Chad: Invited In by Force

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Author’s Notes: This work is purely fiction. This is the first installment of the several adventures of the character called Chad. Each story will be different from the last; in other words, each story is like an alternate universe from the others. Hopefully that makes sense.

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Hi, my name is Chad and I was invited in by force:

I sighed. I sighed too damn much. But I couldn’t help it! My life wasn’t exactly the greatest; wasn’t the worst, but it gave me some grief either way. I was the baby of the family, even on my eighteenth birthday I was still the baby. I know what you’re thinking; ‘you got spoiled, didn’t ya?’

No. No, I didn’t. Although my mother treated me like a child, she didn’t spoil me.

Let me tell you a bit about the family. My older brother, Hanson, moved out on his eighteenth birthday, my older sister, Lindsey, thought I was her personal servant and punching bag, my Mom, as I mentioned before, treated me like a kid and never took me seriously, and Dad…well, he was the most normal person in the family. He worked and got paid enough that Mom didn’t have to work. Otherwise, he was just…around.

Enough side-tracking; back to the story…

I sighed and stepped through the doors to our house; our mansion, actually. Yeah, Dad got that much money. We weren’t a ritzy family or anything; we just had a big house…and a huge in-ground pool out back.

Anyway, as I walked inside I was greeted with a boot to the face and a holler from my, apparently, pissed off sister. “Chad, Where’ve you been?!” Lindsey shouted, her hands angrily resting on her hips.

“What the hell?!” I snapped, whipping the thrown shoe away as I checked my nose for blood. “I got held behind after class! Why do you care?”

Lindsey stomped over to me as I stood up and she shot a glare right into my eyes. It was like staring up at Satan. Lindsey is slender, streamline even. However, she does have a ‘killer body’ as one of my buddies so eloquently put it. Decent hips, probably C cup breasts, sleek brunette hair; she was above average in looks. However, in retrospect, I often thought she might be mentally unstable at times.

“Mom’s been wondering why you were late! And when she’s like that, she starts poking into my business!” she snarled.

“Your business isn’t my problem,” I retorted, pushing past her to retreat to my room.

I climbed the stairs to the second floor where my room was, all the while blankly staring at the floor, when I suddenly bumped into something soft and bouncy. I noticed the pair of socked feet that were connected to a long pair of smooth legs that were connected to the rest of my mother’s body. I snapped out of my daze and looked up at my mom’s face, which was filled with concerned look.

“Chad, honey, I was so worried! You’re late coming home,” she remarked, immediately pulling me into a tight hug. I let out a groan as it happened, my face being forcefully pressed against her DDD breasts. Hell, they might’ve been Es for all I knew…

Mom was practically the epitome of a MILF, and many of my friends would vouch for me. She had huge breasts and a voluptuous figure; wide hips and smooth legs too.

If I wasn’t related to her, I would enjoy these loving hugs. But that isn’t the case, so these affectionate displays made me uncomfortable. More than once was a naughty thought planted into my mind after one of Mom’s hugs.

“So where were you?” Mom asked, finally releasing my body from her grasp and looking at me with that same concerned look. Honestly, she was a bit overprotective; often freaking out like this whenever I came home late. It’s like she was afraid a giant vulture swooped down at carried me off or something.

“I had to stay after class, to make up a test I missed,” I answered, but quickly regretted adding the second part.

“You missed a test? How did that happen?” Mom switched gears from worried to suspicious damn near instantly.

Shit, I had said too much. I realized my mistake and began my uphill battle. “Uh, I…uh…” I stuttered, glancing away nervously. “Well, ya see…there was this thing that happened and I–“

“He skipped school and went to the movies with his buddies,” I heard Lindsey’s voice chime in.

“Fuck! How’d she find out about that?!” I cried in thought. “Lindsey!!” I shouted, turning to face her as she strutted up the staircase. She had a coy smile on her sinister face.

“You skipped school?!” Mom repeated, I couldn’t see her face but could tell she was angry now. “That was a very irresponsible thing to do, Chad! You could’ve been hit by a car, or shot, or even kidnapped, and no one would’ve known!”

“But Mom, I–“

“I don’t want to hear it. Go to your room Chad and wait there until your father gets home!” Mom exclaimed, pointing down the hall in the direction of my room.

I grimaced and stomped my way down the hall, Lindsey tailing me like a prison guard. I reached beşiktaş escort my room and threw the door open, but as I went to stomp inside, I felt Lindsey grip my right shoulder hard and whisper in my ear, “My business is your problem, little brother.” Confused by her words, I turned to look at her but was interrupted by feeling a hard slap on my backside before being shoved into my room.

“What the f…” I mumbled confusedly, looking at the closed door as my left ass cheek stung like crazy.

Several hours passed and I was still waiting in my room for Dad to come in and talk to me. He was home, I saw his car pull up from my bedroom window, but he still hadn’t come up.

“Fuck it, I’ve been waiting long enough,” I grumbled, hopping off my bed to go into my bathroom to change into my night clothes. I was going to bed.

I switched the light on and did my hygiene business, then stripped my clothes off to change. I stopped to stare at myself in the mirror, not entirely pleased with what looked back at me. I was short for an eighteen-year-old guy, standing about five feet and five and a half inches tall. I was skinny, as well as weak; I had the strength of a pillow. I sighed and looked down at my boxers, “‘Least I don’t have to compensate…” I muttered. The size of my manhood was probably six inches long and an inch and a half thick; no clue if that’s decent or not. It didn’t matter much; no female had ever gotten to see it yet.

Sighing once more, I slid on a pair of pajama pants and an old t-shirt, leaving the bathroom to get into bed.

I started to doze off fairly quickly; I was worn out from the long day. I was just about passed out when I heard my bedroom door open. I groggily grimaced; couldn’t whoever it was see that I was trying to sleep? “Whaddayou–“

“Shh!” the person shushed me; it was too dark to tell who it was. I suddenly felt my bedcovers being flung off my body and a light pressure on my waist. A pair of hands grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head. It was then that I heard a sultry voice whisper into my ear. “I guess I forget mention before…you’re my business~”

“Lindsey, WHAT THE FUCK?!” I hollered aloud, my voice echoing throughout the house.

My sister just sneered wickedly, I could see her face now as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, and she replied, “Aww, you’re not happy to see me?” I felt her sliding herself down my body, brushing over my crotch purposely.

“What’re you doing?! Get the fuck off of me!” I screamed in anger, the darkness hiding the tinge of embarrassment on my face. I winced as Lindsey harshly squeezed my wrists, and then roughly slammed her hips down on my crotch.

“You’re such a foul-mouth, little brother. Talk dirty to me some more~” she cooed, tracing her tongue close to my left ear.

“GAAH!” In a desperate act, I thrashed to the side, sending us both over the side of my bed. I scrambled to my feet and bolted out of my room and downstairs. Stumbling into the living room, I found Dad walking TV on the couch.

“D-Dad! Lindsey, she…” I muttered shakily. But Dad didn’t look the least bit concerned. In fact he shrugged and said, “Yes, I know. Your mother said it was alright.”

My mouth hung agape in shock. “W-Wha…? Dad, what the hell are you talking about?!” I asked dumbfounded.

Dad just sighed and glanced to the kitchen as Mom came into the room in a revealing nightgown. “Honey, you should probably tell him,” he remarked to her.

Mom smiled at me sweetly, like everything was perfectly fine! “We decided it was time to invite you into the family’s inner circle.”

“…? W-What does that mean?” I asked skeptically.

“We fuck each other, little brother,” Lindsey suddenly hissed into my right ear. I stumbled away from her, only to walk into a hug from Mom from behind.

“It’s true, sweetie, we have sex with each other. For years now, it started when Hanson turned eighteen. I would have sex with him, and he would have sex with Lindsey when she turned eighteen,” Mom explained.

Lindsey giggled, touching herself lightly as she lustfully stared at me. She was wearing a skimpy tank top and a pair of form-fitting boxers. “He was damn good at it too. But I’ve been waiting to fuck you for sooooo long, I’ve been dying to steal your virginity and put it up on my shelf~.”

“Lindsey, stop teasing your brother, he’s new to all of this,” Dad called to Lindsey, he was back to watching TV like this was all nothing!

“Oh my God, you’re all crazy! This is incest! It’s wrong!” I shouted.

“So you think love is wrong? That isn’t how this family thinks,” Mom retorted.

I stammered for an answer, but nothing came to mind. “I, uh…But…But this is wrong…” I replied weakly. I couldn’t believe what was going on. My whole family committed incest and they wanted me to join them!

“It’s not as bad as you think,” Dad chimed in. “You don’t have to worry about dating and getting to know some stranger. It’s simpler şişli escort this way. You’ll warm up to the idea soon enough.”

I shook my head in disbelief, my eyes fluttering about the room; I had no idea where to look. I was dragged back down to earth when I felt Lindsey grabbing my balls. “Consider these my property, little brother, ’cause you’re all mine.”

I tried to get out of Lindsey’s grasp, but I was still in Mom’s. “No! Stop it! Nghhh…” I thrashed, but Lindsey’s vice-grip only got tighter and Mom didn’t seem intent on releasing me.

Mom ran a gentle hand across my chin as she spoke. “I’m sorry dear, but this is how things are going to be. If you truly don’t want this, then save up your money and move out on your own. But until then–“

“–I’m fucking you whether you want it or not!” Lindsey cackled devilishly. “Now let’s go up to my room and get this show on the road!” she let go of my balls and started yanking on my arm, attempting to drag me off with her as Mom finally released me.

“NO!” I hollered in protest, pathetically trying to crawl away from my sex-crazed sister. I was physically weakest in my family, so my tries at escape were failing by a large margin. Lindsey was now hauling me up the staircase by my legs, clearly angered yet seemingly aroused at the same time.

“Mmmhmhmhmm, I can’t wait to feel your weak little body writhing under me, little brother,” she hissed in a low carnal tone.

“You’re crazy! A crazy fucking rapist!!” I screamed as I clawed at each step as I was forcefully pulled further up the stairs.

“Where’s your proof, huh? Who are they going to believe, a horny eighteen-year-old or the woman he raped?” Lindsey retorted, grinning like the snake that convinced Adam & Eve to eat the forbidden apple.

“…!!!” I was utterly shocked. She’d actually lie like that?! But she was right; I wouldn’t have any proof if I tried to pull that card… I laid there motionless for several moments; at the same time giving Lindsey plenty of time to drag me up the rest of the stairs. She pulled me to my feet abruptly and captured my lips with hers; I could feel her tongue slithering into my mouth and fondling mine. Her left hand held the back of my head vigorously while her right began to massage my nether regions, causing a small moan to escape from my lips.

“That’s right, you know you want it,” Lindsey egged me on as she continued rubbing my loins.

I shook my head in defiance, only to be engaged in another French kiss while she forced me down the hall. The moment her dimly lit room came into my line of vision, I regained my composure and struggle, trying to break away from her once more. “Lindsey, enough already, I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” I shouted at the top of lungs.

I was suddenly thrown forward, causing me to fall to the carpeted floor in my sister’s room. I glared back up at my sister, but then I saw her face; she looked…really pissed. She pounced onto me, her eyes flaring as she locked eyes with mine while her fists clenched my shirt collar. “You listen here, little brother, I’ve been waiting a long for this; too long, in fact. I got to fuck with Hanson, and Mom, and Dad the day I turned 18, but I’ve had to wait almost a month to get my hands on you!” she growled as she practically threw me to my feet. She shoved me, causing me to stumble towards her Queen-size bed as she continued. “And in this house, I get to fuck what I want, when I want to. And a month is too long of a wait!” She forced me onto my back on her bed; she mounted my hips nearly right away.

It was true though; what she said. I would later find out that in terms of sexual activity, appetite, and control, she was head-of-household. She even slapped around Mom and Dad during sex; of course, I learned that she slapped much sooner than that.

Her attitude changed like a switch being flipped when she saw my horrified expression. That seductive sneer replaced her fiery fangs as she started to lightly grind herself against my body. “Hmhmm…Now there’s a good boy, nice and scared. Now enough bullshitting, I need you inside me now,” she hummed as she pulled her skimpy tank top from her body.

My eyes lit up in wonder as she did so; she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her natural breasts fell into the open, bouncing ever so slightly before they rested on her chest. I couldn’t help but stare hopelessly; I also couldn’t help my manhood from stirring from this glorious sight.

Lindsey laughed at my bewildered expression as she pressed her tits together. “You’ve never seen a pair up close? How do they look? Beats the hell outta pictures and movies, huh?”

Before I could mutter an answer, she stopped toying with her breasts and grabbed my member through my pajama pants. I gasped and looked at the scene in surprise; Lindsey wiggled her fingers into the opening in my pants and fished out my shaft relatively quickly. She took a moment or two to lean down and examine it. “Hmm, it’s a good size, girth’s okay too. Guess good cock bahçeşehir escort is a staple in the family genes, eh?”

I couldn’t answer; I was still confused by all the thoughts running through my head. Why was this happening? Was my sister really serious? Was she really gonna have sex with me? My last question’s answer came about right away; my sister had released my penis and was now hiking her boxers down. I was utterly shocked to see she wasn’t wearing panties either!

My mouth hung open in surprise, my virgin eyes locked onto the freshly shaven area of Lindsey’s pussy. I was suddenly snapped back to reality when I felt my shaft grabbed onto again; Lindsey scooted herself closer, positioning herself over my now erect cock. “Hmhmm, now let’s see how it feels inside me, eh, little brother?” she spoke lustfully.

I gasped, my eyes widening as I looked up at her and frantically shaking my head. “Uwah?! N-NO! Don’t do it! I don’t want to do this!” I cried, grasping for morality futilely.

A sickening grin crept onto Lindsey’s face as she glared down at me. “You don’t have a choice. ‘Sides, you don’t want to be a virgin forever, do you?” she teased.

I went to retort, but was cut off by my own gasp. A surreal feeling began enveloping my cock slowly, yet steadily. My eyes shot down towards my lowers, where I could now see my sister’s pussy devouring my entire length inch by inch.

My widened eyes and motionless mouth made up the look of pure shock on my face. I gazed up at my sister, who was staring down at me with an almost victorious look on her face. I was in utter disbelief; she had been implying and telling me she was going to fuck me, but I just couldn’t believe she was actually going through with it.

My lips quivered to try and muster words, but nothing came; I was at a loss of words. My shock dulled a bit as a lively movement from Lindsey’s hips sent a wave of pleasure I’d never felt before through my whole body, making me gasp aloud.

“…” she mumbled something as I felt the walls of her pussy clenching around my shaft; I gasped again. She then lifted herself up a tiny bit before resting back down on my body. She suddenly giggled and shifted her body some more as a low moan escaped her mouth. “Oooooh yeah, it’s just perfect; your cock was fucking made to be inside me!” she exclaimed lustfully.

The embarrassment on my face was obvious, and I also had to bite back the moans that desperately wanted out. I would have protested some more, but I couldn’t open my mouth out of fear of moaning in pleasure. I couldn’t let her win, I just couldn’t! I refused to give in, but my will was quickly being overpowered by my sexual excitement and urges. I glared up at Lindsey as she looked down at me with that know-it-all expression; she knew I was so close to caving. So she started to rock her hips and drag her pussy walls against my shaft.

I groaned, hanging by a thread. It felt so absolutely wonderful, the best sensation I’d ever felt in my life, and I just wanted it so bad. But I couldn’t let my morals go, even in this torturous torrent of bliss.

I couldn’t look at her anymore, not with that lusty and smug look on her face, so I shut my eyes as hard as I could. My lips were quivering and wavering, a few bits of weak sounds leaking from my mouth. She continued her assault, hoisting herself up until just the swollen head remained inside her, then plunging back down at an increasing pace every time. As she fucked me feverishly, I heard my dear sister whisper into my left ear:

“Come on, let me here that pathetic moan of yours, Chad. Moan for big sister~”

She was devouring my cock with her pussy over and over, relentlessly trying to make me moan. It went on for seemed like hours, but I really had no idea how long it was. I could feel it all: every movement, every squeezing muscle, every quiver and rumble. And that’s when I finally broke; I felt my body tense up vigorously. I was about to cum! I gasped loudly and reincarnated my struggle to get away from Lindsey; I just couldn’t, absolutely couldn’t, cum inside her!

But she was persistent and held my arms down on the bed, trouncing my attempts easily. “L-Lindsey, are you crazy?! Let me out!” I cried in fear.

But Lindsey just grinned down at me with the carnal look in her eyes. “What’s the matter, little brother? Don’t pussy out on me now! Give me all the cum you’ve got~!” She remarked, the pace of her hips only increasing even more.

I was panicking, albeit briefly as I was suddenly cut off by my own loud gasp and moan. Here it came; the shiver went from my toes, up my legs, and into my privates. My erection shuddered and my balls tensed; my cock finally started shooting cum into Lindsey’s greedy pussy. I groaned loudly with every phase of cum that streamed out of my quivering shaft, my back arching all the while. I was moaning like a motorboat, and my sister was apparently enjoying it too; her walls were clenched dangerously tight around my penis as it erupted.

After my climax finally died down, I let out a weak moan and opened my eyes. Just when I thought my pleasing nightmare was over, Lindsey started roughly bucking her hips and leaning down to plunge her tongue into my vulnerable mouth. I was already sensitive from having just came, but my sister didn’t seem to care; she was after something more.

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