Carmen: Grand Slam

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I was smoking with my buddy, Evan, in my room. It was getting kind of late and Evan had passed out. My roommate Phil was out of town visiting some college friends. His wife Carmen was definitely home though and she was in the shower washing up. Carmen is a young Mexican girl who really loves to have a good time. She is 23, has 32 DD tits, long dark hair and a fat willing ass. I quietly get up as to not wake Evan and make my way over to the bathroom. I walked up to the shower door and slid it open.

“OH SHIT! Damn you scared the shit out of me Jeff!” Carmen screamed.

“Shut up, I don’t want you to wake Evan up,” I snapped. I took all my clothes off and got in.

“What do you want?” Carmen asked.

“You know what I want. I want you to turn around, spread your legs and touch the ground,” I replied as I grabbed Carmen by the shoulders and began to turn her around. Carmen turned way from me and bent all the way over until she had her hands on the floor of the shower. I knelt down behind her and spread her ass cheeks. I leaned in and started licking her asshole. I could hear Carmen starting to moan so I pushed my tongue past her ring and inside her ass.

“Oh yeah,” Carmen moaned.

I felt my dick start to get hard and I reached over to tug on one of Carmen’s nipples. I have to get my dick up her ass so I stand up and grab a bottle of shampoo. I popped the cap open and squirted some on the head of my cock.

“Get ready bitch this might hurt a little,” I warned. Carmen relaxed her asshole to prepare for what was coming.

“Go slow Jeff…OH FUCK! IT HURTS JEFF, almanbahis şikayet STOP!” Carmen screamed as I rammed my dick all the way up her ass.

“STOP JEFF!” Carmen said as she tried to stand up but I pushed her back down on all fours.

“Shut the fuck up, you’re being too loud, just take it,” I said as I started to move my dick in and out of her tight ass.

“Oh fuck Jeff, just hurry up it fucking hurts,” Carmen begged. I shoved my dick in and out rapidly. I would go balls deep with every stroke.

“Goddamn! Your dick is so fucking big, come on Jeff cum already my ass is on fire,” Carmen whined.

“Your ass is so good slut, squeeze your butthole shut and make it really tight bitch,” I demanded. I could feel Carmen squeeze down on my dick. She made her ass so tight I needed to pull my dick out before I came.

I yanked my dick out so fast Carmen screamed, “DAMN! You can’t just pull it out that fast, that shit hurts.”

“Here it comes bitch,” I said as I lined my dick back up with Carmen’s butthole.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Carmen yelled as I forced my dick back up her ass. I slammed it up her pooper so hard that Carmen hit her head on the shower wall. That shut her up for a little while so I could enjoy myself. I proceeded to fuck her hard and deep without mercy. Carmen eventually started moaning in pleasure like a whore. I pulled my dick out and turned Carmen around. I pushed her head down and came in her mouth. She continued to suck my dick for a while after I came. It was feeling so good and the water was so warm that I started to pee. Carmen’s Eyes opened almanbahis canlı casino wide and she spit my piss out.

“What the fuck! Did you just piss in my mouth?” Carmen said angrily.

“I’m sorry it was an accident,” I apologized.

“Alright were done for now, get out and let me finish taking a shower you fucking dick,” Carmen snapped. I got out of the shower and got dressed.

“I pissed in her mouth,” I chuckled to myself and went back to my room and passed out.

Evan opened his eyes and looked at his phone. It was 5:23 a.m. Evan noticed he had a huge boner and started to stroke it.

“Wait, why am I jerking off when Carmen is right in the next room,” Evan said to himself. Evan got up and creeped over to Carmen’s door and peeked in. She had fallen asleep on top of the covers. She was lying on her stomach and she had one leg spread out. She had a see-through tank top on and a black g-string. Evan crept onto the bed. Carmen shifted slightly but did not wake up. Evan reached between her ass cheeks and pulled her g-string to the side. He rolled over to the night stand and opened the drawer to grab the lube when he saw one of those mini bats that you buy at a ball park.

“Perfect,” Evan whispered.

Evan grabbed the bat and squirted a glob of Carmen’s thick watermelon flavored lube on the end. He placed the bat at the opening of her butthole and started to rub the lube around.

“Jeff? Is that you? What are you doing?” Carmen asked half asleep.

“Carmen, it’s me Evan, I’m going to stick this bat in your ass while you suck my dick,” almanbahis casino Evan explained.

“Your going to do what? oh shit!” Carmen mumbled as she felt the bat open her butthole. Evan shoved about ten inches of the mini bat up Carmen’s ass.

“You like it up the pooper, don’t you Carmen?” Evan said as he started to slowly move the bat in and out. Evan pulled the bat all the way out with a pop and laid on his back. He guided Carmen’s head over to his dick and pushed her head on to his shaft. She immediately started to bob up and down on it. Evan reached over to pull her shirt up and flopped her massive utters out. Evan loved the way they swung back and forth when she was bent over. He angled her ass facing him on his right side and shoved the bat back up her butthole. She let out loud moans and sucked Evan’s dick hard. Evan pushed the bat past ten inches and it made Carmen jump.

“OH SHIT DUDE THAT”S TOO DEEP!” Carmen screamed. Evan continued to push it deeper.


“Shut the the fuck up and suck my dick bitch,” Evan said as he fucked Carmen long and deep with twelve inches of painted wood. Carmen felt Evan start to fill her mouth with cum. Carmen swallowed it all.

“That was a big load dude,” Carmen said out of breath. She started to turn away from Evan when he shoved the bat all the way back up her ass.

“DAMN! That shit went in DEEP!” Carmen whined. Evan sat up and grabbed a hunk of Carmen’s hair and put his dick back in her mouth.

“I’m not done with you yet slut,” Evan assured Carmen. Carmen deep throated Evan’s dick and began to rhythmically bob on it deep in her throat. Every time Evan pushed the bat in, Carmen grunted and moaned on Evan’s shaft. Evan pushed her head down hard and came down her throat. He fell back and past out.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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