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It was supposed to be a party at a bar to celebrate somebody’s birthday. I can’t remember who, but I did know a lot of people there, yet there were many I had not met.

I danced a few short dances with a couple of girls I knew from high school, then as I turned, I saw her. Emily was only slightly shorter than me, with a cute smile, and small button nose. Her figure could only be described a svelte, athletic but willowy. Nice breasts from the outside , and what looked like a really tight bum. I think I fell in love with her even before that first look at ended.

I moved towards her, and could see her appraising me. I leaned into her, and above the music, I told her I was the star centre of the local pro basket ball team. She laughed and told me I lied like a rug. I asked her to dance, and failing that, could I buy her a drink. She said she would be interested in both.

We took the drinks to an empty table, a bit further away from the loudness of the dance floor. It wasn’t the easiest place to talk, but it got us started. The evening flew by and as we sat at the table, I leaned into her shoulder. I could feel her warmth through the layers of clothing. I could feel her leaning back into me, and I felt my cock give a small twitch. We sat and talked like this for quite some time, and I could smell her distinctive aroma over the other smells of the bar.

Finally, plucking up the courage I needed, I carefully put my hand on hers, and was encouraged by the reciprocated squeeze, and returned pressure. Too soon, the evening ended, and we made our way out of the bar amongst the crowds of milling people. I managed to step up beside her, and as my hand touched hers, she grabbed it and held it. She turned and gave me a shy look, with that unfathomable almost smile.

Saying our goodbyes later, my heart raced with the excitement of seeing her again. We had a date for a movie the following week. It would be a long week, but it would pass.

Several weeks and multiple dates passed. Each encounter was better than the previous one, although progress in the make-out department was glacial. First the touch, then some hand-holding, a kiss a few days later, and finally some real snogging.

One evening we hooked up at her place. Her parents were out for a few hours, so we were relatively safe from interruption. Emily greeted me at the door with a warm kiss, and we sat on he couch in the family room. It didn’t take her long to be kissing me fully, with tongue fencing at its best. She tasted sweet, and as our tongues battled gently back and forth, I felt emboldened to let my hand slide along her blouse and search for the gap in her buttons. Without meeting resistance, I fumbled with her buttons, finally opening the two bottoms ones.

Emily stopped kissing me and looked down shyly. She then flipped open the other buttons herself and shucked off the blouse completely, exposing her lacy bra enveloped breasts. I must have been starring because she reached up again to put her hand on my chin, and turn me towards her lips again.

I could now run my hands all over her breasts, gently caressing these delicate mounds. She moaned and pushed against my hand, encouraging me to press forward and be more aggressive in my caressing of them.

I reached around her and again fumbled with the clasp of the bra. I didn’t notice, but by the time I succeeded in freeing her bra, my shirt was down off my shoulders and half off. She was running her hands all over my bare chest.

Electricity shot through me at the excitement of feeling her unfettered breasts, and of the feeling of her hands on me. I started kissing her neck, with the obvious destination lower on her chest, and I didn’t waste too much time getting there. As I kissed one breast, I fondled her nipple on the other side, and felt it stiffening. She moaned more running her fingers through my hair, and encouraged me to explore more, letting herself fall back on the sofa. I let my tongue run circles around her nipple, first on one side, then the other. I flicked her nipple with my tongue, eliciting more moans and thrusting against my tongue.

I could smell Emily now. She was hot and very bothered, wanting more and more of me. I let my hand run down her stomach, making circles around her navel, then inching my fingerers under her waist band.

I could feel her soft pubic hair, and the beginning of her cleft, but ran into the problem of too little space for my hand to go further. I pushed against the apex of her cleft with my finger, and she let her legs fall apart, and hugged me to her desperately. Encouraged, I pulled my hand out and started undoing the buttons of her jeans.

Wrong move, because Emily clamped her legs together slapped her hand on mine.

“We can’t do that!” She moaned. “It’s not safe, and it’s just too fast.”

“You can trust me,” I replied, kissing her on the lips and caressing her hair with my hand.

“It’s not you I’m worried about,” she said. “I don’t trust myself to stop soon enough. I want to feel all of you on all of me, but it’s just too dangerous!”

“That’s bahis firmaları okay,” I whispered to her, “but you still can’t get pregnant from a finger!”

I slid my fingers under her belt again, but didn’t make anymore headway. Still, it had a desirous effect on Emily, and she pushed against me willingly.

I rolled over on top of her, still kissing her lips and neck. The feel of her breasts on my chest was electric, and Emily pulled up her knees and I settled firmly into her. We began thrusting at each other, and my super hard erection must have been felt by Emily, because she thrust harder and faster into me.

She was breathing heavily, and beautifully flushed. I slowed the pace, pushing harder to make up for the slower rate. Her eyes had rolled back up into her head as I had her undivided attention.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to try this with only our underwear on? We’ll keep our them on so it will be safe!” I whispered in her ear.

The was a long pause as Emily seemed to come from somewhere very far away. This was very encouraging!

Finally, she shook her head. “I don’t trust myself!” She whispered.

“You can trust me!” I replied again. I’m not sure that was completely true, but I had to say it.

Again she paused, looking at me, then kissing me deeply again.

“Okay, but underwear stays on!” said Emily. And she slowly undid her jeans, and slid them down her legs.

I did the same with mine, never taking my eyes from her. I kissed her lips again, then trailed down her neck to her breasts. I took my time, because I wanted her really worked up again. I wanted her so hot and bothered, that she would want more and more and more.

I continued kissing her down to her panty line, then used my nose and teeth to tug her panties a bit lower. I reached her soft pubic hair, and had my tongue on the top of her soft groove, when she clamped her legs together again, and pulled me back.

“Too much, too much,” she moaned. “I can’t stand it!”

I kissed her gently some more. Reaching up to tweak her nipples, then kissing back down to where I had just been rebuffed. This time I led with my tongue, sliding it over her cleft, and then around in circles. My chin had pushed her panties downs, and I tried inching them down some more.

She moaned and thrust against me, then pull me by the hair back up to her. Undaunted, I put one leg over hers, pushing my cock into her thigh. I wanted her to feel my excitement. Soon, I straighten myself directly on top of her, and she opened her legs for me again.

This was much better. No hard denim in the way, only two soft and thin layers between my proud manhood, and her soft feminine bits and pieces. We started thrusting slowly against one another again, and I could feel the head of my cock pushing into her soft lips.

Her moisture was penetrating the layers of underwear even if I could not. There was a bit of fluid from the tip of my cock as well, quite a bit actually, and we were sliding back and forth on each other. Emily was breathing almost as hard as I was, and as she thrust against me again, becoming more desperate in her movements. She pulled me to her with her legs, held me, and shook violently, letting out a low feral growl.

Emily slowed her thrusting and relaxed her legs. I lay there between them, my fully loaded cock push up against her moist and tender lips. I pushed gently a few times and she moaned, letting her legs fall further apart. I was feeling desperate now and knew that I should back off, but I could not do so. Just a couple of good thrusts, and I would be past stopping.

I reached down to pull down my boxers, then hooked my fingers into the edge of Emily’s panties. I pulled them aside, and lay back between her legs, my cock messaging her lips. As I gently thrust forward again, the head of my cock bumped her hood and Emily moaned and whimpered and I could feel her pushing back to meet me. A few more gentle bumps like this and I felt that inevitable tingle in the base of my cock. I pushed harder, and as the head of my cock entered between her lips, Emily’s eyes widened in surprise, and she clamped her legs together.

“Too much now,” she moaned and pushed me forcefully away and off her.

She scrambled back into her jeans, telling me to do the same. I was afraid I had really pushed her too hard, taken too much, but she turned to me and wrapped her arms around me, rubbing her head on my chest.

“I want to so badly, but I’m too afraid and it’s too fast,” she murmured.

I told her all would be okay, and we lay in each other’s arms for the longest time.

On my way home. The ache in my balls was something fierce, but I was encouraged by the progress we had made. Soon enough, I thought, and I would find my way home.

A couple of more weeks of intense making out passed, but we had no real opportunities for more than just snogging, I knew my parents would be away for a long weekend, and our opportunity to be together and uninterrupted would be good. Emily now was initiating our kissing with kaçak iddaa an intensity that was mind blowing. The weekend could not come soon enough!

When it finally came, we arranged to meet that Saturday afternoon at her place, and watch a game on TV with her older brother and some of his friends. We all got along really well, in spite of the three year age difference between us.

The boys got pretty rowdy, then a little crude, talking of their conquests in more detail than Emily was comfortable with. We decided to split, saying our goodbyes and heading over towards my place.

Once there, we sat on the sofa, a little awkwardly at first, but then I leaned in to kiss her on the lips. She responded willingly, and I thought I would never get tired of this wonderful connection. How long had it been? Eight weeks already! Some pretty intense kissing, and and an almost melding of body parts, was all to show for it but it was progress, even if slow.

Tonight though, we had gotten to the kissing stage right off the bat, and her kissing was more urgent and forceful. Maybe listening to her older brother and his friends talk about their conquests before we left her place had triggered a reaction. Maybe she was now feeling much more comfortable with me was all it was. Maybe it was because we were at my place, and my parents were away for the weekend enabled her to let down her guard a bit. Maybe, she was just plain horny! If that was the case, those feelings needed to be worked on. In any case, the opportunity it gave us was not to be wasted.

I put my hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair, as we explored each other’s tongues, fencing back and forth. Finally, I broke free and ran my kisses down her neck. This provoked an audible moan, and she surprised me by undoing her top three blouse buttons and exposing more of her neck and upper shoulder. As I laid a trail of kisses along here, I pushed in and down, to the swell of her breasts. Her moaning increased, and I felt her hand on my waist, pulling me to her.

We broke off. I couldn’t push past the edge of her bra, and the couch we were on made both of us uncomfortable in the gradually increasing contortions of kissing and twisting.

I gently took her hand and pulled her up. She looked at me quizzically, and I turned with her and guided her willingly up to my bedroom.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, but she remained standing. It was my turn to look at her.

“Don’t you think this would be more comfortable?” I asked.

She nodded slowly, clearly weighing her options. She had said many times she was just a little nervous and didn’t want to go too far.

“Lets just kiss for a while,” I reassured her. “We’ll see where it goes, and besides, you know you can tell me to stop at any time. That’s what we have been doing so far.”

Emily nodded, and then a small glint showed in her eye. She leaned towards me and put her hands on my chest, slowly pushing me down on the bed, and she moved up to straddle my waist.

Leaning down, she let her hair fall in my face. She nibbled at my ear lobe and then whispered in my ear. “I am so horny now, I’m not sure I can trust myself.”

I almost died of excitement right there and then. Getting Emily really heated up could lead to all sorts of possibilities, and even if sex was off the table, we could go a long way without actually consummating the act. It was time to get the fires burning.

I nodded and reached up to kiss her. Our tongues flicked together, and I nibbled on her lips. Longer and deeper than usual, telling her that I heard her, and loved her, and would always do so.

We made out like this for what seemed like a long time I again trailed kisses down to the edge of her breasts, then into the small valley between, nipping a tiny bit here and there, provoking moans, and gasps. She started to grind her crotch onto my now rock hard, but trapped manhood. I had to reach down with one hand into my jeans, to straighten it out, and she stopped and said: “What are you doing?”

“You are making me very excited down there, and it needs some space,” I replied. This was met with silence, and then a nod, but she was back to grinding a few seconds later.

“Is this better now?” She whispered shortly. “I could help you!”

“Much,” I replied, “but I could never say no to help from a beautiful woman!” Emily reached down to caress my erection through my jeans. She had an expression of intense concentration on her face. As she contemplated my member, I slowly reached up and undid a few more buttons. Her blouse fell open, exposing a delicate ivory bra, covering even more delicate small and firm breasts. I cupped my hands around them, caressing them gently. Her silky smooth skin was exquisite. Emily tilted her head back, and I could feel her breathing change to a few very deep breaths, then a soft moan that seemed to go on and on. She leaned down to kiss me some more, and my hand reached around her back, and by some incredible stroke of luck, I managed to undo her bra with a single flick of my finger. Emily kaçak bahis stopped kissing a looked surprised.

“Have you practiced that before?’ She whispered.

“No,” I whispered back. I guess today is just my lucky day, and she laughed.

She shucked off her bra, and I couldn’t help but again admire her small perky breasts.

“I hope now that you have uncovered me, you are not going to just stare at them!” I didn’t need more encouragement than that and reached up to fondle them, this time without layers of clothing between us. I kissed one, then the other. Her skin was soft and warm, and I couldn’t seem to stop kissing them. Emily seemed to swoon, so I shifted my weight, so that she rolled off me and onto the bed, and her back. I now had unfettered access and made the most of it. I kissed and nibbled at her nipples, and they became swollen and turgid and that was very, very sexy. Emily moaned and when I paused, she pulled my head back down to her to continue. We had made it this far a couple of times before, but never so quickly, or with such passion.

Kissing one nipple, and playing with the other, I explored with my free hand to include her whole breast, then her side, and then her belly. As I reached her belt, I slowly pushed my fingers under her belt and felt the soft curls of her bush. I pushed more, encouraged by her acquiescence, but as I reached what I thought was the top of her mound, the belt proved too tight, and I could go no further.

I retreated. I was Emily’s turn to push me over, then sit me up to take off my shirt. She lay on me, her breasts and skin against me and mine! Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was.

It was Emily that now started trailing kisses over my neck and chest, and then down lower to my waist. She undid my belt buckle, looking at me as if to say that I had lost an opportunity when I had not done this to her.

I just looked at her as she pulled my belt out. I couldn’t quite grasp that it was happening when she began to open my snap and unzip me. She coaxed the jeans down to my knees, where she stopped.

“You can’t get pregnant from kissing,” she said and lifted my boxers up and off my now almost painful erection.

“Emily!” I gasped.

“Well, I’ve been reading and thinking about this a lot. Do you want me to stop?”

I said, “Nooo, don’t stop.”

She reached over and touched me, sending shivers all over me. She circled me, almost, with her long fingers of one hand, gently pulling up from the base, while cupping my balls with the other. I was doing the moaning now, and almost swooned also when she bent over to lick then kiss the tip of my cock. Already a clear drop had formed at the end of it, and she used her fingers to smear it around and slide her fingers along the sides of my cock.

“It’s so neat!” she exclaimed. “So hard but so soft and velvety. And the top, what do they call it? Your knob?”

As she was saying this, she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and gently bobbed up and down. It wasn’t long before I felt the tingle of urgency rising at the very base of my cock, and I wondered if I should warn her of the impending surprise.

She stopped, coming up for air.

“Am I doing this right?” she said.

All I could do was nod. She paused, admiring my member again, allowing me to back away from the precipice. I pulled her towards me, and Emily lay down on top of me again and started to grind herself on me once more. I stopped her.

“Your rough jeans are really uncomfortable on me now,” I explained. “I’m really very sensitive at the moment.”

“But I need you rubbing against me,” she wailed. “I have a need. Now!”

I took her head in my hands and again steered her onto her back. Gently, never taking my eyes off hers, I eased her jeans off, entirely, then finished taking mine off. She looked torn between being alarmed, and lustful with the thought of what might come.

“You promised,” she whispered. I nodded.

I kissed her thighs, then moved in and up to her inner thighs, approaching her panties slowly. I could smell the musky aroma emanating from her crotch. She opened her legs slowly for me as I got close to her triangle.

I kissed her panties, right at the damp spot on them. She squirmed, and I kissed more firmly. She moaned loudly, thrusting her triangle at my face. I reached up to pull her panties aside, and got one good lick the entire length of her voluptuous lips when she suddenly clamped her legs together and moaned “Noooo.”

I moved up beside her, holding her and kissing her neck.

“It’s okay,” I murmured and rocked her gently.

After a bit, I saw a tear slowly run down her cheek. I gently brushed it off.

“I want to so badly, and I’m so horny but I’m afraid. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I shushed her and held her. I told her we didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do. We lay like that for a bit, and she finally turned to me and started kissing me again. We were completely naked together, except for her panties, and the feeling of our skin contact was intoxicating. Emily soon began kissing more desperately and pulled me on top of her. She opened her legs so that my cock lay directly on her mound, and against where her slit was except for the panties guarding her virtue.

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