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I never dreamed I’d fuck my girlfriend’s sister, but I don’t regret it. In fact, I’m going to do it again.If you’d asked me beforehand, if you’d stopped me before I knocked on their door that warm summer afternoon, I would have been offended at the suggestion that I would ever cheat at all. But an hour later I was in the shower, washing away the sweat of sex as my body tingled with the afterglow of nailing that luscious teenage beauty.I’d left her red-faced and trembling, eyes unfocused as she smiled a shaky smile, bedraggled and exhausted and gasping for breath on her bed. And when I got out of that shower and her unwitting big sister walked through the door, I was going to do the same to her.That first line was a lie, by the way. When I said I’d never dreamed of fucking her. I had. I’d dreamed of it countless times, even dreamed of taking them both at once. But it was just that, a dream. What I should have said is that I’d never expected to fuck her, never seriously considered that it was possible. It was just a fantasy.But what a fantasy! The two were obviously related, but the family looks had been passed down in rather different ways. My girlfriend Shannon was sexy enough for any man, so sensual that it felt greedy to want more. But madly enough, the more I thought about her beauty the more I craved her sister.To know there was a girl who looked so similar, to see such fascinating differences on a body so familiar, made my heart pound in my chest. They had enough in common that I knew how good Teana’s body would feel, for I was intimately familiar with a body much like it. Whereas the ways in which she differed from Shannon promised a delicious mystery as I wondered what fresh delights, what unique experiences sex with her might provide.Both were brunettes, though Shannon’s hair was long and wavy whilst her sister kept it short. Their blue eyes were identical, though my girlfriend’s peered out from behind glasses, and their skin was pale and lightly freckled. On Shannon, those freckles extended down her back and on to the top of her round and bouncy breasts; I found myself wondering if the same was true on Teana.I loved my girlfriend’s figure, tall and slim with long legs that rose to a nice, tight, rounded ass. But a fact of nature is that what looks proportionate on a tall girl becomes enormous on a short one, and those big hips ran in the family: Teana’s butt was outrageous, sticking out firmly behind her and gyrating lasciviously with her every movement.To make things worse she loved tight jeans and mini-shorts, which inevitably looked like they’d been painted onto the contours of her lovely fat bum. Shannon’s perky butt sometimes seemed a little lacking after a good glimpse of bahis siteleri Teana’s, and though I could write pages on what my woman’s long legs do to me, nothing could fully draw me away from the junk in her sister’s trunk.Her breasts, too, were bigger than those of her elder sibling. Shannon was hardly lacking in the chest department but her beauty lay in being tall, willowy and slender, whereas her sister went all in on the curves. And with Teana being shorter, it just made her assets look even bigger. As similar as they were, the pair represented two different forms of beauty, equally stunning, but each with their own unique allure. And as I had only tasted the one, the forbidden fruit of the other became ever more tantalizing.But I told myself I wasn’t the type of guy to cheat, even when she flirted the way rebellious teen girls do. I kept my dreams to myself and used that frustration to fuck my girlfriend all the harder. Until the day that fantasy became reality.What happened?Well, over the last few months, I’d started to think that my girlfriend was drifting away from me. We still went on dates and the sex was still good, but things were falling into a rut. Nothing original, nothing new. There was no thrill for me anymore, and I wasn’t sure she was getting one either. She seemed bored with me sometimes, and I found my eyes drifting.I was noticing other girls more, and I had a feeling she’d started shopping around herself. The biggest shock came when I took a glance over her shoulder, intent on a glimpse down my ladylove’s freckled cleavage, and noticed she was texting an ex.She recoiled instantly. ‘Friends’, she said. I could read her well, and I was pretty sure she was telling the truth. For the moment. But it was a bad sign, and I knew that if things went south between us, she would want somebody else to jump to. And that if she had somebody else to jump to, she might not care so much about keeping our relationship together.The bonds were weakening, and I felt I could see the long term forecast of our relationship: We would cruise along for a while longer, out of inertia if nothing else, but eventually, we would break apart. Another person, a big fight, even a change in schedule that made it harder to arrange a date, that’s all it would take.I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to let my sexy Shannon go. I was thinking, brainstorming ways to spice things up, even as a traitor part of me thought back dreamily to the days of being single and accountable to no one. As if I hadn’t spent my single days hunting a relationship. I guess I’m never satisfied.Then one afternoon I rolled up to her place and found she wasn’t there. Off with friends, not back until later; She’d told me the canlı bahis siteleri day before, only I’d been so distracted by the rut in our relationship that I’d plain forgotten about it. But her sister let me in.”Heya.” Teana said with a pearly white smile, fluttering her long eyelashes and tossing back her short brown hair.She had a tank top on, and the blue strap of her bra was visible over one freckled shoulder. Once again I wondered if the freckles extended onto her tits. Then she turned to let me in, and as had become ritual I glued my eyes onto that big, juicy, bouncy thing that was somehow contained in her denim shorts. Tea wore neither stockings nor socks, and what brain cells weren’t absorbed by that ass admired her bare legs for a moment. That was an area where Shannon took the gold, but Teana’s legs were no bad sight themselves.My admiration had to be curtailed as we walked into the living room with its multiple mirrors. My eyes were forced to snap back up to her back, preserving the illusion of propriety. Or so I thought, until I saw those pretty blue eyes looking at me in the mirror with a supremely smug expression. I kicked myself inwardly as I walked through into the kitchen to grab a drink, willing my rebellious, semi-hard cock to subside the entire time.”You know she’s not here, right?” Tea asked idly as I returned with my coke and sat upon the sofa.”I remembered the second I knocked on the door.” I responded wryly. Teana grinned at me.”And there was me thinking you wanted some quality time with poor little me. How disappointing.” I rolled my eyes good-naturedly, then she leaned back upon the sofa and stretched her legs out over my lap.”Oi.” I prodded the pale skin of her thigh, a little embarrassed (and even alarmed) at how arousing her warm skin felt pressed against me.”‘Oi’ what? It’s my house,” she pulled one leg back and started prodding me in the ribs with her foot. I knocked it aside once, twice, amused and exasperated, as she went on: “I can do what I want. I was sat here first. You’re in my leg space.””I am your guest.” I grabbed her ankle and managed to pin her leg down, though the only thing to pin it to was my lap again. Then her other foot knocked into me, hard.That is to say, it knocked into something hard, hard. I gasped, twitching involuntarily, cheeks going red. Even now I’m not sure if she did it on purpose, but as I playfully wrestled with my girlfriend’s kid sister, my cock had become like iron, and her soft foot pushed against it forcefully. My heart hammered, and Teana drew back swiftly with a playful look upon her face.”I think you should calm down,” she said with a cheeky grin. I flushed again, embarrassed.She’d always been like this. canlı bahis Teasing, flirting, playfully messing around. Trying to get a rise from her big sister’s boyfriend, being a constant annoyance to her older sibling. An attractive new adult, she was establishing her newfound sexuality, gleefully flaunting her desirability to the world. And I’d always done my best to ignore her, or at least to stay within reason. But alone with her like this, I was finding it easy to fall down to her level.She peered at the bulge in my trousers; I wasn’t hiding it. There was no point now. “Are you getting that hard for me? Naughty, naughty. My sister won’t like that.””Don’t you dare tell her.” I growled. Teana just snickered at me in response.”Why not? You can’t boss me around. You obviously like me, but you don’t dare do anything about it. Shannon’s got you whipped, hasn’t she?”She had not.”Or are you scared of me? Scared you can’t handle this?” She batted her eyelashes and smiled prettily as if to show it was all a joke, but the words bit deep. And there came one of those moments which happen only rarely, were your whole perspective shifts. Where you question things you took for granted, and pay attention to ideas you’d never even considered before.I did like her. I wanted her. And whilst I said I’d never cheat…why not? As I said, the thrill of being with Shannon was fading. I was afraid we were drifting apart, and I knew she was making plans of her own. And let’s face it, every relationship ends somehow. Even if her and I weren’t about to break up, did I plan on marrying her? Staying with her forever? Probably not. All these thoughts flashed through my head in an instant, and I heard my own voice distill them into one burning statement, a pep talk, a question that blazed lustfully inside my head.If you stay faithful, what’s going to happen? You’ll still break up, sooner or later. In five years time, when both of you have moved on and you look back on this, will those few extra weeks or months be worth it?Or will you regret how you missed the chance to fuck her sexy sister?I made my choice. And when Teana tried to tease my cock again I grabbed her leg and yanked it towards me, then gathered her up into my arms. The mask of playful banter and rebellious teasing cracked and she looked shocked, even overwhelmed as I sat her plump, bouncy ass down atop my iron-hard cock. So I gave her the choice.”What’s the matter?” I whispered. “Scared you can’t handle this?” Then that teen rebel nature flared back up and she kissed me.Any misgivings, any second thoughts were blown away then. I was kissing another woman, and that alone was enough to damn me in my girlfriend’s eyes. The fact that Tea had kissed me first probably wouldn’t make much difference if Shannon found out. So now that I’d crossed the line, why not keep going? Might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, as they say. So I slid my tongue into her mouth and took control.

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