Convincing the Wife part 1

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Convincing the Wife part 1When nobody is home, sometimes I take the laptop out and log into dirtyroulette. It’s a site in which random strangers can video chat with each other for the sole purpose of sexy time. I keep the camera below my chest and never show my face. I just stand there slowly stroking my big cock and clicking the next button in hopes of finding a woman to watch me, or who I can watch, or both. It doesn’t always happen. There’s a lot of cock on the side, and very few pussies. But every so often I get lucky and find some really horny woman happy to finger herself or rub her tits while she watches me come. Sometimes they show their faces, sometimes not. Sometimes they are gorgeous, and sometimes fairly average. It doesn’t matter. Knowing they are watching me and loving it and making themselves feel good is such a turn on. I would never tell my wife that I do this, because I’m sure she wouldn’t like it. She might think it close to cheating, but also would fear that someone will hack into our feed and find out who we are and where we live, etc. She can be paranoid like that. A few months ago, the k**s were asleep and my wife and I were watching a sexy movie in bed. When it was over, I got the sense that she was down to fuck. There was a scene in the movie where the woman watched the guy masturbate before they finally had sex.As we got ready to snuggle into bed to go to “sleep” I asked her if she ever fantasized about watching strangers jerk off for her. There was a pause and she canlı bahis asked me why? I told her that I was listening to a podcast that mentioned this website, dirty, where people jerk off for each other, men and women. I asked her if she wanted to give it a look. As expected, she explained that she didn’t want her face on camera and she didn’t want to worry about us getting hacked and exposed. I told her to just put the camera on her hand so people could see that she was female, and show nothing else and see what happens. I reached out and put my hand on her breast. Her nipple was already hard and she let out a soft gasp. I assured her she wouldn’t have to show her face or her body and we could stop anytime. I rubbed her nipple with my thumb and she arched her back. “Ok,” she whisperedI quickly got out of bed and fired up the laptop. I set it up facing an empty wall and had her lean on her side with just her hand, with her French tips, showing. I pretended I had never been to the site and fumbled with the interface. I assigned her female status and let it rip.At first she was unimpressed. A little turned off even. These are not models or actors, but regular people. Many of which are not attractive, let’s be honest.She stopped at one guy, who we could only see from the neck down to his knees. He was sitting in a chair, facing the camera, stroking his rock hard cock. He was very fit and young looking. My wife stopped and just looked at the screen. After a second, the stranger bahis siteleri said hi. My wife looked at me with big eyes. She hadn’t realized that we could talk to each other. She quietly half whispered hi back. I imagined the stranger hearing my wife’s meek, shy, feminine voice. He complemented her nails and she said thanks. After a few more strokes he asked do you like watching me? I looked at my wife who was staring intently at the screen. “Yes,” she said. Not yeah, but yes. She was taking this very seriously.The stranger asked to see more of my wife but she politely refused and he didn’t push it. “How close are you to coming?” My wife asked. “Do you want to see me come?” Asked the stranger. “Yeah,” she said. I could see her breath had become shallow and she barely blinked as she stared at this man. I was rockhard watching her watch him. “I’m going to come,” the stranger said. “Yeah, show me,” my wife said, breathlessly. A few seconds later we watched his stomach muscles twitch as his cock spewed come all over his chest and belly. My wife gasped u*********sly.They said their goodbyes and thank you‘s and she shut the window down. She looked over at me, her face flushed, and looked down at my cock peeking out through the top of my underwear.“Take those off,” she said. I did as I was told. She crawled up between my legs and took my cock in her hands. She started to lean her head down toward it. Now it was my turn to gasp. In our 20 years of marriage she has blown me maybe five times. It’s bahis şirketleri just not her thing. But tonight she was so turned on she wanted me in her mouth. “Relax,” she said, and smiled and wrapped her lips around my hard cock. She moaned in pleasure as she sucked, which sent tingles up my body. It was not long before I tapped her shoulder and said “I’m going to come.” I wish I could say she let me come in her mouth, but some things are still off the table. She told me to finish myself off and she watched. When I came, she let out an almost imperceptible squeak. I quickly cleaned myself up and tore her panties off. It was my turn to pleasure her. My cock was no good for at least another 10 minutes or so so I got to work eating her pussy. She came in under a minute. When her breathing slowed down, I inserted a finger and she arched her back. I continued to finger fuck her and rub her clit until, a few minutes later, she came again. I was barely aware of it, but my cock is getting hard again. I grabbed her hips and flipped her around. She got the message and got up on all fours. I rubbed the head of my cock against her wet pussy and it slipped right in with moist smack. She buried her face in the pillow to stifle her uncontrollable noises. Since I already came less than a half hour ago, I was able to fuck longer than usual. I had to continually whisper “shhhh” because I was afraid her moans would wake the k**s. Finally I could feel myself getting ready to come again. I gripped her tighter and slammed against her ass one last time and emptied into her. I slipped my softening, wet cock out of her and collapsed next to her. She held out her hand and I took it. We laid there, panting and eventually fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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