Bridgette’s New Closet

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James Jackson was the new guy at the construction office so when the call came in that a customer needed someone to come over to remodel and expand her closet, he was the one that got chosen for the job. He was out helping on another job when his supervisor pulled him aside with the news.”Hey J.J., some lady called and needs someone to come over and remodel her closet. Sounds like she went clothes shopping and got some new outfits and now has no place to put them! So I’m giving the job to you. “As the new guy, you get all the shit jobs till the next new guy comes along! Here’s the address… sounds like a ritzy place. You’d better wear your good jeans!” he said, laughing and slapping James on the back.”Thanks, boss,” he said sarcastically. He took the slip of paper and got in his old truck and headed for the address he was given. 609 Canon St. Beverly Hills the paper said. “Beverly Hills… yeah must be some rich bitch with more money than she can spend. Oh well, a paycheck is a paycheck!” he said to himself as he drove.It took him about a half hour to weave his way through the city streets to get to the address. As he pulled up, he took note of the sprawling two-story Tudor style house with the tall hedge around it. He pulled up to the driveway gate and pressed the call button on the intercom.”Hello?” came a female voice over the intercom.”Yeah, I’m from the construction company. I’m here to do a closet remodel,” he said.”Oh yes, come on in,” the voice said. Suddenly there was a loud click and the gate began to open. James waited for it to fully open then drove in, seeing it close again in his rearview mirror. He pulled up to the house and turned off his truck. He took his clipboard and walked up to the front door. He rang the doorbell and a young woman came to the door. “You are from the construction company?” she asked.”That’s right,” he said. The young woman looked him up and down for a second and then shrugged her shoulders and said. “Okay, follow me please.”  He followed her into the house. They walked through the large house and into the bedroom where she showed him the closet he would be working on.”This is the closet. Miss B. wants it remodeled with some drawers and shelves and a two-tier clothes rod for hanging her outfits. Miss B. has a lot of clothes from her work and needs a lot more closet space. She wants this wall taken out and part of the bedroom next door used for this closet. She will use the rest as her office. Come with me and I’ll show you what she wants,” she said.She took him to the bedroom next door and showed him how much he can use.”Yeah, I can do all that. It might take me a couple days to do all of it, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem,” he said.”Good. I will let Miss B. know that you are going to get started then. What will ankara travesti you need for materials?” she asked.”Well, I will take a look and get you a list of what I’ll need. You can tell me what type of wood to use for the closet interior. Usually, people use cedar if they can afford it because cedar repels moths,” he said.”Yes, cedar will be fine. And money is not a problem. Miss B. wants quality work and isn’t afraid of paying for it!” the young woman said. “Just get me a list of what you need and how much and she will have me make arrangements for it to be delivered. By the way, my name is Carrie… I’m Miss B’s personal assistant,” she said, holding out her hand.”Hi, I’m James,” he said.”Well, James, I will let you get to work then. If you need anything, just let me know. You can use this bedroom as your work area,” she said. With that Carrie turned and walked away.James found a table in another room that he could use to draw up the plans and write up his materials list. He was busy doing that when he heard a sound from behind him. He turned around and looked up… there above him was a gorgeous woman in a black fishnet bodysuit!He stared at her open-mouthed as she smiled. She turned and came around the corner and slowly came down the stairs. He watched mesmerized as she got lower and closer to him. She stopped at the landing about three steps above him.”Hello, you must be from the construction company,” she purred sensuously.”Y-yes ma’am,” he said. The woman continued down the last three steps and walked up to him. “Ma’am makes me sound like an old spinster. You don’t think I’m an old spinster do you?” she purred again.”No, not at all! I didn’t mean it that way!” he said quickly.”Good. Then it’s Miss B. okay?” she said.”Okay. I’m James by the way. James or J.J. whichever you prefer,” he said.”J.J.?” she asked.”Yeah James Jackson. My friends call me J.J.,” he said.”Well, I prefer James myself. J.J. makes you sound like a kid. James is much more adult and dignified!” she said. “I hope my outfit isn’t too much… I just got finished with a photo shoot and haven’t had a chance to change clothes.””No, not at all you look… amazing! Can I ask you a question? You look really familiar. I hope I’m not out of line here but the way you are dressed… are you a porn star?” he asked.She smiled. “Yes, I am. I’m Bridgette B. Have you seen any of my porn flicks?” she asked.”Heck yeah! You are one of my all-time favorite porn stars!” he said excitedly. Man, the guys back at the shop weren’t going to believe this!”One of your favorites?” she asked.”Well, yeah… along with Kagney Linn Karter and Jessica Jaymes,” he said.”Yes, those two women are very beautiful. I worked with Kagney in a couple movies, but I haven’t had a chance to work with Jessica,” travesti ankara she said.”They are, but if I can be honest, you are much more beautiful!” he said.”You can be honest all day long when you talk like that, honey!” she said, coming closer to him.”Mmm, you know I just love the smell of a working man… all hot and sweaty. And black men have so much more to offer a girl. Tell me, have you got something to offer a girl, James… something big and hard and fat?” she cooed as she reached down to stroke what was a large and growing bulge in his jeans.”Are you serious?” he asked.”Baby, I never joke when it comes to a hard cock!” she said, sliding down to squat in front of him. She began unbuckling his belt and unfastening his jeans. She pulled them down over his hips and pushed them to his ankles.”What about your assistant, Carrie?” he asked.”Oh, don’t worry about her. I sent her off to do some things in town. Besides, she knows how I am!” Bridgette said, giggling. “We have the whole place to ourselves. Now let’s see what you brought for me!” She pulled his boxers down and gasped as his huge black cock came into view.”Oh my! You really did come to play didn’t you, baby! How big is that thing?” she asked.”That’s nine inches of Alabama black snake, Miss B.! And about two and a half inches straight through the middle too!” he said.”Mmm… then call me Eve, baby!” she said, as she took hold of the base of his cock. Using the flat of her tongue, she began licking slowly from the base to the tip all the way around his cock, making sure every black inch was coated in her saliva. She ran the tip around the rim of the large head and then up the slit to the tip where she got a drop of precum as a reward.”Yummy,” she said. She licked the whole head to make sure it was well-coated and then she pushed the tip of the hard, thick cock into her mouth. She slid down his cock until about half of it had disappeared into her warm welcoming mouth before pulling back and popping him out.”Is that how I do it in the movies, baby?” Bridgette asked.”Yeah, but this is a lot better than just watching you suck another man’s cock!” he said.”Mmmhmm,” she said, swallowing him down again. This time she went further down, working him down her throat as she showed off her deepthroating skills. She pushed her face further and further down his meaty cock until her nose brushed against his wiry black pubes. She held herself there for as long as she could, her throat muscles working to coax him into releasing his precious cargo while her hand massaged the heavy nuts below.When she could no longer go without air, she pulled back and pulled off his cock, smiling up at him. “Damn, Miss B. I’ve never had a woman who could take me all the way down like you just did! It was awesome!” ankara travestiler he said. “Well, thank you. I have won several deepthroat contests. But it’s still nice to know that my skills are appreciated!” she smiled.”Oh, believe me, they are!” he said emphatically, “I always get so turned on watching you in your films – you are so beautiful and you make every scene so fucking hot!””Tell me, James, if you like watching me fuck so much how would you feel about doing it yourself?” she purred as she stroked his hard eager cock. She gave it a little squeeze and smiled as it responded with a twitch. “He says it’s okay with him. So how about it James… ever fucked a porn star before?”James about fell over backward. This was more than he ever thought possible! He’d had a few good looking women before, but nothing compared to the stunning beauty standing before him now. And with those other women, he had to coax and persuade them to get them in the sack. This woman was seducing him!”I-I… sure!” he said finally when he regained the gift of speech.”Good. Only call me Bridgette… Miss B. sounds much too formal!” she said.”Okay… Bridgette,” he said.She smiled and took him by the cock leading him into the living room where they could be more comfortable. “Have a seat on the sofa there stud,” she said. James sat down on the sofa while Bridgette grabbed a small chair pad from her favorite rocking chair, tossing it on the floor between her legs and kneeling on it. “There now… where were we? Oh yeah, I remember!” she quipped before taking him back into her mouth.Bridgette loved sucking cock and she especially loved sucking big fat cocks. She had a fondness for black men as they rarely disappointed her. James had just such a cock and now Bridgette was busily sucking and slurping on it, bobbing her head up and down and twisting her hands around the hard shaft as drool flowed freely from her mouth over her hands to lubricate everything.”Mmm,” she moaned and she worked her mouth around his meaty shaft. “I love this cock! I love the way it feels in my mouth and I love the way it tastes,” she said, popping him from her mouth for a moment. She spat on the tip and watched her saliva run down the underside of his cock for a second before gobbling him back down.James was in seventh heaven! Never in his wildest dreams did he ever expect to meet, much less fuck, this porn queen. James wasn’t privy to the porn community and had to satisfy himself with watching them on the television and his home computer. That is until now. As Bridgette enjoyed herself on his cock, James saw her enormous triple-D tits below her. Bridgette’s mesh halter-top bustier had a deep V front going almost to her navel and was held together in the front by a narrow leather belt going strategically across her nipples. He grabbed her massive tits and began massaging them through her outfit until Bridgette sat back on her haunches and, watching his eyes get wide, unbuckled the breast belt. She pulled the V front apart and fished out her tits for him to see.

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