Babysitting an Older Woman

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In my mind, being a teacher had always been a dream ever since I was a little child. The knowledge, mastery and collected attitude of my tutors had heavily impressed me back then. Even the lack of care and passion from high school teachers hadn’t been able to scratch my determination. And after many long and painful years, I had finally made it to my dream.

However it hadn’t been as pink as I had hoped. Teaching children sure was fun and very gratifying, at least for me, but it really took its toll on me. When I would return home, I’d be way too exhausted to do anything other than eat, watch TV or sleep. The social butterfly I had been back in my teenage years was gone. Now I was what they called a responsible adult. And to think I had promised myself to avoid this path as much as I could. But when you have to raise a baby on your own, it surely changes your views on life. I was not complaining about it though, Camilla was a total sweetheart and I certainly didn’t regret adopting her a year ago. With my busy schedule and the effect it had on me, the need for a babysitter had grown considerably.

Thankfully my next door neighbor was the total opposite of me: young with plenty of free time. And she absolutely adored babies so that was definitely a plus. She had taken a break from college for personal reasons and agreed to the idea of babysitting Camilla when I was absent. Usually I would pay her on Fridays and she would be back the next Monday. But tonight, I had completely forgotten about her.

As soon as I had noticed that Camilla had already fallen asleep, my reflex had been to go plop myself down on my bed. This week had been particularly long and stressful and the only thing I could think about was how to unwind a bit, certainly not to pay off the babysitter who was probably waiting for me in the living room. And the best way to unwind was to make myself feel good. After all, it had been more than two weeks since I had last been able to play with myself. Going that long without an orgasm certainly contributed to my overall shitty mood and the want to play with my pussy was particularly high tonight.

The buttons of my white blouse were undone rather quickly, allowing me to remove the piece of clothing. Thankfully, my bra had a frontal opening so getting it off was no big deal. A sigh of relief left my mouth as my big breasts were released on my chest. As I grabbed my soft mounds and started playing with them, I could only think about how much better this would feel if someone else’s hands were doing the job for me. But oh well, I couldn’t foresee such a thing happening any soon. My own hands would do fine for now. As a result of my fingers moving down to my nipples, my breathing slowly got heavier. My mind began wandering away from reality, filling itself with dirty fantasies as my hands thoroughly played with my breasts. My legs spread up under Bostancı Escort the influence of this pleasure. I was still wearing my skirt but it wouldn’t be too hard to slide my hand down there and tease my wetness.

And I wasted no time in doing exactly that. My panties were quite soaked down there and it was very exciting to say the least. I emitted some quiet moans when my hand began caressing my folds through my panties. It had been a while since I had felt this good. How I managed to go two weeks without this was beyond my comprehension. My eyes closed, immersing me further in my fantasies as my hand continued its work on my pussy.

“You really need to invest in a vibrator.” The voice seemed to come from nowhere and startled the hell out of me. I immediately pulled the covers to hide my topless body, only leaving out my head. The person who spoke was none other than Sarah, whom I apparently forgot about while in my lusty endeavors. She stood right in front of the bed, her hands crossed in front of her chest. For some reason, all I could pay attention to was the way her leggings perfectly hugged her thick thighs, the way her nipples clearly poked against her tank top, how her chocolate skin seemed to be glistening. I shook my head, all this time without sexual release really had gotten to me. But she was the babysitter, I couldn’t have such thoughts about her, especially considering the embarrassing situation she caught me in. Yet a part of me desperately wanted her to join me in bed. I then realized that I had still not answered her.

“I am so so sorry, this is sooo embarrassing I had no idea that you were still the-” I started rambling away but was quickly cut off by her playful voice.

“It’s okay, I could use a tongue on my pussy right about now.” Her words took me by surprise. It took her pulling the sheets away from my body to realise what she had just said. I opened my mouth to protest but seeing her reach to remove her shirt destroyed my last defenses. It wouldn’t be my first experience with a girl anyway, college had already taken care of that for me. And I was way too needy for someone to care about anything else.

The sight of her topless managed to make me wetter than before. Her tits were probably an A cup and her curvy stomach only added to her overall sexiness. Before I knew it she was on top of me, her lips reaching to mine in a passionate kiss that was unleashing a wave of warmth in my core. How long had it been since I last kissed someone? How long had it been since I last kissed _someone who knew how to kiss_? The way she twirled her tongue in my mouth was only proof of her skills. Who knew such a sweet girl could have it in her? She pulled out from our kiss, leaving me breathless and a smirk plastered on her face. Her dark orbs stared deeply into mines when her hands grabbed my boobs Bostancı Escort Bayan and started gently massaging them. I couldn’t help but slightly squirm under her. Her touch was intoxicating, she knew just where and how to please me and I could only beg for more.

I felt her hard nipples graze against my skin when she lowered herself to take mines in her mouth. This girl just knew how to make another woman perfectly happy and I could only be thankful that she was my neighbor. My hands grabbed her puffy hair as she relentlessly sucked and licked my nipples. All I could do was lie there like a paralyzed mess and moan at the delights she was offering me. It felt so great to have someone else pleasing me, that was so much better and more intense than doing it on my own. She kissed my breasts before sitting down on the bed and removing her leggings. All that was left was her panties which quickly rejoined the rest of her clothes on the ground. Her index finger pointed down to her wet pussy. “Your mouth. Right there.”

I didn’t need to hear more to get moving. Her soaked folds looked pretty inviting. She was slightly hairy too down there, it all was beautifully shaped. The whole was a delicious meal just asking to be properly eaten. And I was more than happy to do it. As soon as my tongue came into contact with her pussy, her hands squeezed on the sheets. Looks like I hadn’t lost my skills after all those years. My tongue teased her labia for a little while before digging into the main course with an intense hunger. “Mmm just like that, lick me good baby.”

I never would’ve thought that hearing praises and encouragement could get me going so much. My mind was overwhelmed with the need of pleasuring her and my hands grabbed her thick thighs, spreading them further apart. She was addictive, the more I heard the little moans she was letting out the more I was eager to please her to the best of my abilities. Her firm hands grabbed my head and pulled my tongue up to her glistening pearl. I immediately understood what she wanted and wasted no time in playing with her clit. This had the effect of causing deeper, heavier breathing and slightly louder moans from her. The way she pulled my head and made me please her however she wanted was so satisfying. It made me feel like I was a little slave dedicated to pleasing my mistress and I was simply enjoying every bit of it and of her.

“Ohh yes baby, now get on your fours and let me make that pussy feel real good.” Her words made me throb in excitement. Knowing how skilled she was with her tongue, I could hardly wait for her to work her magic on my needy core. I quickly got rid of my skirt and panties, leaving me only in black pantyhose, and got in position as she had told me to. An unexpected smack on my ass made me whimper. When I heard her whisper how juicy my ass was, Escort Bostancı I couldn’t help but clap my fat cheeks together. That was one of the few tricks I had learned back in college. This apparently seemed to inspire her to smack me more, which I deeply enjoyed. I bit my lower lip when I felt her finger trailing along my wet labia. My womanhood was throbbing in need for her. I wanted her to do all the dirty things she could think of to me. It felt like my body was at her mercy to dispose of whichever way she wanted and this feeling of being wanted by someone was quite exhilarating to say the least.

Her finger reached my clitoris and applied gentle pressure to it. I moaned at her soft touch. Sarah definitely knew her way around a pussy and was pleasing me like a queen. I had to shove my face into a pillow when she started eating me out. That way my screams of pleasure were somewhat muffled. The way she worked her tongue inside me while simultaneously playing with my clit made me weak. My pussy couldn’t be feeling more in heaven than it was right now. Every second of it was just mind-blowing pleasure like I had never felt before. And when she spread my ass cheeks for deeper access to my pussy, I felt like I was on the verge of cumming. And I could feel that I would be cumming very very hard. “Not right now, I have something new I’m gonna teach you.”

I was a bit disappointed but nonetheless excited about that “new thing”. I was told to lie on my side while Sarah sat upright, her legs on each side of my body. By the look of it, we would be rubbing our pussies together. It certainly looked fun but I wondered how practical it could be. I had never done something like this before and was curious about how much effort it would require.

However, all worries and questions fled my mind as soon as we started grinding against each other. The size of our clit and our common wetness allowed for optimal friction and, oh my freaking goodness, this felt amazing. Rubbing our soaked pussies against one another was pure pleasure and we were both moaning from it, not caring about being quiet anymore. Creaking from the bed and erotic sounds from our wetness accompanied our noises of pleasure. Her hand firmly grabbed a hold of my ass as we went faster with our slippery grinding. I could feel how wet she was against my own juices and this felt even more amazing than I ever thought it would. Our voices were rising in unison, a testimony of our shared pleasure.

I closed my eyes as I allowed my body to be overtaken by the rhythmic grinding and the immense pleasure it brought. “Ohhh fuck I’m gonna cum!” She moaned as her grip tightened on my ass. I could feel myself on the edge as well. Our sounds filled the room as the sweet surge of pleasure grew from within us and erupted deeply from our core, sending our bodies into a frenzy. This was the kind of toe-curling, eye-rolling orgasm every girl was dreaming of in her sexual life.

We both then laid there on my bed, soaked in our juices and panting. Thankfully Camilla was sleeping deeply and didn’t wake up from all our noise. Sarah then poked my ass lightly with a smile on her face. “Same hour Monday night, Ms Anderson?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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