Anita at the nudist beach

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Anita at the nudist beachAnita at the nudist beach.My sweet wife Ana and I had booked an early summer holiday in the Canary Islands to catch some sun. She liked to sunbathe and swim naked and soon found one of the many nudist beaches. On the sixth day of our holiday we were on the beach at the end of the afternoon and gradually everyone else left until we were alone. We were both stretched out on the sand when a voice suddenly disturbed the quietness. “Good afternoon, I haven’t seen you here before.” Opening my eyes I saw a dark skinned man standing next to us. We both sat up and the man introduced himself as Jonathan, from Jamaica. He explained that he was a local resident now in the Islands and that this was his favorite place of the beach. As he talked I noticed Ana was staring at his midsection. I followed her eyes and then I was stunned to see that the black man had a real huge piece of penis. It seemed out of place on a man who looked to be around fifty years old…He was a bald man and he was very fit and lean with muscles all over his athletic body. Anita seemed to be entranced by him as he spoke with a heavily accented voice.He suddenly said to Ana that she looked very tense and he was a trained masseur and could give her a good massage.I expected my sweet wife to say no, especially as she was naked, in a public beach. But then I was really shocked when she accepted with a delighted look in her eyes.Then Ana lay face down on her towel and Jonathan produced a bottle of some kind of lubricant oil form his bag. He knelt down next to my wife`s body and after giving me a reassuring smile proceeded to pour some oil onto Anita’s back. He started by massaging her shoulders and upper back and I could see that he was good at what he did. Soon Ana becoming totally relaxed and I could see the stress flowing out of her. Slowly he worked lower down her back, massaging her smoothly.Without pausing he then tekirdağ escort started on her feet and calves before moving up to her thighs. As he probed and kneaded I noticed that every now and again he would allow one of his hands to plunge down into the gap between Anita’s legs. This had the effect of making my wife relax her legs and eventually she moved them slightly further apart. From where I was sitting, now I could see part of her open and wet labia…This relaxing of her thighs was not lost on Jonathan, who suddenly moved his hands to drift down and onto Ana`s vaginal lips. This produced a slight gasp of shock from her, but she did nothing to stop him and so the black man slipped a couple of fingers down into her labia and then judging by the sigh from Ana, right into her now wet cunt.I was thinking in stopping him to do so; but just then however Jonathan asked her to turn over to do her on the front. As if in a trance, Anita rolled over onto her back…He started massaging her shoulders but then quickly allowed his hands to move onto her firm breasts. This produced another sigh from Anita but not too much; so the man kneaded and pinched her nipples which had by now become fully erect. This was not the only thing becoming erect as I noticed Jonathan`s bare cock starting to swell and grow bigger than it was.The black man moved his massaging down to Anita’s legs but soon he started sucking her toes and soles of her feet and then was licking and kissing her beautiful legs. She slowly moved a little, spreading her thighs. Now Jonathan was kneeling over her, facing her cunt which was now spread open and obviously very wet and aroused. He glanced and me and smiled. Then lowered his head and started to eat Anita out. She closed her eyes and had allowed that perfect stranger to give a nice tonguing.I just watched as he darted his tongue in and out of her pussy and allowed tokat escort his nose to nudge against her clitoris. All the while she had her hands on his bald head keeping him in the right place. After a few minutes of this onslaught during which I could hear my sweet wife breathing becoming more ragged; she suddenly let out a huge sob and then shrieked as a massive climax swept through her. I glanced round to make sure no one else was near because she was so noisy in her climax. I thought things would end here but then Jonathan gradually crawled up over Anita’s trembling body and gave her a deep kiss which she returned with vigor. As I watched them I noticed that his black cock was now fully erect and looked to be a least eleven inches in length which was really much more sized than mine. I was kneeling behind Ana’s head and Jonathan looked up to me and then down toward his cock, which he was now rubbing along Ana’s wet slit. I realized that he was silently asking me to let him fuck wife…I found myself nodding to that huge black man and he smiled at me as he started to push his huge cock into my loving wife´s cunt. I watched in awe as his huge mushroom headed cock pushed into her split pussy lips. A couple of inches disappeared into her juicing cunt and I heard her gasp as she felt his size. He continued to work his big cock into Anita and gradually he worked back and forward until to my amazement he had buried all his eleven inches to the hilt. Jonathan rested for some seconds, allowing Ana to adjust to the huge cock that was invading her tight cunt. When he felt she was ready, he started to slide his giant black snake in and out of her; all the while looking down at her face. My lovely Ana grabbed his muscular arms and stared back at him in disbelief at the feeling of being totally full of cock. She groaned half in discomfort but half in pleasure. After a few minutes trabzon escort of gentle fucking Anita moved her legs round so that they rested on the back of Jonathan´s calves. As their coupling continued my wife started to moan louder and louder and her breathing became ragged. I knew that this was the precursor to her having an orgasm and it wasn’t long before it was full upon her. Anita suddenly screamed out and arched her back so that she was pressed up against him as he continued to plunge into her willing wet cunt. As she came down from her orgasm she smiled up and begged him moaning not to stop…They continued moving toward a mighty climax and I just watched spellbound as the fucking session continued. I was snapped out of my trance by the frantic moaning of both of them. Sweat was rolling down the black man`s back as he strove to reach his own release. His thrusting was getting really savage and Ana was making some guttural sounds as he pounded into her. Suddenly I noticed he was staring at me again with his questioning eyes. I immediately knew that he wanted my permission to come inside my wife´s cunt. Of course I found myself nodding again to him. Then he turned his gaze back toward my delirious wife and started to really pound into her. They both stared directly into each other’s eyes as he pushed himself toward the climax; a second one for my wife…They held their mutual climaxes for what seemed like minutes. He kept lunging into her and she kept whimpering. Gradually their mating ceased and Jonathan lay on top of Anita while they both recovered. He kept his cock in her pussy and I then realized he was plugging her and making sure that none of his seed could spill out of her cunt…After a while the black man pulled out of my wife and I noticed that very little of his seed was running out of her. Jonathan knelt down, gave me a wink and kissed Anita´s lips; then he just walked off by the beach side. Eventually Ana looked me in the face and said she was very sorry; she did not know what had happened to her… She could not help herself, it just happened that way…She closed her nice eyes and asked me if we could stay a couple more days at that peaceful nudist beach…

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