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B5 Chapter 4 Jordan’s First Time – Jordan JerChapter 4: Jordan’s First Time – Jordan Jerks OffTiffany and Clyda did stop by to see Jordan later in the day. Their visit was much the same as Dee Dee’s. Along with some idle chatter, both girls were glad to see that Jordan had come out of the surgery with no ill effects, and each one marveled at the mammoth cock between Jordan’s legs, that was the grand result of Dee Dee’s technology.Tiffany confirmed that Sunday morning would be the day when Jordan would finally get to play with her cock and see how large it truly was, and what it could do.Knowing she couldn’t get her hands on it, and not wanting to possibly tamper with Dee Dee’s work, Jordan asked that a sheet be drawn up over her waist, so that she couldn’t see her cock for the night. Jordan passed the night after dinner by reading a magazine and watching some television, before she finally drifted off to sleep. Her dreams were filled with thoughts about how wonderful it would be to finally experience her new cock for the first time tomorrow.Sunday morning finally came. After Tami cleared away Jordan’s breakfast plate, Dee Dee, Tiffany and Clyda arrived in the room together.”Hi Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “Today’s the big day for you. You’re finally gonna get to take that new hunk of meat between your legs out for its first test drive. I guess asking if you’re ready or not, would be a silly question?”All Jordan could do was give a nervous smile. “I don’t have words to describe how much I’ve been looking forward to this, Dee Dee. It’s literally a dream come true for me.””That’s pretty much what other girls have said too, when the big day finally arrives for them,” said Clyda. “After everything you’ve gone through recently, we all think you’ve earned it.””Just give me a minute to release the catches here on the plastic shield,” said Dee Dee. “And then I’ll make a few last minute checks on you.” Dee Dee and Tiffany removed the plastic shield from the bed, and set it over on the side of the room. Dee Dee made some minor examinations on Jordan’s cock and balls. “Everything looks to be in great shape here. We’re ready for the show.””Okay, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “This is what you’ve worked so hard for, and now you’ve got it. Show us what you’ve got, and what you can do with it.”Jordan reached down and began delicately fondling her cock and balls. “My God, Dee Dee’s operation certainly worked!” thought Jordan. She was thoroughly excited by her new appendage and she took its length in her hand. “This feels marvelous. So soft, and yet I know it can get rock hard in moments, too. No wonder boys always liked to play with them.” It felt incredibly and intensely pleasurable for Jordan to be experiencing her first erection, and with an audience in the room to boot, no less. Jordan’s hands moved directly to the tip of her cock, which now felt hard, and also very sensitive as she ran her fingertips across it. Jordan looked down between her legs and her cock appeared to be almost glowing from the lights overhead in the room. Opening her eyes and looking down, Jordan was shocked by what she saw. Her cock and balls were growing! She could feel the energy coursing through her cock, pulsing like it had a life of its own. Jordan’s cock grew bigger and bigger. It was now over twelve inches long and two inches across. Jordan could feel her balls expanding and brushing against her thighs; they must now be the size of small tomatoes. The feeling anadolu yakası escort was overwhelming, but Jordan did not want it to stop. Watching her ever-lengthening member was the most sexually exciting experience of her life. “Grow, grow!” Jordan thought as she wondered how big she could get. Fifteen inches. Then eighteen inches. Jordan’s cock was now as big around as her forearm, ribbed with thick veins along its length, and the head was the size of an orange. Grabbing the shaft with both hands, since one hand could not manage, Jordan lifted the head up against her chest to take a better look at her new marvel. It was perfectly proportioned from balls to glans, topped with a smooth acorn-shaped head and slit. She was starting to get hot and could feel the blood rush to engorge the stiffening pole. Jordan’s erection continued to swell as her excitement increased and grew to a mind-boggling twenty inches in length and over three inches across with the flared head now the size of a small g****fruit. As she suckled and teased the tip of her cock, Jordan could feel her massive member give one final surge and spurt of growth in her hands. Like a tire or a balloon finally reaching the maximum inflation point, Jordan could somehow sense that her cock had finally reached its limits.Jordan’s cock was now a full two feet in length, and over three inches in width. Her balls hung just below the shaft, and were bigger than two tennis balls.Jordan sat on the bed, with her legs spread apart, and her hands reaching out to her sides. The other three girls had a full, unobstructed view of Jordan’s beautiful new cock.”Holy shit, Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “You certainly didn’t cut any corners here, did you?””Hey, you were the one who wanted me to make sure that she was hung like a fucking horse, you know,” said Dee Dee. “I do good work, if I say so myself.””Good fucking grief, Jordan,” said Clyda. “Do you realize you’ve got every bit as much meat between your legs as Tiffany or myself, love?”Jordan stared back at the three amazons with unabashed pride and glee, as she fully realized what she had between her legs.”You want me to do something with my nice, big, new hard-on, don’t you, girls?” Jordan whispered. “Something nasty.”Jordan’s prick, now fully erect by this time, heaved with a powerful surge of energy as she cupped her hand over her balls and playfully gave them a squeeze. Jordan shuddered at the sensation. Jordan began to run her hand along the length of her prick, from her bloated balls to her flaring cockhead. Her fat fuckrod throbbed in her hand. Jordan began stroking the underside of her prickmeat with both hands. Jordan’s cock was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork and that vibration ran up her arms and set her body to trembling in the same tempo. Jordan blew her warm breath onto the tip of her cock. The great cockhead flared out wildly.”I want to warn you that sometimes the first time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” said Dee Dee. “It can take some girls a while to get the hang of using their own cock.””You’ve got to be fucking k**ding me, Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “Just look at her.””It doesn’t look like you’ve got anything to worry about on that score,” said Clyda. “She’s handling it like a bloody pro.”Jordan could now bend her neck slightly and licked the tip of her penis with her tongue. It was almost enough to make her cum ataşehir escort on the spot. Jordan’s piss-slit was gaping open and now a drop of thick milky jism came bubbling out. It ran down the dark meat of her cockhead in a creamy trickle. Jordan whimpered when she saw that. It looked like a glob of evaporated milk, she thought, but she knew from many past experiences with other cocks that it was a lot more delicious than mere milk.Jordan pushed her tongue out and slowly drew the tip of her cockhead near her mouth for the first time, gathering up the hot cum-drop. She let it roll around on her taste buds for a moment, savoring the flavor of shemale jism, adoring the taste and the texture of the slimy nugget. Then Jordan tossed her head back and let it run down her throat.Jordan tried to compose herself, and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Jordan could feel her balls swelling in anticipation of release as she placed as much of her mouth over the throbbing tip as she could. She was in ecstasy as she sucked and probed the slit with her tongue as she slid both her hands up and down the now thickly veined surface of her cock. “Easy Jordan, easy,” said Tiffany. “Squeeze the head of your cock like you’ve seen us do. You always want to try and prolong things with your cock, so the feelings are more intense.”Jordan did as Tiffany instructed, and felt the juices rushing down the shaft of her cock, and the sensations subsided.As the sensation of tasting her own cum for the first time overcame her, Jordan lowered her head, and began working on her cockhead in earnest now. Jordan was now gently stroking her cock. As she did this, and became more familiar with the motion, her strokes became stronger and firmer. As Jordan’s hands stroked the massive shaft, her cockhead flared. Jordan gave a little gasp and leaned forward, sticking her tongue out. She began to lick at her dark cockhead, lightly at first, then laved all over the huge stab of prickmeat with long, slurping tongue-strokes. Jordan pushed her tongue right up into her piss-slit.Jordan continued to lap at her own prick. Then she kissed the tip of her prick and again let her mouth slowly open as wide as possible. As of yet, she could not quite manage to fit all of her own massive cockhead into her mouth, but she was able to get most of it in, collaring the dark, meat-colored wedge with her lips.Jordan sucked, her cheeks hollowing in and out, her lips turning almost inside out as they pulled at her prickmeat. Her tongue was still working merrily away, sliding around against the underside of her knob. Jordan’s hands skimmed up and down her fuckrod, jacking herself off faster now, eager to fill her hungry mouth with her load, yearning for a dose of hot, thick, creamy shemale jism.Jordan’s massive prick expanded mightily between her stroking hands and her cockhead swelled in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around the slab. Jordan’s balls were also swelling now and had grown to even bigger proportions. A little unexpected, but thoroughly appreciated sensation. Jordan’s breathing was heavy and her tits were heaving up and down with each deep breath. Jordan’s balls had grown even larger, and they were almost painfully hard.Jordan could feel her breath rushing across her nipples and making her tits even more stimulated. Focusing again on her new erect cock, Jordan experimented with different strokes and grips, ümraniye escort finally finding a grip and pace she found perfect. She watched her hands moving up and down her huge pole in a sort of hypnotic trance, breathing deeply and in rhythm to her sensual manipulations. With her free hand she gripped her bulging balls, feeling the startlingly large orbs. As Jordan’s fingers swept across her testicles, a wave of pleasure unimaginable to her only a day before grabbed her and Jordan gave a low, throaty moan of pure pleasure.”Ooh,” Jordan moaned, knowing that she was nearly cumming, and that she was just about to shoot her first load. Holding back as long as she could, Jordan came in abundant mouthfuls of sweet sticky cum. Jordan felt the sudden release of the explosion of her orgasm as she came. Pleasure more intense than anything she had ever felt in her life rocketed through Jordan’s body. Her g****fruit-sized balls throbbed visibly, pumping massive volumes of thick fluid out the now quarter-sized slit in the tip of her enormous cockhead. Suddenly Jordan’s mouth was full of cum. The slimy cream flooded into her, tilting her head back as Jordan hosed her throat with her own jism. She gagged and gasped, as the force of her ejaculation, and the heat of her jism took her by surprise. Jordan’s hands pumped up and down as fast as she could, milking her own cock into her greedy mouth in a frenzy of cum-drinking lust. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. Jordan kept jacking and sucking, and her humongous cock kept forcing the cum into her mouth. There was far too much of the thick stuff for Jordan to drink it all down, even as cum-hungry as she was. The foaming jism overflowed her stretched lips and ran down her chin. Thick drops splashed onto her thrusting tits and a trickle curled down her cleavage, then ran into her belly button.Another massive spurt hit Jordan’s throat, whitewashing her tonsils. Jordan gurgled with the joy of it. She just couldn’t get enough of her own succulent cum. She wanted to swallow jism until her belly was blown up like a balloon. But even in her pleasure-crazed state, Jordan sensed that she simply wasn’t up to the monumental task on her first orgasm.Jordan swallowed one last mouthful of cum greedily, and then pulled her cockhead out of her mouth. As waves of indescribable pleasure continued to rocket through her body, Jordan felt strength like she had never known before in her hands and wrists, as she stroked the shaft of her cock. Jordan’s knuckles turned white, as she gripped her cock with her hands like a vise, and continued to masturbate in front of Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee.Jordan’s cock continued to shoot out tremendous spurts of jism, like there was no end in sight to it. Each wave of cum traveled at least three feet from the tip of her bloated cockhead. The shaking motion of Jordan stroking her cock caused her cum to land loudly on the floor next to the bed, as well as splattering all over the mattress and on Jordan herself.Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee watched in stunned silence. Jordan had only played with her cock for several minutes, before she’d reached a full raging hard-on. Then, Jordan had sucked herself off, and shot her load down her throat for almost a minute. And to top it all off, she’d continued on shooting off for almost another minute after that! Over half of the amazons on the Island couldn’t even do half of what Jordan had just done; much less a stunning double-climax like she’d just performed.Finally, Jordan stopped spurting her jism into the air. The last few drops came out in a trickle. At last her mighty balls were emptied. Jordan kept right on stroking though, to make sure that she had nursed out every last precious drop and worked off every spasm of her absolutely fabulous first orgasm.

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