First time being cuckolded

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First time being cuckoldedThis is a story of my cheating ex-girlfriend (gallery on my page “cheating ex girlfriend” is of her) that turned me onto the cuckold lifestyle. It is 100% true, with only the boring extra details left out:It started when I was dating a girl about 2 years ago. She was 22 and I was 21. We had been dating about a year when I discovered that I was her cuckold. To give some background, I was off at college at the time and she had decided to take a year off out of college and got an apartment on her own. We would spend most weekends together, but we were both very busy during the week to see each other all the time. And we were about 2 hours away from each other.I was madly in love with this girl. Everything was great between us. And very importantly, the sex was absolutely amazing. After about 6 months into our relationship we started to get busier with our daily lives and it was harder to see each other as often as I would have liked. We would still text and video chat, but it wasn’t the same. Then she started to become distant from me. She would blow off plans with me to “hangout with friends” and go to parties without me. It was a rough patch we were going through, but I loved her and knew we would get over it when we were able to see each other more. When we would hangout, she would always be on her phone texting all these guys that she would tell me not too worry about because they were just friends.One day, a year or so into our relationship, we hadn’t talked the entire day. She showed up to my place really late at night and said she just wanted to “surprise me”. Something seemed off, but I was too excited to see her to even care at the time. We talked for a little and she told me about how she had been so busy today because one of her best friends had just arrived home from the military, kütahya escort let’s call him Brad. Now this made me a little mad that she didn’t tell me she was hanging out with another guy, but I’m not really the jealous type and trusted her. After talking some more, things got heated like they usually did. We moved into the bedroom and she immediately got down and pulled my cock out of my pants and started sucking on it. This was fairly unusual of her to do, but I wasn’t going to complain. It felt so good I thought I was going to cum right then, but I think she sensed that because she stopped and laid down on the bed. She told me she really wanted me to eat her out. I pulled her pants down and saw that her underwear were unusually wet. I pulled them off and noticed dried white flakes around her pussy. She told me that she had been touching herself on the drive down to see me and that it was her cum. Seemed reasonable to me, So I started to eat her out using my tongue to clean around her pussy and sticking a finger in as deep in her as I could. My finger was covered in what seemed like an abnormal amount of her cum. It also tasted much different than it usually did. Noticing me hesitating a bit, she pushed me away slightly with her feet and put them in my face. I always loved sucking on her toes, which distracted me from the weird taste of her cum.After a little while, I climbed ontop of her and stuck my cock inside her. It slid in with ease. Now, I have a fairly large cock, so normally her pussy felt extremely tight around me but today it didn’t. Once I was all the way inside her she wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear: “so, how’d you like the taste of another man’s cum?” I was beyond confused at first, and then it hit me. I pulled out of her and moved to istanbul escort the other side of the bed, very upset. She then went on to tell me that she was done with our relationship, but that she wanted to have a little fun with it first. I was heartbroken. She told me that Brad lived only about 10 minutes from my place and that she had been there all day fucking him. I was upset, but also strangely turned on for some reason I couldn’t understand at the time. I started to question her about it, and she showed me a video she had him take on her phone. He had a very large cock, about an inch bigger than mine and thicker. He was fucking her doggy style with no protection. He pulled out and you could see a lot of cum dripping from her pussy. She told me that was earlier in the day, and that she had made sure he fucked her right before she came over to see me so she would have some fresh cum inside her for her “trick”. I was rock hard at this point and couldn’t contain myself anymore. I went back over and started to fuck her again, this time much rougher. She was screaming “fuck me harder, do you like my used cum filled pussy?” It didnt take long for me to cum, and I filled her pussy right up.I rolled over, still in shock from what she had just told me. She looked at me and said that she did still love me, and that she still wanted to be with me, but that she couldn’t stop fucking other guys and needed to experience new things. After a lot of back and forth (sparing the boring details), I caved and told her that I loved her too much to lose her and that if she wanted an “open relationship” type deal I would be okay with it. But then she turned on me again, and said that she really liked watching me eat cum out of her pussy and having me fuck her after she had been used. SO she hatay escort basically wanted a relationship where she could fuck anyone she wanted, and she would bring me the sloppy seconds afterwords. The idea turned me on so much I had to say yes. I told her that I would do anything she asked of me, no matter what it was. She seemed to like that I said that, because then she asked me to eat my own cum out of her pussy. Now that I knew what it was inside her before, I was a little hesitant, but I did agree to do whatever and the thought still turned me on. So i started to suck my own cum out of her pussy till she was completely clean. This made me hard again, so she told me to jerk off onto her feet and clean them too, since I liked licking them so much. After she was cleaned up, and stayed the night and left early the next morning before I was awake. I awoke to a text from her saying she had taken a quick shower and headed back to Brad’s, and that she would be back later that night…From that day on I became her cuckold. She would send me videos of her fucking other guys and come over to my place used and ready to be cleaned. One time she brought Brad over to my place with her, and made me watch while he fucked her right in front of me. She made me lick her feet while he was on top of her and then lick her asshole when she would ride him. He came inside her right in front of me. She then made me clean off his cock. I had never sucked a cock before, but it was definitely something I enjoyed a lot. I then cleaned her up, and she told me she had another surprise for me. She pulled out a dildo about the size of my dick (which i still have and use) and told me she was going to fuck my ass with it. It was the first time I had ever done anything with my ass. I loved the feeling and came harder than ever before. This became a frequent thing, sometimes with other guys and new things to try, until we finally broke up about a couple months after that first day she had me unknowingly eat cum out of her pussy. They were the best months of my life so far and I would love to have a relationship like that again someday.

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