Divorced wife goes on her first date after divorce

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Divorced wife goes on her first date after divorce***To get caught up, you will need to read the first segment titled: My First Day Divorced. This segment picks up where that one left off***********So as the weekend came faster than I had hoped, knowing that Tracy had arranged for me to go on my first date since my divorce was final. I could do nothing but wonder, wonder what it was going to be like going on my first date, wondering how it was going to feel being out and with someone else other than my H***S***** sweetheart ex husband. See he was the only one I have ever had these experiences with. So all this will be new to me. Finished up my last bit of paperwork at work, I was now a free woman. At least until the following Monday arrived. But for now, as I was in my mind free to welcome the weekend and all the events that were to follow. My routine didn’t change, left work and went to the gym, then home to tidy up a bit with odds and ends. Called Tracy and we made plans to hang out that evening. As I wanted to be in comfortable clothes since all we would be doing is watching TV and having some girl talk time, I just dressed very casual. Leggings and a t-shirt is what I wore to go over to Tracy’s house. When I arrived I entered her house (as we are so close, knocking wasn’t protocol with us). I found Tracy in the back yard maintaining a fire in their back yard portable fire pit that they use quite often to entertain. Straight to business as Tracy didn’t hesitate to ask when I sat down in my seat, Are you ready for tomorrow she asked. I am, kind of nervous, but excited at the same time I told her. Well, she said while taking a sip of her wine, you know the deal don’t you? Deal? I asked. Yeah, you have to dress all cute like you did the other day when you went to work, BUT no panties again. Oh yeah, I replied. I almost forgot I told her. But I know I hadn’t. You really going to make me go thru with that? I asked. You bet I am, was her answer. If not, you know what happens with the evidence I have? Yep I knew, she was going to share it with the world. Now as the night progressed and the wine flowed, the different subjects of girl talk flowed as freely as the wine did from the bottles. Before I knew it, it was approaching midnight. So as the fire slowed to a dull glow, I told Tracy I needed to leave as I was tired from the weeks events and needed some solid sleep for the weekends upcoming events. So we cleaned up and I said my goodbye’s. I got home and quickly changed into my sleep time attire, a large t-shirt and panties. Slid under the warm covers of my empty bed and hugged myself to sleep, while thoughts of what could happen on my date danced in my head. As the morning sun came up faster than I would have liked, I started my day. Usual weekend activities of cleaning and quick errands filled my morning and mid afternoon. About a little after 2 I received a text, Hey, this is Gary and Tracy gave me your number. I guess we are supposed to be going out tonight? it read. I nearly dropped my phone when I read the text. Sorry for not calling, I’m currently driving. But will be able to call you here in a bit if that’s ok? the next message popped up. With my trembling fingers I mustered the courage to type OKAY, Sounds Good. And hit send. Now I had butterflies in my stomach, a good 20 minutes went by when I heard RING, RING, it was him. Hello? Hey, this is Gary, I’m able to talk now, I didn’t want to call while driving as with the road noise it is sometimes hard to hear and I would have rather been in a safe place to be able to talk, said the voice on the other end. Hey Yes, how are you I asked? and for the next 25 minutes small talk filled the air as Gary and I were having our first conversation with each other. By the time It was over, it was set. I would meet him at a nice eat in establishment in the heart of our social entertainment area of town. I had 3 hours to get ready. Time to start planning. Into my closet to find the perfect outfit, shoes to match the whole package. I found a nice sexy, but not to sexy dress that went to just above my ankles, the chest area was low cut, and the back was even a slightly lower cut, but not to revealing as it hugged my fit body in all the right areas. It had a great floral design on it, but not old grandma design, something real modern and sexy. What I really liked about this dress was on the left side of it, there was a slit in it from my upper thigh to the bottom, that as I walked gave anyone looking just a tease of almost exposing my leg. I found a nice lacy bra that would work with the dress but not be visible, now to find the right pair of panties. I opened my drawer and remembered what Tracy said. I had to go out tonight exposed. Totally bare down there, in that instant of a thought, I felt a familiar tingle between my legs as I squeezed my thighs closed. Into the shower to start my routine of shaving, soaping and rinsing everything. 30 minutes later, I shut the water off. The remanence of on the shower wall and from my bare skin dripped to the shower floor and down the drain. I stepped out of the shower, looked into the mirror at my naked body and said to the face looking back at me; this is it. As I rung the excess water from my hair, I stood there looking at myself in all its glory (or so they say) completely nude, as I let go of my hair and the water dripped down my body, my finger tips lightly grazed my nipples as they passed by, causing them to twitch a tad and slightly become erect. I slid my hand down my flat tummy and wondered, will Gary like me? Now came the strenuous part of getting ready, doing my hair. Which I decided that I was going to let it stay down but have a light curl to it. My makeup, I wanted to just put on enough to highlight my face. I didn’t want to look like a clown per say. After 40 minutes, I think I got it perfect. Next came the easy task of putting lotion on my freshly cleaned skin. I chose my go to brand, which wasn’t oily, had a wonderful fragrance to it. But not overpowering. The only way you would be able to tell that I was wearing it, was if you were kissable close. Would Gary find out tonight that I was wearing lotion? I wasn’t sure. I started with my legs, they were so smooth from being freshly attended to in the shower. Prop one leg up, rub it in good, now the next leg. Next was my vagina, as I slid my hand up my freshly lotion softened thighs I touched my lips with one hand. The sensation it brought over my body gave me chills. I slowly started with one hand, rubbing lotion on my vagina, then both hands started to caress my sex starved cookie. I had to snap out of it, I couldn’t have the grand finale before the date even started I thought to myself as I stood there naked. So I had to push thru the wonderful feelings I was having all over my body and finish the task at hand. Now it was time to get dressed. I laid out prior to getting in the shower my evenings attire neatly on my bed. First on was my bra, a nice lacy fabric. The upper half of the cups were a sheer type material so that part was nearly see thru, while the lower half was the lacy fabric and you couldn’t see thru the lower half. Snap with one quick motion and it was on. It held my nice C cup tits up as if to demand everyone’s attention that looked at them. Some jewelry, a nice bracelet and matching ear rings. A nice necklace and matching anklet to complete the look. I sat down on the bed, grabbed my shoes. They were a nice tasteful strappy heel design. Not stripper height, but a nice height that it would make it comfortable to walk in and be able to enjoy the evening. Both of them went on without a hitch. I was afraid of messing up my hair or makeup in the process of bending over putting them on. Now came time to put the dress on. I neatly and with skill bunched it up, so as I could just let it fall down my arms and hopefully it will continue and fall in its natural position on my body. Success. I couldn’t have planned it better. I didn’t mess up any of the hard work that went in to putting on my makeup and doing my hair. Now the finishing touch, a couple dabs on my wrist of my very expensive very special occasion perfume, couple dabs on my neck and I was done. I stood there and gave myself a once over in the mirror. And this was the first time in a long time I thought to myself that I was hot stuff. Not in a conceded way, but in a moral booster way. I for the first time in a long time, liked the person that was looking back at me. Fast forward an hour. I was now walking up to the restaurant where I was to embark on my first date since being divorced. The butterflies were churning in my stomach, I was so nervous. As I got closer to the entrance I noticed a handsome man standing there, dressed very well and carried himself like he was very confident. Our eyes met, and in that instant I felt as if I was floating. Kim? he asked as I got closer. Gary? was my reply. Yes he said as he reached to hand me an assortment of nice flowers. He handed them to me in my left hand, reached out for my right hand to shake it, as our hands touched, he ever so gently with all the gentlemanly skills he had leaned in for a little greeting peck on my cheek. bahis şirketleri Of course I returned the gesture. Very nice to meet you he said. And I do have to say, you look amazing tonight, he complimented me as he took in the view. Gary was looking good too. He has a very nice button down long sleeved shirt, the kind you could wear a tie with, but he didn’t have one on. Just an unbuttoned top button, nice dress slacks and wardrobe complimenting dress shoes on. He was a good one foot taller than me. You can tell he also worked out by the way that his body held up his shirt material. Hair was freshly cut and he smelled very manly from his cologne, a good manly. I’ve already went inside and they have our table ready he stated, as he arrived early to ensure all the reservations were taken care of. He held out his hand as if to guide me in the direction of the main entrance and asked shall we? Yes I replied with a big smile. As I took one step forward in acceptance of his gesture I felt he nice firm manly hand caress in the most innocent of ways the unprotected exposed skin of my back. I don’t even think he actually made skin contact, I think just the feeling of another mans hand so close to my skin made my brain fire the signal to my body that there was actual contact. I felt goose bumps instantly cover my back, my legs, my arms. It was something that I hadn’t felt in so long, and my body craved that feeling. As we enter the restaurant we were lead to our table by the hostess. This wasn’t too fancy of a place, but it also wasn’t a chain type eat in establishment. I was split up into two sides, one side a quiet dining area where the guests could enjoy a well prepared multi course meal. And on the other side, secluded from the dining area was a bar with various high table seating and mingling areas. Dinner was excellent, appetizers, main course and then dessert. The whole time Gary and I were making use of our time by getting to know each other. After a quick hour and a half, our meal was done. Gary looked at me and suggested that we move over to the other side of the restaurant and continue talking while enjoying some adult beverages. I agreed with the suggestion. As we transitioned and arrived at the other side, we picked out table. It was sorta in the middle, but out of the way. So as we wouldn’t be easily disturbed. Gary helped my into the chair, as it sat high due to the nearly chest high for me tables in this area. He reached out his hand and very manly held it so I can without hurting myself as I was in heels, got up into and sat in the chair. Something that was out of my control happened in the process, as I sat down, my dress in having the long slit down the left side fell away from my leg. Now my leg was totally exposed to Gary, from upper thigh region all the way to my feet. Out of the corner of my eye and with my woman radar I could feel his eyes looking at my leg. It felt like two laser pointers were pointed at my leg and his eyes were the source. I ever so gently reached down and repositioned my dress as to cover back up my now exposed leg. Gary quickly cleared his throat and asked me; pick your poison.I looked at him as he tried not to reveal how flustered he was by my recent leg show and said lets start it right, shot of fireball each. As his expression changed to shock on his face, he said laughing, OK. The waitress arrived to take our order, a round of fireball shots at the request of the pretty lady and a nice glass of wine for her too he requested. As in our conversation over dinner he learned that wine is really my favorite drink. He also ordered him a nice on tap Lager. As the night went on and the drinks began to flow, the flirting both ways became more intense. I noticed that he would accidently on purpose touch my arm, or touch my hand. Every time that he got up out of his chair, it ever so slightly would be a couple inches closer the next time he sat down due to his calculated adjustment of it. And even though it was our first date, I was totally OK with what was happening. After a few more hours of the pleasant chatting and drinking it came time to settle the tab. I’ve got all of this Gary stated with a smile. Not that I wouldn’t pay for my part, but he was being very gentlemanly about it and settled the tab. Once he paid, he reached out for my hand to help me out of the high chair that we were sitting at. This time, I tried to be more careful 1. as to not hurt myself since we both were feeling good and 2. telling myself to remember that I was not wearing any panties, I didn’t want to give him more of a show.As we exited the restaurant, Gary politely held the door for me and all in one instant, I don’t know if it was because of the wine, because of the shots of fireball or what was the reason, but as I exited the door and took my first step outside, Gary’s hand caressed my back and at that very instant the cool evenings air shot up my dress. In the same instant Gary was caressing my back, and the cool evenings air was caressing my unprotected, very un used vagina, simultaneously there were a million fireworks going off inside my body. I swear, I almost standing right there mid stride, had an orgasm. I could feel as the cool air flowed past the outside of my vagina and pressed against my lips how wet I was. The temperature change made it easy to feel. In my head it felt like the Niagara flowing from within. It felt so good. Now as I took my next step, Gary’s hand went from caressing my back to sliding down the inside of my arm to hold my hand. My heart sounded like a drum beating in my chest. Could he hear it, I wondered to myself. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t care. Because everything that was happening, felt so good and so right. As we walked away we decided that we didn’t want this evening to end. So we both agreed to walk the half of a block to a city park and recreation area. It was a very large area, where they had grassy fields for playing sports, walking paths and picnic tables for all to enjoy. We made our way to the walking path, we were in an area between the grassy fields and the picnic tables. The trail curved into a dark area, and as we walked and were swallowed up by the darkness Gary’s grip on my hand suddenly released. With the same hand he was just holding mine with, he reached out and firmly but gently grabbed me around the waist. And with one sudden, quick and gently movement, Gary pulled me into him so we were standing front touching front. With the ever so soft grip of one arm, he took his other hand and touched my chin. Guiding my face upwards I knew what was about to happen, something that I have only done to one other man in my whole life, but something that my body screamed with every fiber to happen. Our lips met. His lips were so gentle, manly, and knew what they wanted. So I returned the kiss to him. Standing in my heels, I reached my arms around his neck and returned the kiss. I am now kissing only the second guy in my life, and it was amazing. It was something right out of the movies, so soft our lips touching and releasing. And then back together again. I felt his mouth open, so I opened mine in acceptance. His warm tongue entered my mouth, I greeted it with the touch of mine right back. And for what felt like eternity, our tongues danced together in perfect harmony as they greeted and then finally became familiar with each other. Gary’s hand that was on my chin now relocated to my arm, he slid his soft hand down my arm all the way to my back, down my bare exposed back, as the kissing became more intense, down the small of my back now on the outside of my dress, all the way to my firm ass where he used that hand to give it a good squeeze. It wasn’t hard, but it was just the right amount of pressure to show him how good it felt and to show me too how good it felt. I could feel as with one hand exploring my body and the other holding me close, how incredibly wet I had become. Even more than when I first walked out of the restaurant. Every now and again, the cool evening breeze would make its way up between my legs and remind me how alive I felt at that very moment. I could feel Gary’s kissing start to slow, so I matched his pace. Until he broke away. Until then, the entire universe revolved around us. Everything for a moment stood still. Gary took my hand and started to walk into the darkness leading the way. Like a young pup in tow, I followed his every move. Until we reached a set of park picnic tables hidden by the nights darkness. Gary spun me around so that my butt cheeks were resting on the edge of the park picnic tables. With his manly hands he firmly grabbed my waist and lifted me up on the table top area of the picnic table to sit. With my legs closed and Gary straddling them, he again leaned back in for a kiss, and I returned one as well. As the kissing became more hot, Gary’s hands started to wander. His hands slid up the outside of my thighs, around my hips, to my waist, where they paused and then back down to where they started. Again his hands wandered up, then back down. With each time his hands returned to my thighs, my left thighs became more exposed. I wanted him, every fiber of me wanted him, right bahis firmaları then and there. This next time his hands slid up my left thigh, there was enough leg exposed that his hand slipped under my dress. That was it, there was NOTHING between his hand and my now very wet sex starved vagina. Without missing a stride in kissing me Gary’s hand made its way up my left thigh, he stopped mid way. He took his other hand and lifted my dress and uncovered the right leg, then he took both hands on both thighs and slowly and gently eased my legs apart. The anticipation of him discovering my unprotected vagina was mind blowing. But just as he got my legs spread far enough apart, he took a step forward and now occupied that empty space. Never once during this did he break from our hot steamy make out session. Now his hands were free to wander on my legs. Slowly sliding from my knees up my thighs and then back down, he traced my skin like it was a map. The next time his hands came up my smooth soft fit thighs, I reached up and put my arm around his neck and pulled his body even closer. This time with that movement his body’s momentum took his hands to the point of no return. He made it, right to the outside of my vagina, touching my lips with his soft fingers, I let out a moan, as a sudden release of ecstasy over came me between my legs and I pulled him closer. He broke his kiss, looked in my eyes and asked; No Panties? Yes, I’ve been exposed and bare all night for you. He resumed kissing me again, this time he was doing it with purpose. It was long and deep kissing as his hands touched my vagina. This was only the 2nd guy to ever touch me there, and it was fantastic. It was a 4th of July, New Years and every birthday celebration I’ve ever had, going on between my legs and I was in heaven. This time, I broke our kiss and everything stopped. I looked at him in his eyes and said I’ve never done this before. He looked back with a confused look and asked Are you a Virgin? I giggled, No silly. I’ve only been with one man before and have never been with anyone else. Do I need to stop he asked? NO, I replied. Ok, he said as he pecked me on the lips, I will take care of you sweetie he said just before our lips touched again. Right past my lips went his, now he started to kiss me on my neck. All while his hand was still exploring my wet horny vagina. So passionately he kissed my neck, up to my ear with kisses, back down my neck. All I could do was breath heavy. As everything he was doing was shooting thru my body like fire. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just laid back. Looking up at the dark night sky, I laid there and offered myself to Gary. I pulled my feet up on to the edge of the table top and with my dress pulled up to my waist, spread my legs. As I looked down at Gary’s face, he had this expression of amazement. I asked Is everything ok? My gosh, he replied. That is one beautiful Vagina you have, it looks brand new he jokingly said. Well, its only been used by one person and it hasn’t been used for a very long time I replied back. And with that, he started to kiss my legs. He started with the left knee, working his way to my thigh. As I felt his lips touch me, all I could do was hold on to the picnic table edges with both hands. Now slowly he worked his way up my thigh, he then alternated to the other leg. My legs began to shake ever so gently uncontrollably. Now he’s worked his way up my thigh, I knew where he was going and I didn’t want him to stop. He made it, His ever so soft kiss on my very wet vagina shot thru me like a bolt of lightning. I let out a little yelp and quickly covered my mouth with my hand. Just as passionately as he was kissing my mouth, he was doing the same to my vagina. Every square inch of my lips were touched by his. And then I felt it, I felt my vagina lips part open as his tongue penetrated me. I gasped as my hand still covered my mouth. Never before have I felt this kind of pleasure between my legs from a stranger. It was an amazing feeling. His tongue touched my clit. Again, the muffled yelp from my mouth. So skillfully and gently he went to work on my clit like I’ve never felt before. Up, Down, Left, Right his tongue went to work, my head firmly pressed back on the table felt like it was spinning in the middle of a tornado. I felt his hands press open on my thighs, so I went with it and spread my legs a little more, this time his tongue moved down and pressed on the opening of my tight hole. I felt the pressure of his tongue trying to enter, my vagina tried to put up a fight, but ultimately gave in and I felt him slip in. Again, round and round his tongue went to work on my most sensitive parts. And again, round and round my head felt like it was spinning. I knew I was super wet by the sounds coming out from between my legs. I knew by the feelings that were racing thru every part of my body that I didn’t want this to stop. And for some time, he pleasured my beyond my wildest dreams. After what seemed like eternity, but was really only about 10 minutes, Gary broke free from using his mouth on my vagina. Once he did and his head popped up I used my feet to push my whole body into the middle of the table, grabbed him by the head and pulled him up on top of me. As i lay there with my legs spread, Gary holding himself up by his arms and knees I kissed him, I could taste myself all over his lips, all over his tongue. He paraded his tongue around my mouth to show me how successful he was when he was down between my legs. Gary broke from our kiss again, looked at me and asked; Do I need to stop? You better not I replied. And with that he resumed showering me with kisses. Now that he was on top of me, I reached down with both hands and began to tug at his belt. Still being showered with kisses from Gary, he reached down with one hand to help. And In his one swift movement, his belt was undone. Next I attacked his button, pop, it was undone. Down with the zipper. Gary sat up on his knees, then on to the ground and let his pants fall to the grass below. I could see him kick his shoes off and step out of his pants. Back up on the table on top of me, I reached down and ran my hand on the outside of his briefs. OH MY I thought to myself. I slowly measured it with my hand, one hand, slid it down, two hands and a little more. He was huge, and I hadn’t even let it out. It definitely was the biggest I had touched, EVER. I used both hands and slid down his briefs, meanwhile he did a funky dance to assist me in getting them fully off. His cock now stood at full attention. At least Eight and a half inches long and as big around as my arm of manly hard cock looked back up at me. He is going to $plit me open I thought. I began to tug and pull on his man meat. Gary broke free from our kissing and I stopped tugging on him, and he stood up on his knees between my legs. I sat up and had to get a good look at this nice hard cock that was presented to me. I lowered my head so I could have his cock at face level, it was gorgeous. So hard, so veiny, and it wanted me and I loved it. I grabbed the base of it, struggling to get my tiny hand around it, and pointed it toward my mouth. I kissed the head, when my lips touched the head, it sorta jumped a little. So I grabbed it a little harder at the base, opened my mouth as wide as I could and welcomed the big round head in. The head was hard to fit in, as I didn’t wanna nick it with my teeth, but after a couple seconds it slipped right in. It almost immediately found the back of my throat. And it was only a quarter of the way in!!!! I gave it my best, sliding my hand up and down the shaft, all while working it the best I could in my mouth. I even reached under and caressed his nice big round balls with my other hand while my mouth was at work.He pulled my head free from his giant cock, bent over and gave me a deep kiss on the lips, and laid my head back on the table. With him knelt between my legs, I knew what was going to happen next. I so wanted and waited for this moment for a long time. Gary was going to put his hard cock, right inside my wet vagina. He was going to only be the 2nd cock to ever enter me, and I so wanted it. He moved his hips closer to me and at the same time I spread my legs wider to accommodate him. He leaned over once more and kissed my lips with a soft peck. I felt it. The head of his cock was touching my vagina. Instantly the wetness doubled between my legs. This is gonna take a second sweetie, you are really small down there he said. His head touched my vagina lips, the tip of his cock pushed against them. They immediately feeling the pressure of his cock parted. The tip of his cock was now at the opening, I took a deep breath as he ever so slowly applied pressure with his cock to the opening of my vagina. There was a struggle, I had never been opened up so big before. Slowly I began to stretch, more and more as the head of his cock began to slide in. I let out another yelp as my tight vagina began to stretch. The lips of my vagina now firmly gripped around the shape of his wonderful cock as it started to enter me. Leaning over Gary started to kiss me again, all while still applying pressure with his cock so kaçak bahis siteleri it would continue to work its way into my tight hole. The head of his cock finally broke thru the opening. It was so big. Once it made its way past the opening, stretching it like never before, my very well self lubricated vagina welcomed it. AHHHH I let out as the first few inches entered me. Gary responded with more kisses. More pressure as he pushes his hard cock into me, inch by inch. About half way he stopped and pulled out a little bit, but not all the way. OH MY, that felt so good. Now back in, he pushes his hard cock into me, back to half way in he’s pushing as it slowly disappears inside me.  Now 3/4’s the way in and he has really opened me up, I feel like his cock is in my stomach. Slowly back out, and then back in again. With about the 9th thrust from Gary, his whole hard big cock was finally able to slid all the way in to my very wet, very tight and now very stretched out vagina. Gary started to kiss my neck, sweetie he said, you have one of the tightest pussies I have ever been inside of. I will give you a second to let you adjust to it. As he kissed my neck more and more, all the muscles in my body began to relax. My tight vagina now adjusted to how full it was with his nice hard cock. I could feel his big manly cum filled balls resting on my ass as he held it inside me. I now took my legs and raised them up and hooked my feet behind his back. This was my signal to him that I was ready. I was ready to be pounded like never before. I was ready for my 2nd cock ever to do things to the inside of my vagina that I’ve never felt before. And he received the signal I was sending out. Gary started with nice slow thrusts inside of me. I could with each thrust feel the lips of my vagina take the shape of his nice hard cock. In and out my tight vagina grips his hard cock as he stretches me out. In and out I feel his balls bounce off my firm ass. In and out, over and over again his cock is fucking me like never before. Picking up his pace, Gary is now fucking me with a good steady rhythm. I feel a pressure building up between my legs that I cannot stop. More and more with each thrust the pressure builds. More and more I feel it looking for a way out. I cant stop it, I feel the inside walls of my vagina grip his nice hard cock as he thrusts in and out of me, the explosion has started and I cant stop it. IM CUMMING I yelled to him, harder and harder that nice hard cock slides in and out of me. As my first orgasm rips thru every inch of my body. Starting in my vagina, spreading thru my belly, down my legs to my toes, up into my chest to my nipples, out to my finger tips, up my neck to my lips. Oh gosh it raced thru my body like never before. Still Gary never lost his fantastic pace of pounding my vagina with his cock. Still his big cock was sliding in and out of me. Still I wanted even more.Gary stopped. Slowly withdrew his hard cock from my vagina. He got down and was standing on the ground, and slid me across the table so that I was standing in front of him. He bent over, I could feel the fabric of my dress rise. Over my hips, to my chest, up over my head and off. He took one hand and skillfully click, off came my lacy bra. Gary again stood there in amazement. Damn you are so hot, he said. Are these nice firm tits real he asked. YEP, im all real I replied back. DAMN he replied as he took my nipples in his mouth. As he alternated sucking on my nipples, his hands were groping the free boob as his mouth went to work. Now Gary turned me around, bent me over the picnic table, and as my fully nude firm body stood there at a perfect 90 degree angle, I felt that familiar feeling between my legs. I felt that nice big hard cock start to enter me from behind. Filling once again my sex starved vagina with his beautiful hard cock. I felt him bottom out inside me, DAMN he said from behind. This has got to be the tightest pussy ever. All I could do is roll my eyes back in my head as he filled me, over and over again as he slid in and out of me. This time with each thrust, I could feel those nice big balls bouncing off my clit and it felt amazing. With his huge cock thrusting in and out of me, his big balls steadily bouncing off my clit, it didn’t take much time before I felt my next orgasm building. OH  YES, I screamed to him. OH YES, is all I could say. OOOHHHH YESSSSS as the next explosion jolted thru my body. All while never losing his pace behind me. I could feel my vagina grip that shaft once again, this time I lost all control and squirted all over poor Gary. It was like a dam had burst and the flood gates were wide open. But I didn’t care. The pleasure he was giving me down there, it didn’t matter. I didn’t want it to stop. And it didn’t. This orgasm lasted for a good 8 to 9 minutes, all while Gary did his manly duty of pounding me good and hard. DAMN look at that sexy ass he said as he reached up and cupped my nice firm tits. You are so fucking hot, so fucking tight. I could hear it in his voice that he wasn’t going to last much longer. So I decided I wanted to help push him over the edge. You like looking at my nice tight firm ass as your cock slides in and out of my wet pussy I asked him. UM HMMM is all he could muster as a reply. Did you like sucking on my nice firm tits, making my pretty pink nipples so hard? UM HMMMMMMM as he picked up his pace. You like feeling my nice tight pussy wrapped around your nice big cock? OH YESSSS. You like being only the 2nd cock ever to fuck this nice tight pussy? G0D YESSSSSS he said as his pace was fast as ever. As I looked back at him our eyes locked and again with his fantastic fast pace, Gary brought me to another orgasm. I could again feel my muscles inside my vagina grip down in his nice hard shaft at it quickly with all he had went in and out of me, OH BABY IM CUMMING AGAIN I yelled to him. As that wonderful sensation raced thru my body again, Gary reached up and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him, and with one final hard thrust I felt it. His hard big cock stopped, deep inside me. It started to spasm, SPLASH, I felt his first shot of cum hit the back of my vagina. SPLASH again and again he pumped his nice big warm load deep into my vagina. Over and over again his balls were being drained inside me, I could feel the pressure of his cum filling my cervix. A nice big river of his warm cum filled me deeper than ever before. As all of our movement stopped, all you could hear was our heavy breathing and all the chirping from the nighttime insects. Gary while still inside of me, leaned over and kissed me on the back of the neck. His hands slowly released from my waist and slid up my tummy and cupped my tits. I could feel his cock loosing its nice hard erection. He was about half mast when he slowly slid out of me. As he withdrew his cock from me, I could feel the muscles in my vagina slam the opening shut, as if to not want to loose any of his precious cum. But it was because I was so tight that I went back to doing what it only knew, staying tightly closed.I stood up, Gary turned me around and pulled me close to him. My nice firm tits were pressed up against his bare skin and he leaned down and started to kiss me. All the while I could feel his nice warm cum dripping down my thigh. Once we finally came to our senses, he suggested that we get dressed. Searching in the dark for our clothes, each item was returned to its owner. I snapped my bra back on and put the girls back in position, slid my dress back over my head, this time without as much grace as earlier, as there was no need to worry about messing up my makeup or hair. Gary now fully dressed, looked over at me, Still stunning he said as he looked me up and down. Reaching his arms around me and embracing me in a tight hug, he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips and said; I hadn’t planned on the date turning out like this, but I really enjoyed myself. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I loved every moment of tonight I told him. I know you just went thru a divorce and all, but I would really like to see you again he said. I could see that happening, I answered back. Now that our evening was over, as it was almost waking up time for the rest of the world, Gary walked me back to my car. As we walked back, this time instead of just holding my hand, he had his arm around me, holding me close. We got to my car, we kissed one final time and he said will you please let me know you made it home safe? I surely will I answered back, and we gave each other one final kiss, he opened my car door, I sat in my car and he closed it for me. He slowly walked back to his truck, constantly glancing back in my direction. I started my car, pulled my phone out so I can access my GPS. 5 Text messages. Tracy: you make it? How are things going? You like him? You OK? Call me, I want details….. With it being nearly dawn, I figured she was fast asleep, and I would call her after getting some sleep myself. I quickly programmed my GPS and headed home. Because I was now in a race. I needed to get home because my bare vagina was leaking cum out of it and I didn’t want a puddle of it in my seat…….************Please feel free to comment. Did you like the 2nd part? Do you want to hear more? There’s the conversation with Tracy the next day and all that good stuff that comes with it. Lemme know what you think overall in the comments***********************

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