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Subject: Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (2) I don’t know if anyone has seen the show ‘Glitch’ out there. It’s about a possible experiment that somehow brings the dead back to life. Or at least some dead. I am intrigue by this show and its cast. Especially the hot Aussie men in it. William and James in particular. Also there is a gay character in it. Charlie. So this is a tale of Charlie who in his past denied his love, finds his new life filled with men and really getting what he wants. Men and cock Enjoy. Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (2) Why Am I Here Again?… … Charlie waited for the cop James as he took Carlo out that evening. They considered finding his brother in the morning. But as there was so many unanswered questions. Especially the cop man seeing his seas wife again. It was obvious the man needed answers. “I will get you all some clothes” Elishia had said She had some clothes around the place and distributed them around to the guests. He and the got Carlo went into the other room and changed. He gazed at the guys gorgeous body. His strong smooth muscles and the nice dick swinging there between his legs. “Wow. He is beautiful” he mouthed “Hmm. Did you say something?” came James’s voice from behind “Ohh nothing” he chirped back James grabbed Carlo and took him out in his police car. Driving the bursa escort bayan guy to where they had figured his brother was living. “Can I go?” Charlie asked “No. You stay here.” James ordered “Hopefully his brother can help us out” “Then we can figure out what to do with you all” Charlie frowned as he wanted to go with them. But as he could not he just sat with the others. He hoped that the hot Carlo would be back soon. He was so damned sexy and muscular. And of course he wanted to sew the hunky cop James again too. He felt his dick twitching under his shorts he was given as clothes to cover him. He looked around at the women in the room. The doctor, Kate and even the cursing Krista. And then his dick softened. Thankfully. He and the women sat there for a bit. Waiting for James to finish with getting Carlo to his brothers to see if he had any answers. “I want to get the fuck out of here” Krista said “This place is fucked” Elisha had to talk to her to convince her that she needed to stay. So they could indeed find answers to the question of how they ended up in the graveyard. And with the help if Kate she did. Charlie sat there quietly as he waited for the men to show up. He was confused at what was going on just as much as everyone else. But he also felt horny. His dick throbbing in görükle escort his shorts. Then sometime later James came back alone. He was in a state. He grabbed Elisha aside and started to talk to her about something that apparently happened. But then Kate wanted to know what was going on. So she got up and went to the conversation. “What the fuck!” She shouted “How is that possible” “Well same reason its possible you are back” James then said “What. What happened” Charlie crowed as he got up Then the others showed up to the discussion. And that’s when James told then what when he crossed the bridge with Carlo. How Carlo just exploded into a puff of ash. All over the bridge. “He is gone” James said with shock “He is just gone” “What do you mean. Gone” James again tried to explain to Charlie how Carlo was there one moment and then just a pile of ash the next moment. Charlie was crushed. He really liked Carlo in the very little time he had known him. But it was probably just lust. “Look we just have to find another way of figuring out how you people are here?” James then said “So you need to stay here until i get to the bottom of this” All decided to listen to him and stay there. Charlie and the girls went to bed shortly. His head pondered his and their situation. bursa escort bayan Were they dead and back somehow?. Or was this all some psychotic nightmare. He slept in the bed that Elisha made up foe him. Thinking this. And also thinking about the gorgeous man Carlo. Who was now somehow gone again. A man so hot to him ripped from him. Like every other man he liked. But this did not stop him from dreaming of the hot man Carlo. Be no means had it. As sleep did not come though. Something he would later find difficult to do, his thoughts rushed to the gorgeous guy he felt himself get hard. “Hmm Carlo” he softly moaned. “Carlo. Why are you gone now” “We could have…” Then he sighed as he knew they wouldn’t. They could never have what he wanted. What he needed. Sex. Firstly Carlo was not gay as he knew he was. And second. He was gone. Dead. Or what ever state he was currently in. It was all so confusing to him. But he had seen the hot mans naked body and dick. Even if it was just briefly. So it was enough to think upon. To ponder on. So he pulled on his dick to pleasure himself. To feel the sensations again. Something that it seemed for ever he had felt before. “Carlo. Ohh Carlo” he moaned as he reached climax “You should be here.” And then he burst forth a healthy dose of cum for a dead guy. It shot up into the air violently. He moaned and grunted to himself as he lay there. Then he wiped himself off and the just lay there in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Again thinking what was going on and why was he there again…. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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