Clare Continued 5

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Clare Continued 5Please read the first Clare story or this will make no sense to you. AND PLEASE LEAVE US A COMMENT WHETHER YOU ENJOYED IT OR NOT…………It had been days since I last heard from Clare although it felt like weeks, I know she had returned from Malta but I guessed she was busy with family life. I awaited her call. Then I got a message, it read, “Can you and Russell meet me at the Rhinefield House Hotel out near Brokenhurst tomorrow night, bring the toys!”. Well we didn’t need asking twice. I could hardly wait, what I didn’t know was the surprise that awaited us! The next night Russell and I drove up the long gravel drive full of excitement but not really knowing what was going on. We were to meet you at the bar at 7pm so we unpacked and made our way to the bar. Both Russell and I suddenly stopped in our tracks as we walked through the large wooden doors into the bar, my jaw dropped and my cock jumped, there was you and Suzanne sat at the bar and both dressed like very, very, dirty girls, I don’t think your skirt could have been any shorter or tighter! Same for Suzanne, her skirt finished just below her panties too! I think you had been rehearsing this because as Russ and I stood gob smacked by the door you both swivelled on your bar stools and slowly opened your legs to reveal two tight white panty clad pussies!!! Russ and I nearly fainted right there in the bar! We both had huge bulges in the front of our trousers and it was a really good thing that at that time in the evening the bar was empty. I walked up to you and stepped between your legs kissing you as I felt your hot panty covered pussy touch my bulging cock, god I was horny. I then kissed Suzanne and introduced Russell, I have heard a lot about you Russell Suzanne said and brazenly reached out and stroked his long hard cock through his trousers. Well I think we are going to be in for a really fun night I said smiling. I was still stood between your legs when the barman returned from where ever he had been and while I ordered our drinks I slipped my hand down and lightly stoked your pussy! I knew we couldn’t be seen but I didn’t expect you to gasp out as I did it, the barman span round but by that time you had regained your composure and he was none the wiser. The sexual tension in the bar was so thick you could cut it with a knife, I could feel the front of your panties becoming damp as I stroked you and it was turning me on like you wouldn’t believe, Suzanne was still stroking Russell through his trousers and he was in danger of loosing it I think, it was good to see them hitting it off so well, I could only imagine the fun that was to come. Some people arrived at the bar so we started to behave a little, but I noticed the men in that entered the bar could not take their eyes off you and Suzanne even though you had covered up by now. Next we had a light meal in the restaurant and it was then you told Russell and I all about your last encounter with Suzanne in Malta. It was so hot hearing you describe how the two of you made love together and I was in heaven when half way through the conversation I felt your hand sliding up my thigh under the table cloth, coming to rest on my very hard cock! I looked across the table and noticed Russell was getting the same treatment from Suzanne, things were getting a little to hot for the restaurant so we finished off our meal and headed for the huge suite that you had booked for the night. Once in your suite the fun really began, I removed your small skirt and top as Russell removed Suzanne’s, I said it would really turn Russ and I on to watch you and Suzanne making love, you agreed and turning to Suzanne you both started to kiss, it was so slow, so soft, so loving, I was almost jealous that I was a man, I could never achieve such smooth, soft tenderness. Russ and I sat back on the large sofa by the bed and anadolu yakası escort watched the two of you standing in the middle of the room and kissing erotically, both topless but both still in little white panties, the sight was breath taking, I had to take my cock in my hand and stroke it as I watched, out the corner of my eye I could see Russ was doing the same. We both watched as you began to slowly caress each other and Suzanne bent down to take one of your swollen nipples into her pretty mouth I could see your hand gently caressing her small pert breasts. Next Suzanne walked you backwards until you sat on the edge of the bed, then putting her hands on your shoulders she pushed you backwards so you laid on the bed with your feet on the floor, next she slid her thumb up and down your pussy feeling you through your panties, causing you to soak the front of them with your lovely juice, she then bent down and placed long slow licks from the bottom to the top of your burning slit, the heat from her tongue on your pussy through your wet panties was increasable! As I sat there still slowly stroking my throbbing shaft I saw your hips start to undulate, I knew that you must be incredibly turned on at this point and I really wanted to run over and slide my thick long cock straight into your hot willing sex. But I didn’t, I decided to wait and make this experience last as long as possible. Suzanne slid your panties off in one deft move and stood over you to remove her own panties, I watched as you dipped two fingers inside your own pussy unable to believe how wet you had become. I had to remove my hand from my cock as watching you had made me so horny I would have shot cum all over the couch and that would have been a waste. Suzanne took hold of your wrist and removed your hand from your pussy, she bent down and took the fingers that had been imbedded deep within you and sucked them into her mouth, she then took your hand and placed it on her own pussy and your wet fingers slid easily inside, Suzanne returned the favour and you lightly fingered each other as she laid down by your side and kissed you again. Russ and I were almost ready to burst, our cocks were jumping without even touching them, you and Suzanne looked over and both gasped as you saw us sat there with two enormous hard on’s, you could see our cocks pulsing even from over on the bed! It was the first time Suzanne had seen Russell’s cock, as she looked over and saw us sat there throbbing she just came on your fingers and slid down the bed, we all laughed as she recovered. Now kneeling on the floor between your legs she beckoned Russ over, going down on all fours she was just right to take Russ’s cock from behind and your pussy with her mouth. As Russ walked round the room his enormous erect cock swinging from side to side in front of him I saw both of you follow him around the room mesmerized by the shear size of that cock! He knelt behind Suzanne and you felt her moan into your pussy and it was obvious she was taking that big cock into her small tight pussy. I figured it was time for me to get in on the action and leaning over the other side of the bed I kissed you, tracing my tongue around your soft lips and then nibbling my way down your neck, cupping your breasts I gently squeezed offering the your nipple up to my waiting mouth. I sucked your lovely nipple into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it, nipping from time to time with my teeth. Suzanne was still busy at your pussy and the combined sensations were blowing your mind! Reaching up above you, your slim fingers soon found my thick pole bobbing just above your head, it felt so erotic to feel your fingers sliding very lightly up and down the underside of my shaft, cupping my balls and stroking the top of my thighs. I felt you tugging on my cock and realised you pendik escort were trying to bring it to your hungry mouth. I knelt up on the bed and fed my hard cock into your waiting mouth, the feeling as your lips wrapped around me was exquisite! Leaning forward I joined Suzanne at your pussy and kissing her I could taste you on her lips so we took it in turns kissing each other and kissing your beautiful sex.I think Russell’s cock was working its magic on Suzanne, she was starting to lose her rhythm on your pussy and was moaning loudly as Russ worked his full length in and out of her velvet like sex and it wasn’t long before she threw her head back and orgasm’d loudly! Then slumped between your legs panting wildly. We settled down to a comfortable sixty nine as Russ withdrew his still hard cock from Suzanne. I looked up to see her spin round and lick Russ’s cock clean of all her juices, I couldn’t believe how sexy that was! Russ stood up and I knelt to the side of you lifting your knees and opening your legs, offering you to his monster cock! I felt your teeth clamp on the head of my cock as you felt Russ start to push into you, Suzanne hopped up onto the bed and joined you in sucking and liking me. This was heaven, I had never felt two tongues caressing my cock before and it was not long until it was throbbing like mad. I pulled my cock free before I shot my load all over every one so left Suzanne kissing you as Russ fucked you deeper than you had ever been fucked before! I walked around behind Suzanne and slid my still jumping cock deep into her wet well fucked pussy, I was thankful that Russ had not cum yet. I heard you tell Suzanne that she should try the ‘sandwich’ and she squealed with delight! Yes she said, god I have always wanted to try that! Can we do it now? Reluctantly you let Russell pull his enormous cock from your delicate pussy and we arranged to do the same as we had done at Russ’s house only this time it was to be Suzanne getting both holes filled. Russell laid on his back with his huge cock sticking straight up in the air, you came round and held it and fed it into your friends tight pussy, once she was fully impaled on Russ I moved behind her and now I felt you grab me and guide me into her waiting hole, again I slid in very slowly as you stroked my shaft and balls. You could see the extract on Suzanne’s face as Russ and I started to get into a rhythm, you knew exactly what she was feeling and I mouthed “you’re next” and smiled as I slammed my cock hard into Suzanne’s ass.  I motioned to the bag lying on the chair and you recognised it immediately, it was the toy bag! Jumping up what you did next was so erotic it didn’t help my self control one bit! You pulled the big wingback chair over from the corner of the room and positioned it about a foot from the end of the bed, facing the bed. Then selected the little vibrator that had given you so much pleasure before and sat in front of us, with your bottom on the edge of the chair you laid back and put your feet up on the bed. Suzanne and I had a bird’s eye view of you playing with your beautiful smooth shaven sex. I could not believe what a slut you had become! Looking directly into my eyes you slid the small vibrator in and out of yourself and stroked the vibrating tip around your clit. God you looked so sexy as you bit your bottom lip and half closed your eyes a direct result of the pleasure you were receiving from the little toy, watching our big cocks sliding in and out of your friend was turning you on like mad! Fishing around in the toy bag you pulled out the anal beads, now this was new? Again more brazen than I had ever known you, you started popping the toy into your ass as you still worked your pussy gently with the little toy. We were all working towards an earth shattering crescendo, Suzanne was almost beside herself tuzla escort as Russ and I pounded into her, watching us and knowing we were watching you as you pulled the beads out of your ass one by one as you kept the vibrator directly on your erect clit. I saw your legs start to tremble and I knew your orgasm was approaching and I wanted to cum with you and as we watched each other we came, that set off the other two and soon the four of us were in a state of ecstasy………… Clare:I had a really great time in Malta and Peter made it even more special for me and my Suzanne experience was mind blowing and never ever thought that I would go down that road but I am now officially bi-sexual as I want more and more of it. Suzanne had enjoyed Peter and also me and was such a sexy girl as well as being so beautiful. The day before I was to fly home I asked her if she would like to come back with me. When I told her that we could meet up with Peter and his friend Russ for some sexual fun she jumped at the chance and luckily she was able to book a seat on the same flight as me. The next day we flew to the UK and my husband was waiting for me on arrival to drive me home. The look on his face was awesome as I introduced him to Suzanne, and when I told him that she would be staying for a few days with us he had smile biggest smile imaginable. If only he knew that she was not only a friend but a lover and a new sexual partner. When we arrived home we unpacked and I sent my husband to the local supermarket to pick up a few things.I decided to have a shower and took the opportunity to have Suzanne join me and we soaped and played with each other and we were kissing passionately and it was out of this world. My new gay lesbian scene was now in full swing and how I was enjoying it. We had dinner and then it was time for bed. Suzanne had the spare room and I and my hubby had our usual master bedroom.My husband Tony told me how much he had missed me and I decided that although I had not lacked sex during my time away he deserved some after 10 days without any. He was soon fucking me and although very hard as expected he didn’t quite measure up to Peter and certainly not Russ who was a one off as far as I was concerned. He was quite energetic and soon came to an ejaculation inside me and to be honest it was nice although not fantastic. We lay back and chatted about my trip and he told me that he thought Suzanne was very sexy and attractive and would be any man’s dream.If only he knew that she was his wife’s dream and had gone even further than just a dream. The next day I booked a room at the famous Rhinefield House Hotel in the New Forest and phoned Peter and invited him and Russ to join us.There was certainly no hesitation and around 7pm they joined us in the bar.Suzanne looked stunning and very provocative and there was no way that Russ wouldn’t fancy her.After a few fun and games involving touching it was time to go to our room. It wasn’t long before we were down to our panties and heard Suzanne gasp as Russ dropped his trousers and released his enormous cock.”Oh My God” “Oh My God” was all she could say and we all laughed. The boys wanted us to have a girly experience while they watched and we didn’t object to that and it was a wonderful way to start the evening off.They were watching and stroking and then Russ decided he wanted Suzanne and presented his monster to her sex and entered her with one full push which stretched her like never before. She took it all and Peter and I watched as he pounded her hard for what seemed an eternity until he pulled out and covered her in his cum. It was an ejaculation like I had never witnessed before even on xhamster.I heard the usual from Suzanne “Oh MY God” “Oh My God” “That was unbelievable” Peter didn’t disappoint as he then fucked me as the other two looked on and I found it rather erotic being watched……………..Please remember this story has just been cut and pasted from emails, there is no editing and we are not professional writers, please rate our story and comment if you can, the story is still on going and your comments would be both helpful and exciting.

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