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It had been a very long week at work preparing to leave town for the conference. At least I was going to a nice resort hotel so I purposely set my flight early enough so that I would get a little pool time before the meetings began.

As soon as I checked in, even though it was middle of the afternoon, I dropped my bags in my room and quickly began stripping down to get into my swimsuit and head to the pool. I had bought a new one for the occasion, not one of those micro suits but not too much cover up either. Even though I was 35 years old, I was in good shape and not afraid to show it off. I stood almost 6 feet tall with dark brown hair, a clean-shaven face and short haircut. Looked like your preppy type, suit and tie young businessman. I pulled on my swimsuit and because of the style of the hotel decided it was best to put on shorts to cover up and a tee-shirt. I was off to the pool to relax.

As I got to the pool, I started to scope out the scene: a variety of people hanging out but it was not too crowded. I spotted an empty chair, dropped my shorts, and pulled my shirt over my head exposing my firm chest, mostly smooth with just a little hair. I decided to jump in the pool first and then sink into the chair to relax. I thought I felt some eyes following, or possibly admiring the view, as I headed to the pool, but I was focused on how refreshing the water looked.

I came out of the pool and strutted back to the chair. Now I was sure the guy across the way was checking me out. He looked to be about the same age, tall, blond hair, smooth body, and a really cute face. I shot a glance towards him and he looked away. I thought well it was just my imagination. After all, it had been a while since I had gotten any so maybe I was just hornier than I thought.

I relaxed in the chair and glanced back to the blond guy across the pool. I thought I caught him taking a few more glances but I was not sure. At one point I noticed a Mediterranean looking guy, dark hair, olive skin and a hairy chest and with a dark trail running into a very small swimsuit. I thought maybe those two guys were together but they did not seem to be as time went by. At times the Mediterranean guy appeared, and I thought he was talking to the sexy blond, but then he would vanish. Again just my horny imagination I thought.

To get to the bar for a drink I had to walk near the blond guy’s chair so I got up my courage to see what would happen. Again I thought there were eyes watching me but when I shot a glance his way I thought I was mistaken. I went close enough to the chair so he could get a good view, including my firm round ass, nicely proportioned into my trunks. But no clear response.

I went back to my chair, but the day was starting to wind down and people were leaving the pool area. My fantasies were rudely interrupted when I suddenly realized one of my co-workers was talking to me. I turned to acknowledge him and make some small talk. He was just scoping out the pool area it seemed and after saying hello we said we would see each other around and off he went. I shot a glance back over towards my blond fantasy, he was gone!

Well, it was just a dream, but at least some nice eye candy to admire. It was time to pack it in and head to my room. I decided just to put my tee-shirt on and carried my shorts as I started to the hotel elevator. I got into the elevator, punched the fifth-floor button and just as the doors started to close I heard someone call out “Hold that please.” Normally I am not that fast on the reflexes but somehow I caught the doors just in time and they opened up.

“Thanks,” he said as he entered the elevator. It was the blonde from the pool area. He had not covered up so I got a close-up view of his tight firm pale skin reddened from the sun, smooth chest, nicely sized dark red nipples and his speedo, which appeared to be stuffed with his package. His legs were long and lean covered with a nice amount of blond fur. He was barefoot just in that speedo … Oh how I wanted to pull it down right there and have my way. More than the elevator was going to be going up and down.

I was deep in my fantasy… “Hey thanks for holding the elevator” he said shooting me a cute smile.

My mind was racing what to do next but feebly all I could say was, “What floor?”

“Five,” he announced.

With all my courage I mustered, “Cool we are on the same floor. You here for the conference too?”

“Nay just enjoying time in the sun” followed casino oyna by an awkward pause as we both just sort of smiled at each other. I was looking for a sign from him, but we reached the fifth floor and the doors to the elevator opened. “Well, I am Jim … hope you had a good conference,” he announced as he started to walk out of the elevator and turned left, in the same direction of my room. His tight speedo revealed a perfect round ass just barely covered by the fabric and a small patch of blond fur centered just above the waistline.

A few doors down the hall he reached his room and while I was still enjoying the view I realized he was humbling to open the door. I saw him slide the card in the slot followed by a clump… he tried again and the same clump sound to which I heard him mutter, “Damn piece of shit!” so I looked up and clearly he was locked out of his room struggling with the door. I just stood there and enjoyed the view of this hot guy, his skin glistening standing there only in a speedo, but I snapped back as he announced, “Crap I am locked out … third time since I got here.”

“You need some help there Jim?” I asked.

“I am locked out of my damn room and I am not really dressed to go walking in the lobby to get another key from the desk… Mind if I use your room phone to call down and tell them I am locked out?”

“Sure my room is at the end of the hall,” and as we walked down the hall we made small talk. He asked where I was from and I told him my name was Rob. I decided to get bold and test out the mystery of the suave looking guy, “What about your friend; can he get you into the room?” But, we had gotten to my room so Jim ignored my question and asked where was the phone. I guess the hotel was busy because they had given me a mini-suite with sitting room and adjoining bedroom and a commanding view over the resort. Jim shot a quick look around the room and grabbed the phone calling the manager. I heard him tell them the problem and listen for a bit and say Ok and hang up.

“They said they are going to have to find the engineer that it must be the battery in the lock. It is going to take at least 20 minutes. Mind if I hang here?”

“Sure that is ok. Want a drink?”

“I will have what you are having,” he said and shot me another one of those coy smiles. I stood there trying to read him. One hand was in his waistband and I was pretty certain his package was growing.

“You going to just stand there Rob or what?” he asked.

“Or what,” I said. He shot me another smile and a little wink. I moved close to him.

“I thought you would never make a move,” he said and with that he pressed his body up against me. At first, it was a little awkward, but I felt his hands sliding over my body. We started to kiss, a little tentative at first, but it quickly became a hot embrace. They were deep, passionate kisses and soon his tongue darted into my mouth. I felt his hands reach around and caress my ass in my swimsuit. I reached around a felt his firm ass in his speedo while we continued to kiss. Our bodies were pressed tightly together and the building heat was ready to start a fire!

Jim pulled back and pulled my shirt over my head so that we were both just standing there in our swimsuits. My cock was growing hard and I was sure it was outlined in my trunks. I looked down and I could see Jim’s speedo was now pulled away from his tight body with a visible gap at the waistline.

We locked lips again but this time I felt him stroking my chest and one hand brushed across my crotch. I knew he could see how excited I was and my cock was aching to be released from the tight swimsuit.

As we kissed I started tweaking his nipples. Those large, red luscious nipples. They were firm and getting harder. I heard a soft moan. Then I decided to go for it, pulled back and dropped my head and darted my tongue across his nipples. I stopped over the right one, admired it for a moment and dropped my lips to it and began to lightly suck on it and caress it with my tongue. The moaning grew louder and when I took the other in my fingers and played with it while sucking on one he let out with a yelp of joy. He stood there pressing his nipples towards me and moaning. Then I suddenly felt his hand caressing my cock through my swimsuit and he ran his fingers down the fabric, felt my balls and started stroking them still in my suit. It was my turn to moan.

Jim stepped back a little and stood there. “I knew this would happen the canlı casino moment you came to the pool,” he announced. “I could see it in your eyes,” Jim said. It was my turn to smirk.

I admired his body. Six feet tall, lean, defined, mostly smooth with just wisps of blond hair especially at his nipples. As I looked down I realized not only was his speedo pulled away at the waist, the head of his cock was starting to peak out. I could see it was engorged and quite red plus I thought I saw a little glistening of possible precum. He dropped his hands to the waistband near his hips, stood there with that smirky grin for a moment clearly letting me drink in the sight. He rotated around so I could see his tight ass and then I realized his thumbs had hooked into the waistband. At first, he just wiggled his ass and then slowly the thumbs expanded the waistband and slow slid the fabric down a little so I could see his ass emerge. I assumed he was sending a signal what he wanted and I would only be too happy to oblige.

Standing there enjoying the show, my hands were caressing my cock still in my swim trunks. With his ass exposed, but the front of the speedo still up, Jim turned back and repeated the strip-tease motion. His thumbs were hooked over the waistband and I could see the full outline of what appeared to be 7 inches of cock. At first, he just slid them down slight so just the head of his cock was exposed and smirked at me before he slowly slid the speedo lower. Another inch, another inch as his cock began to appear. I could see the firm shaft. He paused for a moment and finally dropped the speedo to the floor. His cock was standing straight up, I was right 7 inches but not too thick and surrounded by a blond bush and low hanging nuts. He stood there letting me drink in the view. My hand was still caressing my cock in my suit and I think unconsciously I licked my lips.

Jim stepped forward and started to suck my nipples while his hands went all around my body. He locked onto my ass and pulled my close to his hot mouth. While he worked my nipples, I felt him working at my waistband and unlike his slow reveal he pulled my trunks down in one fell swoop. My cock sprung free standing straight out from my body. It was not as long as his, more like 6 inches, but mine is thick, very thick and cut with a big mushroom head. I trim my dark bush but still my cock is surrounded by a dark bush. My balls don’t hang as low as his.

I thought I heard Jim mutter, “That will do,” just before I felt him wrap his lips around the head of my cock. He stroked my balls while his tongue worked over the head and my slit. His warm mouth felt so good I almost went weak in the knees as he began to suck all of my cock into his mouth. I moaned as he continued to work up and down my shaft with his warm mouth. Suddenly he stood up and kissed me… I could taste my precum on his lips and tongue … it was making me so hot.

Jim pulled us together to the couch and we fell into an embrace. He swung around and began working my cock again while his crotch was pressed up again my face. I could smell his musk and feel the warmth of his cock before I opened my mouth and his cock slipped in. We worked in a hot 69 sucking each other’s straining hard cock. His nuts were slapping against my chin as he worked his cock into my mouth. I reached back to play with his ass crack and I was sure I heard him moan. I put one finger up against his hole and then ran two along is crack and played with his cheeks and hole. He pushed back with his ass and moaned; now he was sending a clear sign what he wanted.

I slid my tongue over his balls and slowly up his crack. He thrust his ass in the air and the moaning grew louder.

“Finger me Rob … I want you to work my hole.” His wish was my command. I wet my finger and slide it across his hole “… aaahhhh…” as I played with the pucker and I heard “aaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHH” and finally, I slide one finger into his warm hole. “AAAHHHHH…MMMMMMMM” as I worked on his hole and then I heard in a half moan “, another , please!” So I slid a second finger in and played with his hole and he continued to moan. I decided to go for a third and he yelped with joy and starting sliding up and down on my fingers. I continued till he commanded me to slow down. I did and before I realized it he flipped me and pinned me down. He wrapped his hot mouth around my aching cock and I felt a warm finger slide into my ass. He started to finger me while sucking my cock and all I could do was kaçak casino watch that hot blond guy work me over. My fantasy was coming true!

Suddenly, Jim climbed up sort of on top of me, his legs straddling me and he pressed his nuts against my mouth. I licked them and they jumped in my mouth. He reached back and played with my cock. It was standing straight up, rock hard, my nuts were already churning. Jim placed his ass over my cock and I felt his warm cheeks squeeze my cock head. He hung there for a moment and I was putty under his control. Slowly, I felt the warmth surround my cock, and he smirked at me again as he lowered himself onto my shaft. It disappeared inch by inch into his ass just like he had slid his cock out of his speedo inch by inch. When he was fully impaled on my cock, he just sat there letting his ass adjust to my thick cock. I reached up and stroked his hot body and he began to moan. I took that as a signal and slowly at first started to work my cock around in his hole. The moaning grew louder and he started to ride up and down. He writhed and moaned feeling my thick cock spread him open. His hands ran across my chest and played with my nipples and I reached out and stroked his cock as it was bobbing up and down.

He worked at it for an eternity and we both felt the heat and the ecstasy. I figured he would rid me till we both shot. Suddenly he slowed down and sat there for a moment before he rose off my dripping cock. I think he sensed how close I was to shooting my load.

“You did not think you were getting off that easy,” he said and smirked at me. He pushed my legs up and I felt the warmth of his cock press against my hole. Before I could say anything inch by inch he started to slide into me. At first slowly …until it was deep inside … all 7 inches. He pushed up against my prostate, paused and then pulled back and began to bang my ass. The speed increased and my hole was getting worked over. I felt his cock work deep inside me. It was my turn to moan and writhe in ecstasy. I was too worked up to protest and instead let him go, waiting for him to drive me over the edge. I could feel a massive load building in my nuts. Precum was drooling down my cock puddling on my stomach.

Before either of us got to the point of no return, he slowed, stopped and kissed me and embraced in a bear hug. Jim rolled us over so that I was again on top. We kissed and he whispered into my ear “Fuck the cum out of me. I want you in me again.”

I obliged and pressed my rock hard cock towards his hole. This time it went in easier as he was prepared for my thickness and it sunk deep into him. He wrapped his legs around my waste and was bucking on my cock and begging me, “Fuck me deep … Fuck me hard. Harder!” He used his legs to pull me in. Clearly he was holding on for the ride and was not going to release me till he had all the pleasure he could stand.

With all my strength I pounded his ass as he moaned and writhed wildly. He clamped down on my cock and I felt his ass pulse. “IIIIImmmm cumming” he screamed as a massive eruption of cum sprayed forth from his rock hard cock. One shot flew over his head, another landed on his face, another on his chest, and another and another as I pumped away and he writhed. He was covered in his cum with my throbbing cock still jammed in his hole. As he gasped to recover I pulled my cock out and before I knew it I realized he reached down, wrapped his hand around my cock, and was stoking me. That was it. I thrust forward writhing and a river of cum began flowing from my nuts. From between his legs I shot rope after rope, first on his face and then his chest. One, two, three, four … I had never cum so much and writhed and moaned.

We finally collapsed into an embrace. I felt the warm goo on our bodies and he kissed me. I licked some of the cum off his face and we kissed again. Our juices were mingled together as we lay in a hot embrace.

We lay there for a while. Our hot bodies intertwined together, our hearts racing and fully drained.

Finally, we began to embrace and rose and jumped into the shower. The hot water began to wash off the mixture of sweat and cum and we playfully tagged each other.

We dried and he searched the room for something to wear. He found my shorts and pulled them on and said, “Mind if I borrow these? I will get them back to you but I have to go, Lorenzo will be looking for me.” He just smirked at me and winked and headed to the door before I could ask about Lorenzo, who I assumed was the guy I had seen at the pool. Jim shot that coy look at me over his shoulder as he headed out the door covered only in my shorts, bare-chested and barefoot towards his room.

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