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Big Tits

This story is 100% fictional and any likeliness to a real person or place or event was not intended and I apologize.

Jennifer is a new teacher at Big Mountain high school and is a beautiful Filipino who stands at 5′ with long brown hair that goes to her beautiful round ass and weighs a very sexy 150 lbs which she carries very sexily with beautiful full and round DD cup breasts. She was born in the Philippines but moved to Northern California to go to college, to get a degree in English and to become a teacher. She ended up graduating with honors and got a job at a local high school. She enjoyed her classes and her students who she let call her by her first name but the only thing she didn’t like was she was forced to do all the jobs every other teacher didn’t want to do since she was a rookie like be the chaperone to events.

“Jen, can you please come in my office?” Jen heard the principal say as she tried to walk past his office trying to avoid him.

“Damn here we go again he is going to ask me to chaperone the senior ski trip,” she thought to herself as she walked to his office.

She walked to his office and knocked and heard the principal say it was ok to come in. She had to admit that if she met him somewhere else that she would probably jump his bones. Even though he was a principal he was a very sexy principal and she had to admit that her panties got wet every time she saw him.

“Jen, Jen are you ok?” he asked her as she day dreamed.

“What? Huh oh sorry I was thinking of something,” she said as she was brought out of her day dream.

“Well that is either here nor there. I want you to chaperone the senior ski trip,” he said as he ogled her body.

“Do I have any choice?” she asked smiling as she saw him ogling her.

“No not really. I am sorry but you are a rookie and everyone else had to do it and now it is your turn,” he said as he stopped his eyes to look at her big breasts.

“Well then I guess it will be my honor to be the chaperone. So when do we leave?” she asked bending over one of the chairs to give him a better view.

“Umm ahhh Oh sorry the bus leaves tomorrow at 9 am,” he said as he was now staring straight at my cleavage as his mouth dropped wide open.

“Well I guess I shall be going now so I can get home and pack,” she said as tuzla escort she got up and smiled as she walked out swaying her hips back and forth displaying her ass for him.

She walked out of his office ignoring the calls for her to come back because she knew it would only lead to her fucking him and her getting fired. She could feel her pussy juices running from the thoughts of what could have happened if she would have went back.

“I better get home really quick or I am going to rip my clothes off hear and masturbate on the spot,” she thought as she ran to her classroom to get her stuff.

Jen was able to rush to her room and out to her car without being stopped by anyone. She quickly got in her car and started straight for her apartment. She could feel the hot sticky juices leak slowly out of her red puffed up itchy pussy lips as the heat from her pussy flowed up throughout her body as she sped towards her apartment with reckless abandon and thankfully not seen by any cops. Jen was getting so horny it was almost unbearable so she decided to do something to relieve the wanton.

“Oh god I have never been this horny in my life it is almost hurting. I need to get of soon and I really need to get home or else I may crash. I need to do something to satisfy me until then,” she said as she unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand into her panties as she stopped at a red light.

She started to rub her pussy from asshole to her clit slowly as she let her head lay back on the headrest as she closes her eyes until she hears a honk from behind her. Jen wakes up from her daydream and takes her hand out of her panties and finally reached her apartment.

“It’s about fucking time,” she said as she quickly got out and locked her car.

She ran off towards her apartment and her hands shook as she tried to get the key in the door and when she did she burst into her apartment barely remembering to kick the door shut.

“I am so fucking horny I feel like an animal,” Jen said as she ripped her blouse off along with her bra releasing her magnificent perky breasts.

She proceeded to knead her breasts roughly pulling them and massaging them as her eyes glazed over with lust as moans and groans of pleasure escaped her lips. She felt like a bitch in heat just wanting to get off and she couldn’t pendik escort take this all anymore so she took a hold of her skirt and ripped it clean off along with her thong. Her pussy lips were as red as a cherry with her big clit poking out like a small hard cock as pussy juices were literally running out of her pussy like a faucet.

“I need to get fucking off now or I am going to go crazy,” Jen said as she started to rub her pussy like it was on fire and she was trying to put it out.

I am going to take this time to probably tell you something you could already guess by now. Jen is a nymphomaniac and she has been addicted to sex since she was 18 and discovered how to manipulate her big clit to have mind blowing orgasms and have had sex with numerous men and women of all ages and even some of her relatives. She has been able to hold it in at school but now back to the story…

Jen’s cunt felt like it was on fire and she knew it wouldn’t go out until she had something big up her cunt. She thought for a second and then thought of the perfect thing. Jen had just went shopping yesterday and bought a very big cucumber not for this purpose but it would do fine so she ran into her kitchen while grunting and groaning like an animal as she grabbed it and without a thought of washing it she brought it down and shoved it up her cunt.

“Mmm UHHHH!!!! Oh fuck yes oh fuck yes omg this…is…amazing,” Jen said as she got lost in the power and intensity of the pleasure that rushed through her body as one of the most powerful orgasms of her life hit her from the built up excitement in her and she drifted off to sleep as she slumped to the floor in a heap of her juices.

Jen finally woke up the next morning an hour before she was supposed to leave to get to the school for the trip,” Wh what the fuck happened?” she asked as she propped herself up as her hands were in her juices.

She finally realized with a smile of what happened earlier but her excitement wore off quickly as she saw the time and she knew she had to rush. Jen quickly cleaned the floor with a wet towel and didn’t even bother to shower even though she knew she smelt of sex she quickly packed a few things and rushed out the door to her school.

She was able to reach the school on time to catch the bus. Jen put her aydınlı escort bags under the bus and made her way to the opening of the bus and slowly walked in since she was completely drained from last night and the rushing. She felt like she was given a B12 shot when she saw who was on the bus. She forgot that this bus was for the senior ski trip and most of the occupants were guys and she knew most of them were 18 or older.

“Ms. Can you please sit down?” the bus driver said as she was still standing in the middle of the isle.

“Wha what? Oh sorry yes,” Jen said as she snapped herself back into reality as she sat down and felt her pussy start to twinge from the sight of all the hot and legal fresh meat.

She sat back and took a second to catch her breath as she was trying to contemplate her opportunity and to try and calm herself down before she rips off her clothes and tries to fuck all of them right now and get fired.

She finally calmed herself down and started to take in the scenery as they drove when she started to hear hushed remarks among the guys such as, “Do you smell that man? It smells like sex and I think it is Jen. No it is not you are crazy.”

Jen thought maybe they meant the senior Jen who she saw was also on the bus before she remembered that she forgot to shower this morning and still had her hands and body soaked in her cunt juices and quickly turned and saw a majority of the guys looking her way with glazed over eyes of lust and knew that this weekend was going to be interesting.

Jen had to admit that she was started to get turned on by the smell of her own sex but was able to have enough self control to not do anything suspicious and was able to keep her cool until they finally got to the cabin. It was snowing pretty hard by now and so she had the students get their bags quickly and get in side. Jen was sure it was just the rush to get their bags and get inside but she couldn’t ignore the many rubs and bumps to her ass and cunt.

“God I drove these guys crazy on the bus with my cunt smell and now they are going to drive me crazy,” she said as she closed her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure as she shook with a rush of pleasure.

Jen stood there for a few minutes taking in the intense rush of pleasure before she noticed the continuous blast of cold snow hitting her before she snapped out of the trance she was in and grabbed her bags and went inside.

I have lost interest in this story as I was writing it and I am giving the right to whoever wants to make a sequel can.

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