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Fun Dinner DateAfter Jeff and I went out (Read: Getting Played) Jeff asked if I had any plans for Saturday. “Some friends and I are going over to Stone Mountain in the morning for a little biking, but other than that I am free.” I replied”Great, you want to do an early dinner?” Jeff asked We agreed he would pick me up from my apartment at 3pm. Michelle, my roommate, knew about my situation with Jeff. She really did not approve of me being the “other woman,” but I was already beyond considering her or any reasonable advise. On Saturday, I got back around noon from Stone Mountain and was anxiously preparing for Jeff. When I got out of the shower, Michelle had gotten home from her morning errands. I started getting dressed and had pulled out a formal red dress that had I worn to a wedding a few years ago thinking Jeff would definitely appreciate it. Michelle asked what was the occasion and said I had date at the AG Steakhouse. “Is it Jeff?” There was no lying. I nodded yes. “Marissa!” She replied in a disapproving tone. “Hope no one gets hurt and dont do anything stupid while you are having fun. ” I was ready to go well before 3pm and nervously waited for Jeff. I could see his eyes light up as he drove up. I knew I looked great in this dress and he had a huge smile on his face when I got into his car. “You look amazing!” Jeff complimented. Dinner DateSince it was only our second time together, the initial talking at dinner seemed a bit awkward. The restaurant we arrived at was the AG Steakhouse at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. It was definitely one of the nicest restaurants I had ever at the privilege dinning. The sexual tension was obvious as that was the main goal for both of us. I started to feel more at ease once the wine came to the table. We soon were having fun laughing, discussing strange people at work, and life in general. The sexual innuendo soon took over as my low-cut dress was getting to him. He then asked, if I wanted go upstairs and get a room. I replied with a saultry “I was wondering if you were ever going to ask.” Then he pulled out a hotel key – “I knew you would say yes.“ Damn the guy already got the room. Damn, I loved his presumptuous attitude! We must have set a record for a dinner at 5 star steakhouse as we were in and out of there in less than hour. We did not say much as we made our way to the room, but as soon as the door bahis şirketleri closed, Jeff pushed me up against the wall and we passionately kissed. Our hands were all over each other and he finally found the zipper to my dress. Zippppp – he pulled it all the way down and pushed my dress to the floor! I was not wearing a bra or panties and I was naked except for my red strappy heals. “WOW, you look so damn hot honey” he said. We kept making out as he led me over the bed. I undid his shirt exposing his firm chest and arms. With his pants still own he pushed me up on the bed and got on top of me in a missionary position. We kissed and soon and caressed each other. I really enjoyed running my hands over his chiseled shoulders and firm back. He kissed down the nape of my neck and slid down taking my nipple into his mouth. I arched up pushing my breast into his mouth enjoying the sensation. The other hand had found its way to my pussy. “Your pussy is so smooth, I love how you shave for me.” “Waxxing for you, honey.” I smiled at him. “Thats fucking hot” he replied. His fingers where all over my shaved pussy, clit, vagina and were quickly soaked with my juices. I was moaning enjoying this attention as he then slid down between my legs. He teased me by kissing around my inner thigh and pussy. I just wanted his mouth on my clit. He finally showed mercy and gave me what I wanted. His tongue felt so wonderful on my clit as I moaned loudly and gyrated my hips uncontrollably. I had no resistance to his oral pleasuring as I quickly moved from extreme pleasure to building to a badly needed climax. I reached down with both hands and put them on his head. This served only to make him eat me with more intensity. I was lost in pleasure as my I felt the hot flush of an impending orgasm flush my body.Yes I screamed I as pushed against Jeff’s. Waves on contracted radiated through my body as I came long and hard. Jeff kept lickig throughout the orgasm unitil I pushed him away. He moved up on me and I pulled him to me to kiss his dripping lips. I started to tug at his pants wanting to return the favor. Jeff stepped out of his pants and briefs exposing his already erect cock. I rolled over and he stood at the edge of the bed as I took his thick dick into my mouth. He was so gentle letting me control everything. His thickness stretched my jaws. I gently pulled down bahis firmaları his foreskin and sucked the sensitive head. Wow that feels so good. He kept looking down at me enjoying me enjoying pleasuring him. Jeff’s voice broke the moment. “That pussy needs my dick in it. “ I don’t know what I was expecting but damn it turned me on. “Do you have any protection?” I asked he said no, he was hoping I was on the pill. We laughed a bit as we both wanted to fuck but neither was really that prepared. Our hormones were in control as I suggested he pull out and don’t cum in me. He anxiously acknowledged my request and soon I was on the bed with my legs pulled back with Jeff getting on top of me. Jeff looked deeply into my eyes as i reached down and positioned his very thick tool at my opening. Jeff gently push forward and felt him enter my very wet pussy. I had not been with a guy this thick so I was quite nervous in anticipation. He slowly worked his head in and with each stroke I could feel him penetrate me further and further. I wanted this so the discomfort from being stretched was easily dealt with as I wanted nothing more to fuck this guy. We fucked looking deeply into each other eyes. Jeff then pushed deep lodging his entire dick in me. He paused there and just ground into me deeply as i wiggled to accommodate him. It actually hurt just a little but when he started to fuck me the pleasure was intense. I was groaning and moaning enjoying my first fuck in over 6 months. Jeff pushed in deep again and stopped. “How about you get on top and let me watch you fuck me?! I was move that willing to grant his request and we quickly switched positions. I straddled him, grabbed his cock, and took it in to my very wet pussy. We looked at each other while I rode him with increasing urgency. I was quickly approaching orgasm and asked if he was close. Jeff replied, “Go ahead honey, I will ride it out.” With that I started to increase the pace and reached down to my clit. Jeff had reached up and carressed my tits and I leaned forward on this hands for support. His huge cock was giving me the pleasure of a lifetime. I screamed! “Oh Fuck Yes” as the onset of powerful orgasm over took by body. Convulsions of pleasure rippled through me and I remember my pussy actually hurting a bit as it contracted around his big dick. I collapsed and actually feel off of Jeff. We kaçak bahis siteleri laughed a bit, he said are you all right as he had a huge grin on his face from seeing me cum. I am glad you fell off I was getting close just watching you cum. We switched to a doggie style position for a short time unti Jeff wanted to get back into a missionary position. This time though instead of me pulling my legs back he pushed them back. In this position he even felt bigger in me and he was able to fuck me really hard. He alternated between hard fucking and slow fucking, finally he said he needed to cum. He had my legs pushed back to my shoulders. I started rubbing myself approaching another orgasm. I looked up at Jeff and said, “cum in me.” His eyes lit up and “are you sure?” “Fucking cum in me I said with urgency as I thought of Jeff cumming in me was the mental trigger to another shaking orgasm. As I came down from the pleasure Jeff was approaching his climax. I stared at him as the pleasure of my pussy over took him. His face was purple when he screamed Fuck Marisa, I’m going to cum! He grunted and I felt his whole body shake. He pushed really deep into my I could actually feel his dick jerking in me as he shot his cum in my unprotected pussy. Jeff collapsed on me trying to catch his breath. Looking at me he said that I was amazing and such a hot fuck. We laid there for about until finally Jeff had to get up. I laid naked on the bed and watched him get dressed. We talked about how hot the sex was. He asked if I thought that him cumming in me was going to be OK. I said, I will would go to the urgent care tomorrow and get a morning after pill. I also, said, I was going back onto the pill and he looked at me with an approving grin. I knew the night was coming to an end, as he had to go home to his family. He gave me the hotel key and said the bill was taken care of and that i could spend the night. He even suggested that I invite Michelle over to the bar for a few drinks and he would pick that up. After he left I called Michelle. She agreed to meet me at the Ritz Carlton bar for a drink. I quickly washed off and got dressed. And as I got dressed I noticed a small card on the desk that was addressed to me. I opened it and inside was a gift card to Saks (i later found out it was worth $500) and $200 in cash. There was a note saying thank you and the cash was to pay for the next wax job. Michelle and I had a few drinks went back to apartment. I told her everything, even about the passionate risk we took. She was very understanding and accompanied me to the urgent care with me the next day.:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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