Educating Jamie

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Educating JamieJamie sat on the couch, his jeans and undies around his knees, stroking his cock watching a girl suck a big cock. A person dressed in black wearing a balaclava grabbed a fistful of Jamie’s curly hair and pushed his open mouth down towards his big fat hard cock. A female voice issued instructions.”Stick out your tongue. Lick the head of that big cock” Jamie obeyed his tormentor. Jamie stuck out his long tongue and the tip flicked across the head of his swollen circumcised head. The fist on the back of his head pushed his mouth closer.”You want to suck that big cock! ” stated the strong assertive woman.Jamie kept stroking his cock. On the screen he saw the cock shoot cum all over the girls face. He licked his lips.The intruder noted that Jamie got bigger and harder as he watched the girl open her mouth to suck the cum covered cock. Understanding that her victim was a sissy, a cock sucking, cum eating, sissy slut, the intruder seated herself beside him left hand vigorously stroked his cock while her right hand strong armed his head down. “Open your mouth. Catch the cum in your mouth!” Jamie could feel his cock and balls were ready to shoot. Cum erupted from the cock landing in his mouth and on his face. The woman kept stroking his cock, spurts of cum landed in his mouth and chin. She stood and with both hands forced his head down further his open mouth engulfed the tip of his cock.”Suck that cock! Cocksucker! ” Jamie eagerly sucked the last drops of cum from his cock. He swallowed all the cum in his mouth. He liked the salty taste. “That’s right. Swallow all that cum in your mouth. ” The woman held his head firmly pushing it down.”Relax Cocksucker. Swallow more of your cock !” Jamie relaxed and breathed out his mouth accepted more of his hard cock.”Good little cock sucker. Now wipe your face and suck your fingers” Jamie could not believe this intruder, this woman had him sized up as a submissive cock sucking sissy. She threw him to the floor.”Strip off your clothes cock canlı bahis sucker. ” Jamie dithered. The woman stood up slapped him hard across the face. “Strip! Now! On your hands and knees I need a footstool bitch!” Jamie removed his clothes as quickly as he could and got on his hands and knees. The woman reclined on the sofa lifted her legs and put her black shoes on his back. Found the tv remote and searched the porn channels. On the screen a woman wore a strap on and dominating a submissive young male. Jamie turned to watch the big screen smart tv he moaned and his cock grew closer to the floor.The intruder reached for the big heavy LED torchlight. The torch was 15 inches long about 1 1/2 inches in diameter with a big headlamp. She noticed the bottle of baby oil the bitch was using to lubricate his cock. “Turn around face the screen” Jamie obeyed not noticing the big steel torchlight on the sofa. She stood and spanked him several times. Each swat was harder than the last his ass was red. She had dribbled some oil on his butt to soothe the redness he thought. A bit trickled down his ass crack. Her hand massaged his butt her hand was now all oiled up. She pushed two long fingers in his ass. He pulled away. She shaped her three fingers and rammed them in his boy pussy. “Stay still bitch. Sissies get fucked in their boy pussies” “Yes” he moaned. “Yes Mistress. Cock sucker” she pumped the fingers violently in and out of his lubed up boy pussy.””Yes Mistress” he whimpered as she continued finger fucking her bitch. Fucking men I hate them. I’m going to enjoy this she thought. Picking up the torchlight she held it by shaft and went to jab the gaping asshole in front of her. “Stop. Mistress My mom has a selection of dildos in her room” he pleaded.She pushed the torchlight against his butt hole then pushed in six inches of the shaft. Jamie moaned and ejaculated on the floor. “Lick that mess up now! I’m going to your mum’s room. Don’t let the torchlight out of your ass” she stated and bahis siteleri walked off up the stairs behind the kitchen. How does she know where mom’s room is he wondered as licked his cum off the wooden floor.Several minutes passed by. There was no danger of the steel torchlight coming out of his boy pussy. The batteries and torchlight weighed a bit, the long shaft was slowly penetrating him deeper, inch by inch until he felt the lamp housing rest on his butt. Fuck me I’m still hard and ready to cum again. When the woman returned she had fitted a harness and attached a big fat black latex cock and she held a long blonde haired wig in one hand and a little black dress in the other. She dropped them on the floor near his head. Her hand grabbed the torchlight and moved it in and out of his pussy. Cum dribbled on the floor. “Put the dress on ” Jamie went to stand up.”No. Stay on the floor” Jamie put a arm through each hole then his head and she helped him pull the body of the dress down his torso. When he moved he felt the torchlight move in his lower body. Fuck he was incredibly turned on. She knelt in front of him, the black dildo hit his face. “Open up cocksucker. ” Jamie opened his mouth.”Take it all bitch” she held the back of Jamie’s head as her hips thrust the big latex cock in his mouth.”Suck it down. Come on bitch” she reached across and twisted the torch in his ass. Jamie moaned loudly around the cock in his mouth. I’m a real bitch , a slut, taking two cocks at once Jamie thought. The intruder fucked Jamie’s mouth until she gagged. She spanked Jamie’s butt hard encouraging the gagging cocksucker to deepthroat the latex member.”I wanna fuck you sissy. Get up and go to the window over there” the intruder pointed to only window that had a light above it and faced the neighbours lounge. Jamie reluctantly stood . He could feel the torchlight sliding out of his boy pussy. He tried squeezing his knees together, this slowed the torch from coming out. He got to the window and felt bahis şirketleri the torch drop out of his pussy and land on the ground with a loud the clunk. The two gay men next door turned to see a tall naked young blonde with a big hard cock in a little black dress arms raised legs spread and a black shadow male presumably with a fucking huge black dick hanging between their legs approach from behind. The shadow spanked the young blonde hard. The blonde flinched as she / he was spanked.The black shadow lifted the big cock and guided the head in the blondes ass and proceeded to vigorously fuck hard and fast. The blondes mouth was open moaning and whimpering. Possibly even pleading they would later tell their friends. Jamie felt the big dildo thrusting in and out. The woman’s fingernails dug in to his fleshy hips as she held the sissy firmly. Jamie watched the neighbours watch him being fucked. They became aroused watching this indecent act. One opened his mouth as Jamie ejaculated on the window. Stream after stream of cum dribbled down the glass. Jamie could not believe his eyes when the gay neighbours began mirroring him and the intruder. The guy being fucked faced Jamie pants around his ankles as the other fella a big black man fucked him from behind. Jamie was pushed to his knees eventually the woman held the dildo and undid the zip of her leather pants front to back exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair and pussy.”Lick my cunt bitch” the dominant woman pulled Jamie’s head between her legs. Moaning when Jamie tongued her pussy and clit. She watched the two men fucking next door. Fucking unbelievable can’t people just watch! Why do they feel the need to join in? She thought.”Come on bitch Lick me! I wanna come you sissy bitch!”She ground her pussy in to the young cock suckers mouth. Her body trembling as her orgasm swept through her body. Wave after wave rolled through until the big one that was a knee trembler and she dropped to the floor.Afterwards the intruder composed herself dressed and left through the front door. Jamie went to University the next day and a mature woman with a body builders physique sat nearby her hand bag open a steel torchlight in view. She turned and smiled Wolfishly.”

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