Awakening – A Sex Story Ch. 03

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I slip into the deserted canteen bathroom and lock myself in the last stall. I don’t think I have ever been as horny as I feel right at this very moment. I bang down the lid of the toilet and hike up my skirt before sitting down. A waft of my musky scent caresses my nose as I split open my legs, I can almost taste my desire lingering in the air. I reach down running my fingers through my dark pubes before slipping my index finger between my swollen pussy lips.

My vagina gobbles up the finger, eager for the intrusion. “I can’t remember if I have ever been this wet” I think as I easily slip in a second finger. I begin to rub myself slowly, curling my finger slightly up to brush against the top wall of my vagina. A soft wet squelching sound echoes off the cubicle walls. I yank my blouse up under my armpits freeing my sensitive breasts, my areolas puffy and nipples rock hard. I pinch my left nipple which sends a blaze of electric passion down to my pussy, my vagina constricting immediately squeezing my fingers together.

I start to picture Professor Saunders naked, he casino oyna pendulous cock quivering between his legs as it hardens at the sight of my engorged pussy. His balls hung low, each the size of a juicy peach, swinging gently with each tremor.

I can feel the pressure building in my loins, slowly ratcheting my need for relief. I slide my free hand down and run a finger along my distended clit causing a deep moan to escape my lips. I can feel that I am on the crest, just about to pop over the edge and free fall into the liberation of an eye-popping orgasm when the bathroom door bangs open and a cluster of giddy voices thunder off the tiles of the bathroom.

“No, no, no, noooo” I whimper, biting my bottom lip as the chance of orgasmic relief ebbs away. The intruders carry on babbling about some inane relationship woes and I give my pussy a quick wipe before straightening my clothes and heading out the cubicle. I mutter my greetings to the group as I wash my hands and leave the bathroom even more frustrated.

The rest of the day is a blur. I force myself to canlı casino focus on my studies, balling up my insistent libido and pushing it out my mind. I get back to the dorm feeling like I’d run a marathon. I fling open my dorm room door which slams up against the study table cause my water bottle to drop to floor, bounce once and proceed to roll under the bed.

“Fuuuuuck” I seethe through clenched teeth and toss my book bag into the corner. I get down on my knees and slip my arm under the bed to retrieve the bottle but my fingertips only graze the bottle sending even further under the be.

“Oh, come on!” I fume moving closer to the bed and sticking my head under the metal frame to get a little more reach.

I’d just about gotten a hand to the bottle when I hear a throat being cleared from the doorway. I shuffle backwards as quickly as possible losing a shoe in the process. I pause, take a deep breath willing my anger to wilt before turning around.

Carmen’s leaning in the doorway smirking with one shapely eyebrow raised. “I lost my water bottle under kaçak casino the bed” I blurt out feeling the warmth of embarrassment bloom on my cheeks. Carmen continues smirking and I feel her gaze travel over my body a few times.

“I wanted to check if you’re planning on coming over this evening? I’ve had the , er, jewelry in the whole day and have some interesting observations that you might want to hear?”

“S-s-sure” I manage stutter. “Give me a few minutes to straightening up and I’ll pop past”. My cheeks flame up even more and I can hardly look her direction.

“Alrighty” Carmen says. “Oh and not need to put on any panties when you come over, I like what I saw” she winks over she shoulder as she walks away.

I slowly close the door and thud my forehead into it. “My skirt was up while I was under the bed” I hiss to myself, the blood rushing out of my face. “Your little pussy was on display again you fucking tart”. I hammer my fist against the door a few times and take a deep breath to steady myself. More people have seen my pussy in one day than my entire life.

I stop.

“I like what I saw”. Carmen’s words echo in my head. Carmen likes what she saw. Carmen saw my pussy. Carmen likes my pussy! The realization hit me like a freight train. Carmen like MY pussy!

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