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Subject: Gramp Robert and Jamie – part three Check out some of my other stories The Barber (in Encounters), Camping with Terry (Adult Youth), and Anthony and Me (Adult Friends). Let me know what you think of any of my writings. Most of my writings are fantasy, based on real life experiences – in other words, I embellish. If you can, please donate to Nifty as they are doing a great job of providing us writers a place to share our work and also us readers a place to read some hot stories. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE. I woke up in the morning next to Grandpa and we were both naked under the covers. I thought of last night and the pleasure I gave him and the salty treat I got as a result. Grandpa was sleeping away, snoring a little bit as he breathed in and out and his chest was rising up and down. He was so handsome to me and I longed to make him happy again. I reached under the covers and found his soft cock and started to fondle it. Soon enough it started to get big in my little hand and hard and hot too. I pumped it up and down slowly and loved the way it felt in my hand. Grandpa moaned and his cock twitched in my hand. “Mmmm baby, that’s a nice way to wake up, good boy. You like playing with my cock Jamie?” “I do Grandpa, it’s nice and warm and I like how it feels.” I told him. “Will you suck on it again for me baby? Just like you did last night?” He asked and kicked the covers completely off of us. He grabbed a hold of his cock and held it so it pointed straight up. “Go on baby, be a good boy” I was more than happy to do just that and leaned down to take the head of his cock in my mouth. It had a little precum on the slit and I lapped that up first before engulfing his cock to the best of my ability. I went up and down and sucked on it like one of my suckers and just enjoyed myself. As I bobbed up and down on Grandpa’s cock he had one hand on the top of my head kind of guiding me, and once in a while pushing me down further. When I’d gag he’d hold my head for just a second or two longer and then let me up again. I only had to pull off his cock one time when I gagged to bad. With his other hand Grandpa started to rub my butt, and first he would just rub it up and down but then a few times he spanked me lightly on the cheeks. It didn’t hurt and kind of made me feel a little excited so I didn’t cry out or anything. I figured Grandpa knew what he was doing and I had my little stiffy hurting from how hard it was. Then I felt Grandpa’s finger move istanbul travesti in-between my butt cheeks and pressed against my hole. Just a little at first but it felt really nice. He rubbed it around and around and I think I moaned out or something because I heard him ask: “Oh, do you like that little one? Maybe we can have a lot more fun.” He took his finger off and then I heard him spit and the next thing you know he was pushing a finger inside my little hole… that didn’t hurt but it sure felt different. Grandpa reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of something. I raised my head up to see what he was doing, but Grandpa told me to just keep doing what I was doing. His cock was releasing copious amounts of pre cum and I was enjoying the taste so I kept doing what I was doing. Then he pulled his finger out, I heard him squirt something and then felt more than a finger go in, maybe it was two or three. I grunted at that but he was going slow and being very gentle and it felt a little easier, slippery. Grandpa’s finger started going in and out of my little hole and he would move it in circles too. I was wiggling my butt cause it started to feel really comfortable. He rubbed my back and said “good boy, good boy, you’re doing good champ, just like I thought you would. Why don’t you come up here and give me a big kiss. I reluctantly took my mouth of his cock and went up for a kiss. Like the night before our mouths were open and we twirled tongues and slobbered over one another. It was really exciting to kiss him this way and I hoped it would never end. While we were kissing he played with my butt hole some more and I bounced up and down on his fingers a little. “Do you like how my fingers feel in your butt Jamie?” I nodded “I want to stick my cock up your butt, it’s going to make me feel really wonderful and you’re going to like it too after a while. Do you want to help me feel really wonderful?” I was a little nervous but didn’t want to disappoint Grandpa so nodded. “Great!” He said “Scoot down a little here boy so we can get you lined up to sit on it. I’m going to add some lube so my cock is slippery enough to get in your tight hole, don’t you worry.” I saw him squirt a load of gel into his hand and then rubbed it all over his cock. “Now Jamie, I want you to sit down slowly onto my cock, take your time and just let it happen, it’s going to make me fell really good.” Grandpa said. I slowly sat down and felt my bottom touch kadıköy travesti his big cock. It felt like it was at my hole so I tried to sit down further. It was pressing against my bottom but I was scared and didn’t want to push too hard. “It’s ok baby, sit down and push out like you have to poop and it should just slide in there.” Grandpa said. I tried that and sat down harder but it just wouldn’t go in. Grandpa smiled at me “Guess we’ll have to try another way, why don’t you lie down on your stomach right here” he said patting the bed. I climbed off of him and laid down like he said. Grandpa got up and climbed on top of me, he nuzzled my neck and said “Ok baby, this might hurt a little at first but hold on and remember to push out like I told you” I felt his cock slide between my cheeks and then he rubbed it around my hole, that felt pretty good and I started to push out. Grandpa started to push in and at first it was just pressure and then I felt a POP and his head went in. “Owwie Grandpa, that hurts” I cried “I know honey, I know, push out like I told you” Grandpa said as he slowly slid his cock into me. “Grandpa, it hurts too much, please take it out, ouch.” I was crying at this point as it hurt so bad. Grandpa slid his cock out of my hole leaned down and whispered in my ear “It’s ok baby, that was a good first try, you did really well I’m so proud of you” As soon as he was out I felt empty but there was just a little stinging. I felt much better, but wanted to try again, I so wanted to please grandpa. “I want to try again Grandpa, I promise I’ll do better” “Are you sure champ? It might be easier now that I’ve been in once” He hump me a little bit and I felt his cock slide up and down my ass. “I’m sure Grandpa, I don’t think I was pushing like you said” “Ok Jamie, let me apply some more lube and then we’ll try again.” Grandpa lubed up his cock and my hole really good I felt so wet down there and was ready to try again. Grandpa lined up his cock and started to push again, this time I pushed out with all my might and felt his cock slide in easier. I couldn’t believe how full I felt and it just kept pushing in and in and in. His cock felt so big in my butt, and I know it was big in my mouth but it felt so much bigger. “That’s it baby, your ass feels so good. I’m all the way in now, how do you feel?” He asked “I feel ok Grandpa, I feel full” “I’m going to give you a minute to get used to it Jamie then I’m going to start sliding bakırköy travesti in and out of your tight little hole.” With his cock firmly inside of me he started nuzzling on my neck and that felt so good. He grabbed my hands with his and intertwined his fingers in mine. I felt so close to him at that moment. Grandpa started to slide in and out of my hole. It felt really nice as he would pull out and then even better when he would come back in. I could feel his balls hit my bottom as he would slide all the way in. I could hear Grandpa breathing heavy and feel the sweat as it dripped off him onto me. My little penis was hard as a rock as he fucked me and it was rubbing against the bed and he would go in and out. “Such a nice tight ass Jamie, your Grandpa really loves your ass. You’re making me feel so damn good, so hot.” He said “Do you like it baby, do you like me fucking your ass” “Yea Grandpa, it feels good, I like it a lot” I said, and I meant it. It felt so good doing this with Grandpa and I was so happy he liked it. Grandpa raised himself up a little took ahold of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I didn’t know it but he was watching his cock as it slid in and out of my hole. “So beautiful” he exclaimed. Grandpa started to go in and out faster and harder and with each thrust he and I would both grunt. He was pounding me pretty good when he said he was going to cum. “Here it comes little one, Grandpa’s big load going to make you a big strong man, going to cum up your bum” Then with one big push he was still and I felt his cock jerking inside me and a warmth throughout me as his cum filled me to the brim. He started to pull out slowly and then push back in and he was panting. “Baby, that was so good. Thank you Jamie, thank you.” He panted. He lay on top of me completely and I was out of breath too. He was all sweaty and smelled so manly and I was in heaven with his cock still up my bum and his body pressed against mine. Grandpa slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and got up. I just lay there, waiting for what might be next. Grandpa came back with a hot wash cloth and cleaned me up gently. He pulled apart my checks and looked at my hole. “It’s a lot bigger now baby, that hole has been stretched out” he laughed. “Oh no” I wondered if this would last and be a bad thing “Don’t you worry baby, it goes back after a day or two.” Grandpa stated “Thank you baby for letting me make love to you” Grandpa said “That was making love?” I asked “It was, but it has to be our secret ok?” He asked “OK Grandpa,” I stated “can we do it again?” He laughed “maybe later little man, maybe later” He grabbed me in his arms and pulled me on top of him and started kissing me all over. I loved my Grandpa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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