Clive and The Twins

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Clive and The TwinsClive was a single dad with a daughter who he shared custody with his ex-wife so he spent half his time with Amber and half on his own which suited him and he made sure he made the best of his time with Amber. Clive had just got a call from his ex to say that Amber had the flu and wouldn’t be coming this week which was a shame as the plan was for two of her best friends Lyn and Beth were due to come after school for a weekend sleepover and to use his PC for some school project which Clive had agreed to. Lyn and Beth were twins and Clive had only met them once before and found them to be nice girls although he had found his eyes wandering when they last visited, they were identical and Clive had a problem telling them apart, something that he made a joke about.Friday afternoon arrived and Clive sat thinking about how his weekend could have been had Amber not gone sick when the doorbell rang and peering out the window he saw it was Lyn and Beth standing at the door, did they not know that the sleepover had been cancelled, Clive wasn’t prepared and had just got out of the shower and only had a bath robe on but he went to the door, “Hello Girls” he said, “Did you not know that Amber is sick and not here this week” he continued with a sullen look on his face showing that he was disappointed. “Yes, Mr West” Lyn said “but we were hoping we could still use your PC to do our school project” Beth continued. Clive’s eyes lit up and his heart began to pound having these two young beauties on the door step, “Oh yes, of course” Clive said, “Do come in” and the girls entered carrying a folder for their project. Clive watched them walk into the lounge and it was like seeing double as they were so alike, both wearing their uniforms and both had their skirts rolled u so they were shorter, Clive’s eyes were transfixed on their smooth tanned legs. “Please take a seat, can I get you a drink? I have some cold lemonade in the fridge” he inquired and both girls nervously nodded. “Did we disturb you Mr West” Lyn asked looking at their host dressed in just a gown, “Oh no, I didn’t think you were coming and have just had a shower” Clive responded as he handed them a glass of cold lemonade, he couldn’t help but notice that Beth’s legs were slightly apart and because of the shortness of her skirt he could see her regulation white panties, a vision that was both pleasing on the eye and the groin as he felt a tingle below as he started to get a semi.“So canlı bahis what is the school project” Clive asked as he sat down opposite the twins, the girls looked at each other blushing, Lyn said, “Oh we have to write about the differences between male and female forms and we were hoping to research the information here” well Clive nearly cum in his gown when he heard that but gracefully held back saying, “That’s an interesting topic and I would be more than happy to help you” he had a big grin on his face, “Really” Beth said and both girls smiled at Clive’s kind offer.As Clive got up to go to the computer he purposely let his gown open very briefly showing the girls that he had nothing under it, out of the corner of his eye he could see that both the twins caught a glimpse of his semi erect penis, he fired up the PC and then asked the girls what information they needed to know.Beth opened her folder and showed Clive a drawing of a naked man and naked woman explaining that they had to identify parts of the body which Clive found very interesting.While the computer was loading Clive came up with an idea, “Why don’t I remove my gown so you can see the male body and then we can name the different parts” he said with a helpful look on his face, “Really” said Lyn, “Would that be ok Sir” she continued. “Of course” Clive said, “You two get comfortable” he continued as he opened his gown and let it fall to the floor, he was now standing in front of the twins totally naked and his cock was now fully erect. “Wow!” said Beth and they both sat there staring at Clive’s stiff manhood, “Would you like to touch it and examine it?” Clive asked but the twins weren’t sure, “Are we allowed to Sir?” Beth said and her legs parted a bit further giving Clive a perfect view up her skirt.“If we keep this to ourselves then nobody will know” Clive said stepping closer to the girls.Both girls reached out nervously and touched Clive’s throbbing cock, Lyn was caressing his balls as Beth held the shaft pulling back the foreskin exposing the big purple head, a little pre-cum escaped as she did so. “Wow, this is so awesome” Beth said as she wiped the pre-cum away with her thumb and rubbed it in the helmet, Clive gasped with pleasure at two young hands caressing his bits.The girls took turns in rubbing his cock, both seemed to be at ease and now Lyn’s legs had parted and she too had regulation white panties on and seeing up both girls’ skirts was making Clive bahis siteleri so horny and he wasn’t sure how long he could last. Clive pulled Beth’s head closer and she looked up at him as Clive positioned his throbbing cock at her mouth and without a word Beth opened up and slowly let Clive put his cock inside, “Good Girl” Clive said as Beth started to suck on his big purple head pulling the skin right back. Clive slowly eased himself into Beth’s mouth all the time looking up at him while Lyn looked on squeezing his balls gently and as she started to gag he pulled out to let Lyn have a go, he eased into Lyn’s mouth but this time Beth started to lick his balls and the feeling was getting too much, “Would you like to see what comes out” He asked and with both girls nodding he pulled out of Lyn’s mouth “Open your mouths” he said as his knees trembled and a stream of hot salty cum shot out hitting both girls in the face, a lot went in and both girls tried to swallow quickly, “Wow” said Lyn, “That is so cool” said Beth. “It tastes so yummy” Lyn continued as Clive finished. As Clive looked down at the girls kneeling before him he suggested that it was time to look at the female form and told the girls to take off their shirts, the girls stood up and started the unbuttoning process and pulled away their shirts, Clive sat there eagle eyed and open mouthed as they grappled with their bras until both girls stood there topless. Clive was amazed at how identical they were, both girls had small titties with stiff nipples. Clive reached out and started to rub each nipple in turn which gave both girls pleasure. “Very nice indeed” Clive said as he leant forward taking each nipple in his mouth and giving it a little suck. “Shall we look at the rest?” he said beckoning the girls to remove their skirts and in a second both skirts fell to the floor. Clive looked at the girls standing there in just their white panties, they were definitely not regulation white panties in fact they were very skimpy low cut briefs, Clive looked at the mound hiding the pleasure zone and could make out a few light colored pubic hairs poking out. He could definitely see the outline of their labia lips through the thin moist fabric and was now starting to get hard again and he reached out and ran his fingers between both girls legs feeling out the damp spots, “You are both perfectly formed” he said with a smile before asking then to turn around. He was now looking at two perfectly bahis şirketleri formed arses both showing the top of their cracks and he reached out to Beth and slowly pulled down her panties, as he did the same with Lyn both girls giggled as the stood naked with their backs to Clive.It would have been a dream to have one naked young beauty in front of him but to have two was Christmas come early and Clive told both girls to bend down and pull their arse cheeks apart which they both did, “OMG” said Clive as the sight of two identical arsehole came into sight, Clive was about to have a picnic. Clive got to his knees and pulled Lyn towards him and buried his head between her spread arse cheeks savouring the sweet aroma of her back door while reaching out to Beth and running a finger up and down her wide crack searching out the dry hole. Lyn was obviously enjoying it as she was pushing back on his face forcing his tongue into her arse, Beth meanwhile moaned as Clive’s finger pushed into her tight wet pussy slowly pushing in up to the knuckle. “This is the best school project ever” Beth cried out as a second finger entered her soaked minge and Lyn agreed pushing further back on Clive’s face. Clive’s cock was now bursting and ready for more action so he told the girls to both kneel down in front of the sofa while Clive positioned himself behind, Beth was wet and ready so he slowly ran the tip of his dick up and down her crack before finding the opening of her wet cunt, Beth yelped as he entered, slowly inching his way in while working on Lyn with his fingers to get her ready. Beth bit on a cushion as Clive pushed in, then out and then in further until he had the whole of his 8” deep inside her working up a few slow strokes. Lyn was now getting wet as Clive’s fingers fucked her tight hole just as Beth shook as she experienced her first orgasm and as he pulled out he lined up his cock covered in Beth’s juices and slowly entered Lyn, Lyn let out a loud moan as Clive slowly pushed in just as he had done with Beth before building up a rhythm until Lyn had her first orgasm, the fun was underway now as he took turns in fucking the twins until he could hold out no longer, he felt his balls tighten and his cock start to pulsate as he pulled out and shot his second load of hot cum over the twins arses, both girls moaned as the hot creamy liquid hit their soft skin, some going up their backs but most landing between the crack of their arses.“OMG, Mmm” he heard Lyn say, “Wow!” said Beth as Clive stood up, his dick limp and wet with the girls cum, looking at the girls covered in his love juice all the time wondering if this would have happened had Amber not been sick.

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