Cloud Nine: Ch. 7

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Cloud Nine: Ch. 7Gene brought two bottles of wine, an excellent merlot and an excellent chilled chardonnay, and flowers.Cynthia was wearing a thin white T-shirt about a size too small and a blue pleated skirt, like a cheerleader’s, so short it barely covered her perky ass, and no shoes. Her long brown hair was braided with a blue bow on the end, just above her ass, and she looked so young and enticing.Gene gave her the flowers, and she gave him a kiss.“How thoughtful,” she said. “Thank you, Gene, I love flowers.” She stuck her nose in the flowers and inhaled deeply, and her tits rose and fell subtly. “Come on in and have a seat. I’ll get a vase and be right back.”He watched the bow on the end of her braid swing and her ass sway, and wondered if he had made a serious mistake.The living room had a snug, seductive feeling. Soft music came from the stereo and a lamp burned at each end of the couch, leaving the rest of the room in shadow. He sat on the couch and twiddled. She came back and he watched her luscious young tits jiggle, and part of his doubt stole across the floor and jumped out of the window.She turned her back to him and leaned over to put the flowers on the coffee table. Her short skirt rode up and he got a good look at her bare ass and tender pussy winking at him from between her gorgeous thighs, and decided that he had to have her.She straightened up and turned around and grinned. “I thought you might like a preview.”“You can be damn sure that I’ll stay for the whole show,” he chuckled.“I hope you meant that pun,” she laughed.“You’re an imp,” he said.“Darling, I’m going to relish showing you just how mischievous I am. I would offer you a drink, but dinner’s almost ready. Would you open the wine?”She served an excellent stuffed chicken breast with fresh asparagus and the white wine by candlelight, and he knew the best restaurant couldn’t have done better.They chatted as they ate, and Gene found her witty and charming and so damned sexy, his cock ached.When they finished eating, she said, “I thought a light meal was better. I’m lethargic after a heavy meal, and I want to be energetic tonight.”“I think you’re always pretty energetic,” he chuckled. “And I know you’re a good cook. The meal was excellent.”“Thank you, so was the wine. It was perfect for chicken. My father taught me to cook, and I have my domestic side, for the right person. Shall we have our coffee and cognac in the living room?”He sat in a comfortable chair facing her chair, savoring the serenity and her company. She crossed her legs and showed him lots of thigh, and he savored the view, too.“You entertain very well,” he said.“My father again. He taught me a lot about social graces overtly, and I learned more by watching him. I’ve had a terrible crush on him as long as I can remember. If he would allow it, I’d be his lover, and pooh on what society might say about it. It’s my pussy, and who I give it to is nobody else’s business. I suppose that explains why I prefer older men. You, especially, remind me a lot of him.”“There’s a lot of Freud in there.”She grinned and gave him a bawdy wink. “You’ll be the beneficiary of my Electra complex. I like having you here with me, even if it is for only one night. Is Libby waiting up for you?”“No, she’s visiting an old friend she knew in high school.”“Is she expecting you home at a certain time?”“I doubt it. She was looking forward to seeing him, and if I know her, she won’t be home until she wears him out.”Cynthia arched one eyebrow sharply. “I didn’t know that you have an open marriage. Were you just stringing me along yesterday until you decided if I’d be worth the effort?”“We don’t, didn’t, I don’t how to put it yet, have an open marriage, and I wasn’t stringing you along, for any reason. I’ve wanted you a long time, and I never doubted that you’d porno hikaye be worth the effort, as you put it. Bear with me while I digress, and maybe I can clear things up. Libby and I met in college, drifted apart, then got back together and married. We were both a little hesitant about giving up our freedom, but we wanted to be with each other, so the night before our wedding, we made a pledge that if one of us met somebody we really, really wanted, we’d talk about it in a rational manner and make an intelligent decision.“Our decision was that we’d try it, then discuss it again and see what we wanted to do.”“I think that’s very mature and intelligent,” Cynthia said. “If your marriage is stable and secure, you can work out something satisfactory to both of you.”“I want more than a one night with you, so I hope she wants to keep doing it, in one form or another.”Cynthia grinned broadly. “If she wants my opinion, I’ll be happy to talk to her. Of course, I’m biased, but I do have a pretty open mind.”Gene returned her grin. “I’ll tell her what you said. You never know, she just might call you. She thinks you’re probably a dynamite piece of ass.”“Your wife is very perceptive,” Cynthia said, her voice husky, “and very understanding.” She stood and left the room.He waited apprehensively, wondering if he’d somehow put his foot in it. For the umpteenth time, he wished he understood females better!Cynthia returned and stood a few feet from him, her body silhouetted by one of the table lamps. “Will you tell Libby if I’m a good piece of ass, Gene?”“Do you want me to tell her?”“Yes, I want you to fuck me every way you wish, then tell her every little detail. Maybe if you get things worked out, she’ll let me have you again once in a while.”“I’ve never asked and I’ve never looked at your file. How old are you?”She shrugged her shoulders and her robe fell to the floor and the dim light played on the soft curves of her naked body as she straddled his legs. She caressed his cheek and chuckled. “Worried that I’m jailbait, darling? I’m twenty, and that makes you twelve years older, not quite old enough to be my father. And I’m not a virgin. I hope you weren’t expecting me to be.”The prospect of fucking a twenty-year-old made him feel like an old man. Then she took his hand and put it between her legs, on her mound, and age didn’t matter.“No, I didn’t expect you to be a virgin. You indicated you weren’t during our little talk yesterday.”“How many girls have you fucked since you married?”“You’re the first.”“Libby did me a great honor by choosing me. I’ll have to send her a thank-you note. And maybe give her a special gift, a gift that only a girl can give another girl.” She put her hands on his shoulders and her left foot on the seat of his chair. “Don’t let me fall.”He held onto her hips as she put her right foot on the seat and stepped up with her pussy right in front of his face.“Put your tongue in me and have a taste,” she said softly.He speared his tongue into her hole, paused a moment, then looked up at her and chuckled. “It’s cherry, isn’t it?”“Yes, I didn’t know your favorite flavor, so I used cherry. All guys like cherry pussy, don’t they?”“Not always, honey. Sometimes, fucking a virgin can be hard work. I’d rather have a girl who knows what she’s doing.”“Then you came to the right place, darling.” She kept her hands on his shoulders and stepped down. “Put your finger in my pussy.”He ran the tip of his finger along her slit, then eased it into her hole.“Is it tight enough for you?”“It sure is,” he said softly. “Fucking you is going to be a real pleasure.”“I get a lot wetter than I am now,” she said softly. “I hope it doesn’t turn you off.”“I like to eat juicy pussies. They remind me of juicy peaches.”“Fuzz and all,” she giggled. She arched her back and put a nipple against his seks hikayeleri lips, and immediately sobered as he suckled the fat bud. “I’ll be your wife tonight, darling,” she murmured. “Fuck me as much as you wish, any way you wish. I know how to do just about anything you can think of, and I love to do it all.”He caressed her bare back and ass. Her skin had the downy softness of youth-supple, velvety and warm to the touch. He put one hand on her luscious ass and one hand between her legs and ran a finger through the crack of her ass and her slit at the same time, and she opened her thighs wider, giving him more room to feel her up, pressing against his hand as he fondled the tender flesh of her mound.She unzipped his pants and hauled his cock out, and a soft cry of excitement and joy bubbled from her throat as she put her hands on his knees and leaned over and licked the head, then kissed him on the mouth, sucking and nibbling avidly at his tongue, her lively lips damp and feverish and pliant against his.He couldn’t move his hands over her rapidly enough to satisfy himself. He wanted to touch her all over at once, to have his roving hands every place at the same time.She broke the kiss, kissed the head of his cock, then looked deep into his eyes, her hazel eyes alive with lust. “Do you like it so far?”“I love it,” he whispered hoarsely, teasing her clit with the tip of his finger. “What lecherous old man wouldn’t?”She kissed him again. “You’re not an old man, baby,” she breathed against his lips, “but I’m glad you’re a lecher. Fucking someone who appreciates me is a lot more fun.” She looked down at his cock and chuckled, deep in her throat, a sound so sexy it sent shivers down his spine. “And, unless I’m badly mistaken, you appreciate me very much.”“I want to show you just how much I appreciate you.”“Then take off your clothes, darling, and you can do anything you want with me. I want you to do everything with me, fuck my cunt, my ass, my tits, my mouth, cum all over my face and tits! If it’s spelled s-e-x, I love it!”Her words excited him beyond belief, and his fingers were clumsy as they fought with the buttons of his shirt. She pushed his hands away and undressed him quickly, skillfully, throwing his clothes in a pile by the chair.“You’ve got very quick, nimble fingers,” he said.“I pound on a keyboard all day,” she chuckled.She stared at his hefty cock rearing out of his lap like a rampant charger as she pushed his knees apart and knelt between his legs, caressing the head of his cock with the palm of one hand as her other hand gripped his thick shaft and stroked it slowly.“Gorgeous cock,” she whispered, her voice hoarse with longing. She curled her tongue around his cockhead and took it between her lips and sucked a moment, then lifted her head and stroked the shaft as she rubbed his knob over her lips and both cheeks. “Libby is lucky to have such a magnificent cock to ride.”He slid out of the chair and pushed her onto her back, flopped on his belly between her gorgeous gams and buried his face in her succulent gash. The heady taste of her delectable young honey pot set his soul on fire as he lapped at her with long strokes of his tongue and gently pressed his finger into the tender recesses of her sopping hole.A wail of exhilaration burst from her lips. She turned onto her side and wriggled around in reverse and put her left leg over his shoulder and curled her cunt up to his mouth as she clutched the fat stem of his cock and licked the head impetuously. She sighed and gurgled happily as she lapped at the head of his cock, licking around it, pulling at it with her lips, then took the swollen bulb into her mouth and sucked lovingly as she slowly swallowed his shaft.He cupped her buttocks and held her humid gash tight to his mouth. The tip of his tongue bored erotik hikayeler into her muggy hole, and her hips undulated as he fucked her with his tongue, stabbing it into her slippery depths rapidly, savoring her sweet cunt nectar.She swallowed his whole prick with ease, and fiery sensations washed over him as her greedy mouth engulfed his dick. The awareness of her voluptuous young body writhing and trembling against him magnified the sensations from his cock, and the taste, the feel of her hot, pliable pussy around his tongue made his sensations soar higher. Pulling his tongue out of her luscious hole, he lashed her tender clit, then suddenly reached the point of no return. He had to get away from the vacuum in her mouth or surrender his load much sooner than he wanted to. Reluctantly, he pushed her away.“Oh, darling,” she whimpered, “aren’t you going to let me suck you off? I want you to cum in my mouth. When I feel about a guy the way I feel about you, I want to eat his cum.”He rolled her onto her back and got on his knees between her legs. “God, I can’t wait, baby,” he growled, “I’ve got to fuck you! Got to feel my cock in your tender young cunt.”“Okay, darling, okay,” she whispered as she spread her thighs wide. “I’ll eat your cum after a while. We have all night, and I know lots of ways to keep your beautiful cock hard.” She rubbed both hands over her pussy and sighed. “There’s my hot cunt, darling. Get it, get all of it you want. Stick your big cock in me, darling, and fuck me until my teeth rattle!”She held the lips of her cunt open, and he guided the head of his cock to its target. The tip of his prick eased into her hole, and she threw her legs over his shoulders and wiggled rapturously. He groaned and shuddered as ecstatic sensations raced through his body as he cautiously entered her. She tossed her ass up and down and moaned deep in her chest and gyrated her hips impatiently and thrust her cunt at him.He bucked his hips cautiously, inching his cock deeper and deeper into her. Completely aroused, she suddenly relaxed and became utterly receptive. As they wiggled in unison, her tight, slick tunnel opened and his cock slid in smoothly, probing deeper into her with each thrust, then he abruptly impaled her. From what she said, he got the impression that she fucked a lot, but amazingly, her cunt felt so small and tight.Fucking such an innocent-looking, sexually adept young woman thrilled him to the core. Her overdeveloped, youthful body was a vision of erotic delight, her large tits jiggling gently as she wiggled, tremors of marvel flickering over her beautiful face.She looked at him with adoring, half-closed eyes, a smile of ecstasy caressing her lush lips. “Fuck me with the full length of your gorgeous cock, darling. Go deep.”Her body bounced from the force of his thrusts as he hammered his cock in and out of her. Her tits danced an erotic tango on her chest and her lithe young body writhed and twisted and bucked as she matched his rhythm and fucked with him. He wrapped his arms around her legs and levered his hips back and forth rapidly, goring her with the full length of his cock on each thrust.“Oh, darling, you’re fucking my cunt so good,” she muttered, her face twisting with emotion, her breath coming in gasps. “I’m getting there, darling. God, your cock feels wonderful, darling, so fucking good. Oh, darling, you’re a magnificent fucker. Fuck me a little faster. Yes, darling, yes, that’s the way. Now, darling, now!”She undulated her hips faster, throwing her pussy at him, taking all the cock he could give her, then squealed with fulfillment and bucked wildly as her orgasm washed over her.He fucked her furiously, and her entire body shook from the force of his frantic jabs. His own orgasm suddenly became an inexorable force, enveloping him in a cloud of bliss. He thrust his hands under her, dug his fingers into her firm buttocks and speared his cock into her with a flurry of motion, possessed by stormy, careening sensations as cum spurted from his cock.¦¦¦

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