Babygirls K’s Sunday Outing

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Daddy had told her to call in absent from work this morning. She thought he was still upset on how the plans that He had tried to make on Friday Evening, and then again on Saturday Afternoon had fallen apart. Friday, He had tried to book them a hotel room because their small apartments air conditioning had gone on the frizt and Daddy thought it also might be nice if they could go for a swim in the hotel pool. That one had been rather unexpectedly shot down by a local event that had totally slipped both Babygirl’s mind as well as Daddy’s, which is a rare thing. This local event evidently had brought in enough people to where all but the really expensive hotels were booked up. That had irritated both of them since the temperatures that day had been just over 100 degrees.

On Saturday Afternoon, Babygirl had offered the idea of going to one of the local pools for a swim. Temperatures that day again had been over 100 degrees, and the AC was still blowing hot air. Daddy took a look at the schedule for the swimming pools and quickly agreed, making her face light up with a broad smile and the thoughts of swimming in the cool water, not to mention trying to sneak in a couple of groping grabs on Daddy. She knew it would get her into trouble, but it was worth it and the few painful swats He might give her, as long as it brought a smile to Daddy’s face.

Daddy had been under a lot of stress lately and though He never took it out on her. When Daddy was under a lot of stress He worried about so many things it was hard antalya escort for Him to be happy, smile and joke. She was always reassured by Daddy that it wasn’t her fault, but she would blame herself a lot for not being able to make it easier for Him. So if being a brat made her Daddy smile and joke, then those rather painful swats more than worth it.

After she got off work, true to His word, Daddy was right there waiting for her with a bag packed with the swimming stuff, and several ice cold drinks. The pool wasn’t more than half a block away, but by the time they both got there they were sweating heavily from the high temperatures for the day, even though it was late afternoon. Daddy took a look at the sign on the door to the swimming pool entrance and frowned. Babygirl looked too, but with her ever present optimism, “Let me see if I can talk them into letting us in anyway Daddy.” She had every right to be that confident, Babygirls innocent smile, glimmers of mischief, and her ability to pout on command had gotten her around some of those posted schedules.

This time though there was nothing that she could do to try and get around this concrete schedule. She was almost in tears when she came out and had to tell Daddy about her failure. His words were kind and soothing, “Baby, it isn’t your fault that both you and I misread the schedule, and I know you gave it your all to try and talk around it.” She could feel the but coming right at her, “But, I shouldn’t have let you try antalya escort bayan to talk around it.” He held up a finger to forestall any arguments, “The rules are there for a reason, and even if we had managed to get in, would it have been fair to those who couldn’t?” A small kiss on her forehead told her that she wasn’t in trouble for trying, “Then, because you weren’t able to make it happen, it made you feel like a failure. You are not a failure my love.” A thoughtful look came to Daddy’s face, and a small smile. “Let’s get home and take a shower to get all of this sweat off of us.” Babygirl giggled as his hand came down to fondle her ass through her thin jeans. Daddy would always tug on her jeans so that the seam would rub up against her pussy lips, instantly teasing her and getting her juices flowing. “Then we’ll take a nap until the sun sets. I think I have an idea that you might like, but we can’t do it until after dark.” Daddy had a mischievous smile on His face.

Even with the hope of something later she trudged home with Daddy, but only because it was so hot. Daddy had finished one-liter bottle of tea and was already half-way through a second one before they got home. They both laid down for a nap, to try and sleep the heat away, but that idea that Daddy had kept nagging at her, especially since He didn’t tell her what it was. “Daddy,” her words soft as she touched His bare shoulder, “Can I go buy some new sandals, my other ones are falling apart?” He nodded and escort antalya told her to get his card out of his wallet. Feeling a little bit better Babygirl went up to the store to buy a new pair of sandals.

She got a bit sidetracked at the store shopping around, the Sandals were and easy choice but there were several other things that kept catching her eye and thoughts as well. Of course she lost track of time. It wasn’t until she got a text from Daddy that she looked at the time, and at the darkening sky on just how much time had slipped away. She hurried home, not wanting to have Daddy change His mind about his plans because she was late.

“We’re going to go skinny dipping to night down at the river park,” Babygirls smile lit up the room. Skinny dipping meant that not only could she grope, stroke and caress Daddys cock without getting into trouble, most likely Daddy was going to pound her pussy with His hard cock like the little slut she loved being for her Daddy. Babygirls pussy began to get wet as she got turned on just thinking on how hard she was going to get fucked tonight.

She rushed into the bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready. She wanted her Daddy to feel special, so she took the time to do her make up and put her hair up in the pig-tails that turned her Daddy on so much that His dick got hard enough to be seen no matter what He wore.

Daddy packed a few things in a back pack, while she got ready. He was also making sure that they had quite a bit to drink. The sun may have set and it was cooling down, Daddy wasn’t going to take chances about heat stroke or dehydration. Of course they both loved watersports too, and Daddy told her that they would be trying it again. She begged him over and over again to pee inside her cunt while he fucked her, maybe it would happen tonight.

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