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Subject: Father and Son Bonding 4 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoying the story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill FATHER AND SON BONDING Chapter 4 Joe pulled his school books out but he couldn’t concentrate for thinking about his dad. “I don’t believe it was just a fantasy, what he said last night. I’m sure he wants to see me fully naked and have sex with me. I definitely want to have sex with him,” he thought. “I just need to work out how to make it happen.” “I suppose I could strip off and stand in front of him with an erection. No, that would probably annoy him. I’ll have to be more subtle.” Joe sighed and went back to reading about the Napoleonic wars. Callum couldn’t settle properly either. He gave up trying to work at his desk and went into the garden. He didn’t need to think much as he transplanted seedlings so his mind went back to Joe and what to do about their mutual sexual attraction. “I am pretty sure I can keep my feelings in check but it will harder for a horny teen like him,” he said to himself. “I need to think of something.” The lunchtime chat was subdued but Joe was smiling again when they got together for their afternoon run. “I enjoy running with you,” he told his dad as they were on the downhill stretch back to the house. “Running through the countryside is so much nicer than running in city streets.” “Yes, and we will soon be able to enjoy the sight of lambs in the fields while we run,” said Callum. “Dad, can you get something for me since we’re going to be running regularly? I’d like a jockstrap,” Joe asked. “I think that will give me better support.” “Erm, okay,” replied Callum. He was trying not to imagine what Joe would look like wearing only a jockstrap. “Great! Let’s go online and order one as soon as we get home,” smiled Joe. Once back in the house, Joe quickly downed a glass of water and then asked, “Do you have a measuring tape to check my waist size? I can’t remember what it is.” “Sure. I’ll get it,” replied Callum. While his dad was rummaging in a drawer for the tape, Joe pulled his shorts and briefs lower and then lifted his running vest. Callum turned back to face Joe with the tape in his hand and his eyes open wide at the expanse of flesh on display. “You take the measurement, Dad,” said Joe. Callum swallowed nervously and stepped closer. He couldn’t avoid letting his fingers touch the soft, pale skin as he used the tape. “Twenty-eight inches or seventy-one centimetres,” he announced. “Good. Now we need to see what’s available online,” said Joe. He only let go of his vest after Callum turned away. Callum sat at the computer with Joe standing beside him. “We need to find a retailer selling sports clothing,” he said as he clicked on to Google. “Aw, Dad. Can’t I get something sexy from a gay store? Nobody else will see it but it will make me feel good,” Joe said. “I think a standard jock would fine,” said Callum. Joe pouted. “I should be able to buy what I like with my pocket money. Well, how about some sexy low-cut briefs? Mum just buys plain, ordinary briefs but I think I’m old enough now to choose what I wear.” Callum shook his head but then said, “I suppose sexy underwear will be okay. Just two pairs plus the jock-strap for now.” He navigated to the site for a gay store in London and allowed Joe to choose the ones he wanted. “Thanks, Dad.” Joe hugged his dad when the order had been placed. “I will model them for you when they arrive.” “That…” Callum croaked and cleared his throat. “That won’t be necessary. Now get into the shower and clean up before dinner.” “Yes, Dad.” Joe smiled as he walked away, quite confident in his assumption that his dad was now picturing him wearing nothing but a jockstrap or skimpy briefs. *** The next few days were fairly uneventful. Neither of them spoke of their mutual attraction but they were in each other’s thoughts when they masturbated. “Can I come with you when you go shopping today?” Joe asked over breakfast. “I’m getting a bit fed up never going out.” “We are supposed to go shopping alone these days but I suppose you could come with me if you sit in the car while I’m in the supermarket,” said Callum. “Will that do?” “Yeah. At least I will get to see other human beings in the car park,” Joe said. Then he smiled and added, “Not that I could ever get bored seeing you and your sexy body.” “Hey! You shouldn’t be thinking about me in that way.” Callum frowned but he was actually quite pleased to hear his son saying he looked sexy. Joe smiled but decided not to say more. Shortly izmit escort after they returned from their shopping expedition a parcel arrived with the underwear Joe had ordered. “I’ll try them on now,” he said excitedly. “Do you want to see how they look on me?” “No thanks. I’ll just use my imagination, replied Callum. “I’m off to do some work in the greenhouse.” Joe took the items to his bedroom, stripped off and then pulled on the pale blue bikini briefs. They were cut so low that some wisps of his pubic hair could be seen. Joe looked at himself in the full-length mirror and liked what he saw. He grabbed his phone and took a photo. The next pair of briefs weren’t quite as low-cut but they had a small solid panel at the front and see-through pieces at the sides. Joe couldn’t help becoming aroused as he looked at himself in the mirror. Once again he took a photo and this one showed the outline of his semi-erect dick. Finally Joe tried the jockstrap. “I like this a lot,” he said to himself. “I hope Dad does too.” He took a photo of the front in which his now fully-erect cock could be seen causing a tent, and one from the rear looking over his shoulder and smiling into the mirror. “My bum is nicely framed by the waistband and the two narrow black straps at the side. This should give Dad a stiffy.” He sent all four photos to his dad with a message saying, “Now you don’t have to use your imagination. I love you, Dad. xxx” Smiling to himself, Joe put his shirt and jeans back on and waited for the reaction. A ping notified Callum that he had received a new text message. “I hope that’s not another customer cancelling a job until this Coronavirus epidemic is over,” he said to himself. He wiped his hands clean and then opened his phone to find the photos sent by Joe. “Bloody hell!” Callum said in surprise. However he was very aroused looking at the sexy photos of his teenage son. “This is wrong but I can’t help myself,” he thought as he squeezed his erection. “I will need to talk to try and talk some sense into him.” Callum reluctantly put his phone away and tried to focus on potting on plants. Eventually his erection subsided and he went indoors to speak to Joe. Joe was lying on the sofa reading a book. He smiled up and Callum and said, “Did you get the photos?” “Yes, I did but…” “Do you think I look sexy in that skimpy underwear?” Joe went on. “I’m still wearing the jockstrap and I like knowing I’m almost naked under my jeans. Have you ever worn a jockstrap, Dad?” “Yes, I wear one sometimes but…” Again Callum was interrupted. “Really? I’d really love to see you wearing a jockstrap. Will you change into one now and let me see?” “Joe, stop!” Callum sat down opposite his son. “Look, son. You’re gay and perhaps you’re attracted to older men. I get that…but you and I…well, it would be wrong for us to do anything sexual together. Not only morally but it’s against the law.” “Having sex under the age of sixteen is also against the law but plenty of kids do it,” said Joe. “Some of the boys in my class at school have had sex with their girlfriends and they’re only fourteen. And there is no perhaps about it. I am attracted to older men. Men of your age and above.” “But Joe…” started Callum. “Dad, listen to me. I want you to be the one to teach me about gay sex. It might be considered wrong by others but I can’t help the way I feel about you. I’m so frustrated. I want you and I know that you are sexually attracted to me,” Joe said. “Don’t try to deny it. I know you said it was just a fantasy the other night but the fact was you were fantasising about me stripping off for your enjoyment.” Callum shook his head. “If your mother found out…” “Nobody will find out. It will be our secret,” said Joe. “And if you don’t agree, I’m sure I will be able to find some other man to teach me.” “No, don’t look for sex with a stranger! It’s much too risky,” Callum said firmly. “Does that mean that you and I can do stuff together?” Joe asked hopefully. “I need more time to think.” Callum stood up. “I’m going for a walk. Make yourself a sandwich for lunch. Oh, and delete those photos. You shouldn’t be sending semi-naked photos of yourself by email or text messages.” “Okay, Dad,” said Joe. “Remember – I love you very much. It’s not just about sex.” Callum grunted and left the room. *** Callum was up on Culloden Moor before he stopped for a rest. He took the phone from his pocket and looked again at the photos Joe had sent him. “I can’t deny he turns me on but doing as he suggests would be a huge step. A risky one,” said to himself. He stared off into distance without coming to a decision. Eventually he stood up and started the long walk home. Joe rushed to hug his father as soon as he entered the house. “You’ve izmit otele gelen escort been gone for hours. I was beginning to get worried,” he said. Callum ruffled Joe’s hair. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. Let me take my jacket off and sit down. I’ve walked for miles.” “Would you like me to make you a cup of tea or coffee?” Joe asked as a watched his dad hang up his jacket. “Something to eat perhaps.” “A coffee would be nice, thanks. Nothing else,” replied Callum. Joe hurried off to the kitchen. When he brought the coffee through to the living room, he found his father sitting back in an armchair with his eyes closed. “Are you asleep, Dad?” he asked softly. Callum opened his eyes and smiled at Joe. “No, just thinking. Thanks.” He took a sip of the coffee and watched as Joe knelt down on the floor and rested with his hands between his thighs. “Am I being a real pain? Do you wish you’d never agreed to look after me?” Joe wanted to know. “Good Lord, no! Having you here has been the best thing that has happened to me in years,” said Callum. That made Joe smile. “I never expected it be easy but we seem to have bonded quite well. The…erm, sexual attraction thing threw me. I have never been attracted to anyone as young as you before and I certainly never expected to be attracted to my own son.” Joe smiled and opened his mouth to speak. “No, let me finish,” said Callum. “I have fought against it but I won’t deny it any longer. I’d never have done anything if you hadn’t pushed and pushed. Now tell me truthfully, do you really want something more intimate with me?” “Dad, I…” Joe moved a hand onto Callum’s thigh. “I came here thinking I wouldn’t like you. I couldn’t remember having a conversation with you and I only knew you from old photos. I’m just as surprised as you at how things have turned out. I soon found that I liked you…no, I loved you in the way a boy should love his father. But at the same time I found myself getting aroused thinking about the way you look. You are exactly the sort of man that has turned me on since I accepted that I am gay. Big, strong, handsome and…well, that hairy chest. I find it difficult not to touch it when I see you topless! I want to learn all about gay sex from you…and to give you pleasure as well as my love.” “Have you had any sexual experience with another boy? Mutual jerking off sessions perhaps?” Callum asked. Joe shook his head. “No, nothing at all. It’s just been me and my right hand.” “So you’re a total virgin then,” said Callum. “Yes but I’m not totally innocent,” responded Joe. “I have seen a lot of porn online – photos, stories and videos – and I know that I’m a bottom-boy.” “How can you know if you haven’t experienced sex?” Callum asked. “I know what turns me on,” said Joe. “I love cock. I dream about sucking a big cock and about taking a cock up my bum. I have no interest in topping anyone.” “What about having your cock sucked?” Callum asked. Joe shrugged. “It might be nice but I am more turned on by the thought of sucking another cock than having mine sucked.” “Hmm, okay,” said Callum. He paused for a moment. “You do realise how important it would be to keep things secret if we did…you know?” “Of course! I have kept the fact that I’m gay secret for well over a year,” said Joe. “I know it would be even more important to keep this secret but I can do it. Promise!” Callum smiled. “Okay. I will teach you about gay sex.” “Yay!” Joe jumped to his feet and waved his arms in the air. Then looked at Callum and said, “Shall I strip for you now?” “No, Joe,” smiled Callum. “We need to take things slowly and at the right time. Besides, it is almost time to start preparing dinner.” Joe grinned. “I can wait a few more hours.” Then he squeezed his erection and added. “You have made me so happy.” Callum stood up and hugged Joe. “I think we’re going to make each other happy.” A hand slid down and cupped Joe’s bum, bringing a squeak of delight from the boy. Callum squeezed and then gave the buttocks a gentle spank. “I should really spank you for sending me semi-naked photos. “I might enjoy a bare butt spanking” retorted Joe. Callum laughed as they moved apart. “I’ll remember that. Now you can start peeling potatoes for dinner while I take a shower. I need one after my long walk.” “Wouldn’t you like me to come with you and scrub your back?” Joe winked at his dad. “Thank you but no. I will set the pace of us getting closer,” said Callum. “Okay, boss,” smiled Joe. *** “Are you still sleeping naked?” Callum asked as he switched the tv off after watching the 10 o’clock news. Joe nodded. “Yes. It feels good.” “That’s fine. As from tonight you will be sharing my bed,” said Callum. “Now go off and gölcük escort have your shower.” A big grin appeared on Joe’s face. “Yes, Dad.” Joe hurried to the bathroom and then found his dad in bed and under the duvet when he entered the now, shared bedroom. He smiled at his Dad, doing nothing to hide the erection which was clearly visible under the towel. “Shall I strip for you now, Dad?” “Yes, and place the towel neatly over the chair rather than on the floor,” replied Callum. Joe faced his dad as he slowly loosened the towel. Then he took it off and placed it over the chair as instructed. He stood with his arms at his side to allow his dad to see his rock-hard cock, his hairless balls and the rest of his body. Then he slowly turned around to show off his small but well-formed buttocks. And finally he turned to face his dad again. “Do you like my body?” “Aye. It’s developing nicely,” said Callum. “How big is your cock? All growing boys like to measure themselves so I’m sure you will know.” “Nearly 13 cm (5 inches)…well, it’s twelve but I’m hoping it will be thirteen soon,” said Joe. “Does it look okay?” Callum stared at the cock. It was slim and, in Joe’s current state of excitement, the foreskin was pulled back to reveal a shining, wet cockhead. There was some fine pubic hair but the grape-sized balls seemed to be totally hairless. “I think it looks lovely. Seems quite juicy too,” Callum said. Joe looked down as another bead of pre-cum oozed from the piss-slit. Then he smiled at his dad and said, “It does that when I’m very excited.” Callum pulled back the duvet. “In you get.” Joe was disappointed that his dad’s cock was still hidden but he smiled as he slid into bed and lay down. He gasped when the man’s big hand took hold of his boy-cock and then let out a soft moan when his dad suddenly took the cock into his mouth. He hadn’t thought about his dad touching him in this way but he thought it felt incredible. Callum’s tongue was teasing his cock and Joe felt fingers touching his balls. Then he felt his dad sucking him, followed shortly afterwards by a hand moving under his balls and a finger sliding up and down his arsecrack. Joe whimpered, surrendering to so many amazing feelings. When a fingertip gently pressed against the entrance to his hole, Joe gasped and spunked off. Spurt after spurt of boy-cream filled Callum’s mouth. He swallowed a little then waited until Joe had finished. Then he let the cock fall free and savoured the taste of the thin, slightly sweet cum before swallowing it. Finally he licked the cock clean and lay down beside Joe. “How was that?” he asked. “It was…it was…indescribable. Truly wonderful,” said Joe. He lay back with a big smile on his face. Moments later he sat up and said, “But that wasn’t supposed to happen. I wanted to suck you off.” “We do this my way or not at all,” said Callum. “But…well, okay,” smiled Joe. He turned on his side and ran a hand over his dad’s chest. “Thanks, Dad.” Callum smiled, lifted his head and gave Joe a quick kiss on the lips. Joe put a hand on Callum’s shoulder. “Do it again. Kiss me properly.” Moments later Callum’s tongue was inside his boy’s mouth and Joe was sucking on it. “Oh Dad.” Joe sighed when they moved apart. “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” “Don’t exaggerate,” laughed Callum. “You have a lot to learn and we’re going to do it slowly.” “Whatever you say, Dad,” said Joe. “I’m yours.” Then he smiled and asked, “Can I touch your lovely big cock?” “You can have a quick feel but that is all tonight,” replied Callum. Joe lifted the duvet, intending to dive down on the big cock but was stopped by his dad. “Touch only. I will allow you to see it tomorrow if you continue to do as I say,” said Callum. Joe groaned but reached under the duvet. He enjoyed the feel of his dad’s hairy chest and stomach. Then he felt the warm, soft but at the same time very hard cock. There was some sticky wetness around the large head and then Joe gripped the shaft. He slid his hand slowly down towards the large, hairy balls and then back up, stopping just below the mushroom-shaped head. He found that his fingers and thumb couldn’t meet. “It’s very thick as well as long,” he said softly. “Aye, it is. Much too big for a little guy like you,” said Callum. “But I want to feel it up my bum,” responded Joe. “You will need to train me how to take it. I want you to get the same sexual satisfaction from me as you would from someone older.” “We can’t rush things,” Callum insisted. “I’m sure you will give me lots of satisfaction without anal sex.” “But Dad…” “Shush. We’ve made a start on the journey,” said Callum. “We have plenty of time. Let’s just enjoy being naked together tonight.” He switched off the bedside lamp and cuddled Joe. Joe moved around and ended with his back against his dad. He giggled and then said, “I can feel your big cock against my bum. I like that.” “I like this too, my beautiful boy.” Callum kissed the back of Joe’s neck and pulled him closer. To be continued

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