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Finding JasmineThe first time I saw Jasmine I was sitting in a local starbucks, drinking coffee while reading a book. It was the height of summer and unusually hot for the UK. Three young girls came in and joined the queue. They were all very pretty and dressed in short skirts or tiny shorts and tshirts, trainers without socks. I felt a little hardening in my pants watching them as they queued and chatted, giggling with each other. Their bodies young and taught, silky smooth calves and soft thighs on display, tight cropped tshirts covering their modest yet pert teenie titties and showing off their flat stomachs. I guessed they were between 16 and 19, ripe young girls unaware of the power their lithe young bodies could command. I felt a little guilty, as one does, for ogling girls so young, almost c***dren but budding into womanhood so beautifully and tore my gaze away, returned to my reading.I happened to look up as they reached the counter and were ordering, the one I now know as Jasmine stood out, there she was, hands planted on the counter bending ever so slightly forward with her bum pushed out. Her feet were wide apart and she stood on tip toes as she leaned over the counter giving her order to the young barista, he looked a little flustered, obviously he was getting an eyeful down the top of her tshirt, I could see no bra straps, my cock hardened slightly again. As I watched I took in Jasmines legs, she was roughly my height, maybe a little shorter, her calves tight and curving beautifully, thighs tapered and firm but soft and smooth looking, disappearing under that oh so sexy short skirt. Just then Jasmine leaned further forward, no doubt enhancing the down blouse view for the barista but simultaneously raising the dangerously short skirt an inch or two.I nearly dropped my book. The base of Jasmines beautifully round and pert bum cheeks apppeared below the hem of he skirt, but much more cock hardening was that she wasn’t wearing panties, and I, and probably most of the other customers could do nothing more than stare at the beautifully plump and compact shave snatched that peeked out from between her thighs. Jasmine turned her head, a wry smile on her face as she took in the watchers, male and female, then just reached behind with one hand and tugged her skirt down.I knew then. I knew that she knew exactly what she was doing and she fucking loved it. I also knew I wanted her, as wrong as it seemed, irrelevant of the age gap, I couldn’t help thinking of all the dirty degrading things I’d want to do to her.The girls collected their drinks and left, I watched through the window as they walked a few yards and stopped to chat for a minute or two, then they split, two girls going one way and Jasmine walking the other, alone. bursa escort I picked up my things and hurried out the door, not sure what I was doing but feeling compelled to follow Jasmine, all the while eyeing her legs and barely concealed arse as she walked ahead of me. Shortly we reached the bus station and Jasmine joined one of the long queues, I followed, standing behind her. She turned and leaned back against the wall of the shelter, standing one legged, one foot planted on the perspex screen. While she looked at her phone I ran my eyes over the expanse of smooth inner thigh of her raised leg, her skirt had lifted a little, another inch and her shaved slit would be visible. Her tight flat stomach was showing, just a couple of inches below her tshirt, soft but firm, beautifully defined. Side on I could see the shape of her perfectly pert tiny teen tities, pointy nipples pushing against the fabric of her thin tshirt, definitely bra less. My cock was so hard as I imagined running my fingers along the inside of her thigh and up under her skirt, Jasmines legs opening a little more as I reach the soft mound of flesh hidden there, my other hand tracing tiny circles around her navel before sliding up beneath her tshirt and cupping and squeezing one her small but perfectly formed breasts, feeling her nipple harden against my palm as my fingers caress her twat, lips seperating around the tip of my middle finger as I slowly trace it back and forth between them..The queue moved, and I snapped out of my reverie, the bus had arrived and we were boarding. I had no idea where we were going but still, I followed Jasmine onto the bus and listened as she asked the driver for £1.40 ticket. “£1.40” I said to the driver, grabbed my ticket and scuttled off along the bus. Jasmine was a way up, sat in the aisle, an old lady in the window seat next to her. I took a seat one row behind on the other side of the aisle next to a young girl, earbuds in and oblivious to the world. Pretty young thing, but I had my quarry, and was determined to follow it wherever.After about 10 minutes the old lady next to Jasmine got off and Jasmine shuffled over to the window. I took my chance and moved to sit next to her as she was looking out the window. “I saw what you did back there” I said. Jasmine turned her head toward me, a little surprised, annoyed maybe, by the sudden intrusion. ” ‘scuse me?” She said, a little indignantly.”I’m sorry” I said “John” I lied as I held out my hand, Jasmine would never know my real name. She stared for a few seconds at my outstretched hand, then took it in a surprisingly firm but brief handshake. “Jasmine” she said, a hint of a smile on her face. Her hand was so tiny and so soft, I wanted to hold onto it, to take it and press bursa escort bayan it against my cock, still hard and straining against my jeans.”What did you say?” she said. I swallowed, kinda lost my nerve a little but quickly recovered, “Back there in starbucks, at the counter.. I was watching, I saw you give the guy behind the counter an eyeful and then flash your cunt for all to see. Naughty Jasmine, very naughty!” I replied. She just looked at me for a moment, as if trying to figure something out, then leaned toward me, her mouth almost touching my ear, the palm of her hand resting on my inner thich, right in the crease, her forefinger and thumb coming together slightly to expertly wrap around my balls and give them a little squeeze through my jeans. “I get a lot naughtier” she breathed into my ear.I almost choked, for a second I couldn’t breathe and my cock twitched inside my jeans, I was so hard I ached. Jasmine turned her head to look out the window again, removing her hand as if nothing had happened, ignoring me. We rode on in silence for a few minutes. I turned my head to look at her face in profile. So fucking pretty, flawless skin and fine features, lips so pretty and soft that I longed to kiss, to be kissed by, in so many ways. Her hair was blonde, shoulder length but tied in a simple pony tail, silky smooth and shiny. So beautiful, so young and so close.Wanting to fill the awkward silence I just said anything that came to mind. “You’re wild!” Was all I could think of. She turned her face, locked eyes with me and held my stare, beautiful green eyes I hadn’t noticed before. Her gaze was defiant, daring but her lips curled in a mischievous smirk,”Think you could tame me, huh?” she said.Eyes locked, feeling challenged I did something I would never thought myself capable of. I shuffled slightly, turning my back to the aisle, left hand lashing out, grapping Jasmines left leg just above the knee, squeezing hard, painfully hard, wrapping around her delicate but firm limb, fingers and thumb digging into the soft flesh toward the back of her thigh. What was I thinking? For a moment I was sure she would scream, the bus would be stopped and the police called. What kind of deranged pervert have I become?Jasmine flinched, just a quick tremble of her leg, her eyes widenend in brief shock.. her mouth, that pretty delectable soft warm mouth, formed a perfect O as she let out a barely audible, but ever so adorably girly gasp. Then she smiled and leant back in her seat as she parted her legs ever so slightly.. The invitation was obvious.Still leaning back, pert titties pushed forward, perfectly pointy nipples hardening obiously under her tshirt, Jasmine closed her eyes as my grip loosened and I slowly but steadily ran the escort bursa palm of my hand up along the soft smooth flesh of her inner thigh. My finger tips reached the crease of her thigh and stroked there gently as she opened herself further. I brushed the side of her bulge, my cock twitching as I finally touched the sweet succulent flesh I longed to have. I traced down, around the edge of her pussy, almost to her bum hole as she slid forward slightly, allowing me access wherever I wished. The tip of my middle finger rested on the base of her opening, I pressed gently, feeling it give ever so slightly, warm and already a little sticky. I gently rubbed, just the merest of twitching, feeling her loosening, muscles relaxing, I let my finger gently drift upwards, skimming between her swelling, moistening lips to find her clit. Hard like a button beneath my finger I pressed and rubbed, gently at first, then harder as Jasmine began to make the sweetest but barely audible whimpering noises. Her legs were spread wide by now and she was slid so far forward in her seat, pushing against my finger.. I traced back down between her lips, plumper and wetter now, stopping briefly when I reached the warmth and wetness of her hole, then slowly but firmly plunging my finger into her. The silky smooth grip on my finger was intoxicating, she took my finger easily, swallowing it in one slow long stroke, a little gasp escaping her. I pulled it back so that only the tip stayed inside her, then pushed in slowly again. And again and again and again. Slowly fucking her with my finger, while she sat legs spread wide, breathing in short shallow gasps amid a crowded bus.I was lost in the moment, my cock so hard, twitching and throbbing, straining against my jeans. My balls ached, desperate for release. I crashed back to reality when Jasmine grabbed my wrist, her grip firm as she pulled my hand away, my finger slipping from her soaking snatch. “Stop!” She said, shufling back to an upright position and closing her legs, “I have to get off in few minutes.”A little dazed, I just sat speechless looking at her pretty face, trying to make sense of what just happpened. Did that reallly happen? Was I just fingering this gorgeous young thing? I should be ashamed, but all I felt was desire.”You have a mobile?” She asked, “Give it to me”. Still speechless I complied, reached into my pocket, made a little awkward by my persisting erection, retrieved and unlocked my phone, then handed it over.She tapped away away at the screen. Then picked up her own phone and tapped away at that. Jasmine handed me my phone, reached over me, tities brushing against me and rang the bell. As the bus came to a stop she stood, shuffling past me she pushed her bum out, bringing it tantalizingly close to my face. As she stepped into the aisle she turned, “I’ll be in touch” she said, then turned and walked away. I just watched agog.When the bus pulled away I reached to scratch my nose. I could still smell her on my finger..

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