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Black Supremacy

Subject: Spoof Initiation This story is copyright to the author. Please do not download it or reproduce it for sale or profit. There are detailed descriptions of boy/boy sex in this purely fictional story so please leave this site if you are :- Under the age of eighteen, or are viewing this in a country where it is illegal to do so. The story is complete in one part. Spoof Initiation Jack Foster was First XI football captain, almost certainly the best all round sportsman in the school. No one had ever discovered a weakness in Jack. His control was almost legendary. He dated the best looking girls, but only when he wanted to. He had an inner circle of friends, changed on a whim if one of them upset him. Every boy from year ten upwards strived to be part of that inner circle. Every boy from year nine down knew that there was no chance and just looked on in envy at the older boys who were. Most of the inner circle were also first team players allowing Jack control like no other team captain over the conduct of the whole team. Even the coach deferred to him with regard to team activity. Jack was also a school prefect and in his last school year before going on to university. Adam Rolls was just sixteen, two years behind Jack, but Adam was an amazing footballer. Tiny in comparison to the other members of the first team and therefore amazed when he was selected to play. “Jack, I’m bringing Adam Rolls up from the second team to be a regular first team player.” “Come off it Coach, the kids barely sixteen, only year ten and way too small, how can he possibly make it with us?” “He is probably the most skilful ball player we have. He will revolutionise our mid-field for the next two seasons. When you leave I am going to need a tight mid-field because we have no other prolific goal scorers like you.” “He won’t fit in Coach, he is too young.” “You are going to help him fit in Jack, I need that boy’s talent. I know I defer to you on most things with regard to the team but I am not bending on this one. You make him feel welcome or I will be very unhappy. ” Jack knew by coach’s tone that there was no negotiation on this one and he was afraid. Adam Rolls was Jack’s weakness. Jack lusted after this boy like no one else in the school. The girls were good, and he was getting laid regularly. Some of the boys in his inner circle were pretty cute but Jack handled any lust for them with mutual wanking sessions. Adam was different, he was drop dead gorgeous. Quiet, unassuming, popular in his year and in the Second XI. Jack had heard how he handled comments about his size. “Nobby Stiles was little, but he still controlled the mid field when England won the world cup in 1966.” No one doubted that Adam would go on to similar glory. Coach introduced him to the First Team at the next training session. “You all know Adam as a talented mid-fielder from the second team, well you are now going to have the pleasure of his company in the first team.” Everybody clapped and cheered with accompanying greetings, except Jack. The next few weeks for Jack were purgatory. Adam played superbly every game and treated Jack like some kind of hero without ever seeming subservient. After one game, which the team had won, Adam made a comment to Jack that set in motion the train of events that followed “I’m sorry about that rotten last pass Jack that would have almost certainly got you your hat trick. I promise to give you better service in future.” They were walking towards the shower at the time and naturally had adjacent ones. Jack nearly died having this little cutie so close and naked. Without being noticed he took in Adam’s cute butt and beautiful appendage. He wanted to suck one and fuck the other. He also wanted Adam’s lips to enfold a cock that Jack was having problems controlling. Over the next few days he refined his plan, briefing his inner circle of first team players who then convinced the other members of the team to take part. The only team member, or substitute not in on it was Adam. “Coach, to keep the team buzzing I want to bond us more with a kind of fraternity like the colleges have in the States.” “Sounds good Jack, how do you plan to do that?” “I want us to have a team meeting in the gym after school on Friday and discuss a Code of Conduct for us, and some fun initiations for new team members to make them feel part of us straight away.” “Ok Jack, but you know staff all disappear promptly at weekends. I’ll leave the gym open and the keys on my desk. Lock up when you finish and give the keys to the Janitor.” “Ok Coach, no problem.” Scene set, everybody was there on time and Jack locked the doors so that they would not be disturbed. The soccer briefing room would be ideal. Large, no outside windows a couple of very heavy tables and benches. “Welcome guys, the reason for this meeting is to deliver a code of conduct for us and a frat house type welcome for new team players. We only have one new boy to welcome into the team this month so Adam can be our guinea pig for the first initiation. Some of you are ex Scouts and we used to have some fun with new boys, well we are going to extend that a little.” Some of the team members looked at each other and shrugged not having a clue what was going to happen. “Ok Adam, if you are going to be a full member of this team you have to do everything I say until we leave here. If you fail we will ostracise you and send you to Coventry. Do you understand?” “Yes Jack.” “Ok, up on the table and do the sexiest strip tease you can.” Adam coloured up immediately but when everyone else started to clap and yell `get’em off, get `em off’ he realised he had no choice. Very slowly he stripped to his briefs finishing up with a sexy pose his thumbs hooked into his waistband. He looked at Jack when the team yelled for his underpants as well. Jack nodded and Adam was naked. “Ok Adam, well done. Now you have to lay on the table while we all play with you and get you a hard on.” “Come on Jack, that’s too much.” “Do it Adam.” Jack made sure he got a good feel of Adam’s body stroking his nipples and his inner thighs before cupping a perfect pair of balls and a delightful cock gradually getting hard, the other members of the team always giving way to Jack’s hands. He was pleased he had worn a very tight jockstrap because he was rock hard. By the time Adam was hard every one kızkalesi escort gasped, he had a more than adequate package for such a little guy. “Pretty good Adam. For the next part of your initiation I want you on all fours on the table with your legs well spread.” “Please Jack that will be so embarrassing and humiliating.” “Do it Adam or things will get worse.” As soon as he was in position Jack told the others they could now explore the whole of Adam’s body. Although it was hugely embarrassing, the boys stroking him gently was very erotic but when Jack slicked up a finger and started worrying his pinky he protested. “You get an extra sexual part to your initiation for complaining again Adam. I suggest you go with the flow if you don’t want it to get worse.” “No Jack that is going too far.” “Sorry Adam, I warned you. Use the straps under the table guys and secure him belly down legs splayed over the end and arms secured to the other end. Put that gag in his mouth so that he can’t protest anymore.” Jack then buried one finger deep in Adam’s butt. The other team members gasped. “Hey guys, he is going to be our mascot so he needs to be opened up a little so that we can hoist him on a pole.” Everyone except Adam was laughing at that comment and several of them did the same as Jack had done while Jack went round the front of Adam and lifting his face said. “You are going to get a better initiation than anyone ever. Just like the American colleges. After we have opened you up a little more we are going to see if you can take a pole for hoisting a mascot, and then you have to be spanked for denying me my hat trick last week. Don’t you agree guys?” They all did of course because to a man they were getting seriously turned on. Jack went round to Adam’s arse again and continued reaming him out eventually shoving three fingers in and rotating them. While he was doing that he talked to the remainder of the team. “We don’t have a pole handy so one of you guys is going to have to use his cock to see if Adam is fit to be hoisted, and Adam will suck you to make sure you are really hard and slicked up to ease into his boy pussy. Justin has all your names in a hat and will draw one name out to do the deed.” Jack had arranged it so that Justin had Jacks name in his hand already and pulled that out of the bag. Stopping the finger fucking Jack told Adam he would have to suck cock to make it slick enough to penetrate his pussy. Adam started to cry but Jack pulled out the gag and lifting Adam’s head slid his cockhead over his lips and started face fucking him. “Now suck on it and make it very slick so that it won’t hurt sliding up your back passage.” Jack was in heaven feeling Adam’s lips on his cock but shoving it up Adam’s arse was almost heart stopping. Adam would have screamed but for the gag which had been replaced. As it was he grunted and screwed up his face in pain as Jack eased into him a little at a time thinking he was in heaven. Adam was a virgin and his arse was so tight Jack was almost cumming before he had fed all of it to his little teammate. He came very quickly gasping for breath and said. “Christ Adam, that is the best fuck I have ever had. You are something else boy. Some of you others ought to give him a try before we release him.” They turned Adam over on to his back and pulled his legs well back before six more of the team fucked him to orgasm and others used his mouth. When they had finished Jack stood back in and gave Adam’s bottom six hard slaps with his bare hand before stroking his bottom and fingering him again briefly. Adam was in a terrible state, the multiple rape having destroyed him. “That was fantastic Adam, I guess you are bonded to this team like no one ever has been before.” Jack tried to be full of good cheer but realised he had gone too far. The others all dressed and went but Jack kept Adam back with the excuse he needed to shower both of them. “I’m sorry Adam that got out of hand. You are just so drop dead gorgeous I wanted to fuck you and have you suck me.” Adam looked amazed and in a whisper said, “Why did you have to do it so publicly Jack, I can never play with this team again, and when it gets round the school what you have done I will have to leave.” Leave he did. During the weekend he pleaded with his parents to take him away from that school. He wouldn’t tell them why but was almost hysterical in his pleading. His father was an influential member of the council and a governor at the equivalent school to Adam’s the other side of town. A few `phone calls and Adam had a new school to go to on Monday morning. At his old school a lot of questions were being asked and the coach was furious at losing such a talented player. “What the fuck happened here on Friday Jack.” “Nothing much coach. We all had a bit of fun and that was it. It must be something to do with his parents.” The other team members all looked guilty when questioned but nobody gave the game away. Adam as was his nature settled into his new school quickly, made friends and was soon in the first team for football. He didn’t appear to be particularly upset by his rape it only showed in that he came to games already dressed in football kit and never stripped and showered with the others afterwards. His teammates and the coach all knew he was very careful about personal hygiene and couldn’t understand his behaviour. His new best friend at school was the boy who played on his left in football. Ryan was in the year ahead of Adam but they got on well and only lived a couple of roads away from each other. Both cycled to school so their bonding became tight very quickly. After a couple of months with the football season looking like culminating in a schools final between Adam’s present team and his old school team, Ryan broached the subject of Adam’s weird attitude to communal showers. “Adam I know you are a very clean guy, so how come you never change or shower with us at football?” “My body is mine to look at not anyone else’s.” “I know bud but you certainly don’t have one to be ashamed of so it just seems weird that no one ever sees it.” “Ok, just drop it Ryan I don’t want to talk about it.” The winner of the last game of the season between the two teams would decide the championship. Adam was determined to play out of his skull to embarrass his tarsus escort old teammates if possible. By half time he was doing a good job. By controlling the mid field very tightly they had denied the other team any chances at goal, but with superbly accurate passing Adam had set up three goals. As they were going in for half time Ryan heard one of Adam’s old teammates say to him sneeringly. “To play that well you must still be getting energy from all that protein we pumped up your arse. After the game why don’t you come to our dressing room and we’ll top it up for you.” Adam gasped and in the dressing room Ryan could see he was having difficulty holding back the tears. He determined to make Adam feel better and quiz him about what he had heard, after the game. “You guys must all be over the moon at our little white tornado. Adam you are the tops bud, the best player on the field by a mile.” Everybody yelled, “Here, Here.” Coach came in to hear that and walking across to Adam put his arm round him ready to praise him as well when Adam jumped away like a scalded cat. “Whoa boy, friendly hug, I’m not going to eat you.” “Sorry Coach.” Adam dropped his head, he didn’t want anyone to see the terror in his eyes at this unexpected human contact, but Ryan didn’t miss it. There was something wrong here and he was determined to find out what. “Now we are into our stride guys lets see if we can make it seven at least. Play out of your skulls just to show these bozos how lucky we are to have Adam playing for us instead of them.” Adam blushed and thanked Ryan with his eyes. Final score, 7 – 1. As they were leaving the field Ryan got into conversation with the player that had spoken to Adam at half time. “Regular protein injections work a treat don’t they?” He said laughing. The other player looked aghast and said, “Wow, are you guys fucking his arse all the time.” “Naw, but that’s how you fed him protein is it?” “Yeah only the once but it was amazing how much cock he took that night.” Now Ryan knew, but what he couldn’t work out was how Adam had let them unless he wanted it. On the way home he found out. A little bit of guess work and he opened the conversation. “I know why you left your last school Adam and why you won’t let anyone touch you or see you undress. You were raped by the other team in some kind of initiation.” Adam fell off his bike with the shock and burst into tears. “How did you find out?” “I put 2 and 2 together after hearing that wanker talk to you in the tunnel and then I did the same at the end of the game pretending we were feeding you tons of cum.” “Alright, six of them raped me. They made me suck cock and then fucked my arse. Now you know, your star player is queer. I suppose you and the rest of the team will want a piece of my arse now.” Adam was sobbing hard until Ryan said in little more than a whisper. “I will never tell anyone what I know, and I hope you are queer because I would like to touch you.” “What do you mean touch me?” “You are so beautiful Adam, I would like to take you in my arms and just cuddle you.” Ryan was blushing like mad and couldn’t look at Adam. “I’m sorry Adam, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but I would have died if I hadn’t been able to say that soon. I don’t know what I feel but I think I love you. You see, I’m the queer one. Jack Foster made me realise it when we were at scout camp a few years ago.” “You mean Jack has fucked you as well?” “No I fucked him. It was awesome.” “Crikey Ryan. He was the one who organised my gang rape.” “He probably fancies you and didn’t know how to handle it.” Adam wiped his tears and got back on his bike. “I don’t know what to say Ryan, leave me alone for a couple of days will you. I need to do some thinking.” “Yeah no problem bud. Give me a call if you want to talk.” Adam cried himself to sleep that night. He was so confused about who he was. Jack touching him had thrilled him. He felt warm inside because of Ryan’s words. Was he gay? He didn’t want to be. He knew it would put him on the fringe of the society he was comfortable with. He was a jock, a fine sportsman, a superb footballer. Everyone he wanted to like him would shun him. His football career would be over. For the next week Adam worked into himself. He went to school, he came home, he did his homework and he went to bed. He spoke to his parents in monosyllables, he did the same with his school mates. He cried off football training and that was when Ryan bit the bullet. No football on the Saturday so he went round to Adam’s house on the Saturday Morning. “Hello Mrs. Rolls, I’ve come round to see Adam, is he in?” “Hello Ryan, yes he’s in. I don’t know what’s the matter with him this week he has hardly left his room. You can go up.” Ryan knocked gently on the door of Adam’s room. Getting no answer he opened it and looked round. Adam was lying on his bed eyes wide open staring into space. Walking across the room and sitting on the bed next to him Ryan touched Adam gently on the shoulder. “It’s going to be ok Adam. I love you, I’ll protect you no matter what.” Leaning forward he kissed Adam gently on the lips. Sitting back up he repeated himself. “I do love you and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again.” Adam looked at him, threw himself into Ryan’s arms and cried a bucket of tears. Ryan stroked his hair, his face, and gently hugged his body. “It’s going to be ok Adam. I promise I am going to make it ok.” Through his tears Adam said, “How can you? Jack and his cronies will out me now as revenge for last Saturday’s humiliation.” “No they won’t. I guarantee it.” Ryan was smiling as he said it. “How can you be sure?” “Believe me I’m sure” Adam looked into a pair of sparkling eyes surrounded by a grinning boy and somehow he knew. Everything was going to be all right. “I believe you Ryan. I don’t know how but I believe you.” He was still sniffling but as he snuggled into Ryan Adam felt safe and wanted. He would be ok being gay with this boy he was sure. Ryan said, “What do you want to do for the rest of the day bud.” He looked into the most beautiful blue eyes he could ever remember seeing as he said it. “I don’t care as long as I can do it with you.” Adam was laughing and crying at the same time. “I’ve wanted to be with you ever since you first stepped onto a football pitch with anamur escort me.” Ryan blushed as he spoke. “Wow, really.” “Yes really.” “My parents are going out later. Will you stay for lunch and then when they have gone out show me how much you love me?” “Are you serious?” Ryan was almost overcome by that invitation and the words came out almost angry. Adam was shocked, thought he had gone too far and very quietly said, “Only if you want to Ryan, please don’t be mad at me.” “Mad at you, you dope. I want to eat you all up, you are just so gorgeous you take my breath away.” At lunch Adam’s parents were amazed at the sudden transformation in their son. “I don’t know what you have done to my son Ryan but whatever it is thank you. He has been as miserable as sin all this week despite your magnificent victory last Saturday.” “Thanks Mr. Rolls, yeah he has been pretty miserable this week. I’ll kick his butt if he does it again.” Everybody laughed and Adam looked at his new bosom buddy suddenly believing that everything would indeed be ok. When Adam’s parents went out the two boys scooted up to Adam’s room. With the door closed Ryan took Adam in his arms and said. “Do you trust me lover?” “Yes Ryan.” “Completely?” “Yes Ryan.” “Ok, I want you to do nothing unless I direct it, do you understand?” “Yes, of course.” “Good.” Ryan knelt down and undid Adam’s trainers. “Lift your right foot.” Adam did and was minus trainer and sock. Ryan did the same with the left one before standing up again. He undid all the buttons on Adam’s shirt slipped it off and gave him a gentle kiss. Without braking eye contact Ryan undid Adam’s belt and popped the button at the waist of his jeans. He pulled the zip all the way down and eased them over his butt before letting them drop to the floor. Again, Ryan dropped to his knees and told Adam to lift one foot at a time. As he stood up he ran his hand gently up the inside of Adam’s leg, bypassed the area covered by his briefs and continued stroking him until he was standing again. For the next few minutes he kissed all over Adam’s face telling him how beautiful and sexy he was and how much he was loved. He could feel that Adam was hard so he slid a couple of fingers into the waist band of his briefs before easing them gently over his hips and aroused penis, sliding them all the way to the floor and making him step out of them sideways. Both hands were now used to stroke the inside of Adam’s legs just touching the balls when he reached the top. Taking hold of the balls after stroking the legs some more Ryan kissed the head of Adam’s cock before licking his way down the shaft and taking the whole ball sac in his mouth licking it all over. “Oh God Ryan that feels amazing. Where did you learn to do that?” “Mostly in my dreams about you lover. Now go and lie down on the bed I am going to pleasure you some more.” A pleasuring was exactly what Adam got. Ryan licked and kissed every inch of Adam’s front before telling him to turn over, put two pillows under his belly and spread his legs wide. Kissing his way slowly down Adam’s spine Ryan came to the crack between two gorgeous little cheeks. He continued down until he felt Adam’s little puckered rosebud which he swabbed with his tongue before using his hands to pull the cheeks apart further and pointing his tongue pushed it into Adam’s love chute making him gasp with the sensitivity of it. Keeping the licking and stabbing up for a little while had Adam about ready to cum. He stopped long enough to undress and grabbing the lube from his trouser pocket lubed Adam up and slowly lowered himself until his cock head was just touching the most perfect little rosebud he could imagine. “I’ll be very gentle Baby but I’m going to penetrate you.” “Please Ryan.” Adam actually wanted his mate to stop but was so turned on he couldn’t say it. Ryan thought the `Please Ryan’ was acquiescence and felt Adam’s sphincter relax and let him enter. A gasp from Adam, and Ryan was fully inserted. He remained perfectly still nuzzling Adam’s neck and whispering soft words of encouragement. “I’m all the way in Baby, how does it feel?” “Oh God Ryan it feels wonderful. So much different to when Jack raped me.” “Good, I’m going to start fucking you slowly now lover, long strokes, tell me if I hurt you.” The reverse was what happened, Adam couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt as Ryan’s cock moved in and out of him. He came up on his knees and pushed back trying to get even more of Ryan inside him. Ryan fucked Adam’s cute little butt for ages, very slowly, willing himself not to cum until Adam started erupting shooting wads of cum onto his pillow and squealing with pleasure. Working his butt with every jet of sperm Adam took Ryan over the top as well into a massive orgasm. Both boys collapsed onto the bed as they came down from their high and Ryan rolled them sideways so that Adam was spooned into him and Ryan was still inserted as his cock softened. Adam giggled, “Not fare, I’ve just been screwed by a wonderful cock and I haven’t even seen it hard.” Not slow to take advantage of a situation Ryan quickly cleaned himself up in the bathroom before offering his cock to Adam to play with. Adam was goggle eyed when he saw Ryan’s erect cock, it was so much bigger than he expected. It made him realise how gentle he had been because he had barely caused any pain on entry. He licked and nibbled at Ryan’s cock and balls for ages before taking the head in his mouth and sucking on it gently, playing with his ball sack and running his hand through to stroke his perineum. Ryan was in heaven at Adam’s gentle touch. He needed to reciprocate so he repositioned himself so that a lovely session of 69ing brought both boys to another orgasm before they snuggled up together, Ryan pulling Adam across his chest and whispering in his ear. “I love you football buddy.” Adam’s sigh of contentment was worth more than a thousand words. Life was beginning to look good again. He didn’t want anyone else, he needn’t let the rest of his team mates know he was gay therefore nothing need change when the new season started. Throughout the summer Adam and Ryan made love frequently and Adam realised and said to Ryan, jokingly. “Happiness is a big cock fed to me frequently and with love.” Both boys were almost hysterical with that comment but Adam knew it really was true and Ryan knew that he would willingly keep doing that for his beautiful friend for the remainder of his life if he could. Not one of my most memorable stories, but let me know what you think. All emails will of course be answered. Creative and constructive critisism is more appreciated than flames.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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