Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 3)

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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 3)The plan had to be executed. Steve wanted to end the frustrations, thestop-and-go, on-again, off-again mindset that kept his father’s sexualgears shifting, changing and braking. Most of all, Steve wanted more ofhis father’s sub-surface sexual being to demonstrate itself to him. Thetime was now, not later.First on Steve’s list was a visit to the attic compartment above thehouse’s garage. Not easy to pull out the built-in ladder and get up anddown without making some noise, but Steve was happy to do it to find a boxthat contained valuables brought back from California. Still in good shapewere a small stash of pot and a pair of handcuffs complete with furrycuffs. His second girlfriend liked having them used on her. She was a kinkysoul; Steve thought for a while he had fallen in love with her. She hadSteve thinking he could live a completely straight life with lots of kinkin their love life. But, their affair went crazy and their relationshipbecame contentious.Steve wiped his mind of the bad memories by thinking of what else he neededfor his ultimate plan. He would have to leave the house. He knew where anadult toy and sex shop was some 10 miles away and that package and grocerystores were nearby. Those three stops would complete his needs. His planexcited him. He would not get any sleep for the night, but such wasrequired to set his plan in motion for his father.It was 4:30 am, when Steve stepped quietly into his parent’s mastersuite. A night-light allowed him to see his father sleeping soundly in thebed. Between the two beers his dad had consumed right before bedtime, thelate hour in which he got to bed, the swim before turning in, and therigorous sex before that, Steve knew his dad was a snoring log. He smiled,appreciating his father’s deep sleep and his available handsomebody. Confidence assured him his old man was fast asleep, not too likely tobe disturbed too easily,If his father took offense or became angry at his actions and plan, Steveknew he risk losing the latest relationship they had begun. The intensityof the sexual relations was unbelievable for him; he wanted to chancethings for the excitement of their sex, but he nervously risk rejectionfrom his beloved father. Yet, he recalled what his father had said aboutneeding to be relieved of his responsibility to prevent their sexualactions from advancing any further.Without much doubt, Steve thought his plans would free his dad, theresponsible father, good husband, outstanding community leader, andwell-respected man about town, of needing to adhere to what society thinkstaboo. After all, Steve wanted to be the submissive and loving son willingto give his dad a long and loving blowjob. Or even something more.The son knew that perhaps he should wait a while at least until after hisfather returned from his out-of-town business trip, but he also knew thatrisk his dad having time to change his mind, come to his practical senses,or even his mom calling saying she was returning to the States. More thananything though, he wanted what he wanted, and he was an impatient youngman.So in the wee hours of the morning, the young man quietly tiptoed aroundand began the set up for the activities in his father’s bedroom. At first,Steve spent several minutes just looking at his dad – his splendidlyhandsome face, pretty lips, hairy bare chest, and the golden brown,precisely round, and quite meaty nips. He also noticed his dad continuingto sleep soundly, peacefully, and unknowingly.Steve’s heart raced triple time when he touched his father’s hands, grabbedhis wrists, and then raised both arms above his head. When he clamped onthe handcuffs, clicked them to lock them, and his father kept snoringlightly, Steve felt greatly relieved and knew his plan was coming togethernicely. He then used a short piece of rope tied to the steel cuffs and toboth bedposts for further security. He looped two pieces of similar nylonrope on both of his dad’s ankles, but only tied them loosely to the foot ofthe bed so they served to keep his dad in the bed, but did not restrict hismovements.The son next took a lightweight blindfold and placed it over Lee’s eyes andbehind his head. The man’s still thick hair on the back of his headprevented the backside of it from feeling tight and awakening him. With agreat sense of pride at his creativity and his quickly implemented plan,Steve looked at the items he had placed on a TV tray by the bed. The DomPerignon champagne, two thick joints containing some of the finestmarijuana from Berkeley, a can of whipped cream and a dish of cherries, andcrushed Viagra tablets. Also, the toys included anal beads on a thread; asilver-bullet vibrator; snakebite suction cups, and a blossom sleeve. Oh,what great fun awaited both of them, Steve thought and mentally celebrated.He had great confidence that if his dad enjoyed having his dress shirtunbuttoned, could be enticed to appreciate the near-naked bodies ofprofessional wrestlers, or enjoyed having his cock sucked brieflyunderwater in their family pool, he would very much enjoy the events Stevehad plannedWhen all was ready, Steve stripped off his clothes, turned on his musicplayer, placed the volume down low, made sure he agreed with the sexinessof the male singer’s voice, paused to light a lavender-scented candle, andthen climbed into bed with his father. He thought about pulling down thebed sheet, exposing his dad’s lower body, stripping him of his briefs, andawakening him to the blowjob in progress, but that was too risky, tooforward, and potentially too surprising for his father. He wanted toseduce, control and highly stimulate his paternal lover, not scare him off.So with great anticipation, the son slipped beneath the bed sheet and movedinto his father’s warm and hairy body. Steve could feel his cock beginningto pulsate and fatten as he felt the warmth of his dad’s nice body and ashe smelled his father’s intoxicating skin. With an ease and comfort he didnot expect to feel, Steve turned into his father to bring the palm of hisright hand in touch with his father’s upper leg. He caressed the muscle andsoft hair and then massaged Lee’s hip under the fine cotton briefs. Heedged his hand partially under his father’s briefs, turned more and ran hishand through the silky pubes and back out to his father’s furry belly. Themotion excited Steve as he felt his father’s sexy belly under his skin.He leaned in closer, found the sensitive spot of soft skin behind his dad’sear, and sucked it to his lips as his hand moved back over his dad’s briefsand around his shapely cock. He had wanted to hold the shaft ever sincelast letting go of it several hours ago. The son weighed his father’s lovehandle in his palm before lightly stroking it, but he did not linger, yethe took just a few seconds to run his fingers inside the briefs to againenjoy Lee’s thick pubes. Slowly he moved his hand back to his dad’s hip andthen began using the back of his hand to lift the restricting briefspartially off his father’s right buttocks. Exposing part of his dad’s buttallowed the son to feel its heat with the tip of his stiffening cock whenhe pushed forward to get even closer.The eager son then slowly moved his hand up, back over and around theenticing belly, and then slowly up to the marvelous hairy chest, with whichhe had become obsessed. His lips sucked the earlobe a time or two beforemoving down the neck. Just as his mouth met the crease between his dad’sstrong neck and broad shoulder, his hand made its way across his dad’smassive chest. He did not waste a second letting his fingers lock on Lee’swaiting and perky left tit. He caressed the left nipple a second or two toreclaim it and then squeezed down on it. For the first time since he hadtouched his dad, he heard the man groan.Lee awoke slowly, realized his body was being caressed, heard the music,and then felt the tremendous and tantalizing touch of his son’s handplaying across his hairy chest and then settling on one of his meatynipples. It felt good when the finger began to twist the tit; again itimmediately turned him on. Just the quick touch of his titillated tit lethim know his son had moved into bed with him. He involuntarily lifted hisbody to offer his breast to his son.Steve turned into his dad, being careful as to not put any strain on hisbound arms. When Lee’s bare chest was turned enough, Steve went immediatelyto the fondled tit. He vacuumed it into his wet mouth. He loved its meatyfeel, wonderful texture, and salty taste. His lips tightened around it andthen Steve bit it lightly while shaking it gently. He loved the morsel offine, delicate meat and it was now his without fear of rejection.Wanting to have his dad as stimulated as possible when he awoke, Steveleaned over almost on top of the big, muscular body so he could caressLee’s cock. Steve waited as his father began to fully awaken. He continuedto tongue and nip the succulent and tender tit while stroking fairly steadyat his dad’s growing dick.Lee groaned, arched his body, and said mindlessly, “Oh fuck, I tell ya,that’s sweet. Yes, yes, eat my tit big time.” Lee then tried to take hishand to hold the head down so the sucking ortaköy escort mouth was even tighter to hisnipple to get the full treatment like he most enjoyed. But his hand wouldnot move. He opened his eyes and the scene began to unfold before him.Realizing that Steve had reached down to begin stroking his aching dick toa hard on, Lee shook his eyes opened once, twice, and again, and tried tobring his arms to his body, but without fail. He could see anything, andhis arms would not move. “What in the hell? Oh my, what in the hell?”‘Take it easy, dad. I want to have some fun with you. Let you enjoyyourself without any responsibility as the father.””But why, why the blindfold and why tie me up, son?””Sorry, dad. I can undo all of that if you insist, but otherwise,” andSteve pause as he ran both hands up and down and around his father’s finechest, concentrating on making circles around the pecs and tits. “So, dad,let me do as I have planned. Please.””This is crazy, Steve. I have a huge day ahead. I have to drive three hoursand be down south for a dinner meeting later. Stop this!” Leeinsisted. “Get this blindfold off my eyes and let me the fuck up.””Can’t do it, dad. That would show me to be a wimp, a weakling. Youwouldn’t respect me in the morning,” the son said and chuckled. Steve thengot on top of his dad and ordered, “Now lay back, dad, just lay back andlet me massage these shoulders and this great chest. We are going to have abig time. I am going to take all of the responsibility away from you; justas you said needed to be done, so we could do anything and everything. Thesurprises I have for you will blow your mind before they blow yourbeautiful balls.””Steve no, let me up. Let me up.” And that was all Steve heard as heplanted his mouth on his father’s while using one hand to caress his dad’sopen armpit and the other to grab at and then pinch his available rightnipple. The feel of the tit meat between his fingers charged Steve a lot.Lee groaned and realized just how forceful his son was being and how damngood the hot kiss was becoming. And when Lee felt a stirring in his cock,he could not believe once again the absolute control that Steve couldexercise over him.Lee tried to free his arms, he tried to lift his body out of the bed, andhe again tried to convince Steve to stop the action, but to no avail. Whenhe felt his son’s tongue r****g the inside of his mouth, and he knew itfelt damn good and very heated, he started to surrender.”Oh yes dad, you kiss as well in the wee hours as do at midnight, mylover. Damn!””Steve, what time is it? I have to be into the office before it gets toolate. Please, this has been a surprise, but I’ve…””Stop it, dad. I am not going to let you up unless you threaten me, and Ijust imagine when all is said and done, in an hour or two or four from now,you are going to thank me.”Lee was about to protest further, but he felt Steve’s lips again at hisperky nipple, working it, making it beg and thirst for the lip loving, andhe knew if he forced his son to stop the mouthing of his tit, he wouldregret the loss of the intense pleasure. He also felt Steve’s warm handsnake under his briefs to again grab his dong that throbbed from theexcitement of the situation. He lay back on the bed to let Steve have hisway. The mask over his eyes and his hands being bound concerned him, butwhat his son was doing to his body was wildly exciting.”Steve, I’m going to trust you here, son, but you must promise that youwill untie me so I can go to the office in a while, and that you will notbruise or break me or mark me with hickeys,” Lee stated.Steve lifted his mouth from wetting his father’s tit and armpit to quicklykiss his dad on the lips and answered. “I promise, you have my word; nowlet’s get some game on here.” With his father’s arms stretched above hishead, his nipples also were stretched just a bit, making them appear morevulnerable. Steve then moved down his dad’s fine body, kissed his father onhis belly button, and lingered to do a favorite thing for both of them andthat was to drill Lee’s navel with the tip of his tongue.”Nice, Steve, yes, that always feels so nice,” his dad commented.”We’ve only just begun,” Steve assured.The son then placed both hands at the flanks of his father’s briefs andpulled the fabric from around Lee’s waist. Lee lifted his ass so his soncould pull them down and off of him. The movements thrilled Steve and whenhis dad’s thick cock popped into view, he felt his own loins firingup. Steve leaned down to lick the length of the partially hardenedcock. Lee moaned, arched his body to provide Steve access, yet warned him”not too much too soon here, Stevie.”Steve moved away from the fatherly penis, admired the entirety of his dad’shairy and awesomely attractive naked body, and then told him, “I’ve gotsomething that is going to turn your magnificent nips into something you’venever seen and it’s going to feel great.””Steve, please, no nipple clamps and hell, not clothespins.”Steve chuckled. “No way, this shouldn’t hurt, but they will do a number onyour fine tits, dad.” Steve reached for his toy and whispered to hisdad. “Oh yes, we are both going to like this special effect.”Lee felt Steve again rubbing his chest. This time, he recognized that Stevewas being very deliberate and forceful in how he fingered his paps. Stevetested the thickness of the hairs growing from his father’s pecs. He usedhis saliva to smooth out the lighter hairs around his dad’s fine tits andto wet the skin surrounding his father’s areola for the best intendedeffect for the magic to come. And then, the son smiled widely while Leefelt something rubbery being applied to his left tit. The feeling wassensational, sexy, but not painful.”Ah dad, this is going to be the absolute best sight, yet.” Steve said.”What is it, Stevie. My tit feels suctioned.”Before Steve answered he licked his dad’s seductive right nipple to get itwet and to test it even more than the left. He then stuck the secondsnake-bite suction cup to it. With both rubber suctions on his tender andalready overworked nipples, Lee arched his chest, hissed, and felt like anorgasm was sweeping throughout both of his large pectoral muscles.”Dang Steve, Oh man, that is tremendous. My tits are on fucking fire. I canfeel them throbbing, swelling, damn!” Steve used his fingertips to caresslightly under, around and over each of this father’s wonderful pecssurrounding the meaty and now puffy mannips. He prized his control overthe meaty morsels. With great excitement, he could see the sexy brownbuttons swelling, growing, and looking needy just as his father had saidthey felt. .Steve said, “And then I will pull those off in a few minutes or so, dad. Iam going to have these beauties of yours super charged, a lot bigger thanyour normal daddy tit. Bigger to suck and to enjoy!””Oh Steve, I am trusting you k**, but you scare me.” Lee tried to settle inthough the handcuffs were a little tight and he felt very exposed. He thenheard his son turn on the bedside light.Steve exclaimed, “Oh yes, all the better to see my handsome father and toenjoy the display.” Again, Steve’s hands made their way over his father’sbody continuing to discover him, continuing to like his muscular tone andbody hair, and continuing to fall in love with the physical older man. Whenhis fingertips got ready to cross over Lee’s nicely round nipples, Steveallowed his fingers to squeeze down on the vacuum seals working them intomighty swollen mounds. The squeeze made Lee hiss and arch his body from thebed.Knowing his dad needed a break and maybe something to quench a dry mouth,Steve poured the first of the champagne and offered it. Lee gulped fromthe glass before realizing his son was giving him an alcoholic beverage. Hethen sipped more slowly, but with Steve encouraging him and telling him theprice of the champagne, Lee took time to enjoy several ounces. As hewatched his dad swallow the last of the bubbly liquid, Steve smiled. He hadmixed in a pill and a half of Viagra. His dad would be fully charged forwhat he had planned regardless of the amount of sex they had alreadyenjoyed.”Nice son, good stuff even first thing in the morning. That will relax mesome.”Steve offered his dad another glass, but Lee declined. Yet, the champagneand Viagra would not be the only stimulants that the son administered toprep his father. Steve put the glass on the bedside table, reached for thejoint, and again got on top of his father. He straddled Lee at hismid-section, savoring the feeling of his bare cock and warm testicles goingskin to skin with his dad’s hairy belly. Lee could feel his son’s long,bare cock stretched out and lying over his hairy belly.And without further ado, Steve took a lighter and fired up one of hisjoints filled with some of the best pot he had experienced in his two yearson the West Coast and around friends from Berkeley. He did not know how hisfather would react to him having marijuana in the house, but he was veryconfident about what the wonderfully strong and soothing pot would do forhis dad. .Turning over, moving his mouth near his dad’s and then telling Lee to “Openyour eyüp escort mouth, and breathe in very slowly. Very slowly.” Lee could not haveplaced more unconditional trust in his son at that moment. He did just asSteve instructed. He could feel the heat of his son’s face near his, hehoped Steve was about to French kiss him deeply, but instead he felt thesmoke and tasted something a little rosy and then he wanted to cough, butknew he shouldn’t, and then he heard Steve whisper, “Now hold it in,dad. Hold it in and get the full effect.” And Lee held the fine smoke.When told to let it go, he did as Steve instructed. And they repeated theprocess. Wanting to pleasure his father to the ultimate, as Steve shot themarijuana smoke into his dad’s mouth, he reached down to caress Lee’s lowerparts by fingering his belly button, combing his pubes, stroking hisswollen cock, and lightly juggling his bubbling balls. Steve and Leerepeated the process of Steve taking the marijuana joint to shoot shotgunblasts to his dad, with Lee holding the smoke deep into his lungs, and thenreleasing as told to repeat the process. The cycle went on six or seventimes.Lee reached a point of knowing the pot was overtaking his entire system. Hebegged off Steve chuckled, put the remainder of the potent joint in anearby dish, and then got on top of his bare-chested father to kiss hismask covered face all over, his nose, his ears, his lips and his chin. Whenhe returned to his dad’s lips, Lee leaned up to ensure that Steve lingeredand that their kiss went deep and that their mouths melted together for along while. Steve knew his father had lost all inhibitions. He could nowanxiously await the rest of the morning hours with his sex-induced father.”I am feeling out of my own body, Steve. A little too relaxed maybe. Alittle fucked up.””Good, I don’t want you to be uptight, dad. So just enjoy the moment. “As they broke the kiss, Steve reached for yet another toy that he knewwould further arouse his dad and send him to places unknown. He first tookhis soothing cooling lotion and massaged the creases of his dad’s legs andthen his thighs. Lee relaxed and let Steve’s tremendous touch and thelotion’s special properties loosen him. In no time, Lee spread his legsfurther and offered Steve every angle to rub down the creases of his legs,his buttocks, and his perineum.When Lee felt Steve’s middle finger invade his anal passage, he hissed andthen warned his son, “If you start to finger fuck me, I will cum in notime. Just so you know.”Steve spent a while at his dad’s anal opening, lightly rubbing the edgeswith his fingers, feeling its texture, letting finger and hole get to knowthe other. He then softly rotated his finger to moisten the inside of hisfather’s anal passage with the lotion. Lee offered himself to his son. “OhStevie, baby. You’re making a fool out of me. I am so horny, so hot; thesedamn things are about to pull my tits off. You’re finger down there makesme want to scream.” Even though his dad warned him, Steve wanted tocontrol things; he edged his finger to find his father’s prostate, to takehis dad to another height in sexual flight.Lee made garbled sounds as his son’s finger worked his love button andpushed into his sensitive anal sleeve. He knew his prostate could not taketoo much of the excellent sensations. He knew if Steve kept this strangesensation going in his ass and around his inner love controls for muchmore, he was likely to cum without either a hand or mouth touchinghim. Down below, his standing cock felt so fuckin’ tall and rigid. Leewondered if it were maybe an inch or so longer than he had ever felt orseen. The amount of pre-cum it leaked had now moistened most of his pubicpatch.Steve then reached for the rest of the joint again, held his dad’s head,and forced his dad to take a couple of deep hits. Lee could not believe theintensity of sex wreaking havoc in every corner, crevice and erogenous zoneof his body. His tits felt like ignited rockets about to blast from hischest, his cock stretched out even further leaking more of its juices, hisballs roared, and his head left his shoulders. Realizing his father was ina rare mental state, Steve grabbed his dad’s hardened shaft and began tobeat up and down it with great velocity. He jacked his dad like he hadseldom done before, knowing his father’s cum juices were on the verge offlowing through the canals of his body. The son had no intent to bring hisdad off so soon, but he wanted to take advantage of the cemented cock inhis palm.”Steve, please. Please. Stop! Stop that. I am beside myself. We cannot! Wecannot! I will cum against my will, if you don’t stop…” Steve eased up,loosened his grip on his dad’s dick, and stroked slowly.A silence fell between them for a few seconds and then Steve knew what wasnext on the agenda. A few minutes of rest and then he would take his dadback into sexual orbit. The son reached over and added the expensivechampagne to a few ouches of cold orange juice he had in a nearbypitcher. He leaned his dad up so he could drink. As he held the glass tohis dad’s lips, a little of it dripped down his dad’s chin and onto Lee’sseductive hairy chest. But Lee did not let too much get by his lips. He wasthirsty, the juice was cold, and the champagne was fantastic. Steve alsojoined his dad. Lee drank two four-ounce glasses of the fine mimosas whileSteve had one.”That stuff is already giving me a tickling buzz, Steve.””It’s the best and glad it is doing the trick,” Steve said. The remarkedamused Steve; he knew it was more likely the Viagra or pot giving his dadthe real buzz. He then saw the wet trial in the middle of his dad’schest. He wiped it with his hand, again appreciating how nice his dad’schest hair felt.Steve reached up to twist the nipple crunchers. His father noticed theextreme pulling at his tits from the suction cups that were now doing anumber on his mantits. He knew they were sucking at his nipples causing hispaps to enlarge, swell, and become abnormal and extra succulent.”Steve, I am going to need you to remove the tit grippers here. I can feelmy nips getting awfully big and sore.” Steve smiled, rubbed his dad chest,and answered, “Only another few seconds or so. You are going to be amazedat them, dad.” After a few seconds of silence, Steve said, “Here dad, letme remove the blindfold. You need to see this. These lovely tits of yoursare going to look so damn ravishing.”Steve twisted the rubbery yellow cup on his dad’s left nipple a time ortwo. “Go ahead, Stevie, take them off. My nips ache and hurt too much now.”Knowing when to take his dad’s direction, Steve pulled the rubbery vicefrom around its vacuumed tit. It popped when it came off the manlynip. The vacuum was broken.Steve reached up to raise the blindfold to let his dad appreciate thenumber the suction cups had done to his perfect nipples. Lee looked down toexamine the result.”Oh my, dad, oh fucking my. Your nipple is five times the size. So hot, somuch, I want it!””Stevie, oh baby, Stevie, crap my tit is huge. Swollen bigger than a largerock. I hardly know it!”Steve did not linger to observe the big nipple instead he moved down to lethis tongue kiss, lap, lick, and suck the swollen tit. When his son’shungry mouth suckled at the grossly enlarged mannip and with the potbringing him to an apex, Lee yelled out uncontrollably. His scream waswithout restraint.The revered Lee Jacobs felt his awesome cock pulsate on its own, and heknew he could experience a cum without a hand stroking him off or anythingelse. He did not know if he could ejaculate, but he knew he was very closeto an orgasm. He desperately needed Steve to bring him off.”Oh Stevie, suck it. Nurse from it. Love it good. And stroke my cock!” Andthe son did. He kept the suction cup on his dad’s tortured right tit whilehe treated the massively swollen left one to an oral love job. Lee gruntedonce, twice and again before muttering, “Oh, my son… nobody has evertreated my tits so well. Damn, your tit loving is tremendous.”The nipple was raised from his dad’s chest a good inch or so. Its tit wasthick and pointed more like a fat bullet than a pencil eraser, and itsareola looked absolutely fat. The moment was unbelievable for both fatherand son. For Lee Jacobs, his mind and body had never been so taken fromhim as his son had done. Neither had his dick felt so huge or his tits sosexed and swollen. He wished his hands were free to run his fingertips overhis grossly enlarged tits, to feel them and to enjoy the pleasure. ForSteve, he had never felt so alive with wanton sexual desire nor so incontrol of a sexual a****l as he had so turned his handsome father into ina matter of an hour or so.Steve continued to nurse at the enormous nipple protruding awesomely fromhis father’s chest. Lee was in awe of how large his man tit had been madeby the suction; he was in writhing pleasure at the sensations spewing fromhis enlarged tit as his son loved, kissed and nursed it. He noticed his sonlook up, felt Steve give his largely embossed nipple a loving kiss, andthen saw the look of eagerness and delight in his son’s eyes. Steve took amoment to pop the other maslak escort suction device from his father’s right nipple, andthey both noticed how it was even larger than the other. Steve leaned downto kiss it, but his ambitions were larger now. Sucking on the bullet-longnipples adorning his dad’s chest had now gotten his rawest needs to thesurface of his sexual play. He teased, twisted, nibbled and bit the big,right tittie that had been freed, and he appreciated its color havingturned into a dark red, but his desires were elsewhere.The son again grabbed his father’s strong cock and began a steady sensuousstroke of it, making sure that he used his finger on the upward stroke torim his dad’s foreskin and to tease the slit. An idea flashed through hismind, so he instructed Lee to lean back. “You’ll like this, dad. Somethingspecial.”Lee relaxed back on the bed. And once again, his son pleasured him. Veryslowly and delicately, Steve poured small amounts of the bubbly champagneon Lee’s big tortured nipples. First, Steve covered his dad’s right nippleand then sucked the tenderizing bubbles from it. Lee moaned and thrashedabout although bound. Then, Lee felt his son drip champagne over both ofhis tits and then into his belly button. The champagne perked his grosslyswollen mannips into sexual rockets. Steve’s tonguing of his two tits,first the right one again and then the left one, and his slurping of hisnavel forced Lee to take notice of the sensational pleasure. “DamnSteve. Oh, damn! What you are doing to me. I am so hot and ready.”The father noticed that his cock was staying at full mast and was indeedlikely longer and harder than he had remembered seeing it in many years.He felt close to a ball breaker for sure. He then felt Steve pour a goodamount of the expensive champagne on his hairy testicles. When his sonbegan to caress the bubbly sauce into his nut sac, the father became puttyin his son’s hand.”Oh damn, Stevie, damn! My tits are tinkling, my mind is racing, and now mydamn balls feel like they are about to boil away. Oh, wow!” Steve tooktime to work his dad’s balls, wanting to get them overcharged andoverheated. He again leaned down to suck his dad’s navel and to kisslightly down his cock a couple of times.Knowing that few men could have withstood what he had already done tostimulate his father, Steve stopped caressing the fine set of fatherlyballs. He examined the size of the tremendous orbs before lifting his handand fingers from them.Yet, the son went to an even more vulnerable erogenous part for hisfather. He poured a glob of the cooling lotion in his hand, made sure hismiddle finger was well coated, and then he wormed his way back into hisdad’s ass. He played and caressed his dad’s warm, mysterious hole until heknew it was wet and ready.As Lee watched, arms raised above his head, his middle body partiallylifted off the mattress, and his amazing cock stretched up to stab at hisbelly, the son quickly grabbed the silver bullet vibrator. Without ado,Steve pushed the large bullet into his dad’s ass. Lee groaned, thrashed onthe bed, and made a couple guttural sounds unrecognized by his son, butturning Steve on in a big way.”Stevie, my man. I don’t know what that are, but you just about have yourold man nuts, son. Absolutely nuts. Please be careful.””Enjoy it, dad. And let this thing wreck you all over. Enjoy it. Heregoes.”Knowing he had pushed the micro-vibrator into his dad’s ass so it wasagainst his prostate, Steve reached for the control button on theconnecting cord, pushed it, and waited. He was not to be disappointed. Thehard plastic, silver bullet began to vibrate on slow mode inside Lee’s ass,stimulating his prostate and moving to rub against his anal walls.The after effects of the suction cups on his handsome nipples already hadLee in overdrive. His son’s manual moistening of his inner parts with thelotion and his longer finger had sent him to the edge. But when the almostelectric, hyper-charge of the vibrating bullet began to rock his sexbutton, Lee knew he was going to a place he had never been in many years ofsex.”Good gawd, Stevie. Oh shit! That thing is firing off inside me,” Leewailed. ” Shut it down, please,. Shut it down, it’s screwing my ass allover the place.”When Steve began to play with the control button, so the bullet randomlywent from slow to fast to super speed to steady and back to slow and thenagain to super speed, Lee could not believe the incredible flow of intense,hot charges that overwhelmed his entire body.”Argh, oh son,” Lee said loudly and without reserve,” It’s fucking me,fucking my ass, eating me up, please, oh please,” Lee begged for Steve tostop the controls. He knew his red-hot cock was jerking involuntarily,releasing droplets of pre-cum at a steady rate. The elongated, wet and darkcock felt huge, given extra bulk and size from the Viagra Steve had slippedinto the champagne. Lee knew the sex toy was fucking his ass. And he knewhis pressurized balls badly wanted to release, but still, the overwhelmingcharges to all parts of his body were unbelievable. Sweat poured from allparts of his hairy body; he gripped the mattress with the heels of hisfeet; he bucked his ass up and down.’Damn Steve. You put it on slow and it fucks me gently, then you put it onfast and it takes me into orbit. I am burning of pleasure all up inside myass, son. Fuck me!”The distinguished father, good husband and outstanding member of hiscommunity shook his hips almost violently. His cock slapped up and downagainst his belly and all around his lower belly and pubes. He hissed, hefelt the effects of the pot, he felt the impact of the Viagra thoughunknown, he groaned from down deep like an alley cat. And then, he shouted,”Oh Steve, my son, too much… too much… fuck me… I need to be fucked!”Steve hit the fast button on the bullet vibrator and let it continue towork its magic, taking his dad into further sexual ecstasy. Seeing hisfather’s expression of deep, steamy lust, watching his hips and assshrivel, and seeing him arch his body into the air without care or controleven sent the son’s own cock into high times. Steve again turned thebottle of cooling liquid on his dad’s nuts, poured more out, and massagedgently. He tested a few of the longest hairs on his old man’s nuts. Hereached up to stroke his dad’s cock from tip to base twice, knowing thatwas enough to keep Lee on the edge, but not enough to tip him over it.”My gawd, Steve. Finish me. Please, enough. I am so hot. So besidemyself. Finish me, please!” More than anything, Steve wanted to take hishand, stroke fast at his dad’s bloated cock, and watch his sperm shoot highinto the air. To give his father a big-time orgasm and thrill that hewould remember. Steve hit the control button from slow to super speed andthen eased it back to slow. The state of deep lust that he watched reducehis masculine father to a thriving beggar of orgasm mesmerized the son.Lee’s verbal response was guttural; his back and hips raised off themattress; and his ass pumped back and forth. “You’re fucking me, son,absolutely fucking me with that toy up in my ass. So fucked!” Stevecontinued switching the speed of the vibrator controls. He watched hisfather react to each one whether slow and steady or at super speed. LeeJacobs was driven to a cum without touching himself or being touched.”Steve, Stevie, oh God! Too good, I feel so out of body. I am cumming,cumming, cumming!”And then Steve saw a thick spurt of thick man juice shoot from his father’slarge and massively hard cock. The end of the cum string stuck to his pissslit and landed between his pubes and navel. Lee had orgasm and beganejaculating without any direct stimulation to his cock.Steve switched off the vibrator and stopped the action. He grabbed hisdad’s tremendous dick and pushed his thumb up under its head to stymie therest of the sweeping orgasm and the big spurts of thick semen that wereabout to begin.His father looked at him with surprise and shock; his erupting mancockquivered big time, it stayed cemented to a massive erection, droplets ofcum eased from it and dripped down the head, but his orgasm was stopped inprogress.”Oh son, please, please, I am cumming, oh, you have me!”And Steve did have his father, right in the palm of his hand, holding off afull orgasm, yet having taken his dad’s body to an unknown sexual flight.Steve knew for this one and only occasion, he had to keep his dad on theverge for longer, for more pleasure, and for a big-time explosion of cumwhen it occurred. A cum that he, the son, would be in charge of with hishand or mouth or whatever.”Oh Stevie, let it happen. Go on, let that thing **** me. I so need tofinish this.””You’ll get there, dad. You’ll get there, I just didn’t know it wascharging you to a cum without me even stroking you.””Then stroke me, suck me, fuck me, but let me finish. Please.”Steve smiled. He had never loved his father so much, yet his father’s needand vulnerability made Steve feel guilt about where the situation had takenhis manly and usually reserved dad. As small amounts of cum continued toease from his father’s mighty cockhead, Steve admired the man’s bloatedballs, Viagra extended massive dick, and the run of his cum juice.”Oh Stevie, oh man, I have never felt so damn, fuckin’ good or horny,” Leesaid. Steve smiled and chuckled.In their bed of sex play and in the steam and intensity of that playneither man had a clue that another pair of eyes had taken in the lastcouple of minutes of their sexual exchange.

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