Cobra in a Black Dress

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“Oh yes, unh, yes, we can do that, uhh, sure, tomorrow, ahh, three thirty, uhh, okay, see you then, uhhh…Mariss’ you lil’ devil!”

Andrea Vaughn snapped the phone shut and slid forward in her high backed leather chair. It had become increasingly difficult to discuss terms with a potential advertiser while her lover/partner was between her legs licking her pussy. Since they rarely wore clothes when they were home, little seductions like this were even easier to accomplish.

Andy, as everyone knew her, tried to grab two handfuls of dark brown hair to pull Marissa’s face tighter into her crotch. Marissa Lyons lifted her head away from Andy’s grasp, her face glistening with her lover’s vaginal juices, looking at Andy with sparkling brown eyes, she said “What’s the matter, blondie? Can’t take a little payback?”

“Oh hell,” said Andy, “I’m off the ‘phone now, finish what you started.” She reached again for Marissa’s head, but Marissa pulled further away. She was a terrible tease, but they both loved it, as it always resulted in white hot sex that left them exhausted and happy.

Andy attempted another grab, but Marissa yanked at her ankle. Andy fell back in her chair; Marissa laughed and ran from the room. She was halfway down the stairs when Andy caught her around the waist, carrying her, squealing and struggling, onto the wide back porch.

Marissa was becoming increasingly excited as Andy held her easily in her strong arms; her inability to escape arousing her even further. Andy lay her down on an exercise mat, pinning her shoulders and straddling her rib cage. They were both breathing heavily, more from desire than exertion.

Holding Marissa’s hands above her head with one hand, Andy used the other to slip a finger into her lover’s juicy pussy. Marissa continued to struggle, “Leggo of me you big blonde ape, pick on someone your own size.”

At 5’10”, Marissa wasn’t short, but Andy’s heavier six foot plus frame made her seem smaller than she actually was when they stood side by side.

“Now, my little tease,” said Andy, adding a second finger to Marissa’s pussy, “I think you left some unfinished business up there in the office.”

Swiftly, Marissa lifted her legs, catching Andy under the arms with the backs of her knees; in an instant, Marissa’s arms were free as Andy was forced backward, her legs spread wide. Marissa sat up, hooking her arms around Andy’s powerful thighs. Now Andy was at Marissa’s mercy, her wet pussy exposed to her lover’s delighted gaze.

Marissa leaned forward and began to tease Andy again; slowly licking the puffy outer lips of her streaming pussy. She darted her tongue around the soft, pink walls of Andy’s inner core; nibbling, licking, tweaking the erect clit with her tongue, driving Andy insane.

She loved being pinioned by Marissa, the feeling of helplessness making her faint with desire. She could free herself fairly easily, but she chose not to, allowing her lover to tease her beyond endurance.

“Aaaahh, unnhhh,” Andy moaned and grunted as Marissa began to suck her pussy into her eager mouth, stabbing her stiffened tongue deep into the warm, pink flesh, chewing on the engorged lips. Marissa growled deep in her throat as she devoured her juicy pussy feast. Andy bucked and shuddered, but Marissa’s mouth was suctioned to her gushing pussy, tongue thrashing, gulping and swallowing the sweet, salty fluids; drinking from the well of her desire.

Andy’s orgasm hit her like a heavyweight right cross, she couldn’t control her muscles, her bones turning to water; “Eeeeehh, oh my God, I’m cummingg … Yieeeeee…” Her body jerked again and again until she collapsed on the mat, hands clawing, gasping for air. Marissa released her grip and crawled over Andy’s twitching body, kissing her repeatedly.

“Mmmmm, paybacks are a bitch, but they sure are fun, huh, Stretch?”

Marissa was kissing Andy’s closed eyes when they popped open, two azure pools, blazing with lust. “Yes they are, my little tease,” Andy purred, “In fact, they’re not over yet.”

Marissa knew that look, her skin felt as if it was on fire. Before she could move a muscle, Andy grabbed her around the waist and flung her to the mat; engulfing Marissa’s stiff nipple in her mouth and twisting three fingers in her slippery pussy.

Marissa had been on the edge of cumming as she brought Andy to her climax; with Andy’s long fingers pumping in her pussy and her mouth sucking on her stiff nipple, she fell over the edge. “Oooohhh, mmmmm, fuck me, fuck meeeee, Ahhhhhh…”

Marissa came and came as Andy continued to pound her gushing pussy and bite her nipples. Then Marissa sighed deeply and her lover knew that she was through cumming. She took her in her arms and kissed her, their hot breaths mingling. “Ready for some hot tubbin’, Lil bit?” Andy said.

Marissa grinned, “Yep, but you’re gonna hafta carry me. My legs are wobbly.”

As the warm waters caressed their tired bodies, Marissa asked, “What was that about artvin escort a big advertiser you were on the ‘phone with, how big are we talkin’ about?” Marissa was a college graduate with a major in Journalism, but she had adopted Andy’s easy drawl when speaking.

“We’re talkin’ big, Lil’ bit, four pages, payin’ in cash, so the lady said.” Andy and Marissa were co-Editors and part owners of ‘The Armed Woman’ magazine, or as they referred to it, ‘Gals with Guns’.

Both women were expert in firing a variety of weapons; Andy learning in the Army, Marissa taught by Andy and other persons at the firing range. Andy had also trained Marissa in self-defense and Combat Gymnastics techniques. It was excellent exercise, which they both enjoyed, and Marissa never seriously thought that they would ever put them to use in an actual combat situation.

They had met when Marissa was a college student conducting a one woman protest against the firing range where Andy was a member; Andy protecting her from some aggressive men who didn’t like what she was doing.

They were immediately attracted to each other and, after one weekend of uninhibited lovemaking, had decided to become companions. Marissa had moved from her college dorm to Andy’s house that next weekend and their life together had begun.

Both Marissa’s parents and Andy’s mother had accepted their daughter’s lifestyles and recognized their deep affection for each other; adding to the women’s contentment. Over a year had passed since the lover’s had met and a lot had happened since then.

Marissa earned her degree with honors, using her graduation gift of money from her parents to become a partner with Andy, and a mysterious third party, in ‘The Armed Woman’ magazine. Between them, they had doubled the circulation and the magazine began making a nice profit. Marissa was curious who their ‘silent partner’ was, but Andy had said that they preferred to remain anonymous. Marissa was okay with it if Andy was, so she stopped asking.

“Who was this person who wanted to buy four pages of advertising, my love,” Marissa said, “And what’s this about paying in cash?”

“It’s a little strange, Mariss'”. Andy replied, “The woman called herself ‘Jane Smith’, but she had a foreign accent of some kind, Middle Eastern would be my guess. Somethin’ about a big gun show comin’ to the states from overseas, goin’ city to city, lotsa’ vendors, big names; we’ll get the details when we meet with her tomorrow. Said she was advertisin’ in all the gun magazines, men’s magazines, sport magazines, the newspapers, the internet, some TV spots, real big deal.”

“Well, as long as her money isn’t counterfeit,” Marissa chuckled, “I guess we’ll have a nice boost in profits this next issue.”

“We’re meetin’ with her tomorrow at three thirty, so we’ll get a look at her,” Andy replied, “And there was somethin’ else odd about her voice, other than the accent; she seemed to drag out her sibilants, sounded kinda strange.”

“Ooh, a mystery woman,” giggled Marissa, “We could use a little excitement around here.”

“More than what we start?” Andy said, grabbing Marissa’s calf and casually pulling her under the water. They began to play fight, dunking each other, splashing water on the deck, becoming aroused once again.


To say that the women were sexually compatible was the equivalent of stating that the sky was blue and the grass was green. The slightest touch, look or word could, and did, send them into a frenzy of lovemaking that they never seemed to get enough of. For example; the incident requiring ‘payback’ that Marissa had been referring to when she interrupted Andy’s phone call with the mystery woman advertiser had begun that morning in the kitchen.

Andy was a late riser, so when she padded barefoot, and bare skinned, into the kitchen, Marissa was on the ‘phone with her mother. Andy adored every inch of Marissa’s firm body, but that perfect ass of hers drove her absolutely nuts. Those round, dimpled cheeks, that sweet crack, that puckered little hole, made her drool. And, of course, that was the first thing Andy saw when she walked in.

Marissa was leaning over the center island, resting on her elbows, perfect ass bare and on display. She was listening patiently to her mother ramble on about how the gardener had killed her petunias. Andy couldn’t have cared less if Marissa had been on the ‘phone with the Pope, she wanted that ass, NOW.

Marissa gasped as she felt Andy’s long, wet tongue circling her asshole, her strong hands squeezing and molding her buttocks. “Not now, Andy, I’m on the ‘phone with my mother,” Marissa whispered, her hand over the mouthpiece.

Andy ignored her, licking and nibbling the firm cheeks, squeezing and pinching, making love to that glorious ass. Of course, Marissa could have moved away, or really stopped Andy, but the naughtiness of listening to her mother jabber while her lover was eating her asshole excited Marissa beyond escort artvin measure.

Her mother could have been speaking in Martian, for all that Marissa understood after Andy began to worm her stiffened tongue into the wrinkled opening, repeatedly wetting it with her saliva. Marissa relaxed, and then tightened her sphincter muscle; pulling Andy’s wet tongue in as far as it would go. Andy was in heaven, her tongue pulled deep in her lover’s asshole, her hands full of her lover’s saliva coated buttocks; she began licking and sucking greedily, reveling in the tangy taste.

Marissa thrust her hand between her legs and began to rub her clit frantically; her lover devouring her asshole was making her lightheaded, she felt as if she might faint.

“Mom, I gotta go,” Marissa mumbled into the phone as it dropped to the counter top. “Ahhhh, Andy,” she gasped as she felt a hand leave her ass cheek, “Are you frigging yourself?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Andy replied, as her mouth was full.

“Oh God, I’m cumming, my love, cum with me, pleeease,” Marissa groaned as her orgasm began to rock her body. Andy didn’t answer, but jammed her tongue into the puckered hole up to the root and sucked hard on her mouthful of ass.

Marissa’s juicing pussy exploded, covering her hand with sticky cum. “Aieeeee,” she howled, feeling, rather than hearing Andy’s muffled screams as she came too, her wet mouth still fastened to Marissa’s puckered hole.

They fell away from each other, sliding to the floor, moaning softly as their orgasms finally subsided. Then they sat on the cool tiles, licking cum coated fingers like popsicles.

“Did you tell your mom I said ‘Hi’?” Andy chuckled, as she licked Marissa’s finger.

Marissa pulled Andy’s finger from her mouth, “Didn’t get the chance,” she laughed, “I’ll get you back for this, though.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Andy replied, looking forward to it.


Promptly at three thirty the next day, Andy heard the gate alarm beep as a car pulled into the driveway. “I feel funny wearing clothes in the house,” Marissa said, tugging at her yellow sundress, “I’m not wearing underwear, anyway.”

“It sure do feel different,” Andy agreed, “I’m not wearing anything underneath either, how do I look?” She turned slowly in her miniskirt and halter top under Marissa’s appreciative gaze.

“Good enough to eat,” said Marissa, “Let’s get this woman out of here quickly; I want to fuck with clothes on for a change.”

“I guess you forgot last week when we were at Giovannis,” Andy replied, “By the time we left the Ladies’ Room, our food was cold.”

The doorbell rang, interrupting their sexual banter. “It’s show time,” said Marissa, “Let’s go meet our ‘mystery woman’.”

Andy opened the front door, Marissa at her side. Standing before them was a sensually exotic woman. She was tall, her skin a burnished copper color; generous breasts, full hips, black hair hanging past her shoulder blades; classic features with an aquiline nose and thin red lips.

She was wearing a black strapless sheath dress that fit her body like a second skin outlining her erect nipples and pubic mound. But it was her eyes that you saw first, narrow, golden yellow eyes, heavy lidded, her stare almost hypnotic. Andy felt a shiver down her spine as she looked into them; Marissa squeezed her hand tightly, letting her know those eyes were getting to her too.

“Won’t you come in, Miss Smith,” Andy said. “May I offer you a drink: some iced tea or some wine?”

“Why yesss,” replied ‘Miss Smith’, “A glasss of wine would be lovely.”

“I’ll serve the wine, Andrea,” said Marissa, “It’ll be just a minute.”

Andy led the woman into the living room, offering her a seat in a high backed colonial style chair, then she sat on the couch facing the woman. Marissa handed ‘Miss Smith’ a glass of wine and sat next to Andy. Something about the woman made them instinctively draw closer to each other on the couch; as they did so, Andy thought she saw a smile play across those thin, red lips.

As Andy and ‘Miss Smith’ began discussing advertising rates, layouts and other details, Marissa was watching the woman closely. She held herself perfectly erect, her body perfectly poised; legs crossed tightly, perfectly in line with her torso. Her arms, in contrast, moved fluidly, almost boneless, her slim hands and fingers twisting as she gestured and talked.

Her voice was enthralling, almost a monotone; the extended sibilants oddly soothing. Marissa, with an effort, tore her gaze from those yellow eyes and looked at Andy. Her face was frozen mask and she was speaking in a clipped, precise voice to the yellow eyed woman; ‘She’s fighting to keep control’, thought Marissa, ‘I’ve never seen her like this’.

Suddenly, a small silver tube appeared in the woman’s hand. ‘Where did that come from?’ Marissa wondered.

“My apologiesss,” said ‘Miss Smith’. ”Nasssal spray, bad congessstion, jussst a moment artvin escort bayan pleassse.” She lifted the tube to each nostril and sniffed delicately. Then the silver tube disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. “Now, back to businesss”, she continued, showing gleaming white teeth in an oddly sinister smile.

While Andy and the mysterious woman negotiated the terms of the advertising contract, Marissa was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She shifted in her seat as she felt increasing warmth envelop her body; her nipples and clit were tingling; she was becoming very aroused.

Andy was being affected as well; it was taking every bit of her will power to focus on the negotiations. Her body was on fire, her nipples and clit were throbbing, feeling as if she would cum any second. She couldn’t understand how this was happening.

Marissa’s trembling hand reached for Andy’s; as their skin touched, they exploded in orgasm. Marissa squealed softly as she came, biting her lower lip and soaking the sofa cushion. Andy was crushing her hand in a vice like grip, letting out a long, low moan; she was cumming too.

‘Miss Smith’ continued speaking, giving no indication that she noticed the women’s mutual release, but another half-smile curled her thin lips. Andy and Marissa were still dazed from their explosive cum, when ‘Miss Smith’ stood up from the chair in one fluid motion.

“The termsss ssseem perfectly sssatisssfactory,” she said, producing a thick roll of currency, again seemingly out of thin air and handing it to them. “I mussst be going,” then she spoke in a lower tone, “Hakim, the car.”

Andy shook her head to clear it and rose to take the money from the woman. Her skirt, glued to the cushion with her cum, made a sticky sound as it pulled free. Again, the woman showed no emotion, only thanking Andy for meeting with her on such short notice. Marissa stood up with Andy, again a sticky sound, again no reaction from the woman.

The three walked to the front door; Andy opened it for ‘Miss Smith’ and they stepped onto the front porch. Marissa’s eyes widened as she saw a long black car in the driveway and standing beside its open rear door was one of the scariest men she had ever seen. He was at least seven feet tall, with a wrestler’s build, dark brown skin and a shaved head. His eyelids were slits, barely revealing glittering black eyes, his mouth a cruel slash across his impassive face.

The mystery woman glided down the steps, disappearing into the car’s interior without a backward glance. The man closed the door and, moving easily for his bulk, slid behind the wheel and drove off. Andy and Marissa watched as the taillights receded down the driveway, amazed at what had transpired. A cool night breeze reminded Marissa that the back of her dress was soaked with her juices. “Andy,” she finally spoke, “What just happened?” Andy was clutching the thick roll of currency in her hand, “I didn’t even count it,” she muttered, not answering her partner. She shook her head again, “Hot tub, Mariss’, I gotta’ clear my head, that orgasm I had really rang my bell.

They began walking to the back porch, stripping off cum soaked clothing as they went. Marissa was full of questions, but Andy didn’t seem to feel like talking, so they sat silently in the bubbling waters.

After a few minutes, Andy released an explosive sigh, startling Marissa. “Lil’ bit, that was just plain weird,” she said, “I only want to cum that hard with you doin’ it to me.”

“Oh Andy,” cried Marissa, embracing her lover, “Those people scared me, who are they,” she paused, “And what are they?”

“Don’t know to both questions,” Andy replied, “But they paid in cash. I even quoted twenty percent over our usual ad rates cause’ I didn’t like that woman, and she paid without a complaint.” She thought for a moment, “That inhaler of hers, what was in that thing? She sniffs it and we’re cummin’ all over the couch, this is just plain strange.”

“I hope we don’t have to see them again,’ Marissa replied, “They strike me as trouble.”

Andy chuckled, “What really pisses me off is I was lookin’ forward to havin’ sex with you with our clothes on, but after that big ‘O’ in the livin’ room, all I wanna’ do is sit here and soak.”

Marissa kissed her, “There’s always tomorrow, Stretch.”


A week later, a courier delivered a thick package to Andy and Marissa’s home. Inside were the color proofs of the four pages of advertising the mystery woman had bought in the next issue of ‘The Armed Woman’ magazine. Also enclosed were two VIP passes to the ‘Universal Weapons Exposition’, inviting them to be guests of the event’s organizers.

“Hey Mariss’, Andy hollered up the stairs, “looks like we’re gonna’ see our ‘Mystery Woman’ again.” Marissa was in their second floor office when Andy walked in waving the passes in her hand. “Dinner an’ everything, Lil’ bit, this is gonna’ be fun.”

Marissa frowned, “I don’t know about this Andy. Those people give me the creeps. Do we have to go?”

“Gotta keep the advertisers happy, Mariss'”, Andy replied, “Besides, this’ll give us a chance to handle all the new models of guns, hafta’ keep current, ya know.”

Marissa frowned again, “I know you’re right, love, but I just have a funny feeling about this.”

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