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Subject: Brazen Brothers III There will be more to this story but as many of you, my fans, know I’m working on chapter two of another story titled PHOTOGRAPHING BOYS as well as a second chapter for A VERY NEIGHBORLY BOY which will be titled VERY NEIGHBORLY KIDS because it is a bi-sex story not just straight gay. As always, N-Joi Hugs Tag. I managed to sleep till morning without incident and if I was molested in the night I have no recollection of it as I slept like the proverbial log. I probably would have slept even later if the phone hadn’t gone off and required me to answer it. “Oh Greg I have the most wonderful news,” Andr�a bubbled at me then paused. “Oh my, I hope I didn’t wake you, I did didn’t I, I woke you oh I’m so sorry should I call you back?” “No Andr�a its okay,” I said trying to be as convincing as I could while resisting the urge to say that I had to get up to answer the phone anyway. “What is it, what’s your wonderful news?” The crux of the issue was that she had found out about a place that sold professional kitchen appliances. She wanted me to meet her at the store at eight if that was possible and I assured her that it was. I rousted the boys who had slept through the phone ringing and the conversation. Javier crawled out first, his stone hard morning boner jutting out proudly in front of his tight body. He didn’t bat an eyelash but went straight to the bathroom, rubbing his eyes as he went and careening of the wall at least once. Angelo got up right afterwards and was his usual happy go lucky good natured boy. He came right over and gave me a hug, pressing his bed and sleep warmed body against mine, then kissed me. He asked what we were doing and I told him we had to get going in order to meet his grandmother. “Where are we meeting abuela?” Javier asked as he came out of the bathroom, his mostly but not fully softened cock half swaying and half bobbing as he walked. God what a specimen of boy he was. I explained to both boys what we were doing and they cooperated by getting in and out of the shower quickly while I ordered some breakfast delivered. I was out of the shower and dressed when the food was delivered. We basically wolfed it down and were out the door. Twenty minutes later we were inside of a small warehouse filled with all kinds of appliances some of them damaged in one way shape or form and some of them used. As in the US most of the problems were scratches or dents; not anything that interfered with the main function of the item and many of the problems weren’t even noticeable. Andr�a was like a kid in a candy store, flitting from one appliance to the other and the boys weren’t much better. Caught up in their grandmother’s excitement they were just as busy opening doors and drawers and calling out, “Abuela come look at this.” Elena was right in there with them while Mateo and I moved together at a more sedate pace. Mateo and I had seemed to hit it off okay the night before so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me when he decided to let me in on a little background information starting out with how much Andr�a and the boys had changed since I’d come into their lives. The boys’ mother was the youngest and only surviving child of the four that Andr�a had given birth to. One had died shortly after being born, one had died in a motorcycle accident when he was seventeen and one had gone off to travel the world and died in Europe under some peculiar circumstances which Mateo didn’t want to go into. Her youngest daughter, the boys’ mother, fell just short of being worthless and her husband was a full fledged worthless son of a bitch-Mateo’s words. “Sometimes it’s like that part of the family has a curse following them,” he said with a sigh and with that he launched into some other family history, one fraught death in a variety of its causes. Andr�a had been sort of lost and without purpose for a good ten years or more, rarely leaving the estate. “You’re coming here, your ideas and energy are exactly what she needed Greg and my wife and I are just about as grateful to you as Andr�a and the boys are. Look at her, she hasn’t been like this for years. Andr�a is a woman who needs purpose and raising the boys has given her that but you have given her even more.” We were both quiet as we watched the two women and the youngsters. “Can she afford to be doing this Mateo? I mean, I don’t know anything about her financial status and I don’t want to pry but based on her statements I get the impression that she’s somewhat hard pressed for money and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for her losing what little she has.” Mateo nodded his head then looked around. “I greatly appreciate your concern Greg. I can see why Andr�a and the boys like you as much as they do.” He stopped for a moment then went on. “You see this,” he asked waving an arm around to encompass the 20 or so thousand square foot warehouse, “Andr�a could afford to buy the entire contents of this building and the building itself. It would put a big dent in her finances but most assuredly would not leave her anywhere close to being broke or destitute. I was shocked. Mateo went on to explain that Andr�a was frugal and careful. She’d watched her family’s fortune dwindle considerably over the years and her mother had been much like Andr�a was so she tended to count her colons. As far as he knew she intended to leave her estate to the boys and didn’t want them to have to be burdened by the costs of having and maintaining it. I found the discussion illuminating as well as relieving, knowing that I wasn’t placing Andr�a in any kind of jeopardy in the event that our venture failed. I would have gotten more out of Mateo but Andr�a was waving at me to come to where she was. “Look at these Greg,” she said then started a Vanna White thing, opening doors and drawers and pointing out the amenities. What she’d found was a 72 inch range with 6 burners and a 24 inch griddle atop full side by side ovens, a stand alone 24 inch char broiler, 2 door refrigerator and a separate 2 door freezer all in a shiny stainless finish. Apparently the entire set had been special ordered, gotten slightly damaged in the shipping and on top of that the place they were ordered for lost all of its funding so never got off the ground. They were high grade commercial appliances and had never been used. The house already had commercial grade appliances because for years they had fed most of their workers. Granted the appliances were old but still I asked if she really needed appliances of that size she simply said yes. She still hadn’t told me what she was up to but it was definitely something. Andr�a’s next question was; would they fit in her kitchen. I knew they would but it would take some remodeling and I didn’t have any tools with me, obviously. I had them aplenty in Seattle however. I talked with Mateo about it. As it turned out his son worked for a construction company that was owned by a very close friend of the family. His son could probably handle the job for Andr�a although a professional electrician and people from the propane company would have to see to the hookups. Mateo was familiar with the layout of the kitchen so together we managed to get together a rough estimate of the supplies that we’d need and added that to the growing list of purchases as it would difficult to get much of them in Jaco. Based on that, Andr�a bought the entire set of appliances, dropping about thirty five grand. I was a little shocked. For my part, in my head I knew that I would eventually need tools but I was loathe to spend yet more cash when I had a full compliment of stuff at home. I’d known all along that I would need to make a trip home at some point in time and all things considered, now seemed better than later. I told Andr�a my thoughts and of course the boys wanted to go with me. Going to America was the chance of a lifetime. Andr�a hemmed and hawed but relented saying that their parents had passports for the boys because of a previous ill planned idea of working in Mexico or some such thing. I made a couple of phone calls; found that I could catch a flight out at eight thirty that evening for all three of us. Since it was not yet ten in the morning we had plenty of time to go home, pack, and drive back, dump my rental and still have some time to spare. That being decided the boys and I headed back to the hotel to pack and check out and less than an hour later we were all headed back to Jaco leaving Mateo to order the lumber and other building materials that we’d need then supervise the transport of all of our purchases. For the first half hour of the drive both boys were chattering like mad about their once in a lifetime opportunity and all of the things that they’d see and of course Angelo was his usual effervescent self. I ended up calling Todd the truck guy and told him that I’d be getting in about four forty five the next morning with two boys in tow. I explained they why’s of that then asked if my new truck had one of those locking corrugated tool boxes. It didn’t but he reminded me I didn’t need it as I had a locking heavy plastic tonneau cover. When he asked what I wanted it for I told him then hung up after telling him I’d see him in the morning when he picked me up at Seatac. I heard him moan just before I ended the call. The boys were quiet and when I checked my rear view mirror and Angelo was leaning his head against the door apparently asleep. Javier smiled and began asking me some questions about the flight, how long it would take etc and then he too dropped off to sleep. About forty minutes later Angelo woke and complained of having a stomach ache and looking in the mirror I could see that he didn’t look real good. Within ten minutes he said he was going to throw up. I hit the side of the road and barely got him out the door before he spewed. The convulsions continued well after nothing was coming up and left the poor little guy crying and holding his belly. I always kept water with me so wiped his face then squirted water into his mouth which he rinsed and spit out before taking a drink that he swallowed. We piled back in the car, or truck, or whatever the hell you call it and got back on the road only to repeat the episode ten miles down the road only this time there was nothing to come up but bile. Angelo was in pain and miserable and the situation got complicated real fast with the statement that he needed to get to a bathroom. It didn’t take a genius to figure that he was about to spew from the other end. I quickly walked him across the highway to a small cantina and got him into the bathroom. He barely made it and while I wasn’t in there to listen the fact was that it sounded like a cow pissing on a flat rock. He finally came out, washed his hands and we left. We made it to Jaco without further incident but before we made it çorum escort out the other side of town we had to find another bathroom where he had a repeat of the previous experience. We had a third experience ten minutes later and after cleaning himself he called from the stall, “My butt’s sore Greg.” I told him to hold on, pulled out a handful of paper from the towel role, folded it then wetted it and handed it to him. He didn’t complain about it being cold. We got home about fifteen minutes after that and Angelo raced inside and I assumed it was to get to the toilet. When he came out Andr�a gave him some medicine then had him go up to his room to lie down for a bit. “I’m not going to be able to go to America am I?” he asked both his grandmother and me. Andr�a shook her head. “I don’t think so but we’ll see in a few hours.” I felt bad for the boy but given the past hour there was no way he should be out of bed let alone be on airplanes for the next six to eight hours. Javier followed him upstairs to pack and since he didn’t really have any luggage I had him put together clothes for a week and we’d put them in my large roller bag with my things. I went downstairs to talk with Andr�a about our plans, how she wanted to have the kitchen done and lastly Angelo. She felt that even if the boy woke up in the next hour and feeling well he shouldn’t go on the trip and I agreed with her. It just wasn’t worth taking the chance. Then I took a chance and asked her if she was ready to confide in me what her plans were. She smiled. “I’m thinking of opening my dining room to the public. I’ve cooked all my life and many people have told me over the years that I should open a restaurant, a cantina. Well I can’t do that if I’m going to be caring for guests here but I think as long as I’m cooking anyway I could just cook more, just like I did when we had workers here when I was a girl and a young woman.” What Andr�a was proposing was a boarding house situation. Guests and whatever public might be there would eat together at the big table in the dining room. While she would provide breakfast and lunch to her guests only, dinner would be available to the public. The hours would be limited as would the menu which would consist of four main dishes which would change daily and a variety of side dishes. She went on to tell me that she knew quite a few people in Jaco; after all she’d lived in the area all her life. She felt that once the word got out many of the smaller hotels would refer their guests to her despite the distance from town. When I questioned her about all the work she’d be doing she poo pawed it off stating that she could easily hire someone from town to help her out, either doing the housecleaning or helping in the kitchen or both. “Trust me on this Greg,” she said in a somewhat imitation of me, “it will work.” I smiled and nodded my head. Meanwhile there was Angelo. I would have to be leaving soon and looking in on him I found the boy conked out. “We won’t wake him. Let him sleep. He’ll be disappointed but its better that he stays here,” she said and I agreed with her. So it was that Javier and I hugged and kissed Andr�a and told her we’d call her when we got to my house in Seattle and with that we headed out. I had some mixed feeling about the situation, that is, Angelo’s having to stay home. I was sorry that he wouldn’t be going because I knew that his excitement level would be very high and that energy would carry over to both me and his brother, not that Javier wouldn’t be excited too. It would just be different. On the other hand, much as I enjoyed the sexual part with Angelo and his excitement in that arena as well, my preference was to be with Javier and now I would have a week alone with the boy. I was making an assumption that he was going to want to continue exploring that part of his life but I really didn’t know that, I only hoped that he would. Sex aside, it would be easier for me to pay attention to one boy and not two. Any doubt I had about Javier was dispelled on the plane. The flight wasn’t particularly packed so we’d had the three seats on the port side to ourselves and the rows closest to us were equally sparsely populated. It was edging on midnight and Javier was finally winding down. I’d put the arm rest up early on so as the boy got tired he leaned up against me, which was more than fine. I’d covered us with one of the airlines blankets since we were both still in shorts and because of its diminutive size it made Javier snuggle in even closer, his body turned toward mine, his hand resting on my upper thigh. “I don’t want to sound mean,” he whispered in my ear, “But I’m kind of glad that Angelo didn’t come with us. I get to have you all to myself.” I whispered back that I understood completely. He was quiet a moment then whispered again, “I really liked what we did last night Greg. Are we gonna be able to do it some more on this trip?” “If you want to, of course.” His hand moved up to cup at my crotch. “I really do. Just thinking about it makes me get hard.” He reached over and took my free hand and put it on the front of his shorts and sure enough, the cute young thing was pretty well firmed up in there. I took the liberty of rubbing against him and felt his dick get even harder. “You’ll make me cum if you keep doing that,” he said, his voice already getting a little huskier. I asked if he wanted me to keep going and he muttered a yes. I took my hand away and whispered back at him to somehow let his cock out for air while I checked the plane out as best I could. There were no lights on except by the toilets and either snores or deep breathing told me that no one close to us was awake. “Okay,” he whispered again. Javier was still facing me slightly and when I reached across to him with my right hand I found that he’s gotten his shorts and underwear down to just below his smooth balls. He gasped when I took hold of him and his hand reached over to feel at the front of my shorts and discover that my cock was almost as hard as his. “Can you take yours out too Greg?” he asked. I nodded my head, retrieved my hand then unsnapped and unzipped my shorts and pushed my boxers down below my nuts. It seemed that Javier and I took hold of each other about the same time. “Your cock his so big,” he whispered, his boy’s voice made deeper by lust. I slowly rubbed and stroked his cock, loving the feel of a young pubescent boy. I let my hand fondle the smooth sac of his nuts reveling in the soft feeling of him. “I wish I could suck you like you did to me last night,” he said which didn’t require any response from me. I was wishing like hell that I could suckle him, make him cum and swallow his young sperm so there was no need for clean up, not that he made all that much liquid. Javier kept up a slow stroke on my cock as I picked up a little speed on his. I really didn’t relish anyone even considering what we were doing nor did I wish to get interrupted by a flight attendant or anyone having to use the toilet. It didn’t take long before he grunted, his cock hardened beneath my thumb and fingers. Javier kept his hand on my dick but didn’t move it at all as he became a member of the mile high club, his sperm oozing out and leaking down over my thumb. Once his tube was emptied he started to stroke me again but I stopped him. “It’ll take forever and besides it would make a heck of a mess,” I told him. I gently retrieved my hand from under the blanket and did indeed lick his sperm from my finger. Not quite as good as getting it from the nipple but hey, that would most likely come in time. We both managed to get our clothes back in place and I suggested that Javier try to get some sleep as we’d be woken up when the plane did a layover in Salt Lake City before it’s last leg to Seattle. I got up and headed to the bathroom where I proceeded to relieve the pressure in my shorts. It was the first time I’d ever jacked off in an airplane john. Headed back to my seat a guy passed me in the aisle and I heard him whisper, “Lucky dog.” I turned my head to look but he just kept on going. A little after I got settled back into my seat and snuggled up against Javier I felt him get into his seat in the row behind me. So much for discretion. We finally landed at Seatac right on schedule and as soon as I turned my phone on there was a message from Todd saying he was in the cell phone parking lot so I called him. Despite being sleepy Javier was agog from the sights. The ride on the automated subway train to the main terminal excited and mystified him. Baggage claim was only a moderate zoo at five thirty on a Saturday morning so forty five minutes after we landed we were outside and wrangling the large travel case into the trunk of his Charger Super Bee. Javier was pumped. Todd’s car was a one of a kind. Stock, it had the hemi engine along with every option available. Then he’d dumped a whole lot of money making it even better. The custom paint was the first thing Javier began jabbering about. A silver black in had the outline of flames done in a deep black cherry color, the flames themselves a custom made color shifting combination that went with the rest of the paint. The Super Bee logo and stripes were all done in bright metal flake yellow. 20’s on custom chrome rims and heavily tinted windows completed and complimented the outside visuals. Inside was like the cockpit of a jet that included and array of gauges and four point body harnesses that hooked the front passengers into stock bucket seats. When he fired the fucker up it was like being at the strip; the noise and slight body vibration creating the illusion. Todd had the engine, tranny and rear end gone through and tricked so the horse power went from 425 to just under seven hundred and it could do 0-60 or a quarter mile with a very respectable time. No such thing as gas mileage. The car would give anything on the road or in a show some good competition. We got a display of that as we hit the entrance to the freeway and Todd punched it, acceleration throwing us into the seats. I looked back at Javier and caught an expression like someone on a high speed roller coaster; eyes wide open, big smile and hands gripping onto whatever was available not sure whether to be excited or scared shitless. Todd and I talked business while we blasted up I-5 into the city. He told me that he’d taken the liberty of parking my new truck at the condo knowing I’d need something to drive and I’d need to get my tools secured into the locking box behind the cab. “The truck has to be at the dock day after tomorrow so I can give you a loaner for the rest of your stay. Keys are in the usual place. Oh,” he said as an afterthought, “The truck runs regular fuel, not diesel. The guy special ordered it.” He then asked me what I was going to do with my condo; keep, çukurambar escort sell or lease. He was very interested in it no matter what I decided to do so I told him we’d have to sit down and talk about it over a couple of beers. Javier and I got settled in and he enjoyed to panoramic view of Elliot Bay, West Seattle, Bainbridge Island and the Space needle, the latter from my bedroom. I Called Andr�a to let her know we landed and all was well. She said that Angelo had been pretty sad that he couldn’t make the trip but agreed that being cooped up for the flight would have been extremely uncomfortable We were both hungry so I found the truck keys and we headed downstairs to the parking garage. The truck was sweet, that was all there was to it. Javier whistled when he saw it and jumped for joy when I told him I was having shipped back home. Home. Was I now thinking of Costa Rica as my home or was I simply using it as a reference for the cute young boy that was with me. Either way Javier was excited about having such a truck for our transportation and my excitement matched his. The truck was more than what Todd had told me. It had every possible option including a DVD/CD entertainment system which reminded me I should probably ship my collection along with my 52 inch plasma. We climbed in, Javier all smiles, and headed up onto Capitol Hill for a breakfast place that I frequented and was fairly empty at that time of the morning. Javier was a little surprised at how open the same sex couples were, Capitol Hill being Seattle’s Mecca for sexual minority people. Breakfast was great as usual but made me a little sleepy and it looked as though my cute boy might feel the same way. When I asked he admitted that he was tired too so I suggested a shower and nap for a few hours to which he readily agreed. Back at the condo I asked if he wanted to shower first and Javier asked why we couldn’t take a shower together. I didn’t have an answer so five minutes later we were standing in the spray created by half a dozen nozzles, yet another surprise for the brown skinned boy. I introduced him to the pleasure of having a back scrub then simply took the liberty of washing his entire body. The boy didn’t balk when I moved up into his crack and slid my fingers across the tight pucker of his hole and of course when I turned him around to wash his front his cock was full on hard. “Like being washed do you Javier,” I said with a smile. “I like it when you touch me,” he said, a hand reaching down to rub and squeeze. “That’s good because I really like touching you.” With that I proceeded to wash his front, taking time and care with his boy parts. I peeled his foreskin back and gently washed the sensitive swollen head and immediately got up and grabbed the detachable nozzle in order to rinse him off. I can’t speak for other guys but soap left too long on my cock head when I’m hard begins to burn. I proceeded to rinse him off starting his dick which caused him to jump, giggle and start to turn away but force himself to stay. When I rinsed his asshole and the back side of his smooth nuts I thought the boy was gonna faint. Instead he reached behind himself and pulled his cheek open to give me better access. “I never knew that part of me was so sensitive,” he said when I’d finished, adding, “can we get one of those things for our bathroom at home?” I told him we could and made a mental note to start a list of things to ship as well as things to purchase. Javier wanted to return the favor and bathe me and who was I to refuse a cute young, almost teenage boy. I wasn’t and I didn’t. Javier didn’t shy away from my hole and made sure I was well soaped. He was as gentle with my cock and balls as if it were his own, commenting on how big I was and hoping he’d get as big as me. Although I was starting to bone up before he started the process by the time he got to rinsing I was at full on attention, my rigid cock sticking up in the air and wanting attention. Javier was willing to give it the attention that it demanded. “Do we have go to right to sleep Greg? He asked as we finished drying, doing each other’s backs and butts. “Don’t tell me you’re still hungry,” I said with a fake look of curiosity on my face. “No silly,” he answered then took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times. I couldn’t help but reach down and take his as well and give him a couple of tugs and getting a quick intake of breath from him. “Come on,” I said, exchanging his cock for his hand and led him into the bedroom and my king sized bed. I pulled the covers down and Javier climbed in while I pulled the curtains closed then turned on a bedside lamp. I gazed down at the boy, admiring his tight young body as it contrasted against the white bed sheets. He smiled up at me and I felt my heart tug. I could easily love this boy and in fact I felt like I was already headed there. He was sweet as pie, cute as the dickens, and smart as a whip and sexy as all get out. I sat down on the bed and smiled back at him then ran my hand up and down his chest and belly the further down onto his hard cock and his balls. He sighed and spread his legs open a little wider. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips, a kiss which he returned. I turned and lay down beside him and he turned onto his side facing me, our bodies touching at the legs and almost at the groin. My hand rested gently on his hip then moved back and forth as I leaned in and hissed him again. For a novice Javier was learning fast, moving his soft pinkish lips against mine. My hand slipped down onto his glorious little butt and rubbed, then gently squeezed a cheek. I wanted to get the boy off. I wanted to taste his fresh young sperm, wanted him to experience the feeling of cumming inside a warm mouth. I pulled away from him and gently pushed him onto his back and then started south. While my hand went back to working on his cock and soft sac o’ nuts I kissed then suckled a small brown nipple. He really gasped then. I didn’t stay nursing long but moved further south, kissing Javier’s damp body as I went, stopping when I felt the tip of his cock against my cheek. I turned and looked him in his single eye. I was still fondling his stuff, my hand cupping his nuts with my thumb wrapped around the base of his boyhood pride and joy and resting in the sparse tangle of pubic hair. I moved my head closer; saw the single shiny pearl of clear liquid that had found its way out of the slit on his cock head. I let my eyes feast on all that made Javier a boy, a boy growing into young adulthood but still a boy. I leaned closer and let my tongue sneak out and clean the tip of his cock, savoring the taste of him before beginning to thoroughly explore him, moving my tongue back and forth over the rim from the shaft to the silky head itself. I used my fingers to stroke his cock at the base, feeling the softness of his hairs as they brushed against my skin. Satisfied that I hadn’t missed a bit of his flesh, I opened my mouth and took his entire head inside before closing down over it and pressing my lips against the shaft. Javier’s body stiffened for a moment then relaxed and I went to work moving my head up and down on his rigid cock, alternating between swirling my tongue across the swollen head and putting my nose in his fuzz. I continued to play with his balls, gently tugging and squeezing on the sperm making eggs. It didn’t take long before Javier was gently undulating his hips, fucking into my mouth which caused me to allow him his first full on fucking motion. I took my mouth from his dick. “Roll over above me Javier,” I said, using my hands to encourage and guide him. He got the idea pretty quickly and straddled my face. I could hardly wait until the adorable young teen was doing that above my asshole as preparation for pushing his delicious cock into my ass and fucking me for real but for then I could settle with him fucking my mouth. I guided his dick into my mouth then went back to cupping his nuts for just a moment while my other hand went to his firm little ass which was soon joined by my other hand. Javier took to fucking like a boy takes to fucking and began to moved his ass as nature intended. I had both hands on his butt, gently kneading and spreading his small brown cheeks as the boy fucked his first hole. I used plenty of saliva to lubricate his passage and relaxed my throat so that he could get full depth, his pubic hair against my nose and his smooth balls resting on my chin. Above me Javier moaned softly as he made the first step toward losing his virginity. I knew that when the time came for him to actually fuck me in the ass the boy would have no hesitations and I knew well that it would be the best fuck I’d had in years. It didn’t take long before Javier told me he was getting close. “Do you want me to take my dick out before I cum Greg?” he asked and I shook my head. Hell no I didn’t want him to take it out I wanted to savor the warmth and stickiness of his fresh young sperm, wanted him to fuck his boy juice down my throat. I quickly got my wish. I felt his cock thicken against my mouth then the warmth and feel of his cum as it oozed into my mouth. I suckled him, greedily swallowing his offering, small though it was. The boy moaned and groaned as he went through the throes of an orgasm, the first of many that I hoped to share with him where he injected his sperm into my body. I could have sucked Javier’s hard flesh forever but his ultra sensitive cock head prevented that and he pulled out and away from me, rolling onto his back next to me and lie there panting. I watched his flat belly rise and fall as his body started the process of returning to normal. A hand went to his groin and gently fondled his freshly drained balls then squeezed his cock a couple of times then fell back to the bed. He finally opened his eyes and focused the dark orbs on my face and smiled. “That was incredible Greg,” he said softly, “thank you.” I told him it was my pleasure and that anytime he wanted I’d be glad to do it again. He thanked me again and asked if I wanted him to make me cum. “If you’re not to tired or sleepy Javier,” I said and he told me he would never be too tired for sex. Sounded like a typical teenage boy. He rolled onto his side and began jacking me off, his eyes roaming over my stuff. I figured he would do that in our first few encounters, checking me out and seeing how things worked. After a moment he moved down and draped himself across my body and began sucking my cock, slowly stroking it as he did so. Since his back was to me and thus his butt, I put my hand on his hip and gently rubbed the soft warm flesh, moving down on to the twin globes as well. I really was dying to sink my tongue in there and knew that it was only a matter of time, a few days at ankara escort most, before I introduced him to that practice. I wondered too when or if I’d be able to fuck him. The idea of burying eight inches of rock hard cock between those cheeks, of slamming my cock into his tight, virgin, brown ass got me quickly to where both Javier and I wanted me to be. “I’m gonna cum pretty soon Javier,” I said in a husky voice. I felt my balls begin to roil, my belly clench and relax and the boy kept on sucking me. He didn’t really know what he was in for as far as I could tell. The visual in my head of cumming in his mouth, along with the visual of fucking him did it. “Oh fuck Javier, don’t stop,” I moaned and moved my free hand to the back of his head. I wasn’t trying to keep him there, I wouldn’t do that to anyone, but it seemed like a logical response. I wanted to raise my hips off the bed and fuck my dick into his mouth even further but resisted the urge. For his part Javier seemed oblivious to what was happening, his sucking and jacking my cock not changing tempo at all. And then I exploded. I knew what it was like taking as much cum as I make into my mouth. I’d been there and done that with more than my share of men and boys. Javier however was totally unprepared. I felt myself shoot three times before he took my cock from his mouth and while I couldn’t see it, I knew that my sperm was leaking out and running down his chin or cheek. I heard him sort of cry out as the next jet got him in the face. He wasn’t prepared for that either. He moved his head and the rest of my copious offering went onto my lower belly then slowed down and oozed out. My hand went from his head to my balls and gently pulled on the heavy sac, something I loved. Things finally came to a halt and Javier gently laid my dick down then rolled to his side and rose up on his elbow and looked at me. It was hot as hell seeing the boy as I had imagined; cum leaking down his chin and the other shot that had hit him on the cheek just below his left eye leaving a three inch streak of white that contrasted greatly against his brown face. I reached to wipe it off but he stopped me. “Wait, I want to see what it looks like,” he said and scampered off the bed to go look at himself in the bathroom mirror. I watched his little butt move as he headed away from me, proud of the boy that he wasn’t grossed out by having his face splattered in my sperm. He came back, hard cock bobbing as he walked, and having grabbed a towel was cleaning himself off. “Did you like seeing your sperm on my face Greg? He asked and I nodded my head. He said he thought it looked cool and it sort of felt cool having it there. “It made me want to cum again,” he told me with a smile. I reached over and felt up his rock hard dick. “Do you want me to make you cum again Javier?’ I asked. He leaned down and kissed me then said he sort of did but he was pretty sleepy and I could see that he was being totally honest. His eyelids were dropping and it wasn’t from hotness. “Okay baby boy, I’m pretty sleepy myself. Let’s just catch a nap.” I rolled over and turned out the light then rolled back toward Javier who moved in closer, wrapped and arm around my neck and snuggled up close. “I love being with you Greg. It’s so much fun and I like what we do together, being sexy” he said, his voice soft and drifting. “I do too Javier. I love being with you and being sexy with you is the absolute best.” I said but seriously, I don’t think he heard me. By the time I reached the last word his eyes were closed and he appeared fast asleep. I smiled, kissed his forehead and reveled in the warmth of his body then let my own eyes drop shut. When I nap I generally am down for one hour with no more than a 3-5 minute variance; dunno why that it, it just it. This time I overslept by thirty minutes but when I woke I was fresh as a daisy. I had a million things to do and it was only a little after nine a.m. so it would be a productive day. I untangled myself from the warm young body that had snuggled up to me then started with a fresh pot of coffee before going through the house with a pad and paper. I’d already decided to least out the condo so I listed what I wanted shipped to Costa Rica, what would go into my storage unit, and what I would either sell or leave in the condo. I heard the faint sound of the toilet flushing a half hour later followed by the appearance of Javier, dressed as I was in boxers. He beamed a huge smile at me as he approached and I asked him if he’d slept well. He nodded his head then melted against my body and hugged me. “I was sleepy Greg,” he said as he held on to me with his head resting against my chest. I responded by setting my pad and pen down and hugged him back, reveling in the feeling of his smooth warm body against mine. He finally let go and asked if he could have coffee and I nodded my head. I’d pulled a pint of half and half from the freezer when we had first arrived and told him it was in the fridge if he wanted, sugar on the counter. I went back to my chore, this time sitting down and thumbing through the phone book for moving companies but called Todd first. “So, two grand and some change a month with a sixty day notice if I decide to move back,” I told him after the usual pleasantries. He jumped at it knowing it was worth half again that much. He asked about option to purchase and I said I was open to a discussion. We made a date for dinner and I hung up. My mortgage was pretty low as I’d gotten the unit from another guy who had to bankrupt before the building was completed so the price was like rock bottom. That along with a substantial down payment meant that my monthly payments were pretty low so leasing to Todd would still put about five hundred a month into savings for me after the mortgage was paid and I knew that the place would be well taken care of in my absence. After a few more phone calls Javier and I got dressed and headed out, the destination my storage unit where we loaded all my tools. Already in boxes, including my big saws which were broken down for easy movement, the loading went quickly and was fairly easy. From there we went to lunch and Javier had his first pizza. Needless to say he loved it. I decided to head out to the dealership and drop the truck off as it had served it purpose and I would have to do it the next day anyway. I checked out my trailer and tractor while I was there and was glad that I’d taken Todd up on the deal. It was all pretty sweet. For a loaner, Dan gave me a four year old Corvette convertible; he was very happy that I’d done the deal as well. The car was a very bright “fuck me” red that Javier went crazy over and thankfully the weather cooperated so we could fully enjoy the open air experience. After lunch I headed to my bank and started the process for maintaining funds in a foreign country. Once again I was fortunate in that my bank had Contacts in Costa Rica and so smoothed the way for me and helped get my accounts set up. Most of my money would remain in the US but I would have a nice little account for easy access in my new country. The bank issues were resolved fairly quickly so I took Javier on a bit of sight seeing, the first stop being the Troll Under The Bridge. It was hard for the boy to believe that the VW bug under the troll’s hand really was an actual VW body. I took some pictures of him on the Troll’s head. Javier was totally taken by Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and of course we had to get some souvenirs for him. Finishing up there brought us too close to our dinner engagement with Todd to do any more sight seeing so I elected to go back to my place and work a little more on the pack just a little sleepy is all. But thank you for thinking of me.” He seemed to give that some thought. “Well I thought it would be painful, that your butt would need time to rest or something.” I shook my head. “Nope. It’s fine. Sure, sometimes it hurts when someone gets poked the first time but even then the pleasure takes over and the pain goes away. Generally one can do it again almost immediately as long as it wasn’t forced but if a partner takes the time to prepare a person then it’s often not so bad.” He was interested in just what “prepared” entailed so I explained the whole process to him. Meanwhile my cum was cooling and I thought my ass might be leaking so suggested a shower, which we took. Since it was a post cum shower we focused on the actual washing and it was fun watching Javier clean himself; doing the typical scooping of water under the balls to soak the genital area then the cleansing of same, lifting one foot to the toes and sort of looking over his shoulder while he reached back to cleanse his puckered hole. He had a variety of questions about what we’d just done and I answered each of them. He’d wanted to know if getting fucked stretched a butt hole out of shape and I explained that it did but that the muscle returned to normal fairly quickly. He wanted to know how long it took and I told him that honestly I hadn’t sat around and watched someone’s hole and timed it. He laughed. I turned my back to him and bent over a little so he could see mine and he declared that it looked normal. “Well there you go sweet thing. Later, after a little snack, we lay curled up in bed. “Greg.” “Yeah.” “Are you gonna do that to me, put your cock in my butt, Fuck me?” I took a little time for that one, wanting my words to sound right. “Well Javier that depends on whether or not you want to go there, to try it. Certainly I’d like to but it isn’t about what I want it’s what you want.” “Will it hurt when you do?” So, it seemed as though the boy had already made up his mind, although it could easily have been his English. “I can’t say for sure Javier but I can tell you that I would do everything in my power to get your hot feelings up to where the pain would be small. Besides,” I went on, “once you get going the pleasure takes over so unless it was hugely painful, what little pain you had would go away.” He seemed to consider that for awhile, then yawned against my shoulder. “I don’t know. I think I want to try it but I’m sort of scared. You’ve got a pretty big cock and I think it would hurt.” I didn’t want to tell him that I’d fucked more than my share of twelve to fourteen year old boys and with few exceptions they’d had a great time with little to no pain. “Well it isn’t something we need to worry about right now baby. It’ll happen if and when you’re ready for it and I won’t let it happen before then.” He mumbled and “okay” and his breathing slowed. “I like it when you call me baby,” he whispered, sleep quickly taking over. I told him I was glad. Then he popped away a little more and rose up on a shoulder. “You said you loved me. Did you really mean that?” he asked. I kissed him on the lips, the dim light from the walk though closet light that I’d left on for him allowing me to see what I was doing. “I did Javier.” He kissed me back then settled back down and snuggled in to me. “I love you too Greg,” he said and in less time that it takes to type it, he was fast asleep.

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