Kevin. As I was thinking about all this the doorbell to the apartment rang. I already knew who it was. It was Kevin because I had been expecting him to come over that afternoon. Neither my father or Matt were home so once again we would have the apartment to ourselves. Outside it was stormy with severe thunderstorms rolling in from the west so it wouldn’t be a good day to go outside that afternoon. Opening the door I stepped off to the side to allow Kevin to walk in. As usual he had big smile etched across his face. He was soaked, his clothes dripping wet because he had just been caught in a heavy shower that had just rolled in over the past fifteen minutes or so. His wet rusty colored hair was plastered to his forehead. “I was hoping to make it here before the thunderstorm hit, but as you can see I didn’t quite make it.” Kevin frowned. I laughed, closing the door behind him. “You look like a drowned mouse, why don’t you go on ahead and take those wet clothes off. I’ll wash them for you and put them into the dryer. No one is going to be here this afternoon, it’s going to be just you and me.” I suggested. “Don’t mind if I do.” Kevin smiled. I watched as he pulled off his dripping wet polo shirt baring himself to the waist. His smooth damp hairless torso glistened beneath the apartments ceiling lights. “You really did get wet, didn’t you.” I added. “Duh.” He said playfully. He sucked in his stomach revealing his protruding ribs and taunt stomach centered by his innie belly button. şişli travesti “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling kind of horny this afternoon. It must have something to do with the way it’s raining outside.” “You are, huh.” I said feeling my penis slowly rising beneath the pants that I was wearing. This was unusual for Kevin because usually I would be the one to initiate sex between us. Kevin bent over then started to untie the tennis shoes that he was wearing. He took off his left one first then his right one. “I think I’m ready now.” He said. With curiosity getting the better of me I asked, “Ready for what?” “To do the one thing that we hadn’t done yet.” He said. Now my dick was really throbbing beneath my pants. I knew almost immediately what that one thing that he was referring to was. “Do you want me too fuck you first or do you want fuck me?” I asked. It didn’t matter to me. There was pleasure on both the giving end and the receiving end. “Do you think that we can do both this afternoon? I don’t have to be home until 5:00. And it’s only 1:00 now.” Now I really was surprised. Kevin was actually serious about all this. Unlike giving each other blow jobs which I kinda hinted to him a while back this was the one thing that I never really pushed him into doing. I wanted him to make that decision whenever he was ready as far as anal sex was concerned. And today he had just made that decision. Since he made that decision I was more then happy to oblige. “Yeah, but between fucks we’re going to have to relax some and get involved in a little foreplay so that we will be ready for round two.” I answered. “What’s foreplay?” Kevin asked. “Stimulating each other to get ready for the sexual act. At least that’s what my father told me it was when I asked him that same question a couple of years ago when I started getting on with him. I’ll show you when the time comes.” I stated. “You’ve had sex with your father before?” Kevin exclaimed in a surprised tone of voice. Apparently I had never told him that before though he had never really asked about it. “Yes.” I answered truthfully. “And Matt also. They were the ones that taught me all about sex and how to pleasure your partner when you’re together.” I explained. “I didn’t know that. I don’t think that I ever could have sex with my father. That would be too embarrassing for me. Did you like it when you were doing sexual things with him?” He asked as he was pulling off fish wet socks. “Do you like it when I do sexual things with you?” “Uh huh, shit that was a stupid question that I had just asked you, wasn’t it?” Kevin frowned. I laughed. “It’s okay Kevin, I don’t mind you asking me questions no matter how stupid they are.” Kevin smiled. He pulled down both his shorts and underpants in one swift motion. It didn’t surprise me to see that he already was erect and ready to go. His rigid length jutted straight out proudly from his hairless mound. I could see that it was already a tad thicker and a little longer then it had been when I first saw him erect almost six months ago. He threw all his wet clothes in a small pile. “Go into my bedroom and relax. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.” I told him. I watched as he walked naked down the hallway to my bedroom. As he was doing that I went on ahead and gathered up all his wet clothes, took them into the laundry room and tossed them into the washer so that I could get them washed. Once I had the soap in the machine and the washing machine going I headed eagerly to my bedroom where Kevin was waiting for me. I paused at the bathroom to pick up a tube of KY gel that was kept in the medicine cabinet above the sink. With the tube of KY in my hand I eagerly entered my bedroom preparing myself for a whole rainy afternoon of sex, sex with my little eleven year old lover, Kevin. After all this was what he wanted and I wasn’t about to say no in response to his request. When I saw Kevin lying naked on his side facing me his head propped up and on his elbow my heartbeat went into overdrive. Our sparkling green eyes connected with my eyes and I could see the love that he had for me in them. I wasted no time pulling off my clothes until I was just as naked as he was. With the tube of KY in my hand I walked over to the bed then plopped down on top of the mattress besides him. Setting the KY momentarily off to the side I took Kevin into my arms and pulled his smooth warm body over towards me. With the length of our nude bodies pressing firmly against each other we embraced. I hugged him tightly against me feeling his little erection pressing upwards against my much larger and thicker erection. It was a brief moment in heaven as we hungrily kissed each other. I cupped his bottom cheeks, squeezing the twin well rounded soft mounds together. beylikdüzü travesti They felt both warm and cool beneath the palm of my hand. Drawing away, a bead of saliva snapping wetly between us I whispered to him saying, “This is foreplay.” “I love it.” Kevin replied before kissing me on my lips again. With our erections rubbing lightly against each other I could already feel my pending orgasm rising rapidly up within me. I didn’t want to cum yet, so as much as I hated to do so I had to roll away from him onto my back lying besides him. “What’s the matter?” Kevin asked, sounding a little disappointed after I had rolled away from him. “I was about ready to cum so I had to roll away. And if we’re going to do what you want to do this afternoon we’re just going to have to slow down some.” I said. My throbbing erection was already drooling pre-cum like a sieve. “I was about to cum also.” Kevin admitted reaching down to fondle himself flipping his erection at the slender root up and down a couple of times. “So, how do you want to do this? Do you want me to fuck you first or do you want to fuck me first.” I asked. “I want you to fuck me first. If it’s going to hurt I want to get the pain over with before I fuck you.” Kevin said. “I’ll try not to hurt you. If I grease you up good enough hopefully my dick would slide right in when I enter you.” I said. “Alright, I trust you.” Kevin said. I watched as he rolled over on top of my mattress on his stomach. Picking up the KY I repositioned myself so that I was kneeling besides him. I looked down as his beautiful well rounded soft bubbly bottom. His bottom was slightly lighter then the rest of his body due to his tanline. Squeezing a nice dollop of KY onto the tip of my two middle fingers I parted his left asscheek to reveal his gaping dime size pink puckered opening. Slowly I pushed my greased up middle fingers into his hot clammy inner depths twisting them around until I had sunk them in all the way to my third knuckles. He grunted then moaned his slender young body tensing. I could feel his anal sphincter muscles clamping tightly around my deeply impaled fingers. I started moving my fingers in and out nudging his little prostate in the process. He moaned even louder then cried out, “It feels like I’m going to cum!” He was breathing hard and deep which told me that he was on the verge of cumming. Way too soon I thought. If he climaxed now we would never be able to do what Kevin wanted to do this afternoon. Making sure that the inner walls of his rectum were well greased up with KY I quickly twisted my two fingers out of him. “Just try and relax for a few seconds so that I can grease myself up with this KY.” I said. “I’ll try but damn I almost blew it right then and there. What did you do to make it feel like that?” Kevin asked. “I was touching your prostate, otherwise known as the male’s G-spot according what my father told me a while back.” “Wow, that was something else.” Kevin exclaimed. Squeezing another dollop of KY, this time into the palm of my left hand I quickly greased my thick veiny shaft up from the hairy root all the way up to the head. I was now ready to take the plunge something that I had been wanting to do for a while. “You ready?” I asked. “I’m ready.” Kevin replied. “There are different ways to do this. We’re going to do it doggy style so that way I can play with your cock while I fuck you. So go ahead and get up on your hands and knees.” I watched as Kevin pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. Immediately I moved on the bed repositioning myself on my knees behind him. My erection was really throbbing now. Using my left hand I parted his ass cheek to open him up revealing his puckered greased up opening. Moving even closer to him I used my right hand to guide my thick veiny shaft into him. When my cock head slowly pushed into him stretching his ringlet to accommodate the girth of my now throbbing erection he let out a cry. Pausing I said, “Do you want me to stop?” The last thing I wanted to do was hurt him. Despite being greased up there was going to be a little pinch of pain before the undeniable pleasure set in. I knew that because every time Matt and occasionally my father would fuck me I would feel that pinch of pain. “No.” Kevin cried out. “Keep going, I can take it.” I pushed in again, this time even harder. I could feel my greased up shaft now sliding in to the point that I could now move my guiding hand away from the root of my rigid penis. Now that I was impaled I used both of my hands to clutch his hip bones for better leverage. Taking a deep breath I eased back then drove my rigid length as hard as I could sinking just about my entire 6″inches balls deep all the way up into him causing Kevin to yelp. I felt istanbul travesti his anal sphincter muscles clamping tightly around my impaled shaft sending surges of pleasure searing through my fourteen year old body. As much as I wanted to start thrusting away, I forced myself to hold off from doing that until I felt sure that Kevin was ready. When his tense body finally relaxed he took a deep breath then said, “I’m okay now.” That was all that I needed to go for it. “Get ready, I’m about to fuck the hell out of you.” I said playfully. Clutching his hip bone tightly with my left hand I slid my right hand around his hip then underneath to gently grasp his now throbbing straining erection. Not only could I feel the vein bulging out a little on the underside of his slender erection but I felt something else that I had never felt before. The swollen acorn shaped head of Kevin’s erection was now slippery with a warm smear of pre-cum. He was more then ready now I concluded and I was more then ready now myself, so this time I let him have it. I eased back then started thrusting in and out driving balls deep again and again into him. He met my thrusts by pushing back against me causing my thick veiny 6″inch length to plow into him even deeper. Before long we developed a rhythm and were both moving in together in unison as one. I wanted to bring Kevin off seconds before I ejaculated so his ejaculation would enhance my pending orgasm even more. In order to do that I started sliding my thumb and forefinger back and forth around Kevin’s pre-cum slippery acorn shape head attacking the most sensitive part of his throbbing length while fucking him. It worked because within seconds after I started doing that to him he tensed even more crying out in his still unchanged voice, “I’m going to cum!” And sure enough he did. With one last deep driving balls thrust his penis exploded between my corkscrewing fingertips then started jackhammering away. This time it wasn’t no dry orgasm. Warm thinnish slippery fluid spittled out all over my corkscrewing fingertips from the tip of his twitching cock head. It wasn’t very much but it was enough to coat my corkscrewing fingertips. His sucking and twitching anal sphincer muscles around my impaled shaft brought me off into my own ultra intense orgasm. Like an erupting volcano I exploded deep in his hot clammy depths. I could feel after wave after wave of my thick teen cream jetting deep into his twitching asshole. It had to be the most cum to jet out of me in quite some time. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming, but finally I did and my tense body suddenly relaxed in what could only be described as post orgasmic bliss. I stayed in him until I became soft then reluctantly pulled out with a loud wet pop. A little of my thick white cum burped out of his still slightly twitching asshole. We both dropped down onto the mattress not only spent but exhausted then rolled over on our backs next to each other. Like the first blowjob Kevin had given me a couple of months ago this was the best fuck that I had ever had. I wondered if we both had enough energy to do it again which was what Kevin wanted only this time it would be reversed for I would be on the receiving end. After a minute or so of relaxing I asked Kevin, “Did you enjoy what we just did to each other?” “God yes, it was awesome. I thought it would hurt more then it did when you rammed your thick cock up into me. But the pleasure I felt afterwards was well worth the little pinch of pain I felt when you first drove your cock up into me. It was the most intense nut that I had ever had since I started doing it” Kevin admitted. “Did you know that a little cum actually came out of you for the very first time since you started to dry nut?” “You mean cum actually came out of me?” Kevin asked. “It sure did. You got your cum all over my fingertips.” I said proudly. “Wow, so now I’m going to start making a little mess each time I cum.” “That’s what it’s looking like.” I said. “Anyway you still want to do it again in a little while?” “Do you?” Kevin questioned. “Only if you want to do it.” “Yeah, I still want to do it. Maybe I’ll cum again this time inside you.” Kevin laughed. “I won’t mind. That would be cool. I’d like to feel your jism up in me. So anyway let’s rest for about thirty minutes or so then we’ll try to do it again. Hopefully we’ll be able to get each other up again so that we can do it.” I exclaimed. Yes, I thought. Kevin was a winner. Never had I ever been in love before with someone like Kevin. He rolled over almost on top of me and we lovingly embraced feeling the length of our nude bodies pressing up against each other. Just feeling his the warmth of his smooth body up against me was more then enough to get my hormones on the move again. During our time of recuperation we mainly relaxed enjoying each other’s company. I think we both might have drifted off to sleep for a little while. Within an hour or so we were ready to do it again. I could not wait to feel Kevin’s slender rigid length driving up into me……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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